Openmoko Linux 2008 開放手機新體驗
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Openmoko Linux 2008 開放手機新體驗






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Openmoko Linux 2008 開放手機新體驗 Openmoko Linux 2008 開放手機新體驗 Presentation Transcript

  • Openmoko Linux 2008 Text 2008-10-22, 15:30 ~ 16:45 Jollen Chen <> Openmoko Inc. Openmoko
  • Openmoko LGPL/GPL v2 Linux Openmoko 2
  • Android 2008/2/18 !" 2:37 Android - An Open Handset Alliance Project Home Docs FAQ Blog Group Terms The Open Handset Alliance, a group of more than 30 technology and mobile companies, is developing Android: the first complete, open, and free mobile platform. To help developers get Getting Started started developing new applications, we're offering an early look at the Android Software 1. Learn about Android Development Kit. 2. Download the SDK 3. Join the community. Participate in our discussion group through email or the web. Open All applications are equal Android allows you to access core mobile device Android does not differentiate functionality through standard between the phone's basic API calls. and third-party applications -- even the dialer or home screen can be replaced. The Android Developer Challenge will award $10 million to developers who build great apps for Android. Learn more! Breaking down Fast & easy boundaries development Featured Videos Combine information from the The SDK contains what you web with data on the phone -- need to build and run Android such as contacts or applications, including a true geographic location -- to device emulator and create new user experiences. advanced debugging tools. Android Blog Community Android Blog User Group Android SDK m5-rc14 now available Default value of integer in sqlite is 0? Feb 13, 2008 - Posted by Jason Chen, Developer Feb 17, 2008 - Posted by maomao Advocate Default value of integer in sqlite is 0? why not On behalf of the entire Android team, I'm null? sample cod: package; happy to let you know that an updated version import ... of the Android SDK –... Re: Incorrect timezone in m3-rc37a? Android in Harvard Square Feb 17, 2008 - Posted by Kosmaj Feb 11, 2008 - Posted by Dan Morrill, Developer Advocate It appears that some strings from java.util.TimeZone.getAvailabl eIDs() are As promised , there's another Android event Sergey Brin and Steve Horowitz discuss the availability of being ignored, while some like EST5EDT coming up – though a little closer to home this the SDK, that it will be open source in the future, and which is ... time. Our Android... demo some applications. Does anybody get the some useful Deadline Extension for the Android Developer Challenge Jan 28, 2008 - Posted by Quang Nguyen, Developer materials about the Webkit? Feb 17, 2008 - Posted by aBin : Advocate I visit the website htpp://[link] only few useful We'd like to let you know that we are extending materials can be found there. Does anybody the submission deadline for the first Android get the some useful materials ... Developers Challenge to ... Read more » Intercontinental Androids Jan 22, 2008 - Posted by Dan Morrill, Developer Advocate When I recently blogged about our upcoming Android Campfire, I hinted at some Three part overview of First look at building an international events we've been working... the Android architecture Android Application and APIs Read more » more videos ©2008 Google - Code Home - Site Terms of Service - Privacy Policy - Site Directory #$ 1!1
  • Text 2008.06.24: symbian
  • 2007 iPhone Google Android UI Android iPhone SDK Openmoko Symbian
  • Neo FreeRunner Neo FreeRunner 2008 CES Neo 1973 2008.07.04 Neo FreeRunner installer
  • Neo FreeRunner w/ Om 2007.2 Samsung S3C2442 with 500MHz 128MB NAND flash 256MB 802.11b/g WiFi 3D accelerometer SMedia Glamo3662 2D/3D 850MHz Motion Sensor
  • rootfs kernel • Openmoko root filesyem & kernel
  • qemu-neo1973 QEMU x86 x86_64 ARM S PA R C S PA R C 6 4 PowerPC PowerPC64 MIPS m68k SH-4 open source QEMU (virtual machine) qemu-neo1973 Openmoko qemu GSM modem
  • Openmoko Openness Open Source Open Hardware Open Design Open Learning
  • Hardware Spec. Open.
  • . Open.
  • . Open.
  • Openmoko Neo FreeRunner Openmoko Neo FreeRunner Openmoko OpenLab Openmoko Neo FreeRunner SDK source code Mobile Application Framework
  • . Open.
  • Openmoko Education OpenLab Openmoko
  • Om2008.8 2008.08.08
  • Om2008.8 • Installer • Illume • Edje • Theme • Locations • Qtopia Keyboard • Community Repository Om2008.8 Qtopia/EFL/GTK+
  • Programming FreeRunner Om2007.2 !"!#$%&'!()*+,-./0!$11/234.5 Om2008.8 (ASU) !"!678+9'!()*+,-./0!$11/234.5 :"!678+(;0315 <"!#$%&'!()*+,-./0!$11/234.5 ="!>01?.4+@!! Om2008.8.update Om2008.9
  • Edje • Neo FreeRunner • Illume
  • ASU
  • Openmoko/EFL Openmoko/GTK+ Openmoko/Qt
  • Openmoko Software Stack GTK+ EFL Qtopia UI Neo FreeRunner
  • git tree: Om 2008
  • Text Text Text Programming NeoFreRunner Om2008.8 / EFL
  • PC Ubuntu 8.04 Ubuntu 8.04 $ sudo apt-get install gcc g++ autoconf automake binutils libtool libglib2.0-dev ccache libxrender-dev intltool libmokoui2-dev libgconf2-dev mtools fakeroot alien
  • Neo FreeRunner IP USB PC PC USB IP host$ sudo ifconfig usb0 host$ ssh root@ ( )
  • EFL / C • 20080916 pre-built toolchain • EFL pre-built toolchain
  • lots-game • Openmoko 2008 • • EFL Om2008.8 $ svn checkout lots-game-read-only
  • lots-game • • openmoko-sample2 • EFL pre-built toolchain • opkg FreeRunner
  • Library Toolchain • opkg-target pre-built toolchain (ubuntu 8.04) $ cd /usr/lib $ sudo ln -s $ sudo su - # . /usr/local/openmoko/arm/environment-setup # opkg-target update # opkg-target list | grep <pkg-name> # opkg-target install <pkg-name>
  • E • C EFL • UI • evas etk Openmoko toolchain $ sudo su - # . /usr/local/openmoko/arm/environment-setup # opkg-target update # opkg-target install libevas-dev # opkg-target install libetk-dev # opkg-target install libts-dev # exit $
  • src/ INCLUDES = -I$(top_srcdir) AM_CPPFLAGS = -DPKGDATADIR="$(pkgdatadir)" -DTERMINAL_LOCALE_DIR=""$(prefix)/$(DATADIRNAME)/locale"" -DDATADIR=""$(datadir)"" -D_GNU_SOURCE AM_CFLAGS = -Wall -pedantic -std=c99 @DEPENDENCIES_CFLAGS@ # add the name of your application bin_PROGRAMS = game # add the sources to compile for your application game_SOURCES = game.c gs_read.c game_LDADD = @DEPENDENCIES_LIBS@ MAINTAINERCLEANFILES =
  • Pre-Built Toolchain • $ . /usr/local/openmoko/arm/setup-env • Pre-built toolchain
  • lots-game • openmoko-sample2 • opk • opk $ ./ --host=arm-linux $ make
  • • opk $ cd .. $ om-make-ipkg lots-game-read-only • pre-built toolchain om-make- ipkg • opk
  • opk FreeRunner • ipk scp • ssh ipkg $ scp [filename] root@ $ ssh root@ opkg install [filename] • IP • PC IP •
  • Email Openmoko Team