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  1. 1. Information Design & Technology School of Literature, Communication, & Culture Winter 2004 Demo Day
  2. 2. Location Author(s) Project Title Advisor Description Third Floor: Calvin Ashmore SphereLand Room 346 Dr. Mateas IDT LAB SphereLand is an artificial ecosystem, where living organisms exist in an environment striving for survival. Third Floor: Calvin Ashmore Networks Room 346 Prof. Memmott IDT LAB An exploration of networks as symbolic devices. This project attempts to bind together networks of language, ideas, and the internet. Third Floor: Negar Farhi Puzzle Room 346 Dr. Mateas IDT LAB The rules are: Unscramble the nine cubes by perfectly matching every kitten’s heads and bodies. Can you unscramble the cubes without scrambling your brain? Good luck!
  3. 3. Third Floor: Negar Farhi AIDS 2004 Room 346 Prof. Memmott IDT LAB This project deals with the AIDS epidemic specifically the issue of AIDS orphans in Africa. Comparing the dollar amount spent in the first world countries with its use value in the third world countries. Focusing on the difference between superficial issues in a capitalist society and important issues in the world. Third Floor: John Goetzinger JMosaic Room 346 Prof. Memmott IDT LAB JMosaic is a tool that allows for easy production of digital photomosaics by searching the internet for new component images that match some meaning that is assigned to the mosaic by the user. Third Floor: John Goetzinger WebSpace Room 346 Dr. Mateas IDT LAB WebSpace is a web based collection game that focuses on an alternate method of viewing and browsing the web - as a two dimensional navigable game space.
  4. 4. Third Floor: Ben Tomassetti Play vs. Game Room 346 Dr. Murray, Dr. Mateas IDT LAB This application tests the perceptions of the terms "play" and "game". In the play version, interactive screens are presented to be explored at the player's leisure. In the game version, the screens become small puzzle games, complete with goal assignment, points, and time limits. Third Floor: Dan Klainbaum Legal Pad Room 346 Dr. Mateas IDT LAB This drawing tool emphasizes algorithmic generation – one with unexpected results. Inspired by the forest spirit in the film Princess Mononoke, I implemented the concept of a mark-making tool that simulates life. The elements of anticipation and surprise engage the interactor in a playful manner. Third Floor: Yelena Nakhimovsky Selected projects Room 346 Dr. Mateas IDT LAB These java-based programs are exercises in representing broad concepts-- including time, expression and social interactions--in the form of executable code.
  5. 5. Third Floor: Allison Sall The Complimentor Room 346 Dr. Mateas IDT LAB The Complimentor is a type machine. Each time you catch the swimming entities, a unique compliment is generated. Third Floor: Femi Olumoko Composition via Pixel Manipulation Room 346 Dr. Mateas IDT LAB This drawing tool provides the user with the possibilty of generating and abstract/random piece or composition through the manipulation of the pixels of an image. Third Floor: Judy Siegel Political Commentary Room 346 Dr. Mateas IDT LAB Inspired by 2004 election, this program searches the web page for specific “Bush” or “Kerry” attack phrases and then visually represents this on screen. The visuals are interesting. Third Floor: Paige Taylor Martini Mixer Room 346 Dr. Mateas IDT LAB Come to the Martini Lounge, and mix your ultimate cocktail by catching as many cherries and olives as possible during a limited time frame. The higher your score, the better your rating.
  6. 6. Third Floor: Roshan Menon GramaTech Room 346 Prof. Memmott IDT LAB GramaTech is a set of 6 short action sketches that reverse the traditional roles and interactions between text and punctuation. Third Floor: Roshan Menon origIN Room 346 Dr. Murray IDT LAB OrigIN is a game prototype that allows players to experience and appreciate the classic arcade, video and computer games from the last quarter century, that have been instrumental in defining the genres and play styles they encounter today. Third Floor: Paige Taylor Better Living Through Science Room 346 Prof. Memmott IDT LAB The main goal of this project is to look at specific online health and wellness brand examples, and offer some commentary on the language and messages presented. Third Floor: Mayhew Seavey Lost Friends Room 346 Dr. Murray IDT LAB Lost Friends is a two-player cooperative game. The goal of this project was to introduce a game where the social aspect of the game is implicitly tied into the success and failure of the game. To that end, the game presents two characters (a Warrior and a Spirit) with different roles and abilities, who must work together in different ways to survive and accomplish a joint goal.
  7. 7. Third Floor: Tom Banaszewski, Dan StoryScape Room 346 Klainbaum, Karyn Lu, Prof. Gromala IDT LAB StoryScape is a unique urban experiment in community storytelling. The first wave began on the Georgia Tech campus in Atlanta, GA during the week of October 11, 2004. During that week, 30 orange stickers bearing the question "You are here... Why?" were placed throughout the Georgia Tech campus, from public spaces such as Technology Square and the Student Center, to more private areas such as restrooms and library cubicles. Third Floor: LCC 8803: Design for Design Virtual Environments Room 346 Virtual Environments Dr. Nitsche IDT LAB Real-Time 3 Dimensional Virtual Environments (RT 3D VEs) have become a powerful – if not the dominating – presentation form in computer games, collaborative virtual environments, architectural visualisation, or technical design – to name but a few areas. Through interactive access this virtual space has grown from a presentation tool to a virtual stage. It has become a place of action in which the spatial design is closely interlinked with interactive features, sound, and the cinematic presentation of the environment. Space Pirates by Jason Alderman, Kate Compton, Marleigh Norton & Matthias Shapiro Changing House by Calvin Ashmore, Daniel Rachels & Judy Siegel Exploring the Cell by Nathaniel Ng, Grace Ou & Jeff Weese
  8. 8. Third Floor: Natalie Funk Mak-A-Kard Room 346 Dr. Mateas IDT LAB A random greeting card generator using stock phrases and graphics that creates cards that you can personalize. Third Floor: Natalie Funk Labyrinth of Lethe Room 346 Dr. Murray IDT LAB A 3-D maze to navigate through, inspired by the myths of Persephone and Hades, Theseus and Ariadne. Third Floor: Natalie Funk Pulse Oximeter Ring Room 346 Prof. Gromala IDT LAB A wearable sensor/LED combination that measures blood oxygen and gives ambient feedback. Third Floor: Parth Bhawalkar Eat your Vegetables Room 346 Dr. Mateas IDT LAB An example of how Braitenberg vehicles can be used to simulate the immunity system. Third Floor: Parth Bhawalkar The Monty Python literary machine Room 346 Dr. Micheal Mateas IDT LAB A text generator that walks the user through the English alphabet, using people and phrases from the famed Monty Python series.
  9. 9. Third Floor: Kate Compton A Plague of Zombies Room 346 IDT LAB Can you lead your fellow citizens to safety when zombies attack Renaissance Florence? Ground Floor: Janna C. Kimel Thera-Network Information Desk Prof. Gromala, Daniel B. Walker, Matthew Peters Warne A device to be used during at-home physical therapy exercises between visits to a doctor's office. The device provides feedback when the exercise is done correctly. Ground Floor: Jayoung Sung & Allison Emobot: Expressive Lamp Information Desk Guyton Prof. Gromala This project expresses aggressiveness with light when a person tries to touch it. Ground Floor: Aaron Levinsohn The Virtual Wind-Chime Project Room 011 Prof. Gromala This project creates an electronic version of a wind-chime that maps the typical of a wind-chime to computer controlled analogs. Ground Floor: Allison Sall & Paige Operation: Rhinoctopus Room 010 Taylor Prof. Gromala A video instrument to be used by audience members during live rhinoctopus shows to manipulate video in real-time.
  10. 10. Third Floor: LCC 6310: Visual Culture Films from LCC 6310 Room 343 and Design Prof. Memmott Please note screening times. Showing at 4:00 PM The Man in the Monitor By Ben Tomassetti In this interactive piece, I filter a webcam stream (from a webcam mounted on my head) and display it on a laptop monitor that is mounted on my chest. The whole costume is a metaphor for how people present themselves when they use mediating devices. The screen is a metaphor for how other people interpret this mediated, digital self. Showing at 4:30 PM Robbie(the Android Who Thinks Out Loud) By Matthias Shapiro Robbie is an android who can't seem to keep his thoughts to himself. This video joins him on a typical day as he vocalizes his decision making process. Showing at 5:00 PM Proceedings: Living in Media By Vanessa Rood This project was developed from the following assignment: Keep a log of
  11. 11. your interactions with media on a daily basis. Become aware of how much the world is a media experience both on and offline, with or without television. Take a walk and consider the degree to which you are asked by everyday events and encounters to deal with media. Take some pictures, do some writing, make some drawings. Compile and combine the collected information and make a digital artifact. Showing at 5:30 PM Phenomenology Begins at Home: Part 1 By Marleigh Norton This video project explores the author's personal phenomenology of the internet. Viewers are asked to consider who is watching who when they go on line. Showing at 6:00 PM: A Nice Day By Jeff Crouse Where are you when you are online?
  12. 12. Ground Floor: Chetan Bagga Storytelling Across Film Industries Room 002 Prof. Gromala This project, in the form of an interactive multimedia application, is a comparative tool helping to understand how the same story can be told successfully both in Hollywood and Bollywood. The issues of form, narrative, duration, social and political influences, and censorship in both industries demonstrate how they differ and thus affect the story telling process. Ground Floor: Madhur Khandelwal Thinking Caps: An experiment on Augmentation of Experiential Memories Lobby Prof. Gromala This is an experimental project to explore the realm of automated sensing of human emotions using Biofeedback, and employing it to store emotionally-tagged video memories. Third Floor: Sumier Phalake The cultural politics of Bollywood: The politics, subtext and influence of Room 349 Indian Commercial Cinema Conference Room Diane Gromala, Eugene Thacker, and Angela Dalle Vachhe This is a documentary that examines how Bollywood cinema isn't just pure escapism, but propagates stereotypes among the South Asian community in the diaspora as well as in the sub-continent. The project explores how Bollywood influences perceptions about homosexuality, gender roles, skin color as well as ideas about eastern and western cultures.
  13. 13. Ground Floor: Clara Fernandez-Vera Teen Days Room 005 Dr. Murray Teen Days is a proposal for a new concept of dating simulation, a role- playing videogame for female teenagers, based on interpersonal relationships, stealth mechanics, and mini-games whose consequences have repercussions in the game world. Ground Floor: Markus Haas, Monica Aura Room 006 Acree & Kate Sisson Prof. Gromala Aura investigates the intangible effect that places and things which are mysterious and significant have on us. The viewer can interact directly with the aura of an object to hear and see what is usually utterly invisible. Ground Floor: eTV Prototyping Group American Experience Virtual Channel Prototype Room 001 Dr. Murray LaCI The Georgia Tech eTV Prototyping group, in collaboration with the American Film Institute's eTV Workshop and PBS's award-winning American Experience series, has created a prototope of an American Experience Virtual Channel, demonstrating how the art of film documentary can be enhanced and deepened through the affordances of digital media.
  14. 14. Third Floor: EGL The Experimental Game Lab explores the frontiers of gaming. Room 354 Dr. Mateas EGL Third Floor: Kevin Quennesson Conscious camera. Room 355 Prof. Gromala. “An image is a consciousness” (J-P Sartre) This projects tends at showing a camera who retains light not because of its intensity (photons density and strength) but because of the perceptual power of the objects it sees.