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2C World
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The UK Met Office climate change Google Earth layer showing regional warming in a 2C world.

The UK Met Office climate change Google Earth layer showing regional warming in a 2C world.

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  • 1. 2C World 2C policy from EU 1996 formalized by 2009 Copenhagen Accord 2008 UK Met Office Google Earth Climate Change LayerThe layer uses authoritative science from the UKs MetOffice Hadley Centre to show world temperaturesthroughout the next hundred years under mediumprojections of greenhouse gas emissions.i.e. A1B http://www.nerc.ac.uk/press/briefings/2008/02-google.asp
  • 2. Deriving a 2C world from the UK Met Office Google Earth climate change layerImages are taken atSeptember 2050 asbeing representativeof 2° C globalwarming 2C 2050
  • 3. Arid and semi-arid regionsArid and semi-arid climates comprise over one quarter of the land area of earth (morethan any other climate type).Desert Meteorology, Thomas T. Warner, 2004, Cambridge University PressSemi-arid regions represent a significant portion of earths surface. More than three-quarters of a billion people (more than one in eight) are estimated to live in dry lands.
  • 4. AgricultureCrop productivity is projected to increase slightly at mid - to high latitudes for local meantemperature increases of up to 1.5-3.5 °C from pre-industrial depending on the crop, and thendecrease beyond that.Global production potential, is threatened at +1.5 °C local temperature from pre-industrialIPC C 2007
  • 5. Africa 2C
  • 6. Asia 2C Russia China India
  • 7. Europe 2C Russia Ukraine
  • 8. North America 2C Canada USA
  • 9. North American great grain belt 2C
  • 10. South America 2C
  • 11. South America 2C Amazon S America
  • 12. ArcticOcean
  • 13. Arctic 2C Arctic Ocean
  • 14. Arctic methane feedback sources Methane hydrate location
  • 15. Antarctica 2C Antarctica