New Books, January 2010


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New Books, January 2010

  1. 1. New books Issue 13 January 2010 Your regular update of new titles available for loan and sale from RNIB. Contents New books Issue 13 January 2010 Contents Using New books How to borrow books How to purchase books Changing format or cancelling New books RNIB National Library Service catalogue Get in touch Braille Grade 2 Adult fiction Adult non-fiction Children and young adult fiction Children and young adult non-fiction Multi-format CD-ROM Romeo and Juliet; volume editor: Duncan Beal. 2003. The merchant of Venice; volume editor: Tony Farrell. 2003. Much ado about nothing; volume editor: Lawrence Green. 2004. Music Braille music scores Music tuition CDs Giant print - 24 point Adult fiction Adult non-fiction Children and young adult fiction Children and young adult non-fiction Talking books Adult fiction Adult non-fiction Children and young adult fiction
  2. 2. Children and young adult non-fiction Books narrated by volunteers Adult fiction Adult non-fiction DAISY books for sale Adult fiction Adult non-fiction A new concept in audio books Being positive and staying positive by Pauline Rowson (MV06), priced £17.99. Cranford by Elizabeth Gaskell (MV02), priced £19.99. Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain (MV10), priced £10.99. Just William by Richmal Crompton (MV08), priced £11.99. Peter Pan by J M Barrie (MV07), priced £11.99. Persuasion by Jane Austen (MV03), priced £19.59. Pride and prejudice by Jane Austen (MV01), priced £17.49. The Odyssey by Homer (MV04), priced £17.49. The Valley of Fear by Arthur Conan Doyle (MV05), priced £19.99. The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame (MV09), priced £11.99. Using New books How to borrow books Contact RNIB on 0303 123 9999 to add new titles to your booklist or email How to purchase books Many titles in this listing are available for sale - where this is the case, the price is listed with the title. Some titles may only be available in the UK due to copyright restrictions. Contact RNIB on 0303 123 9999 or email Changing format or cancelling New books New books is free, bimonthly and available in the following formats: DAISY CD, Grade 2 braille, print, by email or by downloading from the website
  3. 3. To change the format you receive or to cancel New books please contact RNIB on 0303 123 9999 or email RNIB National Library Service catalogue You can also search our catalogue online at You can check to see what titles we, and other organisations, have by your favourite authors, or a particular title or subject, or simply browse. All our records include a short summary of the book to help you choose. You can find lots of help with choosing books and details of other library services at the library homepage at Get in touch We welcome suggestions for books you would like to see added to our holdings. Please contact our Reader Services Team on 01733 375333 or email and they will put it forward for consideration. We would also like to hear your thoughts about the books you've read. We are always happy to receive reviews and comments which we can share with other readers. Send them to the Editor, Deborah Ryan, via email to or phone 0161 355 2082. Our postal address is RNIB National Library Service, PO Box 173, Peterborough PE2 6WS. If you have read a book you particularly enjoyed (or didn't enjoy) and want to share your thoughts with other readers, visit the RNIB Readers' Forum at and post your review. Braille Grade 2 All braille books are available for loan and sale unless otherwise stated. Some titles may not be available to overseas readers. Adult fiction
  4. 4. Adams, Poppy The behaviour of moths. 2009. 4v. Price: £12.99. Order No: TR74B. General fiction. From her lookout on the first floor, Ginny watches and waits for her younger sister to return to the crumbling mansion that was once their idyllic childhood home. Told in Ginny's unforgettable voice, this debut novel tells a disquieting story of two sisters and the ties that bind - sometimes a little too tightly. Anderson, Caroline Their miracle baby; and Making memories. 2008. 6v. Price: £2.99. Order No: 21916602. Mills and Boon romance. Fran Trevellyan is haunted by the one thing she wants most of all, Mike's baby. After three years of trying, their marriage is taking the strain, until Mike injures his leg and has to rely on Fran for everything. Can their renewed bond also give them the courage to try one more time to make the baby they've always longed for? Contains passages of a sexual nature. Andrews, Lyn Days of hope. 2008. 6v. Price: £12.99. Order No: 21925302. General fiction. It's 1945 and the war is finally over. Vivacious Chrissie, craves fun and excitement so when Chrissie meets Pat Kilroy, a handsome Irishman, she's swept off her feet and eagerly follows Pat to Ireland. Chrissie soon realizes she has made a terrible mistake. But the consequences of Chrissie's actions are to be as far- reaching as they are devastating. Bagshawe, Louise Glitz. 2008. 7v. Price: £6.99. Order No: 21866402. Chick lit. The four beautiful Chambers girls are rolling in money, thanks to the trust fund set up by their reclusive, super-rich uncle Clem. But when he summons his nieces to his mansion in the Seychelles to announce his engagement to Bai-Ling, a woman young enough to be their baby sister, the girls know the party could be over. Baldacci, David The whole truth. 2008. 6v. Price: £6.99. Order No: 21924902. Thriller. Nicolas Creel, a super-rich arms dealer, decides that the best way to boost his business is to start a new cold war, and he won't let anything or anyone get in his way. As international tensions rise
  5. 5. and the superpowers line up against each other, the lives of three very different people will never be the same again. Baldwin, James Giovanni's room. 2007. 3v. Price: £4.99. Order No: 21904102. Classic fiction. When David meets the sensual Giovanni in a bohemian bar, he is swept into a passionate love affair. But his girlfriend's return to Paris destroys everything. Unable to admit to the truth, David pretends the liaison never happened - while Giovanni's life descends into tragedy. Contains passages of a sexual nature. Barclay, Alex Blood runs cold. 2008. 6v. Price: £6.99. Order No: 21988402. Thriller. Blood runs cold; book 1. When an FBI agent is found dead on the white slopes of Quandary Peak in Colorado, a brilliant but volatile agent is drafted in from Denver to lead the investigation. Fighting personal demons, pressure from Washington and dwindling leads, the case stalls and a career falters but as summer comes, Quandary Peak has disturbing new secrets to give up. Baricco, Alessandro Silk; translated from the Italian by Ann Goldstein. 2006. 1v. Price: £5.99. Order No: 21915902. Erotic stories. France, 1861. Herve Joncour a young silkworm breeder travels to Japan to smuggle out healthy silkworms. In the course of his secret negotiations with the local baron, Joncour's attention is arrested by the man's concubine, a girl who does not have oriental eyes. Although they are unable to exchange a word, love blossoms between them, conveyed in a number of recondite messages. Contains passages of a sexual nature. Blair, Emma Arrows of desire. 2008. 6v. Price: £6.99. Order No: 21924502. Romance. Alone and unmarried and with a baby on the way, Beth must survive by herself in war-torn Glasgow. Then Beth meets handsome Canadian Gene, and he asks her to marry him and live with him on his farm in Canada. But his sister Loretta lives there too and makes it very clear that she will stop at nothing to get rid of Beth - even if it comes to murder.
  6. 6. Bourne, Sam The righteous men. 2006. 5v. Price: £6.99. Order No: 21857201. Crime fiction. A reporter must infiltrate the secret world of a fundamentalist religious group to stop a serial killer, rescue his kidnapped wife and save the world. Brookfield, Amanda Life begins. 2008. 7v. Price: £6.99. Order No: 21947902. Chick lit. Only when Charlotte has faced up to some uncomfortable truths about her past can she finally shed the unhappy skin she's been so comfortable in, and open up her life, and her heart, to all the promise and possibility that her future holds. Brookner, Anita Strangers. 2009. 3v. Price: £16.99. Order No: 22077102. General fiction. Paul Sturgis is a retired bank manager who lives alone in a dark little flat. A chance encounter with a stranger – a recently divorced and demanding younger woman - shakes up his routine and when an old girlfriend appears on the scene, Sturgis is forced to make a decision about how (and with whom) he wants to spend the rest of his days. Brooks, Terry A knight of the word. 2006. 6v. Price: £7.99. Order No: 21866002. Fantasy. Word and the void series; book 2. John Ross is about to be drawn once more into the mythic world of the Void and the Word. For he is in great danger from a demon like no other. Brooks, Terry The gypsy morph. 2008. 8v. Price: £7.99. Order No: 21874102. Fantasy. Genesis of Shannara; book 3. Demons and once-men swarm the ravaged landscape of the former United States. A small band of survivors - the elves of Cintra and a ragtag group of human children and their protectors - flees northward toward a safe haven promised by the mystical King of the Silver River.
  7. 7. Byatt, A S The children's book. 2009. 15v. Price: £18.99. Order No: 22144702. General fiction. Olive Wellwood, a famous writer, writes for each of her children a separate private book, bound in different colours and placed on a shelf. In their rambling house near Romney Marsh the children play in a story-book world - but their lives, and those of their rich cousins, children of a city stockbroker, and their friends, the son and daughter of a curator at the new Victoria and Albert Museum, are already inscribed with mystery. Caldwell, Lucy Where they were missed. 2006. 4v. Price: £10.99. Order No: 21917302. Family stories. It is Belfast in the 1980s. Daisy and Saoirse are living through the hottest summer ever. The yard is too hot, their mother keeps flying off the handle and their father doesn't come home until late. It's clear that their parents are struggling with each other and the political violence outside that is forcing them ever closer together and yet is also smashing them apart. Camilleri, Andrea The paper moon. 2009. 4v. Price: £7.99. Order No: 22077902. Crime fiction. Inspector Montalbano series; book 9. The gruesome murder of a man - shot in the face at point-blank range with his pants down - commands Inspector Montalbano's attention. Add two evasive, beautiful women as prime suspects, dirty cocaine, dead politicians, mysterious computer codes, and a series of threatening letters, and things soon get very complicated. Cather, Willa My Antonia; with a preface by AS Byatt. 1980. 4v. Price: £7.99. Order No: 21902302. Classic fiction. The story of an immigrant woman's life on the Nebraska plains, seen through the eyes of her childhood friend, Jim Burden. A warm human tale of a community struggling with an unforgiving terrain in the early days of the 20th century.
  8. 8. Celbridge, Yolanda Cherri chastised. 2002. 5v. Price: £6.99. Order No: 21017701. Erotic stories. Nineteen-year-old Cherri discovers her ability to submit to even the most arduous punishments, and to suffer the most extreme indignities. And in the wide-open spaces of America, she doesn't have to worry about what the neighbours will think. Contains strong language and passages of a sexual nature. Child, Lee Gone tomorrow. 2009. 7v. Price: £12.99. Order No: TR83B. Thriller. Jack Reacher; book 13. Suicide bombers are easy to spot. They give out all kinds of tell-tale signs. Riding the subway in New York at two o'clock in the morning, Reacher knows the twelve giveaway signs to look out for. Watching one of his fellow-passengers, he becomes sharply aware: one by one, she ticks off every bulletpoint on his list. Grand Central Station is approaching - will Jack act and save lives - including his own? Chopin, Kate The awakening. 1993. 3v. Price: £4.99. Order No: 21894402. Romance. When first published in 1899, this story shocked readers with its honest treatment of female marital infidelity. With perception, artistry and honesty, Kate Chopin portrays a woman trapped in a stifling marriage who finds passionate physical love outside the straitened confines of her domestic situation. Coetzee, J M Summertime: scenes from provincial life. 2009. 4v. Price: £17.99. Order No: 22156602. Biographical fiction. Booker shortlist 2009. A young English biographer is working on a book about the late writer, John Coetzee. He plans to focus on the years from 1972-1977. This, the biographer senses, is the period when he was 'finding his feet as a writer'. Never having met Coetzee, he embarks on a series of interviews with people who were important to him. Contains strong language.
  9. 9. Cole, Martina The business. 2008. 9v. Price: £18.99. Order No: 21938302. Thriller. Imelda Dooley is pregnant and on her own. Her father, not a man to mess with, will see that somebody pays for this. So Imelda Dooley tells a lie. A lie that literally causes murders. Set in the East End of London from the tail-end of the seventies up until the present-day, this is a tale of drugs, prostitution and a young girl's fight for survival. Collins, Jackie Married lovers. 2008. 7v. Price: £17.99. Order No: 21912302. Romance. Cameron Paradise, a stunningly beautiful twenty-four-year-old personal trainer, flees Hawaii and her champion-surfer husband, Gregg, and makes her way to LA. She has plans to open her own studio one day, and is more focused on saving money and working hard than getting caught up in the LA scene of wild parties and recreational drugs - until she meets Ryan Lambert. Coonts, Stephen The intruders. 2003. 7v. Price: £6.99. Order No: 21916002. Thriller. Jake Grafton series; book 6. The Vietnam War is finally over but for Lieutenant Jake Grafton, just back from two harrowing combat cruises, his own country seems almost as hostile. When his fists get him in trouble, he lands an excruciating eight-month cruise on the aircraft carrier Columbia teaching jarheads - Marines - the nuances of carrier aviation. Coonts, Stephen Traitor. 2007. 7v. Price: £6.99. Order No: 21868002. Spy stories. Tommy Carmellini series; book 2. When the Americans discover that the director of the French spy agency has secret investments in the Bank of Palestine, alarm bells go off. Jake Grafton, and Tommy Carmellini uncover an elaborate strategy to infiltrate the highest levels of Al Qaeda with a top-level plant - but who is playing whom?
  10. 10. Cooper, Jilly Emily. 2005. 3v. Price: £6.99. Order No: 21915002. General fiction. If Emily hadn't gone to Annie Richmond's party, she would never have married Rory Balniel and been carried off to the wild Scottish island of Irasa to live in his ancestral home. Cornick, Nicola The last rake in London and The notorious lord. 2008. 9v. Price: £3.69. Order No: 21854602. Romance. Under a blaze of chandeliers, in London's most fashionable club, Jack Kestrel is waiting. He hasn't come to enjoy the rich at play; he's there to uphold his family name. But first he has to get past the ice-cool owner: the beautiful Sally Bowes. And Jack wants her to warm his bed. Cornwell, Patricia D Scarpetta. 2009. 8v. Price: £12.99. Order No: TR66B. Crime fiction. Dr Kay Scarpetta series; book 16. Kay Scarpetta takes up an assignment in New York City, where the NYPD has asked her to examine an injured patient in a psychiatric ward. The handcuffed and chained patient, Oscar Bane, has specifically asked for her, the story he has to tell turns out to be one of the most bizarre she has ever heard. Cornwell, Patricia D The Scarpetta factor. 2009. 9v. Price: £16.99. Order No: TR90B. Crime fiction. Dr Kay Scarpetta series; book 17. It is the week before Christmas. The effects of the credit crunch have prompted Dr Kay Scarpetta to offer her services pro bono to New York City's Office of the Chief Medical Examiner. But in no time at all, her increased visibility seems to precipitate a string of dramatic and unsettling events. Court, Dilly The constant heart. 2008. 7v. Price: £5.99. Order No: 21920602. Romance. To save her family, Rosina agrees to marry Harry, the son of a wealthy merchant. But a chance encounter with a handsome river pirate has turned her head. When her father dies a broken man, Harry goes back on his promise and turns Rosina out onto the streets. In spite of her hardships, she cannot forget her pirate.
  11. 11. Cox, Josephine Born bad. 2009. 8v. Price: £12.99. Order No: TR73B. Romance. Eighteen years ago when Harry was a boy, he had made a decision that drove him from the place he knew and loved. But he had never forgotten that warm, carefree girl with the laughing eyes. Now for the first time in all those years, Harry is heading back. Deaver, Jeffery The broken window. 2008. 8v. Price: £16.99. Order No: 21865802. Thriller. Lincoln Rhyme series; book 8. Rhyme's cousin has been arrested for murder. It turns out that the cousin along with other people has been wrongly convicted because the true killer knows every single detail about the lives of the victims he kills and the men he sets up to take the fall for those crimes. Dick, Philip K Do androids dream of electric sheep? 2001. 4v. Price: £6.99. Order No: 21892802. Science fiction. War had left the Earth devastated. Through its ruins, bounty hunter Rick Deckard stalked in search of the renegade replicants who were his prey. Then Rick got his big assignment to kill six Nexus-6 targets, for a huge reward. Rick's life quickly turned into a nightmare kaleidoscope of subterfuge and deceit. Dobbs, Michael The edge of madness. 2008. 6v. Price: £17.99. Order No: 21950802. Thriller. An old Russian nuclear reactor goes into Chernobyl-style meltdown while, on the other side of the world, the US Eastern Seaboard is plunged into darkness. No one knows who is responsible for the chaos. The US President, the Russian President and the British Prime Minister have the weekend to save the world. Donaldson, Stephen R Fatal revenant. 2008. 16v. Price: £12.99. Order No: 21839602. Fantasy. The last chronicles of Thomas Covenant; book 2. Linden Avery, transported deep into the Land's past, is forced to confront
  12. 12. mysterious strangers, legendary heroes, and ancient evils, and to stand alone against the malevolence of the Despiser's minions. Donovan, Anne Being Emily. 2008. 5v. Price: £10.99. Order No: 21904202. General fiction. Things are never dull in the O'Connell family. Still, Fiona, squeezed between her quiet brother and her mischievous line- dancing twin sisters, thinks life in their tenement flat is far less interesting than Emily Bronte's. But tragedy is not confined to Victorian novels. And life for Fiona in this happy domestic setup is about to change forever. Doyle, Roddy Not just for Christmas. 1999. 1v. Price: £4.99. Order No: 21849502. General fiction. Danny Murphy is going to meet his brother, Jimmy. They haven't seen each other in more than 20 years. On the way to the meeting, Danny remembers the fun and the fights - and the one big fight that drove them apart. Will they fight again, or will they become the friends they used to be? Dunant, Sarah Sacred hearts. 2009. 7v. Price: £16.99. Order No: TR75B. Historical fiction. 1570 in the Italian city of Ferrara, and the convent of Santa Caterina is filled with noble women who are married to Christ because many cannot find husbands outside. Enter sixteen-year- old Serafina, ripped by her family from an illicit love affair. Serafina's spirit and defiance ignite a fire that threatens to engulf the whole convent. Duncan, Glen I, Lucifer. 2003. 5v. Price: £7.99. Order No: 21869102. Humorous fiction. The End is nigh, and the Prince of Darkness has been given one last shot at redemption, if he can manage to live out a reasonably blameless life on earth. The Old Dealmaker negotiates a trial run - a month with all the delights of the flesh. But the experience of walking amongst us has more pratfalls and detours than Luce foresaw: instead of teaching us what it's like to be him, Lucifer finds himself beginning to understand what it's like to be human.
  13. 13. Eddings, David Castle of wizardry. 2000. 7v. Price: £7.99. Order No: 21904002. Fantasy. The Belgariad series; book 4. It all began with the theft of the Orb that had so long protected the West from the evil God Torak. Garion discovered that his aunt was really the Sorceress Polgara and his grandfather was Belgarath, the Eternal Man. Then, on the long quest to recover the Orb, Garion found that he was also a sorcerer. Ellory, R J A simple act of violence. 2008. 10v. Price: £9.99. Order No: 21950602. Crime fiction. Detective Robert Miller is assigned to the case of a serial killer in Washington. Rapidly things begin to get complicated. The victims' personal details do not register on any known systems. The harder Miller works, the less it makes sense. Ephron, Nora Heartburn. 1996. 3v. Price: £7.99. Order No: 22116202. General fiction. Seven months into her pregnancy, Rachel discovers that her husband is in love with another woman. Rachel is a cookery writer, and between trying to win Mark back and wishing him dead, she offers us some of her favourite recipes. Eugenides, Jeffrey The virgin suicides. 2002. 4v. Price: £7.99. Order No: 21855102. General fiction. The story of the brief lives of the five entrancing Lisbon sisters. The shocking thing about the girls was how nearly normal they seemed when their mother let them out for the one and only date of their lives. Twenty years on, their enigmatic personalities are embalmed in the memories of the boys who worshipped them and who now recall their shared adolescence. Fischer, Tibor Good to be God. 2008. 4v. Price: £14.99. Order No: 21927402. General fiction. Feeling his previous lack of success might be due to insufficient ambition, Tyndale decides on a new money-making scheme. He will pretend to be someone really important and successful: God. Taking over the Church of the Heavily Armed Christ, his duties
  14. 14. involve him in forming a private army, hiring call girls, trafficking coke, issuing death threats and beating off church-jackers. All the while he is working on his grand project, dying and coming back to life. Foulds, Adam The quickening maze. 2009. 3v. Price: £12.99. Order No: 22156702. Historical fiction. Based on real events in Epping Forest on the edge of London around 1840, this novel centres on the first incarceration of the great nature poet John Clare in High Beach Private Asylum. At the same time another poet, the young Alfred Tennyson, moves nearby and becomes entangled in the life and catastrophic schemes of the asylum's owner, the peculiar, charismatic Dr Matthew Allen. This novel describes his vertiginous fall, through hallucinatory episodes of insanity and dissolving identity, towards his final madness. Francome, John Final breath. 2008. 5v. Price: £17.99. Order No: 21902202. Thriller. It's been over a year since Danny Clark's girlfriend Kirsty died in a horrific diving accident in the Caribbean but now he's back on his feet, with a lot of help from Kirsty's best friend, Tara. In fact, Danny has fallen for Tara in a major way. Tara herself is uneasy: unconvinced that Kirsty's death was an accident, she fears that she might fall victim to a fatal 'accident' herself. Garner, Alan Thursbitch. 2004. 2v. Price: £6.99. Order No: 21892902. General fiction. John Turner carried salt and silk, travelling distances incomprehensible to his ancient community. John brings ideas as well as gifts, which have come from places as distant as the campfires of the Silk Road. John Turner's death in the eighteenth century leaves an emotional charge which, in the twenty-first century, Ian and Sal find affects their relationship, challenging the perceptions they have of themselves and of each other.
  15. 15. Gayle, Mike The life and soul of the party. 2008. 4v. Price: £11.99. Order No: 21868502. General fiction. Set across a year of leaving dos, birthday parties and anniversaries celebrating love, life and those special moments we've all spent in the kitchen at parties. Contains strong language. Gerritsen, Tess Keeping the dead. 2009. 6v. Price: £12.99. Order No: TR81B. Thriller. Jane Rizzoli and Maura Isles series; book 7. When an ancient mummy is discovered in the basement of a museum in downtown Boston, excitement starts to mount. A CT scan reveals the image of a bullet. When the preserved body of a second victim is found, and then a third, it becomes clear that taking their lives is not enough for this terrifying killer. Goddard, Robert Found wanting. 2008. 5v. Price: £14.99. Order No: 21912102. Thriller. Richard Eusden is intercepted by his ex-wife, Gemma. She has sad news of his old friend, her other ex-husband, Marty Hewitson. Marty is dying, but needs a favour done for him. Eusden sets off on what should be a simple errand, but turns into a race for his and Marty's life. A mystery that connects Marty's long dead grandfather with the tragic fate of the Russian Royal Family. Gordimer, Nadine The conservationist. 2005. 5v. Price: £7.99. Order No: 21893202. General fiction. Mehring has all the privileges and possessions that South Africa has to offer, but his possessions refuse to remain objects. His wife, son and mistress leave him; his foreman and workers become increasingly indifferent to his stewardship; even the land rises up, as drought, then flood, destroy his farm. As the upheaval in Mehring's world increasingly resembles that in the country as a whole, it becomes clear that only a seismic shift in ideas and concrete action can avert annihilation.
  16. 16. Grafton, Sue T is for trespass. 2008. 7v. Price: £6.99. Order No: 21913002. Crime fiction. Kinsey Millhone; book 20. When her elderly neighbour Gus has an accident, his niece organises a nurse for him. Verifying a background check on Solana Rojas doesn't turn up anything suspicious but Kinsey's not convinced. Especially when Gus seems to be getting worse under his nurse's care. Not only is Solana not who she seems to be but she's more than able to play Kinsey at her own game. Greene, Graham The heart of the matter. 2004. 5v. Price: £7.99. Order No: 21947302. Psychological fiction. Scobie, a senior police officer serving in a war-time West African state, is distrusted, being scrupulously honest and immune to bribery. But then he falls in love, and in doing so he is forced to betray everything he believes in and stands for, with drastic and tragic consequences both for himself and for those around him. Gregory, Philippa The other queen. 2008. 8v. Price: £18.99. Order No: 21904502. Historical fiction. Mary is Queen of Scotland but she has been forced to flee her land and take refuge in an England that is ruled by her cousin Elizabeth. Elizabeth's chief advisor, Cecil, devises a plan in which Mary will live under guard with his trusted accomplice: Bess of Hardwick. Bess is newly married to her fourth and most distinguished husband, the Earl of Shrewsbury. But what marriage can withstand the charms of Mary? Grisham, John The associate. 2009. 6v. Price: £12.99. Order No: TR79B. Thriller. Kyle McAvoy is one of the outstanding legal students of his generation but he has a secret from his past. One night that secret catches up with him in the form of a deeply compromising video of the incident that haunts him. It's made clear to Kyle that he no longer owns his own future - that he must do as he's told, or the video will be made public knowledge, with all the unpleasant consequences.
  17. 17. Grisham, John Playing for pizza. 2008. 4v. Price: £6.99. Order No: 21893602. General fiction. Rick Dockery was the third-string quarterback for the Cleveland Browns. In the deciding game of the season, Rick provided what was arguably the worst single performance in the history of the NFL. Overnight, he became a national laughing stock. Rick insists that his agent, Arnie, finds a team that needs him. Arnie locates such a team and informs Rick that he can be a starting quarterback for the mighty Panthers of Parma, Italy. Hall, Sarah How to paint a dead man. 2009. 5v. Price: £12.99. Order No: 22164302. General fiction. Italy in the early 1960s: a dying painter considers the sacrifices and losses that have made him an enigma. In Cumbria 30 years later, a landscape artist finds himself trapped in the extreme terrain that has made him famous. And in present-day London, his daughter, an art curator, is drawn into a world of darkness and sexual abandon. Contains strong language and passages of a sexual nature. Hannah, Sophie The other half lives. 2009. 9v. Price: £12.99. Order No: TR87B. Psychological fiction. Ruth Bussey once did something she regrets, and her punishment nearly destroyed her. Now Ruth is rebuilding her life, and has found a love she doesn't believe she deserves: Aidan Seed. Aidan is also troubled by a past until one day he tells her that years ago he killed a woman called Mary Trelease. Ruth is certain she's heard the name before, and when she realizes why it sounds familiar, her fear and confusion deepen – because the Mary Trelease that Ruth knows is very much alive. Harris, Rosie A dream of love. 2008. 6v. Price: £5.99. Order No: 21902602. Family stories. When Molly's father returns from the war a broken man, the whole family is forced to move into the slums of Liverpool. Despite many difficulties, Molly is determined to make a better life for herself, hoping that one day she'll find love. But abused by a man she trusted and estranged from the boy who was once her best friend, Molly wonders if this dream will ever come true.
  18. 18. Harris, Rosie Love against all odds. 2008. 5v. Price: £5.99. Order No: 21915402. Romance. Gaynor's God-fearing father drives her childhood sweetheart away. But a young German soon helps her to forget her sorrows. Until, with war looming, he must return home. And when her parents discover she's pregnant and insist she cannot keep the child, Gaynor runs away to Cardiff. She is taken in by a friendly Spanish family where she falls for the charms of the eldest son, but a telegraph shatters her dreams. Herbert, James The dark. 1994. 7v. Price: £6.99. Order No: 21912802. Horror. It came like a malignant shadow with seductive promises of power. And somewhere in the night, a small girl smiled as her mother burned. Asylum inmates slaughtered their attendants and in slimy tunnels once-human creatures gathered. Madness raged as the lights began to fade and humanity was attacked by an ancient, unstoppable evil. Hill, Susan The beacon. 2008. 2v. Price: £10.00. Order No: 21917102. Family stories. The farmhouse was called The Beacon and they had been born and reared there, May, Colin, Frank and Berenice, but only May had been left for the last 27 years. May had been the clever daughter and she had escaped the shelter of The Beacon, just once, to go to university. But in London she had been pursued by nameless terrors, the victim of fears and anxieties. Now she was the spinster daughter, who nursed her father after his accident and looked after her mother in her old age. Frank was the one who got away. He married and moved on. But why does no one ever mention Frank's name? Hill, Susan The various haunts of men. 2005. 8v. Price: £6.99. Order No: 21892702. Crime fiction. Simon Serrailler series; book 1. Experienced policemen know that most missing persons either turn up or go missing on purpose. But fresh-faced DS Freya Gresham won't drop it - what could possibly link the people who disappear on 'The Hill', young and old, men and women, even a little dog?
  19. 19. Hill, Susan The pure in heart. 2006. 6v. Price: £6.99. Order No: 21892602. Crime fiction. Simon Serrailler series; book 2. A little boy is kidnapped as he stands with his satchel at the gate of his home, waiting for his lift to school. An ex-con finds it impossible to stay straight. A severely handicapped young woman dies in the night – has someone who loves her helped her out of this world? Howard, Audrey The long way home. 2008. 8v. Price: £6.99. Order No: 21988802. Family stories. Amy Pearson's family is desperately poor - even by the standards of Edwardian Liverpool - but they have each other. Until Amy is torn from her home by her rich aunt. It is the beginning of a long journey for Amy, as she desperately searches for the family she lost, and a home where she can be free at last from her aunt's possessive tyranny. But she will have to endure a forced marriage and a tragic war before she can at last find what she seeks. Jackson, David Bugz contact. 2008. 7v. Price: £19.99. Order No: 21917402. Science fiction. Bugz series; book 1.The Ashcroft family has to face the fact that we are not alone as we make discoveries at CERN in Switzerland. All this is set in 2042 with climate change and food shortages being a petty nothing compared to the imminent annihilation of the planet by rival alien beings. James, P D The private patient. 2008. 8v. Price: £18.99. Order No: 21947502. Crime fiction. Adam Dalgliesh series; book 14. When the notorious investigative journalist Rhoda Gradwyn booked into Mr Chandler-Powell's private clinic in Dorset she was never to leave Cheverell Manor alive. Dalgliesh and his team, called in to investigate the murder, and later a second death, are confronted with problems even more complicated than the question of innocence or guilt.
  20. 20. James, Peter Dead man's footsteps. 2008. 8v. Price: £6.99. Order No: 21974402. Crime fiction. DS Roy Grace series; book 4. Amid the mayhem of the morning of 9/11, Brighton never-do-well Ronnie Wilson sees his chance to disappear and reinvent himself in another country. Five years later the discovery of a woman's body leads DS Roy Grace on an enquiry spanning the globe and into a race against time to save the life of a woman being hunted down in the streets of Brighton. Kernick, Simon Relentless. 2007. 5v. Price: £6.99. Order No: 22116002. Thriller. John Meron, a happily married father of two who's never been in trouble, receives a phone call that will change his life for ever: his friend Jack Calley, a high-flying City lawyer, is screaming down the phone for help. As Meron listens, Calley is murdered. His last words, spoken to his killer, are the first two lines of Meron's address. Contains strong language and passages of a sexual nature. Kilborn, Jack Afraid. 2008. 5v. Price: £19.99. Order No: 21937902. Thriller. Nestled in the woods of Wisconsin, Safe Haven is miles from everything. A helicopter has crashed on the outskirts of town and unleashed a classified secret weapon programmed to kill anything that stands in its way. And as the body count rises, the county sheriff realizes that maybe death hasn’t come to his little town by accident. King, Stephen Duma Key: a novel. 2008. 11v. Price: £7.99. Order No: 21912702. Horror. This is the story of a man who discovers an incredible talent for painting after a freak accident in which he loses an arm. He moves to a 'new life' in Duma Key, off Florida's West Coast; owned by a patroness of the arts whose twin sisters went missing in the 1920s. Here Freemantle is inspired to paint the amazing sunsets. But soon the paintings become predictive, even dangerous to those who buy them.
  21. 21. King, Stephen The gunslinger. 2003. 4v. Price: £7.99. Order No: 21914202. Fantasy. The dark tower series; book 1. Roland of Gilead, the 'Last gunslinger' is a haunting figure, a loner, on a spellbinding journey into good and evil, in a desolate world which frighteningly echoes our own. In his first step towards the powerful and mysterious 'Dark tower', Roland encounters an alluring woman named Alice, begins a friendship with Jake, a kid from New York, and faces an agonising choice between damnation and salvation as he pursues the 'Man in Black'. King, Stephen The waste lands. 2003. 10v. Price: £3.99. Order No: 21914102. Fantasy. The dark tower series; book 3. Roland, the 'Last gunslinger', is moving ever closer to the 'Dark Tower', which haunts his dreams and nightmares. Pursued by the 'Ageless Stranger', he and his friends follow the perilous path to Lud, an urban wasteland. And crossing a desert of damnation in this macabre new world, revelations begin to unfold about who - and what - is driving him forward. Kingsolver, Barbara Pigs in Heaven. 2007. 7v. Price: £8.99. Order No: 21904402. General fiction. When six-year old Turtle witnesses a freak accident at the Hoover Dam, her insistence on what she has seen, and her mother's belief in her, leads to a man's dramatic rescue. But Turtle's moment of celebrity quickly draws her into a conflict of historic proportions. The crisis rapidly envelops not only Turtle and her mother but everyone who touches their lives in a complex web connecting their future with their past. Koontz, Dean R The darkest evening of the year. 2008. 5v. Price: £6.99. Order No: 21854702. Thriller. Amy Redwing recklessly risks everything in her chosen field of dog rescue, when she confronts a violent drunk in order to rescue Nickie, a beautiful golden retriever. Someone is trying to destroy Amy. Amy believes her attacker is Wes Greeley, just released after an eighteen-month stretch, thanks to Amy's testimony, for egregious animal cruelty.
  22. 22. Lawson, Mary The other side of the bridge. 2007. 5v. Price: £7.99. Order No: 22117702. Psychological fiction. Arthur and Jake are brothers, yet worlds apart. Arthur is older, shy, dutiful, and set to inherit his father's farm. Jake is younger and reckless, a dangerous man to know. When Laura arrives in their 1930s rural community, am already uneasy relationship is driven to breaking point. Contains strong language. Lessing, Doris Landlocked. 1990. 7v. Price: £8.99. Order No: 21914602. Psychological fiction. Children of violence series; book 4. The Second World War comes to an end as Martha's life in Africa becomes increasingly disillusioned and unhappy. Ambitious and hopeful, determined to be happy, she prepares to leave for England and a new life. Lewycka, Marina We are all made of glue. 2009. 7v. Price: £16.99. Order No: TR64B. General fiction. Georgie Sinclair's husband has walked out; her sixteen-year-old son is busy surfing born-again websites; and all those overdue articles for Adhesives in the Modern World are getting her down. So when Georgie spots Mrs Shapiro, an eccentric old Jewish émigré neighbour rummaging through her skip in the middle of the night, it's just the distraction she needs. Lovric, M R The remedy: a novel of London and Venice. 2006. 8v. Price: £7.99. Order No: 21853102. Historical fiction. Two people meet in a crowded London theatre one night in 1785. As a spy for the Venetian state, Mimosina trades in dangerous secrets, and Valentine Greatrakes, the mastermind behind London's quacks, in elaborate lies. As Valentine pursues the murderer of his right-hand man, he gets closer to the truth of his lover's background - and both are forced to admit the similarities between the different kinds of contraband they trade in.
  23. 23. McCall Smith, Alexander The lost art of gratitude. 2009. 4v. Price: £16.99. Order No: TR88B. Crime fiction. Sunday philosophy club series; book 6. Isabel Dalhousie, philosopher and amateur solver of other people's problems, meets an old foe, Minty Auchterlonie, at a birthday party attended by their young children. Ambitious Minty, now the head of a small investment bank, is in trouble with her shareholders. Isabel becomes involved, and is drawn into a murky world of financial concealment. McCall Smith, Alexander The Miracle at speedy motors. 2009. 3v. Price: £7.99. Order No: 22118502. Crime fiction. Precious Ramotswe series; book 9. Investigating her latest case, Mma Ramotswe rediscovers the breathtaking beauty of her beloved Botswana and uncovers the truth about an elderly American traveller whose safari proved to be his last journey. McCall Smith, Alexander Tea time for the traditionally built. 2009. 4v. Price: £16.99. Order No: TR67B. Crime fiction. Precious Ramotswe series; book 10. Mma Ramotswe is commissioned to find the traitor in the ailing Kalahari Swoopers football team. And when the glamorous Violet Sephotho sets her sights on Mma Makutsi's unsuspecting fiancé, it becomes exasperatingly clear that some men do not know how to recognise a ruthless Jezebel even when she is bouncing up and down on the best bed in the Double Comfort Furniture Shop. McNay, Mark Fresh. 2008. 4v. Price: £7.99. Order No: 21866202. General fiction. Sean's brother Archie gets out of jail on early release. Which would be great if Archie weren't a little loose in the head. And if Sean didn't still owe him a grand. Testing the boundaries of brotherly love, Fresh is a white-knuckle ride that brings to life one unforgettable day.
  24. 24. McDermid, Val A darker domain. 2008. 7v. Price: £18.99. Order No: 21868402. Crime fiction. It seemed like an unsolvable mystery at the time: a wealthy heiress and son kidnapped in Fife, then a botched payoff, leaving her dead with no trace of the child. So when, over twenty-five years later, a possible clue is discovered by a journalist in Tuscany, cold case expert DI Karen Pirie doesn't hold much hope of unravelling the infamous enigma. McDonald, Ian Cyberabad days. 2009. 6v. Price: £12.99. Order No: 22117802. Science fiction. 'Cyberabad' is the India of 2047, a new, muscular superpower of one and a half billion people in an age of artificial intelligence, climate-change induced drought, water-wars, strange new genders, genetically improved children that age at half the rate of baseline humanity and a population where males outnumber females four to one. McGraw, Joseph John Silveroo. 2008. 2v. Price: £12.25. Order No: 21915702. Western. Black horse western series. Daco Ward is a drifter with just seventy cents in his pants' pocket when Bill Dodds offers him a job. But Dodds has a way of making enemies. He beats Tucker Lankton at cards and Lankton, backed by his sidekick Ed Crants, vows to get even. Now Daco would find himself in the middle of a deadly game of deceit and murder; the prize being the riches of Silveroo. Manfredi, Valerio The lost army; translated from the Italian by Christine Feddersen-Manfredi. 2008. 8v. Price: £10.00. Order No: 21972502. Historical fiction. Set in the 4th century BC, in Syria. This account of the most celebrated march in history is told from the perspective of the mistress of Xenophon, a general in the army of Greek mercenaries employed to seize the throne of Persia.
  25. 25. Manfredi, Valerio The talisman of Troy. 2004. 5v. Price: £6.99. Order No: 21852202. Historical fiction. A castaway tossed onto a deserted beach has a terrible, fascinating story to tell - the true reason for which the Trojan War was fought. The protagonist of this tale is Diomedes. Betrayed by his wife, he has no choice but to sail towards Hesperia carrying with him the magic Talisman of Troy, a mysterious, powerful idol that can make the nation that possesses it invincible. Mantel, Hilary Wolf Hall. 2009. 12v. Price: £18.99. Order No: 22145102. Historical fiction. Booker prize winner 2009. England, the 1520s. Henry VIII is on the throne, but has no heir. Cardinal Wolsey is his chief advisor, charged with securing the divorce the pope refuses to grant. Into this atmosphere of distrust and need comes Thomas Cromwell, first as Wolsey's clerk, and later his successor. His reforming agenda is carried out in the grip of a self-interested parliament and a king who fluctuates between romantic passions and murderous rages. Mariani, Scott The Mozart conspiracy. 2008. 6v. Price: £6.99. Order No: 21912602. Thriller. Ben Hope; book 2. Former SAS operative Ben Hope is enlisted by the beautiful Leigh Llewellyn to investigate her brother's mysterious death. Ben finds himself caught up in a centuries-old puzzle, involving the death of Mozart, a notable freemason at the hands of a powerful splinter group of the cult. Mawer, Simon The glass room. 2009. 8v. Price: £16.99. Order No: 22165302. General fiction. Booker prize shortlisted 2009. High on a Czechoslovak hill, the Landauer House shines as a wonder of steel and glass and onyx built specially for newlyweds Viktor and Liesel Landauer, a Jew married to a gentile. But the house, with its unique Glass Room, seems to quickly tarnish as the storm clouds of World War Two gather, and eventually the family must flee. But the house's story is far from over, and as it passes from hand to hand.
  26. 26. Messud, Claire The professor's history. 2006. 1v. Price: £1.00. Order No: 22167402. Short stories. Picador shots series. A French historian travels to Algeria to uncover the terrible truth about his country's actions in the region. His search leads him to a story which has lain untold but unforgotten for many years. Also available in Grade 1 Order No: 22167403. Milburne, Melanie Single dad seeks a wife. 2008. 3v. Price: £2.99. Order No: 21865502. Romance. Penhally Bay is a world away from everything Eloise Hayden knows. But she's come to Cornwall's coast to find justice. Gorgeous Police Inspector Lachlan D'Ancey is mesmerised by this feisty, stunning Australian doctor. When Eloise uncovers something that is risking his daughter's future he's torn between his duty to his career, his only child, and the woman he's falling in love with. Miller, Henry Tropic of Cancer. 2005. 6v. Price: £7.99. Order No: 21846502. Classic fiction. Obelisk trilogy; book 1. A penniless and as yet unpublished writer, Henry Miller arrived in Paris in 1930. Leaving behind a disintegrating marriage and an unhappy career in America, he threw himself into the low-life of bohemian Paris with unwavering gusto. A fictional account of Miller's adventures amongst the prostitutes and pimps, the penniless painters and writers of Montparnasse. Miller, Rebecca The private lives of Pippa Lee. 2008. 4v. Price: £7.99. Order No: 21839502. General fiction. Pippa seems to have everything in life. But suddenly she finds her world beginning to unravel. Amid the buzzing lawnmowers and suburban coffee mornings, she starts to wonder how she came to be in this place. The answer is a story of wild youth, unexpected encounters, affairs and betrayals, and the dangerous security of marriage.
  27. 27. Mills, Mark The information officer. 2009. 5v. Price: £12.00. Order No: TR69B. Crime fiction. For the people of Malta, suffering daily bombing raids, the British are the last line of defence against the Nazis. And it is Max Chadwick's job as the information officer to ensure the news the Islanders receive maintains morale. So when Max is given proof suggesting a British officer is murdering local women, he embarks on a private investigation, hidden from the eyes of superiors, friends and the woman he loves. Montefiore, Santa The Italian matchmaker. 2009. 6v. Price: £12.99. Order No: TR85B. Romance. Gianluca's high-pressure City job, his seven-figure income, his glossy girlfriends - all have long ceased to satisfy him. In search of serenity and a deeper purpose to his existence, he flees to Italy, to the magical Palazzo Montelimone lovingly restored by his parents, to chill and to assess his future. But life on the sun-drenched Amalfi coast is not as peaceful as Luca anticipates. Montefiore, Sebag Sashenka. 2008. 10v. Price: £12.99. Order No: 21893802. Historical fiction. Winter, 1916: In St Petersburg, Russia is on the brink of revolution. Beautiful and headstrong, Sashenka Zeitlin is just sixteen. As her mother parties with Rasputin and her dissolute friends, Sashenka slips into the frozen night to play her part in a dangerous game of conspiracy and seduction. Twenty years on, around her people are disappearing, although her own family is safe. But she's about to embark on a forbidden love affair which will have devastating consequences. Niffenegger, Audrey Her fearful symmetry. 2009. 7v. Price: £16.99. Order No: TR82B. Ghost stories. Julia and Valentina Poole are normal American teenagers. But everything changes when they receive notice that an aunt whom they didn't know existed has died and left them her flat in an apartment block overlooking Highgate Cemetery in London. They feel that at last their own lives can begin, but have no idea that they've been summoned into a tangle of fraying lives.
  28. 28. Niven, Larry Ringworld. 2005. 6v. Price: £6.99. Order No: 21846402. Science fiction. The artefact is a circular ribbon of matter six hundred million miles long and ninety million miles in radius. Pierson's puppeteers, the aliens who discovered it, are understandably wary of encountering the builders of such an immense structure and have assembled a team of two humans, a mad puppeteer and a kzin, a huge cat-like alien, to explore it. But a crash landing on the vast edifice forces the crew on a desperate and dangerous trek across the Ringworld. North, Freya Pillow talk. 2008. 7v. Price: £6.99. Order No: 21893702. Romance. Petra Flint sleepwalks, the skeletons in her closet make it difficult for her to rest. Arlo Savidge also has ghosts from his past disturb his sleep. Petra and Arlo loved each other from afar during their schooldays. Now, seventeen years later, in a tiny sweetshop one rainy day, they stand before each other once more. Could this be their second chance? North, Freya Secrets. 2009. 7v. Price: £12.99. Order No: TR68B. Romance. Joe has a beautiful house, a great job, no commitments - and he likes it like that. All he needs is a quiet house-sitter for his rambling old place by the sea. When Tess turns up on his doorstep, he's not sure she's right for the job. But there's something about her - even though sparks fly every time they meet. Pearse, Lesley Faith. 2008. 10v. Price: £6.99. Order No: 21849702. General fiction. Laura Brannigan is in jail for two years she's been battling for justice - insisting that she didn't kill her best friend, Jackie. With her spirits at their lowest ebb, she receives a letter that takes her back to a different time and memory of an old love. Twenty years ago was a heady time for Laura: she'd escaped an abusive home and together with new best friend Jackie she'd made a fresh start. The pair had sworn to be sisters forever. And Stuart had come into their lives - giving Laura a brilliant summer of love.
  29. 29. Perry, Anne The face of a stranger. 1994. 7v. Price: £6.99. Order No: 21894202. Crime fiction. William Monk series; book 1. The accident that felled him on a London street has left him without his memory. They tell him he is William Monk, and he is a London police detective. Monk is given an assignment which puts any representative of the police in the precarious position of having to pry into a noble family's secrets. Pope, Dudley Ramage. 2000. 5v. Price: £7.99. Order No: 22117002. Sea stories. Ramage series; book 1. 1796 - sea battles are raging and an attack from the French has left third-lieutenant Ramage the sole officer in charge of his frigate. With orders from Nelson to be obeyed and a daring mission to be completed, young Nicholas Ramage must rise to the challenge. Rankin, Ian Doors open. 2008. 6v. Price: £10.99. Order No: 21910202. Crime fiction. Mike Mackenzie is a self-made man with too much time on his hands and a bit of the devil in his soul. He is looking for something to liven up the days and settles on a plot to rip-off the National Gallery of Scotland. But the real trick is to rob the place for all its worth whilst persuading the world that no crime was ever committed. Rankin, Ian Exit music. 2008. 7v. Price: £7.99. Order No: 21942501. Crime fiction. Inspector Rebus series; book 17. As Detective Inspector John Rebus tries to tie up some loose ends before retirement, a murder case intrudes. A dissident Russian poet has been found dead. A high-level delegation of Russian businessmen is in town, and everyone is determined that the case should be closed quickly. Read, Miss Friends at Thrush Green. 1991. 4v. Price: £5.99. Order No: 21909402. Country life fiction. Thrush Green series; book 10. When retired schoolteachers Dorothy Watson and Agnes Fogerty return to visit their friends at Thrush Green they find the village abuzz with gossip. The old
  30. 30. schoolhouse has just been sold and everyone is eager to welcome the new owners, the Lesters. Read, Miss The white robin. 1979. 2v. Price: £6.95. Order No: 21915102. Country life fiction. Fairacre series. When one of the pupils at Fairacre School claims to have seen a little white bird in the playground, some thought it was an albino robin. Its untimely end made the villagers seek retribution, making things very uncomfortable indeed. When another white bird was spotted spirits lifted, and this time the village was not disappointed. Read, Miss Village centenary. 2008. 4v. Price: £6.99. Order No: 21936802. Country life fiction. Fairacre series. The village school at Fairacre first admitted pupils in 1880, and it was decided that there was to be a celebration. The great centenary year brought its own hopes and fears, friendships and feuds. Rees, Matt The Bethlehem murders: an Omar Yussef novel. 2007. 5v. Price: £6.99. Order No: 21868602. Crime fiction. Omar Yussef series; book 1. For decades, Omar Yussef has taught history to the children of Bethlehem. When a favourite former pupil, George Saba, is arrested for collaborating with the Israelis in the killing of a Palestinian guerrilla, Yussef is convinced that he has been framed. It is up to Omar to act, even as bloodshed and heartbreak surround him. Contains strong language. Rhys, Jean Good morning, midnight. 2000. Price: £7.99. Order No: 21848702. General fiction. Sasha has returned to Paris, the city of both her happiest and most desperate moments. Her past lies in wait for her in cafes and bars, blurring all distinctions between nightmare and reality. When she is picked up by a young man, she begins to feel that she is still capable of desire.
  31. 31. Roberts, David Something wicked: a murder mystery featuring Lord Edward Corinth and Verity Browne. 2007. 4v. Price: £18.99. Order No: 21854202. Lord Edward Corinth and Verity Browne; book 8. Edward investigates a series of murders with a Henley connection. His dentist, Eric Silver, has been murdered - shortly after sharing with Edward his suspicions about the deaths of three of his elderly patients. Robinson, Peter All the colours of darkness. 2009. 6v. Price: £11.99. Order No: 21983401. Crime fiction. Inspector Banks series; book 18. A beautiful June day in the Yorkshire Dales, and a group of children discover a man's body, hanging from a tree. DI Annie Cabott soon discovers he is Mark Hardcastle, set designer for the Eastvale Theatre's current production of Othello. Everything points to suicide but why would such a man want to take his own life? Roth, Philip The human stain. 2001. 8v. Price: £6.99. Order No: 21902902 Psychological fiction. American trilogy; book 3. Set in 1998, with the backdrop of the impeachment of a president, this novel shows us an America where conflicting moralities and ideological divisions result in public denunciations and houndings, and where innocence is not always a good enough excuse. Contains passages of a sexual nature. Rushdie, Salman The enchantress of Florence: a novel. 2009. 5v. Price: £7.99. Order No: 21983701. Historical fiction. This is the story of a woman attempting to command her own destiny in a man's world. It brings together two cities that barely know each other - the hedonistic Mughal capital, and the equally sensual Florentine world, where Machiavelli is learning about the true brutality of power. Ryan, Chris Firefight. 2008. 6v. Price: £18.99. Order No: 21950902. Thriller. Former SAS Captain Tom Jackson is a man with nothing to lose. A veteran of the most dangerous missions the Regiment could throw
  32. 32. at him, his life was torn apart the day a terrorist attack killed his family. He leads a life of grief-stricken obscurity, until he accepts a job that will take him straight back into a brutal theatre of war. Only one person can help prevent the disaster that is waiting to happen, and that person is being held by Taliban forces. Contains strong language and violence. Sacher-Masoch, Leopold Venus in furs; translated from the German by Fernanda Savage. 2006. 3v. Price: £5.90. Order No: 21903402. Erotic stories. Severin is a young Galician nobleman with a secret; he can only love a woman with a ruthless heart, who will rain her whip upon him in a shower of bloody kisses. When he meets Wanda, the wealthy and beautiful widow living in the apartment upstairs, he wonders if she might be the one to help him realize his darkest desires. Sallis, Susan Rachel's secret. 2008. 6v. Price: £6.99. Order No: 21937802. General fiction. In 1943 two schoolgirls, Rachel and Meriel, best friends in the Gloucestershire city where they have grown up, amuse themselves by tracking down imaginary German spies. It all seems a harmless way of whiling away the long school holidays, until their game turns into a frightening reality, the consequences of which affect their whole lives. Saramago, Jose Blindness; translated from the Portuguese by Giovanni Pontiero. 2005. 6v. Price: £7.99. Order No: 21903102. Classic fiction. No food, no water, no government, no order. This is not anarchy, this is blindness. A driver waiting at the traffic lights goes blind. An ophthalmologist tries to diagnose his distinctive white blindness, but is affected before he can read the textbooks. Trying to stem the epidemic, the authorities herd the blind into a mental asylum. And when fire destroys the asylum, the inmates burst forth and the last links with a supposedly civilised society are snapped.
  33. 33. Scanlan, Patricia Forgive and forget. 2009. 7v. Price: £6.99. Order No: 22116402. Family stories. There's nothing like a good wedding to start World War Three! And that's exactly what's going to happen if Connie Adams, the mother of the bride, can't smooth things over between Debbie and her dad. Sebold, Alice The almost moon: a novel. 2008. 5v. Price: £7.99. Order No: 21893002. Psychological fiction. Helen Knightly has spent a lifetime trying to win the love of a mother who had none to spare. And as this novel opens, she steps over a boundary she never dreamt she would even approach. Over the next twenty-four hours, her life rushes in at her as she confronts the choices that have brought her to this crossroads. Sisman, Robyn Just friends. 2000. 7v. Price: £7.99. Order No: 21853802. Romance. Freya and Jack are just friends - which is fine until she moves into his New York apartment. The strain of living together threatens their friendship, but then Jack escorts Freya to Cornwall for the wedding of her sister. Could intimacy breed romance? Smalley, Peter HMS Expedient: a sea story. 2006. 7v. Price: £7.99. Order No: 22118302. Sea stories. William Rennie; book 1. Set in the 1780s, the HMS Expedient is commissioned for a scientific expedition to the South Seas but is beset by a series of mysterious accidents and setbacks. Is someone trying to sabotage their mission? Smiley, Jane A thousand acres. 2004. 7v. Price: £7.99. Order No: 21903802. General fiction. Larry Cook's farm is the largest in his county in Iowa, and a tribute to his hard work and single-mindedness. Proud and possessive, his sudden decision to retire and hand over the farm to his three daughters is disarmingly uncharacteristic. The youngest daughter has misgivings and her father cuts her out - a decision that causes chaos.
  34. 34. Smith, Wilbur Assegai. 2009. 10v. Price: £12.99. Order No: TR76B. Adventure. Courtney series; book 13. It is 1913 and ex-soldier turned professional big game hunter, Leon Courtney, is in British East Africa guiding rich and powerful men. One of his clients, German industrialist Count Otto Von Meerbach, has a company which builds aircraft and vehicles for the Kaiser's burgeoning army. But Leon had not bargained for falling passionately in love with Eva, the Count's beautiful and enigmatic mistress. He stumbles on a plot against the British involving the disenchanted survivors of the Boer War. Soyinka, Wole Season of anomy. 1988. 5v. Price: £3.99. Order No: 21851202. General fiction. As mastermind of the Cocoa Corporation's publicity campaign, Ofeyi injects his advertising jingles with subversive propaganda. But these methods are too slow for the Dentist, the young revolutionary Ofeyi meets on a study tour abroad. His way is to pull out the evil by the roots. Their paths cross again when the Dentist fails in his attempt to assassinate the Terrible Quads - the four ruling Chiefs - and while Ofeyi is searching for his kidnapped mistress, the Cocoa Princess of his ads. Steel, Danielle Mixed blessings. 2008. 6v. Price: £5.99. Order No: 21894802. Romance. A tale of three couples who face decisions about having children that will test the ties that bind them as lovers, partners and friends. Their lives, their goals, their feelings about families are on the line, as the word "infertility" begins to unravel their dreams. Steinbeck, John Sweet Thursday. 1996. 4v. Price: £8.99. Order No: 21854102. General fiction. Times have changed on Cannery Row. The war has left it dustier and rustier than even Doc can remember. The Palace Flop-house remains the institution it was, and its boisterous inmates are only to pleased to welcome him back. Mack and the boys know that Doc dreads folks trying to help him through, which is how Mack finds himself planning the most elaborate campaign of his career.
  35. 35. Stephens, Amber The secret diary of a sex addict. 2008. 5v. Price: £6.99. Order No: 21925202. Erotic stories. Shelley Matthews is married to her job as a journalist at a glossy women's magazine. Which is just as well as she hasn't had sex for over a year. But when her editor decides a re-vamp of the magazine is needed, Shelley is forced to go undercover, as a sex addict. Contains passages of a sexual nature. Stockwin, Julian Command. 2007. 6v. Price: £7.99. Order No: 21989602. Sea stories. Kydd series; book 7. Peace is suddenly declared and Kydd is left ashore on half pay. He sets sail as captain of a convict transport for the penal colony in New South Wales and challenges that will test both his seamanship and humanity to the limit. Swarup, Vikas Slumdog millionaire. 2009. 6v. Price: £7.99. Order No: 21983002. General fiction. Former tiffinboy Ram Mohammad Thomas has just got twelve questions correct on a TV quiz-show to win a cool one billion rupees. But he is brutally slung in prison on suspicion of cheating. Because how can a kid from the slums know who Shakespeare was, unless he is pulling a fast one. In the order of the questions on the show, Ram tells us which amazing adventures in his street- kid life gave him the answers. Taylor, Elizabeth and Liddell, Robert A view of the harbour. 1987. Price: £3.95. Order No: 21849102. Romance. The war over, retired naval officer Bertram comes to a quiet fishing village intending to paint. There's a lot going on beneath the quiet surface: petty divorcee, Tory, is painfully involved with the local doctor - who also happens to be married to her best friend, Beth. And Beth continues to churn out successful melodramatic novels, oblivious to the relationship developing next door. Thompson, Brian The widow's secret. 2008. 4v. Price: £12.99. Order No: 21894302. Crime fiction. Under the pen name Henry Ellis Margam, Bella Wallis, takes revenge upon the scoundrels that litter London society by
  36. 36. destroying them - in print. So when Bella discovers a crested cigar case at the scene of a murdered prostitute she and her friends are determined to solve the mystery and to avenge the wretched girl's death. But the owner of the coat of arms is a dangerous and powerful man. Toews, Miriam A complicated kindness. 2005. 4v. Price: £6.99. Order No: 21849002. Family stories. Nomi Nickel lives with her father, Ray, in East Village, a small Mennonite town in Manitoba. She dreams of escaping to the big city, but since her mother and sister left home, it's hard to imagine leaving her father behind. As she begins to piece together the story behind her mother's disappearance, she finds herself on a direct collision course with the town's minister. Updike, John Rabbit, run. 2006. 6v. Price: £8.99. Order No: 21852302. General fiction. Harry Rabbit Angstrom; book 1. It's 1959 and Harry 'Rabbit' Angstrom, one time high school sports superstar, is going nowhere. At twenty-six, he is trapped in a second-rate existence - stuck with a fragile, alcoholic wife, a house full of overflowing ashtrays and discarded glasses, a young son and a futile job. With no way to fix things, he resolves to flee from his family and his home in Pennsylvania. Updike, John Rabbit redux. 2006. 8v. Price: £9.99. Order No: 21852402. General fiction. Harry Rabbit Angstrom; book 2. It's 1969. America is about to land a man on the moon, the Vietnamese war is in full swing, and racial tension is on the rise. Things just aren't as simple as they used to be for Rabbit Angstrom. His wife has left him with his teenage son, his job is under threat and his mother is dying. Suddenly, into his confused life - and home - comes Jill, an eighteen-year-old runaway who becomes his lover. But when she invites her friend to stay, a young black radical named Skeeter, the pair's fragile harmony soon begins to fail.
  37. 37. Walker, Fiona Lots of love. 2004. 11v. Price: £6.99. Order No: 21853702. Romance. When Ellen breaks up with her boyfriend she agrees to house-sit for her parents in the Cotswolds before going travelling. Under the wing of local sculptor Ophelia Gently, Ellen goes to a village fundraiser and wins a mysterious lot of three wishes donated by the gorgeous Jasper Belling. Warner, Alan Morvern Callar. 1996. 3v. Price: £7.99. Order No: 21852012. General fiction. Morvan Callar, a low-paid supermarket employee in a remote Highland sea port, wakes one morning to find her strange boyfriend has committed suicide on the kitchen floor. Morvern's laconic reaction is both intriguing and immoral. And what she does next is even more appalling. Waters, Sarah The little stranger. 2009. 9v. Price: £12.99. Order No: 22165402. Ghost stories. Booker prize 2009 shorlisted. In a dusty post-war summer in rural Warwickshire, a doctor is called to a patient at Hundreds Hall. Home to the Ayres family for over two centuries, the Georgian house, once grand and handsome, is now in decline. But are the Ayreses haunted by something more sinister than a dying way of life? Little does Dr Faraday know how closely, and how terrifyingly, their story is about to become entwined with his. Wharton, Edith The house of mirth. 1990. 7v. Price: £7.99. Order No: 21866802. Classic fiction. A novel of the aristocratic society of New York in the early 1900s, and the personal tragedy of Lily Bart - beautiful, luxury-loving and intelligent - and eventually destroyed by the standards of her era. White, Edmund Hotel de Dream. 2007. 4v. Price: £14.99. Order No: 21839702. General fiction. Stephen Crane is writing a new story, and it may be his last. Inspired by a real-life encounter Elliott is an impressionable, elusive boy. He finds himself the object of the hopeless affections of Theodore, the staid middle-aged banker, who sets him up in his
  38. 38. own apartment and visits him every day. Elliott frequents the Fairy Saloons of turn-of-the-century Manhattan, home to an outrageous, hedonistic group of raggle-taggle transvestites. Widdecombe, Ann An act of peace. 2006. 6v. Price: £6.99. Order No: 21894902. Romance. An act of... series; book 2. The story of Klaus-Pierre Dessin, the illegitimate son of a young French woman and a high-ranking German soldier, born during the Nazi occupation in World War II. Told in the first person, KP starts in 1989 as the Berlin wall falls and recollects life - with an aunt in Provence and later with his German family, recovering from war. Yoshimoto, Banana Kitchen; translated from the Japanese by Megan Backus. 2001. 2v. Price: £6.99. Order No: 21916802. General fiction. Juxtaposes two tales about mothers, trans-sexuality, kitchens, love, tragedy, and the terms they all come to in the minds of a pair of free-spirited young women in contemporary Japan. Contains strong language. Adult non-fiction Arabic Noor-ul-qur'aan: a Qur'aanic braille primer. 2008. 3v. Price: £25.00. Order No: 22184701. A book of lessons and exercises for learning braille. Astronomy May, Brian Bang!: the complete history of the universe. 2006. 4v. Price: £20.00. Order No: 21184401. Rock legend and experienced amateur astronomer Brian May joins the legendary expert Sir Patrick Moore and Chris Lintott to tell the story of the Universe from the moment time and space came into existence at the Big Bang, through to the infinite future and the ultimate fate that awaits us. Autobiography and biography
  39. 39. Abse, Dannie The presence. 2008. 3v. Price: £8.99. Order No: 21884801. Loss, grief and love are the themes of this memoir from one of Britain's most distinguished poets. Some months after Dannie Abse's wife Joan died in a car accident in June 2005, he began to write a diary which is both a record of present grief and a portrait of marriage which lasted more than fifty years. Ashcroft, Michael Special forces heroes: extraordinary true stories of daring and valour. 2008. 6v. Price: £20.00. Order No: 21945701. The stories of forty heroes, all awarded bravery medals for their conduct during special forces missions over the last 150 years. With many incredible stories from the Second World War, including the Cockleshell Heroes, and other conflicts from the twentieth century, such as the Iranian Embassy siege. Contains strong language. Britton, Fern Fern: my story. 2009. 5v. Price: £12.99. Order No: TR63B. Never one to shy away from a good laugh or cry on national TV, Fern Britton has nonetheless never talked about herself to the public, preferring to keep her private life private. Now, for the first time, she is going to tell her story. Cityboy Cityboy: beer and loathing in the Square Mile. 2008. 6v. Price: £17.99. Order No: 21910402. In this no-holds-barred, warts-and-all account of life in London's Square Mile, Cityboy reveals explosive secrets, tricks of the trade and the corrupt, murky underbelly at the heart of financial life in the City. Cornwell, Jane The Corrs: the unofficial book. 1999. 2v. Price: £12.99. Order No: 21986301. The Corrs are one of the biggest music success stories to come out of Ireland in decades. This account of their history traces the family's musical upbringing and influences as well as their motivation.
  40. 40. Cowell, Alan The terminal spy. 2008. 8v. Price: £16.99. Order No: 21884401. Documents Litvinenko's life and death, the ensuing police investigation, the reaction from Vladimir Putin and others in Moscow, the Russian émigré set in London, and the implications of this case for nuclear proliferation and international terrorism in the future. Englund, George Marlon Brando: the naked actor. 2005. 4v. Price: £15.99. Order No: 21364103. George Englund remained a close confidant to Brando for many years and here he shares his insight into Brando's life and death. Fisher, John Tony Hancock: the definitive biography. 2009. 12v. Price: £8.99. Order No: 22180302. Tony Hancock was one of post-war Britain's most popular comedians and was known particularly for his radio show 'Hancock's Half Hour'. His private life was wrecked by his ever increasing alcoholism and bouts of depression, and his relationships shattered by his capacity for violence. French, Dawn Dear Fatty. 2008. 5v. Price: £18.99. Order No: 21944701. This is a memoir of an event-packed life in the form of a series of letters by French. From the agonies of being a teenager to the death of her father - and the way in which society defines her by her generous size. Contains strong language. Harding, Jeremy Mother country: a memoir. 2007. 3v. Price: £6.99. Order No: 21863601. Mother Country is a powerful true story, full of thrilling revelations, comic confusions and tender memories, about a man looking for the mother he'd never known and finding out how little he knew about the one he had grown up with. Harman, James Kathy Kirby: secrets, loves and lip gloss: a biography. 2006. 2v. Price: £10.99. Order No: 21887401. She had everything. A remarkable voice, stunning looks and was a major TV and recording star. She was the highest paid UK girl
  41. 41. singer of the swinging sixties, and had millions in the bank. So what went wrong for Kathy Kirby? Hayden, Torey L Twilight children. 2005. 4v. Price: £6.99. Order No: 21465601. Tory Hayden is an educational psychologist and former special education teacher. While working in the children's psychiatric ward of a large hospital she faces three of her most extraordinary challenges chronicled in this book. Healey, Edna Emma Darwin: the inspirational wife of a genius. 2002. 8v. Price: £7.99. Order No: 21987501. Emma Wedgwood, granddaughter of the famous Josiah, married Charles Darwin in 1839, three years after he returned from his extraordinary voyage on the Beagle. Their life together was intellectually exciting though overshadowed by personal tragedy. Edna Healey has discovered new material and has had the full support of the Darwin family in writing this major biography. Hunniford, Gloria Always with you. 2009. 5v. Price: £12.99. Order No: TR72B. In 2004, Gloria Hunniford's 41-year-old daughter, Caron Keating, died after a secret seven year battle with cancer. She was consumed with the unimaginable grief that the loss of a child brings and she was alone. Or so she felt. Mandela, Nelson Long walk to freedom: the autobiography of Nelson Mandela. 1995. 12v. Price: £12.99. Order No: 21886401. The story of Nelson Mandela's life. He recreates the experiences that helped shape his destiny: the years operating undercover, classed as a "terrorist"; his 25 years behind bars; and the astonishing moves towards the ANC's near-landslide victory in the multiracial elections of 1994. Moore, Richard Heroes, villains and velodromes: inside track cycling with Chris Hoy. 2008. 5v. Price: £15.99. Order No: 21884601. By shadowing Hoy through a season, Richard Moore has gained an insight into the mind of a World and Olympic champion. He has also attained access to the key members of the British team and support staff. Contains strong language.
  42. 42. Mortenson, Greg Three cups of tea: one man's extraordinary journey to promote peace - one school at a time. 2007. 7v. Price: £8.99. Order No: 21986601. An American mountaineer returns to an impoverished Pakistan village to repay the help he received after a disastrous attempt to climb K2. Over the next decade Mortenson built not just one but fifty-five schools in remote villages across Pakistan and Afghanistan, just as the Taliban rose to power. Osborne, Frances The Bolter: Idina Sackville, the woman who scandalised 1920s society and became White Mischief's infamous seductress. 2009. 6v. Price: £12.99. Order No: TR65B. So scandalous was Idina's life - she was said to have had 'lovers without number' - that it was kept a secret from her great- granddaughter, Frances Osbourne. Now Frances explores her tale of betrayal and heartbreak. Parkinson, Michael Parky: my autobiography. 2009. 6v. Price: £12.99. Order No: TR91B. From prize-winning journalist to chat show king on a show voted one of the top ten British TV programmes of all time, Michael Parkinson's career spans over four decades. Contains strong language. Richard, Cliff My life, my way. 2008. 5v. Price: £20.00. Order No: 21941001. Cliff talks freely and frankly about what it is like to be Cliff. Inspirational, hugely talented, a much-loved household name, his story is extraordinary. Richmond, Peter Fever: the life and music of Miss Peggy Lee. 2007. 10v. Price: £8.99. Order No: 21774901. Peter Richmond's biography tells the story of her unhappy, tortured life - an alcoholic father, abusive stepmother, four marriages and a sad decline in later years.
  43. 43. Titchmarsh, Alan Knave of spades. 2009. 5v. Price: £16.99. Order No: TR84B. From the first faltering steps in radio and television, to a career in broadcasting and writing, this is Alan's memoir. Tomlin, Jenny Not alone. 2007. 3v. Price: £6.99. Order No: 22116902. Jenny has campaigned on behalf of fellow victims of abuse for charities Barnardo's and Refuge. She has brought her own story together with other tales of resilience, courage and sheer determination to escape victimhood and embrace a better future. Trescothick, Marcus Coming back to me: the autobiography. 2008. 6v. Price: £18.99. Order No: 21946101. The memoir of one of the best batsmen in the game. Trescothick's brave and soul-baring account of his mental frailties opens the way to a better understanding of the unique pressures experienced by modern-day professional sportsmen. Contains strong language. Williams, Shirley Climbing the bookshelves: the autobiography of Shirley Williams. 2009. 7v. Price: £16.99. Order No: TR89B. As well as being influenced by her mother, Vera Brittain, her father George Caitlin, a leading political scientist, encouraged his daughter to have high ambitions for herself - including daring to climb the bookshelves in his library. Film and radio Cryer, Barry The doings of Hamish and Dougal: you'll have had your tea? 2008. 4v. Price: £16.99. Order No: 21883301. A collection of Hamish and Dougal's activities or 'doings' in the village they call home. These are the actual scripts of the show performed on the wireless. Webber, Richard 50 years of Carry On. 2008. 7v. Price: £18.99. Order No: 21939901. Biography of the "Carry On" films, from the first low-budget film of 1958 over the next 20 years.
  44. 44. Food and drink Smith, Delia Delia's frugal food. 2008. 3v. Price: £17.99. Order No: 21945401. This cookery book contains some 170 recipes that are cheap and easy to prepare. A few simple tricks, among them: buying fresh produce when it's in season, experimenting with different cuts of meat and being creative with leftovers. Health, family and lifestyle Marshall, Sue Diabetes: the essential guide. 2008. 2v. Price: £8.99. Order No: 21884101. Need-2-Know series. This book, in practical terms, explains diabetes, its causes and effects, and offers strategies for living with the condition, whether you have diabetes yourself, or are a parent with a diabetic child. James, Oliver Contented dementia: 24-hour wraparound care for lifelong well-being. 2008. 4v. Price: £17.99. Order No: 21885001. The SPECAL method (Specialized Early Care for Alzheimer's) outlined in this book works by creating links between past memories and the routine activities of daily life in the present. Rapley, Gill Baby-led weaning: helping your baby love good food. 2008. 4v. Price: £10.99. Order No: 21984101. A practical and authoritative guide to introducing solid food, enabling your child to grow up a happy and confident eater. History Beard, Mary Pompeii: the life of a Roman city. 2008. 4v. Price: £25.00. Order No: 21773901. Beard uses the ruins of Pompeii to write not just a history of this one Roman town, but also a history of 'ordinary' Roman life.
  45. 45. Harvey Wood, Harriet The battle of Hastings: the fall of Anglo-Saxon England. 2008. 5v. Price: £17.99. Order No: 21984301. This book brings to life the world of Harold the King and Duke William in a narrative history. It shows that, rather than bringing culture and enlightenment to England, the Normans' aggressive and illegal invasion destroyed a long-established and highly- developed civilization. It explores the background and lead-up to the invasion and the battle itself. Moore, Lucy Anything goes: a biography of the roaring twenties. 2008. 6v. Price: £19.99. Order No: 21985401. This is a portrait of America in the 1920s, punctuated by terrifying events including the political show trials of Sacco and Vanzetti and the march down Washington DC's Pennsylvania Avenue by the Ku Klux Klan. It also produced a glittering array of artists, musicians and film stars, from F Scott Fitzgerald to Bessie Smith to Charlie Chaplin. Morgan, Michael Hamilton Lost history: the enduring legacy of Muslim scientists, thinkers, and artists. 2008. 7v. Price: £9.99. Order No: 21983301. A look at the Muslim world and its deep connection to all cultures. It reveals the many 'golden ages' of Muslim thought, from Shiite Iran to Mughal India, to the 18th century. Sinclair, Clive Clive Sinclair's true tales of the Wild West. 2008. 6v. Price: £9.99. Order No: 21903502. Two cousins set out to separate Wild West truth from legend. One is Peppercorn, a fading photo-journalist in search of his inner cowboy; the other is Saltzman, lecturer in American Studies at the University of St Albans. On their travels they encounter many of the great heroes of the Wild West - or at least the men and women who impersonate them. Human rights
  46. 46. Sands, Philippe Torture team: deception, cruelty and the compromise of law. 2008. 6v. Price: £20.00. Order No: 21883501. This is the biography of a one page memorandum signed by Donald Rumsfeld on 2nd December 2002 authorising 18 techniques of interrogation not previously allowed by the United States. The memorandum was in effect for six weeks during which at least two detainees at Guantanamo and the US airbase at Bagram died and a third was tortured over a period of seven weeks. Hymns Songs of fellowship: 2200 songs and hymns. 2007. Combined words ed. 17v. Price: £6.99. Order No: 21942701. Law Clayton, Patricia E Law for the small business: an essential guide to all the legal and financial requirements. 2007. 4v. Price: £15.99. Order No: 22035601. Business enterprise guide series. The book covers all the key issues which affect legal standing, including taxation, cash and credit, patents, copyrights ad trade marks, debt collection, bankruptcy, takeovers and mergers and employment law. Literature Johnson, Deborah Iris Murdoch. 1987. 2v. Price: £4.99. Order No: 21465301. Explores the extent to which Murdoch's writing can be seen to offer feminist perspectives. Maps Map of Kent. [Based on AA Big Road Atlas of Britain 2008]. 2009. 1v. Price: £4.00; £12.00; £21.00. Order No: 21798101. For sale only. The map starts with an overview of Kent in relation to Britain followed by an overview of Kent and the counties that surround it.
  47. 47. Map of Dorset. [Based on AA Big Road Atlas of Britain 2008]. 2009. 1v. Price: £4.00; £12.00; £21.00. Order No: 21797301. For sale only. The map starts with an overview of Dorset in relation to Britain, followed by an overview of Dorset and the counties that surround it. Map of Japan. [Based on The Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World 2002]. 2009. 2v. Price: £8.00; £24.00; £42.00. Order No: 21814501. For sale only. An overview of Japan showing the 4 main islands - Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu and Shikoku – along with some of the smaller ones. Detailed close-ups of Ryukyu Islands including Okinawa, Bonin and Volcano Islands including Io-jima. Some facts and figures about Japan are also given including the sizes of the main islands. Military history Allingham, Henry Kitchener's last volunteer: the life of Henry Allingham, Britain's oldest man and the oldest surviving veteran of the Great War. 2008. 4v. Price: £7.99. Order No: 21939101. Henry Allingham was present at the Battle of Jutland in 1916 with the British Grand Fleet and went on to serve on the Western Front. Van Emden, Richard The soldier's war: the Great War through veterans' eyes. 2008. 7v. Price: £20.00. Order No: 21939501. The story of the First World War as told by the men who were there. It traces the war chronologically, taking stories from each year of the fighting and following the British Tommy through devastating battles and trench warfare to the armistice in 1918. Music literature Barenboim, Daniel Everything is connected: the power of music. 2008. 3v. Price: £16.99. Order No: 21887601. Daniel Barenboim's new book describes his lifelong pursuit of knowledge and understanding, not only of music and of life, but of one through the other. The topics covered in the book range from the problems of timing - whether in a piece of music or a political
  48. 48. process - to the philosophy of Spinoza and its relevance to musical interpretation. Walsh, Louis Louis Walsh's fast track to fame: the A-Z guide to superstardom. 2007. 4v. Price: £16.99. Order No: 21886501. X-Factor judge, Louis Walsh, has managed acts such as Westlife, Girls Aloud, Shayne Ward and G4. Now he is sharing his expertise with a new generation of pop wannabees. He takes us through the A-Z of the music business. Natural history Clunes, Martin A dog's life. 2009. 4v. Price: £12.99. Order No: TR71B. Martin embarked on a worldwide quest to look into the history of dogs. He also explores how humans have shaped the dog breeds of today, visiting the Beverly Hills Mutt Club and meeting working dogs in several countries police dogs, hunting hounds and sled dogs. Hoare, Philip Leviathan or, the whale. 2008. 6v. Price: £18.99. Order No: 21884201. Travelling around the globe in search of the whale, Philip Hoare sheds light on our perennial fascination with the strange creatures of the sea, whose nature remains tantalizingly undiscovered. Contains strong language. Personal improvement Lambourne, David How to pass exams: a parent's guide. 2008. 1v. Price: £8.99. Order No: 21992201. Need-2-Know series. Readers will learn how to study and revise successfully, the key attributes of note-taking, the importance of past papers and how coursework assignments and exam essays should be structured. Issues such as confidence, discipline, motivation and health are also tackled. Poetry
  49. 49. Burns, Robert Poems of Robert Burns; selected by Ian Rankin. 2008. 2v. Price: £10.99. Order No: 22121602. This new selection by Ian Rankin of verses and lyrics from Scotland's national poet reveals a writer capable of evoking tremendous sympathetic power from his readers and a command of the sounds and rhythms of both standard English and the evocative Scots tongue. Hass, Robert Time and materials: poems 1997-2005. 2008. 1v. Price: £4.99. Order No: 21884901. Hass's work is grounded in the beauty of the physical world, in the smaller details of natural, human life. Politics Paine, Thomas Common sense. 1976. 3v. Price £6.99. Order No: 568262. On January 10, 1776, Thomas Paine published his pamphlet "Common Sense", a persuasive argument for the colonies' political and economic separation from Britain. Psychology Orbach, Susie Between women: facing up to feelings of love, envy and competition in women's friendships. 1994. 3v. Price: £5.99. Order No: 21895002. Addressing issues raised by feminists such as Naomi Wolf, Susan Faludi and Katie Roiphe, this book examines what has happened to female solidarity in contemporary society, and why feelings of envy, competition, guilt and anger threaten even the closest friendships between women. Rogers, Carl R On becoming a person: a therapist's view of psychotheraphy. 2004. 10v. Price: £9.99. Order No: 21773201. In this book a psychologist describes his experiences in helping people to achieve personal growth. He discusses the problems of helping others, of communication, and interpersonal relationships, and the process of becoming a mature person.
  50. 50. Thaler, Richard H Nudge: improving decisions about health, wealth, and happiness. 2008. 6v. Price: £18.00. Order No: 21882801. Every day we make decisions. Unfortunately, as the authors observe, we don't always choose well. Thaler and Sunstein show that the way we think can be used to our advantage: it is possible to design environments that make it more likely for us to act in our own interests. Self-help Jeffers, Susan Feel the fear and do it anyway. 2007. 2v. Price: £6.99. Order No: 21690002. Everyone has various fears, and they run throughout our lives. This book shows how to break the Catch-22 cycle and work through fear to a resolution. Hook, Patrick The little book of environmental principles. 2008. 4v. Price: £7.99. Order No: 22035501. More than 160 entries, arranged alphabetically, explain key terms and phenomena and examine the importance of certain flora and fauna. Spanish Collins Spanish dictionary. 2007. 4th ed. Capitals, 33v. Price: £8.99. Order No: 21906801. For sale only. This dictionary is designed for anyone of any age who is starting to learn Spanish. Sport Botham, Ian Ian Botham on fishing. 2008. 3v. Price: £18.99. Order No: 22036701. Anecdotes and stories, instructions, compendia of equipment and bait, sections on Botham's favourite rivers and how to fish them, and guides to everything from the life cycle of a game fish to cleaning, gutting, filleting and cooking your catch outdoors.
  51. 51. Smith, Giles We need to talk about Kevin Keegan: a bumper book of football writing. 2008. 8v. Price: £7.99. Order No: 21894702. A compilation of his most fearless and forthright public declarations, the award-winning "Times" sports columnist invites you to chew with him on football's biggest bullets. Wilson, Bob Googlies, nutmegs and bogeys: the origins of peculiar sporting lingo. 2006. 2v. Price: £9.99. Order No: 21028901. Veteran BBC presenter and football legend Bob Wilson has written this illustrated guide to the true meanings, heritage and evolution of the sporting terms we use today. Travel Boorman, Charley By any means: from Wicklow to Sydney. 2008. 6v. Price: £18.99. Order No: 21945901. Travelling from his home town in Co Wicklow all the way to Sydney, he will use any means he can to reach his destination, via transport as diverse as steam train, horse, boat, kayak, truck, and tuk-tuk. And his beloved motorbike! Dickson Wright, Clarissa Rifling through my drawers. 2009. 4v. Price: £16.99. Order No: TR86B. Clarissa Dickson Wright opens her diary and takes us on a journey around Britain with this collection of stories and anecdotes from her ever-eventful life. Fry, Stephen Stephen Fry in America. 2008. 6v. Price: £20.00. Order No: 21941501. Stephen Fry turns his wit and insight to unearthing the real America as he travels across the continent in his black taxicab. He visits each of its 50 states to discover how such a huge diversity of people, cultures, languages, beliefs and landscapes combine to create such a remarkable nation.
  52. 52. Maconie, Stuart Adventures on the high teas. 2009. 5v. Price: £12.99. Order No: TR80B. Everyone talks about 'Middle England'. Sometimes they mean something bad, like a lynch mob of tabloid readers, and sometimes they mean something good, like a pint of ale in a sleepy Cotswold village. But just where and what is Middle England? Women’s studies Woolf, Virginia A room of one's own. 1945. 2v. Price: £5.99. Order No: 21903302. "A Room of One's Own" grew out of a lecture that Virginia Woolf had been invited to give at Girton College, Cambridge in 1928. Ranging over Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte and why neither of them could have written "War and Peace", over the silent fate of Shakespeare's gifted (and imaginary) sister, over the effects of poverty and chastity on female creativity. Quick reads series Dicks, Terrance Revenge of the Judoon. 2008. Single-sided. Double line spacing. Science fiction. Grade 2. 2v. Price: £1.99. Order No: 22118002. Grade 1. 2v. Price: £1.99. Order No: 22118003. The TARDIS brings the Doctor and Martha to Balmoral in 1902. Here they meet Captain Harry Carruthers - friend of the new king, Edward VII. Together they head for the castle to see the king - only to find that Balmoral Castle is gone, leaving just a hole in the ground. The Doctor realizes it is the work of the Judoon - a race of ruthless intergalactic mercenary space police. Mosse, Kate The cave. 2009. Single-sided. Double line spacing. General fiction. Grade 2. 2v. Price: £1.99. Order No: 22148403. Grade 1. 3v. Price: £1.99. Order No: 22148402. It is March 1928. The Great War has been over for ten years, but Freddie still hasn't recovered from the loss of his brother. Even now, on holiday in south-west France, he cannot escape his grief. When his car crashes, Freddie stumbles down from the hills to a
  53. 53. village nearby. There he meets Marie who is also mourning a lost generation. Her story of the fate of her family moves him deeply. But it will also lead him to the caves above the village - and to the heart of a shocking secret. Children and young adult fiction Suggested age range 5+ Blyton, Enid The Mr Meddle stories. 1999. Capitals, 3v. Price: £1.99. Order No: 21751302. Short stories. Mister Meddle's mischief - Merry Mr Meddle - Mister Meddle's muddles. Mr Meddle is a very cheerful pixie who just can't stop making muddles! Suggested age range 7+ Colfer, Eoin The legend of the worst boy in the world. 2008. Capitals, 1v. Price: £4.99. Order No: 21924403. Family stories. Will and Marty series; book 3. Will is desperate to win the Giant Jelly Baby competition and be named 'the best boy in the world'. But his big brother Marty always beats him to it. Then one day Will's wish comes true; he's the best boy in the world at last! Marty is not happy, and decides that something must be done. Kingfisher, Rupert Madame Pamplemousse and her incredible edibles. 2008. Capitals, 1v. Price: £6.99. Order No: 21912503. Magic and fairy stories. "Madame Pamplemousse" is the story of Madeleine, forced to work in her unpleasant uncle's horrible restaurant, The Squealing Pig. By chance she comes across the most marvellous shop, run by Madame Pamplemousse. A quiet comradeship develops between Madeleine, Madame Pamplemousse, and Madame's cat, Camembert. And together they create some wonderful culinary magic.
  54. 54. Lawrence, Michael The poltergoose. 2000. Capitals, 5v. Price: £5.99. Order No: 21991201. Humorous fiction. A Jiggy McCue Story; book 1. Something's after Jiggy McCue! Something which hisses and flaps and stabs his bum and generally tries to make his life a misery. Jiggy calls in his best pals, Pete and Angie, and together the Three Musketeers set out to send the poltergoose back where it belongs. Morpurgo, Michael Kaspar. 2008. Capitals, 2v. Price: £12.99. Order No: 21909803. Animal stories. Kaspar the cat first came to The Savoy Hotel in a basket – Johnny Trott knows, because he was the one who carried him in. Johnny was a bell-boy, you see, and he carried all of Countess Kandinsky's things to her room. RNIB Braille at bedtime [July 2009]. Number 100, stories from "The old man who sneezed", "Adventure stories for 8 year olds", "The story of the year 2" and "The story shop". 2009. 1v. Price: £0.80; £3.80. Order No: 22112402. Short stories. For sale only. Robert goes to fetch a sister / Dorothy Edwards - Odysseus / Geraldine McCaughrean - The black hole / Maggie Butt - Olympic marathon / Morris Gleitzman. RNIB Braille at bedtime [September 2009]. Number 101, stories from "The story of the year 2", "Funny stories for 9-year-olds", and "The story shop". 2009. 1v. Price: £0.84; £3.99. Order No: 22172002. Short stories. For sale only. Making friends / Norma Clarke - The reluctant dragon and the wilful princess / William Raeper - The fallen angel cake / Maggie Pearson Simon, Francesca Horrid Henry and the bogey babysitter. 2002. Capitals, 1v. Price: £4.99. Order No: 21401804. Humorous fiction. Horrid Henry series. Horrid Henry encounters the babysitter from hell, traumatises his parents on a car journey, goes trick-or-treating at Hallowe'en and sabotages his school project.
  55. 55. Suggested age range 9+ Baldry, Cherith The buried cross. 2004. Capitals, 3v. Price: £4.99. Order No: 21917203. Crime fiction. The Abbey mysteries series; book 1. Gwyneth and Hereward Mason witness a marvellous discovery deep below the Abbey courtyard. Could this cross found in the oak-tree coffin really prove that these are the bones of the legendary King Arthur? Disaster strikes, the relics have gone! Gwyneth and Hereward must find them in order to save the Abbey's fortunes. Blyton, Enid Five go to Billycock Hill. 1997. Capitals, 3v. Price: £4.99. Order No: 21823602. Adventure. The Famous Five series; book 16. The Famous Five have made a new friend - a real pilot! But now he has disappeared, with top secret equipment. Could their new friend be a spy? Whatever his motives are, the gang feel duty-bound to investigate. McCaughrean, Geraldine Greek heroes. 2007. Capitals, 10v. Price: £7.99. Order No: 21011303. Myths and legends. Here are the stories of four heroes, Perseus, Hercules, Theseus, and Odysseus, who follow the path of glory in their many unforgettable adventures. McNish, Cliff The doomspell. 2001. Capitals, 4v. Price: £5.99. Order No: 21914503. Fantasy. The Doomspell trilogy; book 1. A battle between good and evil begins the moment Rachel arrives unexpectedly in the frozen ice world of Ithrea. Along with her brother, Eric, Rachel has been sucked through a terrifying portal to this unhappy world by a witch called Dragwena. Rachel has been chosen to rule by Dragwena's side, and given skills she never thought she had. McNish, Cliff The scent of magic. 2002. Capitals, 4v. Price: £5.99. Order No: 21914403. Fantasy. The Doomspell trilogy; book 2. Rachel, her brother and Morpeth are pursued by Dragwena's vengeful mother, Heebra, who plots evil purposes for the children's magic. They battle against
  56. 56. awesome forces; armies of witches and wizards are pitted against each other, children fight children and turn against grown-ups. The climax, an appalling contest at the North Pole, tests all the children's courage and resolve. McNish, Cliff The wizard's promise. 2003. Capitals, 5v. Price: £4.99. Order No: 21937703. Fantasy. The Doomspell trilogy; book 3. Children the world over are flexing their powers, but it is only Rachel and Eric who finally have the skill to confront the Griddas, the terrible creatures unleashed by the High Witch. Muchamore, Robert The escape. 2009. Capitals, 4v. Price: £6.99. Order No: 21991101. War stories. Henderson's boys series; book 1. Summer, 1940. Hitler’s army is advancing towards Paris. Amidst the chaos, two British children are being hunted by German agents. British spy Charles Henderson tries to reach them first, but he can only do it with the help of a twelve-year-old French orphan. The British secret service is about to discover that kids working undercover will help to win the war. Suggested age range 11+ Rayner, Jacqueline Winner takes all. 2005. Captials, 5v. Price: £6.99. Order No: 21011603. Science fiction. Doctor Who: Ninth Doctor. Rose and the Doctor return to present- day Earth, and become intrigued by the latest craze - the video game "Death to Mantodeans". Is it as harmless as it seems? And why are so many local people going on holiday and never returning? Shan, Darren Killers of the dawn. 2003. Capitals, 3v. Price: £4.99. Order No: 21825502. Horror. The Saga of Darren Shan series; book 9. Pursued by the vampaneze, vigilante mobs and the police, Darren Shan, the Vampire Prince, is public enemy Number One! With their enemies baying for blood, the vampires prepare for deadly confrontation.