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  1. 1. SAM HOUSTON STATE UNIVERSITY PURCHASING DEPARTMENT 1903 University Ave Room 330 Box 2028 Huntsville TX 77340 Phone 936 294-1905 Fax 936 294-1979 REQUEST FOR QUOTATION Reference Number: 753-7-110MAR-A Date Issued: 7 May 2007 From: Marilyn Meshell, Purchaser II Reply By Date: 11 MAY 07 Delivery Destination: Prompt Payment Discount Terms: Computer Sci c/o Central Receiving 2424 Sam Houston Ave Bldg C _____ % _____ Days or Net 30 Huntsville TX 77340 Delivery: _____ days ARO # Description Qty UI Unit Price Total Amt 1 Surveyor Robotic Unit 1 12 EA $ _______ $ ________ See Specifications for details. Mfr: Surveyor Model: SRV-1 Starter Kit Or SHSU Approved Equal Bidding on Mfr: _________________________ Model/Part Number: ______________ 2 RoboNova Android 3 EA $ ________ $ _________ See Specifications for details. Mfr: Hitec Robotics Model: RoboNova Ready to Walk Or SHSU Approved Equal Bidding on Mfr: _________________________ Model/Part Number: ______________ 3 Robot, Intelligent Wheeled 1 EA $ ________ $ ________ See Specifications for details. Mfr: Mobile Robotics Model: P3-DX Or SHSU Approved Equal Bidding on Mfr: _________________________ Model/Part Number: ______________ Shipping Cost, if any $ _______ Total Amount of Quote $ _______ Company Name: _________________________________________________________
  2. 2. RFQ 753-7-110MAR-A 2 of 4 Company Name: _________________________________________________________ Payee ID Number / EIN: ___________________________________________________ Address: ________________________________________________________________ Street or PO Box City State Zip Name of Rep: ______________________________________________________ Print or Type Signature Telephone Number: __________________ Fax Number: _________________ E-mail Address: _____________________________________________________ INFORMATIONAL NOTES: 1. FAX quotes are acceptable. Fax quotes to 936 294-1979. 2. Class and Item: 220-04; 785-55 3. Intended Use: Use in Computer Science laboratory for graduate students. 4. Evaluation Factors: Award will be made based on the best price that meets the needs of the university and the specifications of this Request For Quotation. 5. Multiple Awards: We prefer to award all line items to one vendor, but multiple awards (split awards) may be made for this solicitation. 6. Franchise and Sales Taxes: Vendor must be in good standing with the Comptroller of Public Accounts for the State of Texas for franchise and sales taxes to receive an award based on this solicitation. If your want more information about these taxes, contact the Comptroller’s Office at or call 800 252-1381. 7. Recycled Materials: Please indicate if the products being offered contain any recycled materials. _____ Yes _____ No
  3. 3. RFQ 753-7-110MAR-A 3 of 4 SPECIFICATIONS Item 1 Surveyor Robotic Unit 1 Mfr: Surveyor Model: SRV-1 Starter Kit Or SHSU Approved Equal System includes the following: •Internet-controlled robot with 60 MIPS ARM7TDMI 32-bit processor •Camera: Digital video camera with resolution from 80x64 to 640x480 pixels •Zigbee 802.15.4 wireless communications •Dual motor tracked mobile robotics base •Can be managed with Windows, Mac OS/X or Linux base station •Software: written in C language under GLP Open Source; compiled with GNUARM C •Uses Java-based console software •Built-in web server to control & monitor the robot via web browser •Base Station Radio: Zigbee 802.15.4 with USB interface; 70mW transmit power •Range: 100m indoors; 1000m line-of-sight •Sensors: 4 infrared emitters and detectors for proximity, beacon detection & communication •Drive: tank-style treads; differential drive via two DC gear motors (100:1 gear reduction) •Speed: 200mm-400mm per second ; approx 1 ft/sec or .5 mi/hr •Dimensions: 120mm long x 100 mm wide x 70 mm tall (5" x 4" x3") •Power: 7.2 V 2AH Li-ion batter pack; 4-6 hr per full charge •Charger: 100-240VAC 50/60 Hz (US plug) Item 2 RoboNova Android Mfr: Hitec Robotics Model: RoboNova Ready to Walk Or SHSU Approved Equal System includes the following: •Pre-assembled fully articulating, ready-to-walk , 12 inch high android robot •Controlled with 16 digital servos •Control Board can operate up to 24 servos & 16 accessory modules •Flexible interface allows user customization •Has metal framework with plastic body case •Battery 5 cell NiMH rechargeable battery ; approx 1 hour operation time •Includes D/C to D/C battery charger •Software includes RoboBasic and RoboScript programming software and RoboRemocon to control the robot
  4. 4. RGQ 753-7-110MAR-A 4 of 4 Item 3 Intelligent Wheeled Robot Mfr: Mobile Robots Model: Pioneer P3-DX Or SHSU Approved Equal System includes the following: •Aluminum body about 44 cm x 38 cm x 22 cm with 16.5 cm diameter drive wheels •Two motors with 38:3:1 gear ratios •Differential drive platform can rotate in place moving both wheels or swing around a stationery wheel; rear caster balances the robot •Can climb 25% grade •Can move at speeds of 1.6 mps •Can carry payloads up to 23kg •Includes 8 ultrasonic transducer sensors for 180 degree forward coverage •Can hot swap batteries •Bare robot can run 18-24 hours on 3 fully charged batteries •Includes battery charger with recharging time of 2.4 hours •Removable nose for quick access •Controller is 32-bit RISC based •Capable of utilizing up to 3 additional PC104+ cards •Can run robot from mfr programs or user can designed own programs under Debian Linux or WIN2000 using C/C++ compiler