Round 5
Packet by University of Delaware B
Written by Dan Silverio, James Nelson, and Greg Sweeney
With Contributions From...
5) (JB) Their final studio album was 1990's Smooth Noodle Maps, which included a
cover of "Morning Dew" and the charting s...
video to YouTube that will eventually be turned into one of its commercials, and it was
originally called Anchor Pickle an...
decorating your apartment.

14) James E. Sullivan campaigned against this man over his time on a Rocky Mount,...
18) (DG) One of our first views of him is at age 10, where he is playing a Game Boy and
unaware that his father is giving ...
mentions “Florida”; the editor also apologizes for offending your sense of quizbowl
aesthetics with this list tossup.)

[10] Stark's friend Jim Rhodes briefly took over as Iron Man, and later got his own black-
and-white, heavily-fortified se...
ANSWER: “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”
[10] This regular cast member of “Whose Line” was often the butt of both Canadian and
George. On Wayne Brady’s infamous Chappelle’s Show appearance, he uses this man’s
name as slang for PCP.
ANSWER: Sherman H...
[10] This outfielder ended his career with 2297 RBIs, the most of all time. He set another
record with a hit off Al Downin...
18) (DL) It was written by Jimmy Mattingly as a slow ballad for his girlfriend, but only
when drummer Guy Patterson sponta...
ANSWER: Portland, Oregon
[10] One of the vast amount of things that Delaware is known for is this microbrewery
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  1. 1. Round 5 Packet by University of Delaware B Written by Dan Silverio, James Nelson, and Greg Sweeney With Contributions From JB, MB, PS, DG, DL, JW Edited by Mike Bentley and Jonathan Magin Tossups 1) A questionnaire seeking applicants for the organization in this game asks the applicant how much pain he can withstand. Developers have hinted that the male protagonist in its trailer may just be a temporary stand in, and that both the final character and the Aperture Science Enrichment Center might have significance in the third episode of the game that it borrows an engine from. The primary object used in this game, the ASHPD, is capable of grabbing objects, although its primary operation only occurs on planar surfaces. Featuring a device that allows the player to warp from one surface to another, FTP, identify this Valve game using the Half Life 2 engine, set to be released this fall. ANSWER: Portal 2) The music production team of this name has created several hits for acts like Hillary Duff, Nick Lachey and Avril Lavigne. Biolage, Amplify and Trix are some of the products labeled with this L'Oréal salon-only brand, and it identifies the Toyota counterpart to the Pontiac Vibe in a joint GM-Toyota venture. Famous headbutter Marco Materazzi is also sometimes nicknamed this. Also identifying a system set up after the victory of Zero One at the end of the Second Renaissance, FTP, name this term that most famously identifies a sci-fi trilogy starring Laurence Fishburne and Keanu Reeves. ANSWER: Matrix 3) A sequel for this movie has been in the works since 2002 but a lawsuit over rights which was not resolved until 2006 and the search for a financial backer have hampered its production. One of the two main actors played Scud in Blade II and the other played the TV-series version of the young Indiana Jones. This film contains a family prayer by means of which a long-lost father, who is referred to by an Italian moniker, is recognized. Containing tattoos with the words “Aequitas” and “Veritas” this is, FTP, what 1999 Troy Duffy film starring Billy Connolly, Norman Reedus, William DeFoe and Sean Patrick Flanery about two Irish brothers who become vigilantes. ANSWER: The Boondock Saints 4) The town that this series was set in contained the All Soul's Church, Walker's Drugstore, and Floyd's Barber Shop and was in reality located in Culver City, California. After the title character left this show, Councilman Sam Jones, who was played by Ken Berry, took over and the series was renamed. Characters introduced earlier included Aunt Bee and the incompetent Barney Fife, cousin of the main character. Its theme, “The Fishin' Hole” was composed and whistled by Earle Hagen, and Ron Howard starred as the main character's son Opie. FTP, identify this Make Room For Daddy spin-off set in Mayberry that centered on the exploits of Sheriff Andy Taylor. ANSWER: The Andy Griffith Show
  2. 2. 5) (JB) Their final studio album was 1990's Smooth Noodle Maps, which included a cover of "Morning Dew" and the charting single "Post Post-Modern Man". Sometimes opening for themselves as Dove (the Band of Love), their best known drummer was Alan Myers, and their breakthrough came after David Bowie and Iggy Pop saw a short film they made promising "The Truth About" their central concept. Formed partially in response to the Kent State shootings, their frontman was Mark Mothersbaugh, and their first album title asked "Are We Not Men" before providing the answer. FTP, name this band responsible for "Mongoloid", "Jocko Homo", and "Whip It". ANSWER: Devo 6) Name's the same. It names a New Zealand Sci-Fi convention as well as part of the sixth track on Def Leppard's album Hysteria. In the Marvel vs. Capcom videogame series, it is the name of Blackheart's hyper combo where he raises his hands and calls down a meteor shower. In Magic: The Gathering, it is the first card printed that lets a player destroy all lands. Both the Mortal Kombat and Worms series have released games featuring it as a subtitle. The 1998 film of this name centered on characters like A.J. Frost and Grace and Harry Stamper. FTP, name this term that identifies a film starring Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck about a crack oil drilling team who has to save the world from an incoming meteor. ANSWER: Armageddon 7) The last time this team had the number one overall draft pick, they drafted a notable alumnus of the University of the Pacific. They were coached by Gene Shue and Paul Silas after moving from their original city, where their expansion-draft stars included Bob Kauffman and Don May. They drafted Elmore Smith in 1971, though a better pick came with future MVP Bob McAdoo the next year. Though a late run by the Grizzlies made them the #6 seed in 2006, they won their first playoff series in 13 years against the Nuggets before losing to the Suns in 7. That success was spurred by the acquisition of Cuttino Mobley and Sam Cassell, one of the few good moves made by their GM, Elgin Baylor. FTP, name this team led by Corey Maggette and Elton Brand that plays in the same city as the Lakers. ANSWER: The Los Angeles Clippers (Accept San Diego early) 8) After this comic switched from the New York Globe to the New York Evening News, its creator hired long-time researcher Norbert Pearlroth. It featured the debut of Snoopy, and when it debuted in 1918 its original title was Champs and Chumps and it dealt with unusual sports feats in that first incarnation. Reader submissions eventually fueled much of its content, and, during its heyday, the US Postal service usually sent odd letters with no address to the creator of this comic. Spawning a series of museums and a hit TV show hosted by Dean Cain, this is FTP, what comic that showcased bizarre and incredible facts, a comic created by Robert Ripley. ANSWER: Ripley's Believe it or Not 9) This company distributes meals from restaurants like T.G.I. Fridays and Boston Market in grocery stores, and also owns the Ore-Ida brand that distributes potato-based frozen dishes. At this company is offering consumers a chance to post a
  3. 3. video to YouTube that will eventually be turned into one of its commercials, and it was originally called Anchor Pickle and Vinegar Works when it was founded in 1872. In addition to distributing Bagel Bites, they also market both Jack Daniel's Sauces and their own 57 Sauce. FTP, identify this company, the namesake of the Steeler's football stadium, most famous for their ketchup products. ANSWER: H. J. Heinz Company 10) (MB) Gene Gauntier created a 1907 film by this name, notably without permission of its original author. The 2003 animated version saw the title character reprise his role, while the 1925 film directed by Fred Niblo and starring Roman Navarro was the most expensive silent film ever made. An assistant director on that 1925 version, William Wyler would go on to remake it to Miklós Rózsa's score in 1959 in a film notoriously filmed in MGM Camera 65. Gore Vidal insisted that he wrote a subtle homosexual relationship between the title character and Messala into that version, and the memorable galley and chariot scenes endure as film classics. FTP, identify this “Tale of the Christ” starring Charleston Heston. ANSWER: Ben-Hur 11) Several of the songs from this album, including one with 16 different violinists playing at once, were retooled after the band previewed them while on tour with Alanis Morissette. Its recording began in an abandoned apple shed before the band moved to a rented mansion belonging to Jane Seymour. The B-Side Palo Alto originally shared its title with this album, a phrase that came from a chant the band heard in a Japanese record store. Although every track for this album was originally going to become a video, songs like “Let Down” where lead singer Thom Yorke had difficulty keeping his head underwater were never released. FTP, “Paranoid Android” and “Karma Police” are other singles from what most famous album by Radiohead? ANSWER: OK Computer 12) This 1976 Fencing Champion from Gilmore High once took his boss's advice too literally when he was told to show his crush Greta that he had hair on his chest. He has a twin brother named Cal, and after calling off his wedding to Ilene, he married exterminator Trudy in the final season. That season also saw the death of his overweight mother Alma, whom his boss often mocked, and his boss also suspected he'd had affair with Heidi the season before. Always wearing flannel as the second banana on a Binford TV show in Detroit where he often said “I don't think so, Tim,” FTP, name this character played by Richard Karn on Home Improvement. ANSWER: Al Borland (accept either) 13) Laura and Vincent used some of this company's products on the third season of Project Runway, and Kanye West goes shopping here in his song “Last Call”. Their popular catalog drew flak last year for allegedly showing a penis in a scene with a dog on a bed with a family. Their stores often have an “as is” section near the cashiers, and many contain restaurants that serve low cost lingonberry juice and meatballs. Partly named after founder Ingvar Kamprad and bearing the slogan “Affordable Solutions for Better Living,”, FTP, name this Swedish discount furniture company probably responsible for
  4. 4. decorating your apartment. ANSWER: IKEA 14) James E. Sullivan campaigned against this man over his time on a Rocky Mount, North Carolina team. Dwight Eisenhower injured his knee attempting to tackle this player on a 97 yard kick return for a touchdown when he played against Army, and he would later draw an impressive salary from the Canton Bulldogs. Pop Warner didn't want to allow this player a spot, but he went on to score all 18 of his teams points in Carlisle's historic upset of Harvard in 1911. Gustav V called him the greatest athlete in the world, to which he replied, “Thanks, king.” FTP, name this Native American athlete who had his 1912 Olympic medals stripped after it was found he played professional sports. ANSWER: Jim Thorpe 15) One video suggested that this Lafayette, Colorado native and George Bush were guilty of killing Cindy Sheehan's son. His trading card was drawn by Mike Krahulik and has the effect of preventing your party from readying during your next step. Before his critical action, where he mumbled something about chicken, a survival rate of 32.33 repeating is calculated by Abduhl and Jamaal plans to enter first and gather the eggs while casting Intimidating Shout. While it was admitted by Pals 4 Life that the Rookery video that made him famous was staged, they claim it re-enacted a real occurrence. FTP, name this World of Warcraft player who ignored his guild's plans and charged into battle shouting his name, leading to their annihilation. ANSWER: Leeroy Jenkins (also accept any long, drawn-out versions of his name) 16) (PS) International versions of this album contained a bonus cover of Diana Ross's Do You Know Where You're Going To, while the American version ended with a track whose English title was One More Night. The fifth track on this album, “Let's Get Loud”, achieved success as a club hit and was written by Gloria Estefan. Tracks 7 and 13 were different mixes of the same song, with the singer's then-friend Marc Anthony appearing on both. That song, “No Me Ames” would eventually win Anthony and the artist of this album a Latin Grammy in 2000. FTP, name this Jennifer Lopez debut album referring to a New York City subway line, featuring “If You Had My Love” and “Waiting for Tonight”. ANSWER: On the 6 17) In a recent interview, this pitcher stated that he enjoyed the clean, family-friendly humor of Jeff Foxworthy. Two years ago, he discovered he had 20/300 vision when Roy Oswalt stopped him from running his truck off the road. He had a rare off year last year, posting an 11 and 14 record with a 4.06 ERA, one year removed from leading his league in strikeouts. He gave up 8 runs in the first game against the Cardinals in the 2005 playoffs and missed the rest of the year with a broken rib, which he suffered while celebrating his team's NL West crown. For ten points, name this teammate of Greg Maddux, a pitcher who currently leads the National League in ERA and strikeouts as the ace of the San Diego Padres. ANSWER: Jake Peavy
  5. 5. 18) (DG) One of our first views of him is at age 10, where he is playing a Game Boy and unaware that his father is giving another child to a man posing to be a paper manufacturer. Thrown out of a Las Vegas casino after he and his coworker cheated at poker, he falls in love with a Texas waitress who dies from a blood clot in her brain. FTP, identify this programmer at Yamagato Industries, who developed an affinity for waffles at that Texas diner and who has the ability to manipulate space and time in NBC's “Heroes”. ANSWER: Hiro Nakamura (accept either) 19) According to Frank Linz and Steve Rushin, truly bad movies include any in which its bearer does, or does not, have it. It was worn on Dr. Malcolm Sayer in Awakenings after making its film debut on the defecting Vladimir in Moscow on the Hudson. It did not appear on Armand Goldman, but Nathan Lane metaphorically filled its role in the climax of The Birdcage. Recently seen in The Night Listener, but not Man of the Year, and giving credibility to turns as Parry in The Fisher King and Sean Maguire in Good Will Hunting, FTP, name this facial feature that adds seriousness to the former Mork. ANSWER: Robin Williams's beard (prompt on partial answers) 20) (DL) One part describes a “fly girl with a sexy lean,” while another claims Lois Lane cannot be satisfied by Superman's “little worm,” though one performer can assist with his “super sperm.” Cassidy quoted it in his breakout hit, and it also forms part of Neal McCoy's Hillbilly Rap. One of its most famous part asks if you've ”ever gone to a friend's house and the food just ain't no good,” though equally-known is the refrain “hotel, motel, Holiday Inn.” Sampling Chic's “Good Times,” FTP, name this song where Wonder Mike and, in the Wedding Singer, Ellen Dow, begin, “Hip, hop, a hippy, a hippy to the hip hip hop,” by The Sugarhill Gang, the first rap single to go gold. ANSWER: “Rapper's Delight” 21) If, for some reason, you saw Catwoman, you’d know Halle Berry ordered this drink without any of its ingredients save milk. The wrestler the Sandman had a leg sweep called this, while the Colin Powell style of this drink uses chocolate milk instead, and Yoo-Hoo is used to make a different drink with the same country in its name. The green variety adds Midori while the black type removes milk altogether. The drink of choice of the Dude in “The Big Lebowski” and also a term given to an anti-Bolshevik following the October Reovlution, this is, FTP, what drink prepared by mixing vodka and Kahlua and adding milk. ANSWER: White Russian (accept Caucasian) 22) On June 13, 2004, “Two men charged for illegally ‘monkeyfishing’”. March 2, 2007, “Residents of Ocala … can really relate to John Travolta.” June 5, 2007, “Watch out Daytona Beach Shores residents: the color police are out in force.” On October 15, 2006, “Sheriff dies in wreck after participating in a 15-lap schoolbus race”, followed by it being chosen “because there is no ‘Darwin tag’”. All of these stories posted to are labeled with what tag named for a state also home to, uh, Daytona Beach. ANSWER: Stories Labeled With The Florida Tag (accept pretty much anything that
  6. 6. mentions “Florida”; the editor also apologizes for offending your sense of quizbowl aesthetics with this list tossup.) 23) They referred to the Yankee's loss in the 2004 ALCS to be a "tragedy", and also enjoy a penchant for before and afters. Students at this university apparently still play Starcraft, as both teams at a recent tournament contributed cut questions on the game. Other cut questions submitted by this school included a tossup about its own men's lacrosse team that apparently got to the Final Four for the first time ever this year. FTP, identify this school that should know better than to mention themselves in a packet, a school that also contributed tossups on OK Computer and Ripley's Believe It or Not to the 2007 Chris McCray Tournament for Academic Excellence. ANSWER: University of Delaware Men's Quizbowl B Team Bonuses 1) Lets play a quick game of pitch and catch. Given the name of the famous football play and the game in which it happened, give the both the name of player who threw the ball and the name of the player who caught the ball, all or nothing, FTPE. [10] 1972 AFC Divisional Playoff Game Steelers Vs. Raiders. The Immaculate Reception ANSWER: Terry Bradshaw threw it. Franco Harris caught it. [10] 1999 AFC Wild Card Game Bills Vs. Titans. The Music City Miracle. ANSWER: Frank Wycheck threw it. Kevin Dyson caught it. [10] 1982 NFC Championship Game Cowboys vs. 49ers. The Catch. ANSWER: Joe Montana threw it. Dwight Clark caught it. 2) Name some of these hamburgers, FTPE. [10] Used by The Economist to measure purchasing power parity, this sandwich was invented by franchise owner Jim Delligatti in 1937. Don Gorske is believed to have eaten the most of anyone in history, at 20,000. ANSWER: Big Mac [10] The “Monster” entry of this type of Hardee's cheeseburger, introduced in 2003, has over 1400 calories, nearly a thousand of which are from fat. Go America. ANSWER: Thickburger [10] These are the nicknames of White Castle's miniature square burgers. Eating six or more of these makes someone one of these pilots. ANSWER: Slyder 3) He was captured by Wong Chu in Vietnam, and there he created his alter-ego as a way of keeping a piece of shrapnel from piercing his heart. FTPE: [10] First, name this super-hero, also known as Tony Stark, who debuted in Tales of Suspense #39. ANSWER: Iron Man [10] Iron Man was a founding member of this group that originally included The Hulk, Thor, Ant-Man, and Wasp. Iron Man also led its West Coast incarnation. ANSWER: The Avengers
  7. 7. [10] Stark's friend Jim Rhodes briefly took over as Iron Man, and later got his own black- and-white, heavily-fortified set of armor which he wore as this super-hero. ANSWER: War Machine 4) Identify the following relating to the group Modest Mouse, FTPE. [10] Modest Mouse’s most successful single to date, this track from Good News For People Who Love Bad News contains the line, “alright, already” in the chorus. ANSWER: Float On [10] Modest Mouse’s most recent album, it debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 in March. The album contained the singles Dashboard and Missed the Boat and depicted a balloon attached to an anchor on the cover. ANSWER: We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank [10] We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank was the first Modest Mouse album to feature guitarist Johnny Marr from this English band that turned political with their second album, Meat Is Murder. ANSWER: The Smiths 5) They met in Bogota, pretending to be the other’s spouse as a cover story while fleeing Columbian authorities. FTPE: [10] First, name this 2005 film starring Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie about a war between two rival espionage agencies. ANSWER: Mr. and Mrs. Smith [10] The “bait” set for Mr. and Mrs. Smith is Benjamin Danz, played by this actor who played Dave Rygalski on Gilmour Girls before playing the son of Peter Gallagher and Kelly Rowan's characters on another show. ANSWER: Adam (Jared) Brody [10] Eddie, who at one point warns his mother that he’s on high alert and that he nearly killed her, was played by this actor who also starred as Gary in The Break-Up. ANSWER: Vincent Anthony “Vince” Vaughn 6) FTPE, answer the following about this year's US Open. [10] Finishing at five over par, this Argentinian golfer held off Tiger Woods to win the US Open. ANSWER: Angel Cabrera [10] This golfer from West Chester, Pennsylvania finished tied with Woods for second place after failing to birdie the final hole. He won the US Open in 2003, and won the Vardon Trophy last year as the golfer with the lowest scoring average. ANSWER: Jim Furyk [10] The US Open took place at this course outside of Pittsburgh which is notable for its incredibly challenging greens. ANSWER: Oakmont 7) Songs performed on this show included “Sympathy for the Roto-Rooter,” “You Are My Sock Puppet,” and “Shut Those Kids Up, I'm Trying to Sleep.” FTPE: [10] Name this show that aired on ABC from 1998 to 2003, where Linda Taylor and Laura Hall provided on-the-spot accompaniment for those songs.
  8. 8. ANSWER: “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” [10] This regular cast member of “Whose Line” was often the butt of both Canadian and bald jokes. ANSWER: Colin (Andrew) Mochrie [10] Also made fun of for his baldness, this man hosted the original British version of “Whose Line” as well as the show, “Discovery Mastermind.” ANSWER: Clive Anderson 8) FTPE, identify the following hip hop groups from clues. [10] Fluctuating between three and five members, this Cleveland, Ohio based rap group is probably best known for their mid-ninties hit single and music video, “Crossroads.” ANSWER: Bone Thugs-N-Harmony [10] Since the boy band O-Town was such an obviously good idea, Puffy decided to make a rap group using the reality TV method. This thankfully short-lived group never did much of anything. ANSWER: Bad Boy's DA BAND [10] DJ Ali Shaheed Muhammad, rapper Phife Dawg and producer Q-Tip make up this alternative hip hop group that was once part of the Native Tongues Posse. They scored their biggest success with the album Beats, Rhymes and Life and the single 1nce Again. ANSWER: A Tribe Called Quest 9) FTPE, answer these questions about comedy bloggers who have used their mad web cred in order to become successful authors. [10] Known for writing on subjects from the manliest ways to kill yourself to awesomeness that was the new Dawn of the Dead, this eye-patch wearing blogger recently released his book The Alphabet of Manliness. ANSWER: Maddox (also accept George Ouzounian) [10] This ex-Duke Law student’s exploits in womanizing and alcoholism have achieved a mythic status on his namesake blog. His book I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell made an appearance on the New York Times’ Best-Sellers list. ANSWER: Tucker Max [10] This website is dedicated to pranks and other weird stunts such as dressing up as Michael Jackson and puking everywhere. Its creator, John Hargrave, recently released the book Prank the Monkey. ANSWER: 10) Given a clue, identify the sitcom mentioned on Scrubs FTPE. [10] In "My 15 Minutes", Turk complains that everyone assumes he likes this show… which he does. Starring Red Foxx and Demond Wilson, it followed a Los Angeles junk dealer who frequently threatened to give Lamont “one across yo' lips.” ANSWER: Sanford and Son [10] Ted’s Group, at one point known as The Worthless Peons, sang the theme song to this ‘80s NBC spinoff where “you take the bad, you take the good, you take them both and there you have…”. ANSWER: The Facts of Life [10] Another one of Turk’s favorite shows is The Jeffersons, which starred this actor as
  9. 9. George. On Wayne Brady’s infamous Chappelle’s Show appearance, he uses this man’s name as slang for PCP. ANSWER: Sherman Hemsley 11) (JW) FTPE, identify these old-time baseball players. [10] This superstar of the 1860s became the first professional baseball player after being bought by Excelsior of Brooklyn. He also threw the first fastball and fatally injured himself in 1862 while hitting a home run. ANSWER: Jim Creighton [10] This longtime Pittsburgh Pirate second baseman finished his career with an unbelievable 150 OPS+ [O-P-S plus] His baseball card is the rarest of all time. ANSWER: Honus Wagner [10] This pitcher threw the decisive shutout of the 1907 World Series, and according to his official website, he was one of baseball's first "swing men." Due to a farming accident as a child, he suffered a mangled hand that gave him a fantastic curveball as well as a fantastic nickname. ANSWER: Mordecai Peter Centennial “Three Finger” Brown 12) Recently on YouTube, a very enjoyable video was posted that counts from 100 to 1 using movie quotes with each number in them. Given the quote identify the movie, FTPE. [10] “When this baby hits 88 miles per hour, you're going to see some serious shit.” ANSWER: Back to the Future [10] “57 card carrying members of the Communist Party” is a line spoken by Senator John Iselin in this political thriller starring Frank Sinatra as Captain Bennett Marco. ANSWER: The Manchurian Candidate [10] “After about 15 minutes you’re spit out onto a ditch on the side of the Jersey Turnpike” speaks John Cusack in this film also starring Cameron Diaz. ANSWER: Being John Malkovich 13) Identify some of the notable characters from the Final Fantasy series that died, FTPE. [10] This girl was killed while praying for the salvation of the world when suddenly Sephiroth appeared out of the sky impaling her with his notably large sword, Masamune. ANSWER: Aeris Gainsbourough (also accept Aerith) [10] In Final Fantasy 6, this general of the Empire is killed by Kefka just after he absorbed the Esper’s powers. He possessed a powerful attack called “Shock”, and shares a first name with the MGM mascot. ANSWER: General Leo Christophe [10] This aged Dark Knight and ex-leader of the Touten Knights was killed by Ramza outside the gates of Lionel Castle. ANSWER: Gaff Gafgarion 14) FTPE, answer these questions about career baseball records. [10] This super-notable longtime Detroit Tiger nicknamed "Wahoo" owns the career record for the most triples with 309. ANSWER: "Wahoo" Sam Crawford
  10. 10. [10] This outfielder ended his career with 2297 RBIs, the most of all time. He set another record with a hit off Al Downing. ANSWER: Henry (Hank) Aaron [10] Last year, Cory Lidle tied Thurman Munson's record of these in a career with 1. ANSWER: Deaths by Plane Crash (accept equivalents). 15) (JB) Ladysmith Black Mambazo appeared on this track, and its video featured Chevy Chase lip-syncing the song while the real singer pretended to play various instruments. FTPE, [10] Name this single that says, "If you'll be my bodyguard, I can be your long-lost pal," and tells “Betty” to perform the title action. ANSWER: "You Can Call Me Al" [10] "You Can Call Me Al" was the first single off of this man’s album Graceland, an album that also featured the song “Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes”. ANSWER: Paul (Frederic) Simon [10] Another single off of Graceland was this track that notes that "Every generation throws a hero up the pop charts" and claims that "These are the days of miracle and wonder/This is the long distance call". A similar character was seen on an episode of Seinfeld. ANSWER: "The Boy in the Bubble" 16) Identify the following about a short-lived Nickelodeon cartoon show, FTPE. [10] This cartoon followed a green skinned alien of the Irken race trying to conquer Earth while constantly claiming his superiority over everyone and everything. ANSWER: Invader Zim [10] This robot slave of Zim’s often disguises himself in a green dog suit with a zipper in the front and is known for singing “The Doom Song”. ANSWER: GIR [10] This creator of Invader Zim is also responsible for the comics Squee! and Johnny the Homicidal Maniac. ANSWER: Jhonen Vasquez (accept Chancre Scolex) 17) Baby Mama Drama is just so much more theatrical when it involves famous people. Answer these questions about these celebrities and their kids, FTPE. [10] Along with “trouble” and “jail”, actresses are another acceptable answer for the category “Things NFL Players Can't Stay Out Of.” At least for Tom Brady. Name this actress who had roles in Coyote Ugly and Lord of War that Tom got pregnant. ANSWER: (Kathryn) Bridget Moynahan [10] Paternity issues abound in whether or not this former Spice Girl whose solo career included the album “Hot” actually is Eddie Murphy's baby mama. ANSWER: Melanie (Janine) Brown (accept Scary Spice) [10] Kali Bowyer has claimed that this actor and comedian is her hospitalized son’s father. He also almost divorced his wife Malaak last December. ANSWER: Christopher Julius “Chris” Rock III
  11. 11. 18) (DL) It was written by Jimmy Mattingly as a slow ballad for his girlfriend, but only when drummer Guy Patterson spontaneously sped it up did it become a hit. FTPE: [10] Name this hit for The Wonders, also the title song of a 1996 movie. ANSWER: “That Thing You Do!” [10] That Thing You Do! was written and directed by this man, who also played The Wonders' manager, Mr. White. You may know him better for a role in The Terminal. ANSWER: Tom Hanks [10] The role of Tina in That Thing You Do! was the first major part for this actress, who is set to reprise her role as Stella Bridger in The Brazilian Job. ANSWER: Charlize Theron 19) Given the nickname for a starting hand in Texas Hold 'Em, identify the cards, FFPE. [5] Bullets ANSWER: Pocket (Two) Aces [5] Siegfried and Roy ANSWER: Pocket (Two) Queens [5] Motown ANSWER: Jack and Five [5] Crabs ANSWER: Pocket (Two) Threes [5] Big Slick ANSWER: Ace and King (suit doesn't matter, but if they say suited or Ace-King spades, it's ok) [5] Fido ANSWER: King and Nine 20) Among the things he believes in are the cock, the pussy, that Oswald acted alone and that the novels of Susan Sontag are overwritten garbage. FTSNP: [10] First, for ten, name this character played by Kevin Costner in a 1988 film. ANSWER: Lawrence “Crash” Davis (accept either) [10] For another ten, name the movie also starring Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon about minor-league baseball that featured Crash Davis. ANSWER: Bull Durham [10] For five points each, Davis also believes that there should be constitutional amendments barring these two baseball-related innovations, one of which was inaugurated with a Ron Bloomberg at-bat in 1973 and the other of which was invented by the Monsanto company in 1965. ANSWER: The designated hitter and Astroturf (accept Astroturf equivalents) 21) FTPE, answer these questions about who really produces the great beer in America, the microbreweries. [10] By far the most successful brewer to emerge from the microbrewery movement is this Boston-based company whose founder Jim Koch is apparently obsessed with beer. ANSWER: Samuel Adams (prompt on “Boston Beer Company”) [10] This west coast city claims to be either “beervana” or “brewtopia” due to its high number of breweries such as those run by the McMenamin Brothers and the Widmer
  12. 12. Brothers. ANSWER: Portland, Oregon [10] One of the vast amount of things that Delaware is known for is this microbrewery located in Milton, Delaware with a type of shark as its logo. Famous beers it produces include its 90 minute I.P.A. and Midas Touch. ANSWER: Dogfish Head Craft Brewing Company 22) The unnamed narrator attends a support group for men with testicular cancer to help with his insomnia. Later he meets Tyler Durden and forms a group governed by eight rules. FTPE: [10] First, name this novel turned into a 1999 film starring Brad Pitt. ANSWER: Fight Club [10] Fight Club was written by this author whose more recent books include Rant and the purple-covered collection of short stories, Haunted. ANSWER: Charles Michael “Chuck” Palahniuk [10] Originally published in the March 2004 issue of Playboy, this short story, the first in Haunted, achieved infamy when upwards of fifty people fainted during a reading tour of it. ANSWER: Guts