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Slide 1 - Distributed Computing Industry Association (DCIA)


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  • Our Vision: To become the P2P content search and distribution network that transfers Large data Securely and Reliably across any IP-based devices and networks to leverage on Fixed-Mobile-Media Convergence Background of mTouche Faster and efficient digital distribution to a community of mobile users globally who do not want to wait 6 months to 2 years to watch a delayed season of a popular TV series such as Heroes and keeps them engaged. It's coming to mobile soon with WiFi and HSDPA. This also means more video ad impressions for TV networks
  • I record a 3.5 mins video during national day celebrations, it’s 55mb iPhone 3G iTunes store sells music, TV shows, app, etc. But downloading a 200mb file over 3.5G? Everyone tries to be free but will it make enough money?
  • P2P Search Using your phone to upload the same file a 100 times? Paid US$3 for a video, get disconnected, call cust svc, refund, etc
  • Example of use case Sandi wants to check the movie Love Guru while at the subway She search for it and found the movie for rent at US$2.99 from Paramount. She decided to download to watch on her mobile phone for 1 month. The download instructions assured her that she will only be charged after the 100mb movie is completely downloaded in < 30mins over 3.5G. It is a great comedy and Sandi decided to share it with her friends who received Sandi’s sharing notification Her friends in Germany and London downloaded the movie and tried to pay for the DRM-protected movie. They received the instructions how to pay for it or get it free by clicking through some ads, they decided to pay for it after watching the trailer and received the license shortly.
  • Starting with 1-2 months free trial, new launches, STRONG recurring revenues. Plus Ad rev from global. Add new handsets supported such as iPhone Why operators work with us? Share, Search, Download About Maxis UNI – WAP and MMS only when Maxis first started. Engage mBit to extend the service to Web and client and support Facebook app.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Presented by See Chun Yan CEO, mBit Pte Ltd
    • 2. Who is mBit?
      • Singapore-based mobile service provider established in Apr 2007 as a mTouche company
      • Early pioneer in advanced P2P mobile services with strategic partnerships with top IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) vendors
      • To address the problems of digital content distribution to mobile and increase ARPU for ad and content sales
      • Provide P2P Search Advertising and File Sharing service on Nokia S60 3 rd ed and Java MIDP 2.0 enabled devices
      • Focus on Asia market where Mobile is King
        • 2H 2008: Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines
        • 2009: China, India, Korea, Japan and US
    • 3. Our Vision
      • To become the P2P content search and distribution network that transfers Large data Securely and Reliably across any IP-based devices and networks to leverage on Fixed-Mobile Convergence
    • 4. Trends & Problems
      • Device multimedia capabilities with better/faster camera, storage and network but MMS is limited to max 300kb and user-generated content in device is difficult to distribute with interoperability
      • Phone manufacturers and operators storefront offers download of full-length Songs, TV Shows, Movies but wireless transfers may not be reliable
      • Digital and P2P distribution of large media content reduce time to market and is more viral but worry about copyright and consumers want it free or cheap
      • Network operators pushing data services with aggressive pricing models but lack of compelling services with right business models causing users to bypass operator network
      • Advertising/sponsorship becoming important for mobile services but need high volume before seeing significant revenue
    • 5. Trends & Problems Published on FierceMobileContent ( Mobile operators face peer-to-peer pressure By Jason Created Jun 27 2008 - 10:20am User-generated content looms as a source of serious discontent for mobile operators according to a new study released this week by market research firm Pioneer Consulting. Noting that a significant percentage of multimedia content on mobile handsets is either user-generated or just stored on the device, Pioneer reports that a growing number of subscribers are now exploiting alternative technologies like Bluetooth, WiFi and WiMAX to effectively bypass operator networks when sharing their content with friends, family and social networking contacts. The study suggests subscribers who circumvent the traditional content value chain could rob operators of as much as $16.4 billion in potential annual revenues by 2012, more than a quarter of the projected total revenue for the year in question.
    • 6. Common Qns from End-users
      • Must I sign up a separate account on Flickr or Youtube?
      • Can I control who I share the file with friends in other operators or countries and see what they share with me?
      • Do I have to upload 100 times for 100 friends?
      • What happens if the network gets disconnected while I am downloading? Would I have to pay again?
      • How much do I have to pay for service or data access? Is it FREE?
      • How long will it take to download a movie to my 16gb hdd over HSDPA or WiFi?
    • 7. Solution Overview
      • Key features of mBit mobile app
        • mbit protocol to help resume uploads/downloads if disrupted , enables many-to-many sharing with security and privacy
        • P2P Search with keyword-sensitive Ads between users on mobile and PC
        • P2P File Sharing of any file types with private groups
        • Address copyright issues through DRM, filtering and tracking
        • Support IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) for more advanced services such as PoC, IM and Presence
      Scenario of how super-distribution works Billing Download Activation Share Share
    • 8. mBit – P2P Search & Sharing Confidential
    • 9. mBit Server Use Case - Private Group Sharing Joyce Group Share 1. Joyce shares her boyfriend’s photo with keyword tags. Update server 5. Establish Connection 2. Joyce sends a notification message to her girlfriend group 3.Lisa & Gloria receive the sharing notification. Lisa downloads the photo 4. Five mins later, Gloria also downloads the photo mBit Proxy 6. Transfer content
    • 10. How mBit Differentiate
      • P2P Search in mobile social networks instead of web pages with targeted keyword advertising
      • mbit protocol optimised for mobile to ensure reliable/secure download/upload transfers between peers and caching to reduce latency, provide redundancy & interoperability between different operators/networks
      • Open architecture with SDKs for mobile devices and HTTP/XML APIs to mBit server to utilise mbit protocol
      • Reduced time to market with technical integration performed with operators and existing commercial relationships with mobile operators for marketing and billing
      • Scalable to support IMS and ride on Fixed-Mobile Convergence
    • 11. Business Model
      • Global version
        • Ad revenue from user clicks in mBit client app
        • Offer/download of premium content to users in countries which payment can be made
      • Operator-specific version
        • Pay-per-use (charge for each transaction)
        • Monthly subscription model
      • Focus on Strong Recurring revenue and scale to support more operators and users with new handsets and markets
    • 12. Commercial Challenges on Mobile
      • AT&T’s and other operators’ concern on the load of core network and E1 trunks investment required which they can’t monetise
      • Monetising the service through operator with long engagement cycle
      • IMS is NOT widely adopted yet
      • Handling copyright concerns
      • Consumers not likely to share on mobile in same way as PC
      • Data cost to end-user
      • Size of users and content library meaningful to user adoption
    • 13. Technical Challenges on Mobile
      • Development for hundreds of mobile devices to support different platforms, Symbian S60, Java MIDP 2.0, iPhone, Google Android, BREW plus proprietary phone tech in Japan and Korea
      • Phone has limited CPU and app memory
      • Operator mobile network control for P2P access
      • Handling user privacy/security concerns on mobile phone access
      • Value for operators to adopt P2P compared to uploading to server for mobile users
      • Complexity and resources to integrate with every operators for billing and provisioning to support different charging methods/models
    • 14. The Future
      • Mobile networks go faster (HSPA 14.4/5.76 mbps, 4G up to 2.5 Gbps)
      • Support from studios/publishers required as rich media content becomes increasingly important
      • P2P Streaming VS MBMS
      • Education to operators, consumers with methods to monetise service
      • Prioritization on P2P traffic for data-centric and real-time services to co-exist
      • Common standard required for interoperability between operators and services