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  1. 1. The Next Generation era and “ The Changes we need” By Surapon Kiattiyossakun True Corp. 29 Jan.09 TCT & TTA Seminar : NGN Broadband Development Bangkok, 29 January 2009
  2. 2. Question “ Why do we need to go NGN ?”
  3. 3. Behind the scene “ How difficult it is without the NGN ?”
  4. 4. Behind the scene “ How difficult it is without the NGN ?”
  5. 5. Behind the scene “ How difficult it is without the NGN ?”
  6. 6. See “ How good it is with NGN ?”
  7. 7. See “ How good it is with NGN ?”
  8. 8. Prediction “ Traffic on world’s networks will increase 46% annually from 2007 to 2012. As a result, there will be an annual bandwidth demand of approx. 522 exabytes, or more than half a zettabyte !” 1 2
  9. 9. Telecommunications & the Multi-Storeys Model
  10. 10. The 1 st Storey
  11. 11. Conventional Telco Model - 10 years ago Fix Line Mobile ITU E.164 International Gateways Country A Country B Country C Voice Communication has dominated telecommunication since 1877 until Now .
  12. 12. Telecom Service Provider Consumer Old Eco-System : Telecom Service Business ISP Int’l Gateway Government Content Provider Network Suppliers
  13. 13. World’s Mainlines vs Mobile Sub. Telecom Market has changed
  14. 14. Mobile has surpassed Fixline since 2002 How should we adapt ?
  15. 15. The 2 nd Storey
  16. 16. Fix Line Mobile Broadband Search Web 1.0 Email Web 2.0 Internet Protocol Internet has kicked off rapid growth in Data Communication – the IP protocol DNS Broadband Access Internet PtP e-Commerce
  17. 17. Internet Legacy PSTN/Mobile SBC Soft-SW SIP-I Service Provider ‘A’ Internet User VoIP Boom … the start of NGN Model SBC Soft-SW Service Provider ‘B’ Legacy PSTN/Mobile MG MG IP PABX IP PABX MG AG AG MG
  18. 18. Fix Line Mobile Broadband Search Web 1.0 PtP Email Web 2.0 e-Commerce Internet Servers Access Internet Backbone New Business comes ‘Over The Top’ Since 1993 (Mosaic), millions of data & applications. are served to the Global Communities over Internet . Competition on Coverage Competition on Innovative &TTM
  19. 19. Big Change come with the Internet How can we exploit out of it ?
  20. 20. Internet Growth (million users) 1,100 M at end of 2006
  21. 21. Internet users by continent 1,319 M at end of 2007
  22. 22. Internet Users by country (Q1/2008) US = 218 M China = 210 M Japan = 94 M
  23. 23. Most popular language on Internet Estimated 1,463 M users in Q2/2008
  24. 24. Demand for Internet Bandwidth The New York Times report in Mar.08 Global Internet traffic could quadruple by 2011.
  25. 25. Voice Trend : Changes in Usage 100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 2007 2012 2017 % of Total Mobile Voice Minutes, Europe Traditional Telephony (Circuit or IP Equivalent) Enhanced Carrier Voice (Presence, Wideband Audio) Private Voice Apps & Handsets (eg. Skype, Google) Others (eg. Click-to-Call, Social Networking, Game with voice) Source :
  26. 26. Fragmentation of the ‘Service Transport’ 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 PSTN& Broadband Other MSC Internet Proportion of end-user value that flow to each major service/content transport system PSTN & SMSC NGN Broadband Internet Others (incl. internet app.) Source : Today (2007) 2012 2017 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 PSTN& Broadband Other MSC Internet 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 PSTN& Broadband Other MSC Internet % % %
  27. 27. Now Eco-System : Digital Delivery & Community Email, Messaging & Search e-Commerce & Logistics Peer-to-Peer Digital Contents Web 2.0 Online Community Geography Positioning Broadband Access By Telcos - Social Network - Blogs - Wikipedia - Virtual Reality Person of the year 2006 You ! (Times New Year 2007)
  28. 28. New Era of the Industry, Convergence to come Brokers may be required to deliver SLA to various Service Providers from various Network Providers in each country.
  29. 29. Convergence has come cross industries How we’ll prepare for new environment ?
  30. 30. Devices End User Services Service Providers Networks/ Technologies(suppliers) Consumers Households Youth Professional Seniors etc Business SME Corporate Homes Automobiles Fixed phone Mobile phone Desktop PC Laptop PDA Smartphone Personal GW Camera MP3 player Games console Voice Email IM SMS/Text MMS Games Video conf Video streaming eCommerce Browsing Enterprise apps Tracking Telemetry Push-to-Talk Pure fixed BT Pure mobile. Vodafone MVNOs Virgin Tesco Tele2 Fixed/Mobile Verizon Orange Fixed voice PSTN Cellular GSM/GPRS/W-CDMA/HSDPA CDMA/1x/EVDO Fixed Wireless 802.11 802.16 802.20 Smart antennas Software defined radio Soft switches Bluetooth/UWB DAB, DVB-H/T Compression… News CNN News Corp Images & Video Time Warner Sony Disney Music EMI Sony iTunes Industry Convergence Media/ Content
  31. 31. The 3 rd Storey
  32. 32. Devices become more Intelligence, Powerful, Convergence and Application Rich
  33. 33. Communication “ Voice” Fix Line Mobile OtO, OtM “ Internet” Broadband iPhone AppStore MSoft SkyMarket Android Market Different OS Environment App. Partnership Application Stores Access Bit&Pipe Telco AtP “ Online Market Place” Symbian Window Mobile iPhone Android Nokia Market Next Evolution will be towards Application Delivery Mobile Broadband
  34. 34. Convergence in view of network operator means to open your network to various new business opportunities from various new applications that serve lifestyles of the Internet Communities (may not just your country) What is Convergence ? ( in a smart way that could keep your business growing. )
  35. 35. What coming next ? Darwin’s Theory How do we Change ? and
  36. 36. Fixline NGN Internet = Global Backbone Country ‘A’ IMS Service Provider New IMS Model IMS Ter. AG HSS Mobile NGN Country ‘B’ New Intelligent User Devices AG VoIP Service Provider SIP Ter. Net PC Fixline NGN Mobile NGN SIP-I SIP AG VoIP Server SIP AS Digital Contents HSS MG MG SIP SIP PPC MC @home IPTV S/W based IP agent SIP SIP SIP SIP SIP
  37. 37. Distribution (Wholesale & Retails) Printing & Publishing Others Financial service Government Education Identity, Authentication & Security Marketing, Customer Service & Business Intelligence Sales & Distributions Order Fulfillment - Offline Order Fulfillment – Online (electronic content) Billing & Payments Service Capabilities Industries Telco’s Core Competencies which can be used across multiple Verticals Source :
  38. 38. Fix Line Mobile Broadband Banking Mobile Office Interactive media Email Web 2.0 RT-MM Telco’s Core Competencies App. Server Access Billing, CM, D&S Hosted App. Service Exchange Framework Leverage # Mobile Sub. Leverage Handset Intelligent Outsourced IT Service ASP Global Partners ASP
  39. 39. Mobile Consumer Telcos Find where you’ll be fitted in the New Eco-System Mobile Payments Digital Delivery Distribution Ch. Market OHA “Open Handset Alliance” PIPE “ Skymarket” Wireless Broadband 500 millions ! milestone iPhone app. is reached recently. 3
  40. 40. Network Operator Infrastructure Wholesaler Convergence Provider Alliance Value Chain Partners Application Provider Each operator will need its own roadmap
  41. 41. 1. “How big is the overall market for specific or combined service capabilities ? 2. “Which are the most attractive industries to target first ? Key Questions to identify your roadmap
  42. 42. Voice +Data VAS focus on the supplements on voice call and data services. Simple CPE, no intelligence. Network and Operation focus on capacity and reliability. Legacy NGN Voice service is provided by leverage on data network layer. VAS are in the form of multimedia and new value chains. Advanced and many varieties of CPEs w/ intelligences. Network and Operation has to focus furthermore on response time and security. “ Changes” We need to prepare. SUMMARY
  43. 43. Thank You