"You will never defeat me!" That's Icy Death, he's our ...


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"You will never defeat me!" That's Icy Death, he's our ...

  1. 1. “You will never defeat me!” That’s Icy Death, he’s our villain. Hi I’m Gigabyte. Hey who are you talking to? Just our readers. I don’t care who you’re talking to. I know Torch. Anyway Icy Death is the last of his race since Torch killed me’ all. Icy Death plans to take over the universe with his evil android army. He has android lairs around the planet Tundra Omega. Our job is to stop him from ruling the universe. Let’s introduce the family. This is he’s from…what’s it called? Sisarion, I’m from Sisarion. You need not know the exact location. He asked where you were from not your life story. You want to delve further into the argument Torch. Don’t get all philosophical on me man. That’s Torch he’s a hot-head. I don’t wanna talk about it. I know, now without being further interrupted I introduce you to the story of the Omega War. A long time ago in the galaxy of Primus there lived a computer virus named Gigabyte from the planet of Magma Centauri. Evil androids were overrunning the planet. Gigabyte was hidden away but unable to leave. He did not know that help was coming so soon. Whoosh! “Ung where am I,” said the unexpected visitor. “Please don’t hurt me, take my riches and go!” said Gigabyte. “I’m not here to hurt you just to escape the politics on my planet”, explained the visitor. “Good so can you help me escape mine. Androids have been here in this place since the day of the data crash. I was created from spare data to become the form you see here before you, “said Gigabyte. “Oh where have my manners gone, I am Sikarra, “said Gigabyte’s new friend. “ I’m Gigabyte pleased to meet you, “said the computer virus. “ Hey in the sky it’s a bird, it’s a plane, It’s… a man in tights?!” exclaimed Sikarra. BOOM!! “Wait a sec he’s on fire!” said Gigabyte. Someone or something rose from the large crater. His face no his scull looked grim from the fire raging on his head. “Who the heck are you guys”, said the stranger. “I’m
  2. 2. Gigabyte and he’s Sikarra,” said Gigabyte. “Well I’m Torch here to catch Icy Death,” said the fiery man. “But it looks like he’s not here I don’t think he could survive on my magma planet, “said Gigabyte. Torch, Sikarra this is where I live. Follow me into that rundown factory ahead”, said Gigabyte. They walked through the entrance and spotted a few old shut down droids, some weapons, and an old crusty rusty ship. “What’s that over there?” said Sikarra. “Looks like a pile of junk to me”, said Torch. “No you idiots its one of the finest ships in the galaxy!” said Gigabyte. “It still looks like a pile of junk “, said Torch. “ It’s just old that’s all it would be easier to race across the stars if we had a power from the energy orb mines. “, said Gigabyte. “ I’d be glad to help”, said Sikarra. “I ain’t got the time to do your foolish errands!!” said Torch. “It’ll help you get to Icy Death.”, said Gigabyte. “Alright we leave first thing in the morning if it’s really gonna help me get to Icy Death I’ll do anything you want”, said Torch. “Just promise I’m not going to have to sleep on that tonight” , said Samara. “ What do you care you’re a dog” , said Torch. “ Well this dog can whoop your butt “ , said Sikarra. That night Sikarra had a frightening dream. Torch and Gigabyte were tied up to a pipe and were about to be killed by a Type 2 Onslaught Android. The droid picked up his laser guided laser gun and … “Ahh! ” , shrieked Sikarra . He got up and walked outside for some fresh air. He sat down on what looked like an old spire that broke down years ago. A bird fell from a tree and hit the ground fiercely. Sikarra, quick with his feet, jumped down and tried to heal the bird. While helping out the bird, he overheard plans to move the crystal power source into a new location. The androids heaved the multitude of the crystals onto the hovercruiser and took them to Centauri Monument, a massive obelisk that gleams in the sunlight that manages to show through the holes in the sun. Sikarra hurried back to Gigabytes home.
  3. 3. He tripped over a power wrench then fell into a sinkhole but made it in one piece. “ Hey guys I just heard something really important “ , exclaimed Sikarra. “ Calm down down Sikarra”, said Torch. “ Yeah Torch is right cool it, no pun intended” , said Gigabyte. The androids are being commanded to take the crystals from the energy orb mines. “ I saw them take them to the Centauri Monument. “ , said Sikarra. Gigabyte thought for a while why they would want to go there…”The rig!!” , exclaimed Gigabyte. “ We have to get out of here quick” , said Gigabyte. “ I don’t see the point” , said Torch. “ This isn’t the time nor the place just follow Gigabyte”, said Sikarra. Torch, Sikarra and Gigabyte hurried to the monument. On the way Gigabyte found an uninhabited android, he infected its circuits and captured his physical form. Hiding behind a piece of the junk Gigabyte explains why they need to stop the androids from continuing their actions. “ You see that obelisk, its really a rig that goes straight to the nitrogen pockets in the sun, that nitrogen is worth one ton of trash on Trash Alpha,” explained Gigabyte. “So what,” said Torch. “Well Torch those androids love trash its their fuel. I’m going to go in there and act natural so there might not be a big brawl, “ said Gigabyte. “ But I love a good fight,” said Torch. “Well too bad!” said Sikarra. “ No Sikarra not too bad there might be a fight so be ready,” said Gigabyte. Gigabyte walks in as cool as a cool cat and is noticed by an android. “ Hey Hector what’s goin’ on ,” said the android. “ Hector? who’s Hector,” said Gigabyte. “ Who’s Hector? You forgot you name already,” said the android. “ Oh yeah Hector thas my name don’t wear it out,” said Gigabyte. “Could you do me a favor? See that switch over there could you turn it on for me? said the android. “ What switch?” said Gigabyte. “ Gotta turn on your infared scanners,” said the androids. “ Ok,” said Gigabyte. Gigabyte searches for his scanners but the Guard Droid figures him out because this so
  4. 4. called Hector that Gigabyte had taken over didn’t have an infared sensor button. “Attack the imposter!,” said the Guard Droid. The android pulled these huge pink machine guns and fired. “Torch, Sikarra I need you,” yelled Gigabyte. Torch runs quickly toward him but idiotically trips over something and hurts his ankle. “Torch we need you Gigabyte’s in trouble,” said Sikarra. [SOBBING] “ But my ankle,” complained Torch.” Caan you use my bow and arrow Gigabyte!” said Sikarra. “ I will try,” said Gigabyte. Sikarra went over to Torch while Gigabyte fended off the androids. One android fired his pink machine gun and a big pinkish red heart came out and stuck to Gigabytes face. “ You’ve got to be kidding me,” said Torch. “ This is no time for jokes Torch there’s a heart on my face!” said Gigabyte. [HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA!] A demon so dark arose from the pink heart. He attacked so violently that no one could escape. Torch got up and attacked. Sikarra sent the animals to fight against the droids. Gigabyte aimed toward the creature. ‘ Alright we’ve taken care of the low rank defense now for the rig, come on Torch I’ll need your strength. Sikarra stay here,”said Gigabyte. Torch and Gigabyte traveled to the top level. “Why did you need me?” said Torch. “You have strength,” said Gigabyte. “So does Sikarra “said Torch. “Yeah but I can trust him to secure position.”Said Gigabyte.”So I can’t be trusted?” Said Torch. “Yes you can be trusted but you are rash, you will react too soon.” Said Gigabyte. “I can… ,”said Torch until he was interrupted by Gigabyte. “We’re here. See that huge tank over there its filled with nitrogen the androids need . We don’t want them to take that money so lets destroy it, “said Gigabyte. “How do we do that?” said Torch. “Not we, you. If you launch that into the air and use your fire powers, you’ll be able to make it explode. “So what are you waiting for?” said Gigabyte. Torch did what Gigabyte and it indeed blew up. A horde of android swarmed the station. An onslaught
  5. 5. droid appeared tall and strong. Sikarra felt something in his spirit. It wasn’t a good feeling. He rushed to the top level very worried. The cyber doors wooshed open. An army of droids stood ready to fight. The onslaught droid, like the one from Sikarra’s dream- vision, turned around and approached Sikarra. “Who are you?,” the dull droid spoke. “I am Sikarra and these are my friends,” said Sikarra. The droids signaled and his lackies followed. They tied up Torch and Gigabyte to a pressure pipe with a laser wire. “Who do think you are locking my friends to pipes and threatening to kill them, “shouted Sikarra. The droid felt threatened by his words and whipped Sikarra across the face with a sharp Centauri metal knife. The battle was on. The droids ganged up on Sikarra. “Fight Sikarra fight!” exclaimed Gigabyte. “I’ve thought of a plan Giga, “said Torch. “Its Gigabyte and what is it?” said the virus. “well I can probably melt this pressure pipe with some concentrated heat, “said Torch. Gigabyte was very happy to see that Torch came up with an idea because Gigabyte surely couldn’t sit and watch Sikarra get pummeled. Scccc the pipe was melting. The steam from the pipe filled the room. It was unbearable but the two amigos were free. Torch was able to bust some heads again and Gigabyte was able to inhabit another droid. Torch went off somewhere in a corner and tackled a droid to the ground. Gigabyte went to possess another droid. He left his current state and went to a stronger husk. This one had a soul in it so it would harder to steal this one . The droids soul fought with Gigabyte for a while, for about fifteen minutes for all Gigabyte knew. Once the droid was taken over, Giga leaped into action he pulled Sikarra out of the monster dog pile and took him to a corner to get rested. The battle raged on until Gigabyte noticed that the pressure inside the place was dangerously high. It seemed that the pipe that Torch had burned was still going with all the steam it had. Gigabyte warned
  6. 6. them that the place was going to blow in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Kaboom!!! The place was blown sky high. “ Ahhh!,” screamed Torch, Gigabyte, and Sikarra. They were blown out like candles on a birthday. “Well we fought a bunch of androids, almost died and wet our pants, “said Torch” I didn’t wet my pants, “said Sikarra” Neither did I, “said Gigabyte. Disgusting, Sikarra and Gigabyte turned to each other and said “ewwwww!” Torch is partly right we did all this work for no reward we still don’t have the crystal,” said Gigabyte. Just then a crystal power source flew into the air and landed in Sikarra’s lap. “Wow what luck said Sikarra. Two nights have now passed and the band of friends were prepared to leave Gigabyte was loading the crystal into his broken ship. Vvvvoom. The ship whirred as it rose into the air. There was a truly weird feeling in the air that night, maybe it was the thought that three totally different people could come together for one cause, or maybe it was the feeling of accomplishment among the group, or…could it be the fart that Torch a few minutes ago. “Hey!!,” screamed Torch. Sorry Torch. Well anyway, the crew planned their next move. “Let’s…I don’t review why were here,” said Giga. “Well I’m here to catch Icy Death, you have a spaceship so were using it to get to Tundra Omega, where Icy Death stations his H.Q.”, said Torch. “Well I’m here or was here to escape my planets political buzz now I’m here to help you escape the android overrun Magma Centauri. Oh yeah we already left I guess now I’m just here to help Torch find and defeat Icy Death but I’m also making friends really good ones if I don’t say so myself “,said Sikarra. “Well we all have our priorities set now lets get some sleep”, said Giga. They each went to sleep feeling good. Nothing could stop them except…” A meteor shower! Wake up, Wake up! Your sleeping on the job, this is no time to lag behind”, exclaimed Gigabyte. Giga’s men rose to their feet poised but tired.
  7. 7. “Ten hut! Listen up you maggots we got a level two meteor shower on our hands”, said ‘Sergeant’ Gigabyte. “ So”, Torch said hardly getting the word out. “ So Torch, that is bad, we could end up with a damaged back hull”, explained Gigabyte. “ So how do we get to the surface to repair the damage?”, said Sikarra. “We don’t, we steer clear of the meteors”, answered Gigabyte. “That’s impossible” ,said Torch. “No it’s not” , said Gigabyte “It’ll take all of us and a little hard work but we can pull it off. I’ll take the main controls, Sikarra you take the space controls, and Torch physical controls”, said Gigabyte. The crew tried to dodge incoming meteors like eraser in burnout 4. It started to become a game of Asteroids