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NEW BOOKS NEW BOOKS Document Transcript

  • NEW BOOKS Archive 2007
  • Brand, Jan, 2005 Global fashion local tradition 391.001 BRA Brand, Jan, 2006 (D) The power of fashion 391.001 BRA Breward, Christopher, 2006 Fashion’s world cities 391.001 BRE Schoumann, Helene, 2006 Gottex, swimwear haute couture 394.3 SCH Harrison, Rob, 2005 The ethical consumer 658.8342 HAR Royal Academy of Arts, 2006 USA Today 709.05 ROY Cattermole, Paul, 2006 (D) Buildings for tomorrow 724.7 CAT Hodge, Brooke, 2006 Skin+Bones parallel practices in fashion and architecture 724.7 HOD Polster, Bernd, 2004 (D) The A-Z of modern design 745.4442 POL Loyaute, Benjamin, 2006 Pierre Cardin Evolution 745.4492 CAR Tellier-Loumagne, Francoise, 2006 (D) The art of embroidery 746.44 TEL Baltic, 2006 (D) Spank the monkey 751.73 BAL Bordwell, David, 2008 (D) Film art and introduction (8th edition) 791.4301 BOR
  • Daab, 2006 Showreel.01 791.433 SHO Reference: Poyton, Kate, 2007 Contacts 2007 REF 791.4 CON Special Collection French, Alan, 2006 The educational grants directory 2006/07 REF 371.22 DIR Ryland, Rebecca, 2006 A guide to grants for individual need 2006/07 REF 371.22 DIR (D) – ‘New material’ Shelf (ground floor LRC) If this item is missing it has probably been taken out All other items are in the Lending Collection on the 1st floor JANUARY 2007 Dabbs, Alistair, 2006 InDesign essentials 005.3 ADO Beer, Gunter, 2006 Web design index by content .02 005.72 BEE Woolman, Matt, 2002 Digital information graphics 006.6 WOO Diezmann, Tanja, 2003 Girds for dynamic image 006.7 DIE Taylor, Mark, 2001 The moment of complexity emerging network culture 117 TAY Rothenbuhler, Eric, 2005 (D) Media anthropology 301 ROT
  • Hui Kyong Chun, Wendy, 2006 A history and theory reader new media old media 302.2309 CHU Holmes, David, 2005 Communication theory media, technology and society 302.23 HOL Naisbitt, John, 1999 High tech high touch 303.483 NAI Haraway, Donna, 1991 Simians, cyborgs and women the reinvention of nature 305.4 HAR Elliott, John, 1991 Action research for educational change 370.72 ELI Carroll, Jude, 2002 (D) A handbook for deterring plagiarism in higher education 378.195 CAR Craik, Jennifer, 2005 Uniforms exposed from conformity to transgression 391.001 CRA Kesselskramer, 2005 2 Kilo of Kesselskramer 659.113 KES Stankowski, Jochen, 2005 Signs applied aesthetics 659.134 STA Thomas, Gregory, 2000 How to design logos, symbols and icons 659.134 THO Sentance, Brian, 2003 Wood the world of woodwork and carving 674 SEN Gale, Nathan, 2002 Type 1 digital typeface design 686.22544 GAL Drew, John, 2005 Color management a comprehensive guide for graphic designers 686.23042 DRE
  • Blamey, David, 2002 Here, there, elsewhere dialogues on location and mobility 700.455 BLA Pavesi, Jacopo, 2001 Street covers 711.74 PAV Demkin, Joseph, 2006 The architect’s handbook of professional practice update 2006 720 DEM Rahim, Ali, 2006 Catalytic formations architecture and digital design 720.285 RAH Feirreiss, Kristin, 2004 Gruntuch Ernst architects Points of access 720.922 GRU Knight, Carolyn, 2003 Layout: making it fit 741.6 KNI Slack, Laura, 2006 What is product design? 745.2 SLA Marcus, George, 2005 Masters of modern design a critical assessment 745.2092 MAR Collins, Michael, 1999 Alessi 745.20945 ALE Bhaskaran, Lakshmi, 2005 (D) Designs of the times 745.4442 BHA Daab, Ralf, 2005 Young European designers 745.4494 YOU Asensio, Paco, 2005 (D) New Scandinavian design 745.44948 NEW Franklin, Caryn, 2002 Fashion UK 746.92 FRA
  • Sorger, Richard, 2006 (D) The fundamentals of fashion design 746.92 SOR Langle, Elizabeth, 2005 Pierre Carding fifty years of fashion and design 746.92092 CAR Juracek, Judy, 2000 Soft surfaces 747.5 JUR Mertens, Daisy, 1999 Lofts of Antwerp 747.88 MER Kirrane, Simon, 2007 Imagine animation directory 2007 778.5347 IMA Joicey, Celia, 2005 Schweppes photographic portrait prize 2005 778.92 NAT Mulvey, Laura, 2006 (D) Death 24x a second 791.4301 MUL Rollings, Andrew, 2003 On game design 794.8151 ROL Orwell, George, 2003 Homage to Catalonia 920 ORW Reference:- Tierney, James, 2005 Education yearbook 2005/2006 REF 370 EDU FEBRUARY #1 Mogridge, Bill, 2007 Designing interactions 004.019 MOG Farrel, Adrian, 2004 (D) The internet and its protocols 004.6 FAR
  • Anderson, Bonnie, 2004 News flash journalism, infotainment and the bottom-line business of broadcast news 070.43 AND Baudrillard, Jean, 1994 (D) Simulacra and simulation 194 BAU Lefebvre, Henri, 1995 Introduction to modernity 301 LEF Asa Berger, Arthur, 1998 Media Research Techniques 300.23 BER Gunter, Barrie, 2000 Media research method 302.23 GUN Jones, Steve, 1999 Doing internet research critical issues and methods for examining the net 303.4833 JON Poole, Buzz, 2006 (D) Green Design 304.28 POO Jackson, Tim, 2001 (D) Mastering fashion buying and merchandising management 338.47931 JAC Marshall, Lorraine, 1998 A guide to learning independently 371.30281 MAR HSE, 2002 Health and safety in audio-visual production your legal duties 614 HEA Lefteri, Chris, 2006 (D) Materials for inspirational design 620.11 LEF Laven, Philip, 2006 EBU Technical review the best of 2006 621.382 EBU Benoit, Herve, 2002 Digital television mpeg-1, mpeg-2 and principles of the DVB system 621.388 BEN
  • Ries, Al, 1998 The 22 immutable laws of branding 658.82 RIE Bernstein, David, 1997 Advertising outdoors watch this space! 659.1342 BER King, Donald, 1993 The Victoria and Albert Museum’s textile collection embroidery in Britain from 1200 to 1750 677.942 KIN Stocker, Gerfried, 2006 Simplicity the art of complexity 700.285 ARS Leopoldseder, Hannes, 2006 Prix ars electronica cyberarts 2006 700.285 PRI Vishmidt, Marina, 2005 March 2006 surveying art technologies and polotics 700.285 VIS Riegelman, Nancy, 2006 9Heads a guide to drawing fashion 741.672 RIE Riegelman, Nancy, 2006 (D) Colors for modern fashion drawing fashion with colored markers 741.672 RIE Mattesi, Michael, 2006 Force dynamic life drawing for animators 743.4 MAT Peck, Stephen Rogers, 1951 Atlas of human anatomy for the artist 743.4 PEC Hultgren, Ken, 1993 The art of animal drawing construction, action analysis, caricature 743.6 HUL Campos, Cristian, 2006 Product design now designs and sketches 745.2 CAM Hampshire, Mark, 2006 Communicating with pattern circles and dots 745.4 HAM
  • Kopec, Dak, 2006 Environmental psychology for design 745.401 KOP Gale, Colin, 2004 Fashion and textiles an overview 746.92 GAL Prodger, Phillip, 2003 (D) Time stands still Muybridge and the instantaneous photography movement 779 MUY PRO Murray Schafer, R, 1994 The soundscape our sonic environment and the tuning of the world 781.2 SCH Hartley, John, 1999 See all hear all Uses of the television 791.45 HAR Murray, Susan, 2004 Reality TV remaking television culture 791.453 MUR Friedl, Markus, 2003 (D) Online game interactivity theory 794.8151 FRI Rollings, Andrew, 2004 (D) Game architecture and design 794.8151 ROL Dick, Philip, 1968 Do androids dream of electric sheep? Filmed as Bladerunner 823 DIC Reference:- Hewson, Pat, 2007 Creative Handbook 2007 REF 700 CRE FEBRUARY #2 Grant, John, 2004 Digital art for the 21st century renderosity 006.6 GRA Walker, Michael, 2004 Getting colour right the complete guide to colour correction 006.6 WAL NFGMan, 2006 Character design for mobile devices mobile games, sprites and pixel art 006.69 NFG
  • Panzer, Mary, 2005 Things as they are 070.49 PAN Curran, James, 2002 Media and power 302.23 CUR Faludi, Susan, 1992 Backlash the undeclared war against women 305.4 FAL Taschen, Angelika, 2005 Aesthetic surgery 391.65 TAS Museum fur gestaltung zurich, 2006 Poster collection visual strategies against aids international aids prevention posters 616 MUS Grimm, Todd, 2004 User’s guide to rapid prototyping 620.0042 GRI McDonald, JA, 2001 Rapid prototyping casebook 620.0042 MCD Melvin, Jeremy, 2005 Wilkinson Eyre bridges 624.2 WIL Eldridge, Kiki, 2006 1000 bags, tags and labels 658.564 ELD Jacobson, Clare, 2000 Trademarks designed by Chermayeff & Geismar 659.134 CHE Klanten, Robert, 2005 Introducing designs for making a first impression 659.134 KLA Rozensztroch, Daniel, 2005 Brush 679.6 ROZ Zapp, Andrea, 2004 Networked narrative environments 700.285 ZAP
  • Kent, Liz, 2005 King’s wood: a context 709.04076 KEN Grolund, Melissa, 2005 Frieze art fair yearbook 2005-6 709.05 FRI Brooker, Graeme, 2004 Rereadings interior architecture and the design principles of remodelling existing buildings 720.286 BRO Cheng, Kelley, 2005 Shops 725.21 SHO Yabuka, Narelle, 2005 Hip entertaining bars and restaurants 725.7 YAB Foges, Chris, 2003 Outsize large scale graphic design 741.6 FOG iF International Forum Design GmbH, 2005 iF communications 2005 741.60905 INT Musem fur gestaltung zurich, 2003 Poster collection black and white 741.674 MUS Museum fur gestaltung zurich, 2002 Poster collection typotecture typography as architectural imagery 741.674 MUS Hampshire, Mark, 2006 Communicating with pattern stripes 745.4 HAM Krausse, Joachim, 2001 Your private sky R. Buckminster Fuller discourse 745.401 FUL Sweet, Fay, 1999 Frog: form follows emotion 745.44922 FRO Crabtree, Caroline, 2002 Beadwork a world guide 746.5 CRA
  • Walters, Helen, 2006 300% cotton more t-shirt graphics 746.6 WAL Mitchell, Louise, 2005 The cutting edge fashion from Japan 746.920952 MIT Ballinger, Alexander, 2004 New cinematographers 778.53092 BAL Pinteau, Pascal, 2003 Special effects an oral history 778.534 PIN Bright, Susan, 2005 Art photography now 779 BRI Hampe, Barry, 1998 Making videos for money 791.45023 HAM Brittain, Victoria, 2004 Guantanamo ‘Honor bound to defend freedom’ 822 BRI Reference: Ward, Ossian, 2005 The artist’s yearbook 2006 REF 700 WAR (D) – ‘New material’ Shelf (ground floor LRC) If this item is missing it has probably been taken out All other items are in the Lending Collection on the 1st floor March 2007 #1 Temme, Paul, 2007 3ds max 9 essentials 005.3 3DS Gravett, Steve, 1998 (D) The right way to write reports that are accurate, clear, concise and effective 371.3 GRA
  • Ashby, Mike, 2002 Materials and design the art and science of material selection in product design 620.11 ASH Weise, Marcus, 2004 (D) How video works from analogue to high definition 621.38833 WEI Denison, Edward, 2006 More packaging prototypes 658.564 DEN Neumeier, Marty, 2006 The brand gap 658.82 NEU Wheeler, Alina, 2006 (D) Designing brand identity 659.134 WHE Carpio, Audrey, 2006 One show interactive volume IX advertising’s best interactive and new media 659.144 CAR Seel, Peter, 1997 Broadcast technology update production and transmission 688.38831 SEE Meier, Richard, 2002 Eric Owen Moss 720.92 MOS Schittich, Christian, 2006 Building skins 721.2 SCH Schittich, Christian, 2002 Interior spaces 729 SCH Ambrose, Gavin, 2005 Colour 741.6 AMB Ambrose, Gavin, 2005 Image 741.6 AMB Gill, Bob, 2003 (D) Graphic design as a second language 741.6 GIL
  • Wigan, Mark, 2006 Thinking visually 741.6 WIG Perkins, Roy, 2004 (D) British film editors 778.535 PER Nichols, Bill, 2001 Introduction to documentary 791.436 NIC Savran, David, 1988 (D) Breaking the rules the Wooster group 792.09 SAV March 2007 #2 Operation Manual Sony BKDS-8060, 8061, 8062 Maintenance Manual Sony DVS-6000/6000C BKDS-6010 Schildt, Herbert, 2006 The complete reference C# 2.0 005.133 SCH Dodge, Martin, 2001 (D) Mapping cyberspace 303.4833 DOD Bowden, John, 2004 (D) Writing a report 371.3 BOW Van Tassel, Joan, 2001 Digital TV over broadband harvesting bandwidth 384.554 VAN Morris, Steven, 2005 Interactive TV standards 621.38821 MOR Phillips, J, 2002 The project management scorecard 658.404 PHI Popper, Frank, 2007 From technological to virtual art 700.285 POP
  • Jodidio, Philip, 2006 Architecture now 4 724.6 JOD Klanten, Robert, 2006 (D) Illusive contemporary illustration and its content 741.6 KLA Jones, John Chris, 1992 (D) Design methods 745.401 JON Beylerian, George, 2001 Mondo materials materials and ideas for the future 745.4442 BEY Beyerle, Tulga, 2006 (D) A century of Austrian design 1900-2005 745.449436 BEY James, Jack, 2006 Digital intermediates for film and video 778.5293 JAM Carnes, Mark, 1995 (D) Past imperfect history according to the movies 791.4309 CAR Reference: Gucci, 2006 Gucci by Gucci REF 746.92092 GUC APRIL Beyda, William, 2005 Data communications from basics to broadband 004.6 BEY Comer, Douglas, 2005 Hands-on networking with internet technologies 004.6 COM Hodson, Peter, 2003 Local area networks 4th ed. 004.68 HOD Drayton, Peter, 2003 C# language 005.133 DRA .
  • Moore, Karl, 2002 Karl Moore’s visual basic .net the tutorials 005.133 MOO Dennis, Anita, 2005 (D) Adobe photoshop CS2 classroom in a book 005.3 ADO Sawyer McFarland, David, 2004 Dreamweaver MX 2004 the missing manual 005.3 DRE Winograd, Terry, 1987 Understaning computers and cognition 006.3 WIN El-Nawawy, Mohammed, 2003 (D) Al-Jazeera the story of the network that is rattling governments and redefining journalism 070.195 ELN Bono, Edward de, 1999 Six thinking hats 153 DEB Gelder, ken, 2005 The subcultures reader 301.4315 GEL` Gladwell, Malcolm, 2000 The tipping point 302 GLA Crow, David, 2006 Left to right/ the cultural shift from words to pictures 302.222 CRO Klanten, Robert, 2006 Hidden track how visual culture is going places 302.222 KLA Sturken, Marita, 2001 Practices of looking an introduction to visual culture 302.222 STU Jensen, Klaus Bruhn, 2002 A handbook of media and communication research 302.23 JEN Englander, David, 1997 Britain & America studies in comparative history 1760-1970 303.482 ENG
  • Veblen, Thorstein, 2005 Conspicuous consumption 306.3 VEB Weatherill, Lorna, 1996 Consumer behaviour & material culture in Britain 1160-1760 306.3 WEA Ravetz, Alison, 2001 Council housing and culture the history of a social experiment 363.5 RAV Office of communications, 2007 Ofcom’s annual plan 2006/7 384 OFC Zipes, Jack, 2006 Fairy tales and the art of subversion 398.2 ZIP Croft, Anthony, 2006 Foundation maths 510 CRO Clarkson, Peter, 1995 Signal processing methods for audio, images and telecommunications 621.3822 CLA Wootton, Cliff, 2005 A practical guide to video and audio compression 621.3822 WOO Haskell, Barry, 1997 Digital video: an introduction to mpeg-2 621.388337 HAS Eisner, Howard, 2002 Essentials of project and systems engineering management 2nd ed. 658.404 EIS Himpe, Tom, 2006 Advertising is dead long live advertising 659.113 HIM Mollerup, Per, 1997 Marks of excellence the history and taxonomy of trademarks 659.134 MOL Tungate, Mark, 2005 Fifty the amazing story of Renzo Rosso and diesel 659.197469
  • Kehtarnavaz, Nasser, 2005 Real-time digital signal processing based on the TMS320C6000 681.3822 KEH Haslam, Andrew, 2006 Book design 686 HAS Ambrose, Gavin, 2006 (D) Print & finish 686.2 AMB Ambrose, Gavin, 2006 The fundamentals of typography 686.22 AMB Felton, Paul, 2006 The ten commandments of typography 686.22 FEL Kahn, Douglas, 1999 Noise water meat a history of sound in the arts 700 KAH Hall, Peter, 1998 Cities in civilization 711.4 HAL Tschumi, Bernard, 2000 Event-Cities 2 724.7 TSC Tschumi, Bernard, 2004 Event-cities 3 724.7 TSC Gerber, Anna, 2006 Influences a lexicon of contemporary graphic design 741.6 GER Mai, Klaus, 2006 KM7 kicks the fine art of playing ball 741.6 KLA Twemlow, Alice, 2006 What is graphic design for? 741.6 TWE Fishel, Catharine, 2005 (D) How to grow as a graphic designer 741.6023 FIS
  • Lewandowsky, Pina, 2003 A practical guide to digital design 741.60285 LEW Pite, Stehpen, 2003 The digital designer 741.60285 PIT Zec, Peter, 2006 Red dot communication design 2006/2007 741.60905 ZEC Kelly, Therese, 1999 Tolleson Design soak wash rinse spin 741.6092 TOL Musolino, Nic, 2004 Infiltrate: the front lines of the New York design scene 741.60973 MUS Lewis, Angharad, 2006 Public address system poster speeches by typographers 741.674 FIN Fabry, Glenn, 2005 Muscles in motion 743.4 FAB Hogarth, Burne, 2002 (D) Dynamic figure drawing 743.4 HOG Antonelli, Paola, 2005 (D) Humble masterpieces 100 everyday marvels of design 745.209 ANT Hudson, Jennifer, 2006 (D) 1000 new designs and where to find them 745.4442 HUD Fiell, Charlotte, 2005 1000 lights 749.63 FIE Crisp, Mike, 1998 Directing single camera drama 778.5 CRI Uva, Michael, 2000 Uva’s rigging guide for studio and location 778.5 UVA
  • Gloman, Chuck, 2005 Placing shadows lighting techniques for video production 778.5343 GLO Ward, peter, 2001 Studio and outside broadcast camerawork a guide to multi-camera production 778.59 WAR Lyver, Des, 1999 (D) Basics of video sound 778.592 LYV Lyver, Des, 1999 (D) Basics of video production 778.599 LYV Kassabian, Anahid, 2001 Hearing film 781.542 KAS Drate, Spencer, 2006 Motion by design 791.433 DRA Baker, Maxine, 2006 (D) Documentary in the digital age 791.436 BAK Fairweather, Rod, 1998 Basic studio directing 791.450233 FAI Crawford, Chris, 2003 On game design 794.8151 CRA Mackert, Steffen, 2005 Surf a visual exploration of surfing 797.32 MAC Special Collection Finance – Green Sticker Hollis, 2007 Hollis sponsorship and donations yearbook 2007 FIN REF 361.765 HOL Reference Bayandin, Alice, 2007 1000 x European Architecture REF 720.94 BAY
  • MAY 2007 Morris, Tee, 2006 (D) Podcasting for dummies 006.7 MOR Gregory, Richard, 1998 Eye and brain 152 GRE Roberts, Lucienne, 2006 Good: an introduction to ethics in graphic design 174.9 ROB Mitra, Sanjit, 2001 (D) Nonlinear image processing 621.367 MIT Brimicombe, M. W, 2000 Electronics explained 621.381 BRI Burtenshaw, Ken, 2006 (D) The fundamentals of creative advertising 659.113 BUR Gettins, Dominic, 2006 How to write great copy learn the unwritten rules of copywriting 659.132 GET Sinclair, Cameron, 2006 Design like you give a damn 720.8691 SIN Dougher, Sarah, 2003 100 habits of successful graphic designers insider secrets on working smart and staying creative 741.6023 DOU Edward Smith, Mark, 1998 (D) The nude figure a visual reference for the artist 743 SMI Uriquiola, Patricia, 2007 The international design yearbook 2007 745.20905 INT Raugust, Karen, 2004 (D) The animation business handbook 778.5347 RAU
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  • 304.28 HIC Catterall, Peter, 1999 The making of channel 4 384.55065 CAT Chua, CK, 2003 (D) Rapid prototyping principles and applications 620.0042 CHU Newton, Richard, 2005 The project manager mastering the art of delivery 658.404 NEW Ind, Nicholas, 2003 (D) Beyond branding how the new values of transparency and integrity are changing the world of brands 658.82 IND Frascina, Francis, 1992 Art in modern culture an anthology of critical texts 700.9 FRA Pollock, Griselda, 1999 Differencing the canon feminist desire and the writing of art’s history 707.18 POL Augaitis, Daina, 1994 Radio rethink art, sound and transmission 709.04075 AUG Buck, Louisa, 2000 (D) A user’s guide to British art now 709.42 BUC Ching, Francis, 2003 (D) Architectural graphics 720.284 CHI Ryder, Bethany, 2004 Restaurant design 725.71 RYD Gravett, Paul, 2005 Graphic novels stories to change your life 741.59 GRA Ireland, Patrick, 2007 New fashion figure templates 741.672 IRE Lafuente, Maite, 2007 (D) Essential fashion illustration details 741.672 LAF
  • Lichtenstein, Claude, 2007 Playfully rigid swiss architecture, graphic design, product design 1950-2006 745.449494 LIC Anderson Feisner, Edith, 2006 (D) Colour 752 FEI Varnedoe, Kirk, 2002 Chuck Close recent works 759.1 CLO NVAR Browne, Steven, 2007 High definition postproduction editing and delivering HD video 778.5235 BRO Figgis, Mike, 2007 Digital film-making 778.599 FIG Thompson, Kristin, 2003 Film history an introduction 791.4309 THO Altman, Rick, 1999 Film/ genre 791.436 ALT Curran Bernard, Sheila, 2007 Documentary storytelling making stronger and more dramatic nonfiction films 791.436 CUR Cook, Martie, 2007 Write to TV out of your head and on to the screen 791.437 COO Keith, Michael, 2007 The radio station broadcast, satellite and internet 791.44 KEI Given, Jock, 2003 Turning off the television 791.45 GIV Chater, Kathy, 2002 Research for media production 791.450232 CHA Utterback, Andrew, 2007 Studio television production and directing 791.450232 UTT
  • Bazalgette, Peter, 2005 Billion dollar game How three men risked it all and changed the face of television 791.456 BAZ Marks, Aaron, 2001 (D) The complete guide to game audio 794.89165 MAR Rimmon-Kenan, Shlomith, 2002 Narrative fiction 808.393 RIM Wagner, John, 1997 A history of violence the original graphic novel 823 WAG Reference: Barbour, 2007 Big red REF 690 BAR JUNE 2007 Stone, Debbie, 2005 User interface design and evaluation 004.019 STO Raimes, Jonathan, 2006 The digital canvas 006.6 RAI Barlow, Aaron, 2005 The DVD revolution 384.558 BAR Peacock, John, 1991 The chronicles of western costume from the ancient world to the late twentieth century 391.009 PEA Vogel, Steven, 2007 (D) Street wear 391.00905 VOG Weise, Marcus, 2007 (D) How video works from analog to high definition 621.38833 WEY Apple press, 2005 The perfect fit a practical guide to adjusting patterns for a professional finish 646.4 PER
  • Apple press, 2005 Tailoring A step-by-step guide to creating beautiful customized garments 646.4 TAI Kim, W. Chan, 2005 (D) Blue ocean strategy how to create uncontested market space and make the competition irrelevant 658.802 KIM Mollerup, Per, 1997 Marks of excellence the history and taxonomy of trademarks 659.134 MOL Morgan, Conway Lloyd, 2003 Logos letterheads business cards design for profit 659.134 MOR Wiedemann, Julius, 2005 Advertising now online 659.144 WIE Gotz, Veruschka, 2003 Type for the internet and other digital media 686.22544 GOT Karg, Barb, 2005 Graphic designer’s print + color handbook 686.23042 KAR Pipes, Alan, 2003 (D) Foundations of art and design 700 PIP Wells, Nick, 2005 (D) History of art 709 MAT Blais, Joline, 2006 At the edge of art 709.05 IPP Tribe, Mark, 2006 New media art 709.05 TRI Morrissey, Simon, 2005 Richard Wilson 709.2 WIL Archer, Michael, 2001 Richard Wilson 709.2 WIL
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  • Montague, John, 2005 Basic perspective drawing 742 MON Scholtz, Andrea, 2005 Focus know-how 745.2 DES Heskett, John, 2002 Toothpicks and logos 745.201 HES Pruitt, John, 2006 (D) The persona lifestyle keeping people in mind throughout product design 745.201 PRU Helgeson, Susanne, 2002 Swedish design 745.449485 HEL Jewell, Rebecca, 1994 African designs 745.4496 JEW Lauria, Jo, 2005 (D) California design the legacy of west coast craft and style 745.44979 LAU Beal, Margaret, 2005 Fusing fabric creative cutting, bonding and mark-making with the soldering iron 746.44 BEA Leventen, Melissa, 2005 Artwear fashion and anti-fashion 746.92 LEV Steele, Valerie, 2003 Fashion, Italian style 746.920945 Whitehead, Randall, 2002 Lighting design sourcebook 749.63 WHI Hornung, David, 2005 Colour a workshop for artists and designers 752 HOR Ingledew, John, 2005 Photography 770 ING
  • Huggins, Barry, 2004 Surreal digital photography 771 HUG Owen, Ben, 2006 All the technical know-how you need Digital photography step by step 771 OWE Solnit, Rebecca, 2003 Motion studies time, space and Eadweard Muybridge 779 MUY SOL Barrier, Michael, 1999 Hollywood cartoons American animation in its golden age 791.4334 BAR Strauss, Neil, 1993 Radio texte 791.44 STR Douthitt, Chris, 2000 Voice overs: putting your mouth where the money is 791.45028 DOU Dovey, Jon, 2006 Game cultures computer games as new media 794.8 DOV Isbister, Katherine, 2006 Better game characters by design 794.8151 ISB Beyond design Keiser, Sandra 338.479391 KEI Clothing as material culture Kuchler, Susanne 391.001 KUC Textiles Today Colchester, Chloe 677.009 COL Textile innovation Hibbert, Ros 677.0283 HIB Ripple stitch patterns Eaton, Jan 677.6 EAT The modernist textile
  • Troy, Virginia Gardner 677.9 TRO Art textiles of the world Great Britain 3 Koumos, Matthew 677.942 KOU Embroidery from Afghanistan Paine, Sheila 677.958 PAI The secrets of Southeast Asian textiles Puranananda, Jane 677.9598 PUR The art of city making Landry, Charles 711.4 LAN MVRDV KM3 Fortmeyer, Russell 711.4 MUR Will Alsop book 1 Powell, Kenneth 720.92 ALS Young architects Americas Daab, Ralf 720.973 CUL Design for shopping Manuelli, Sara 725.21 MAN Hip hotels UK Ypma, Herbert 728.5 YPM Hip hotels city Ypma, Herbert 728.5 YPM Antonio’s people Caranicas, Paul 741.672 CAR Ultimate London design Datz, Christian 745.449421 DAT
  • Stitch dissolve distort with machine embroidery Campbell-Harding, Valerie 746.44 CAM Layers of stitch Campbell-Harding, Valerie 746.44 CAM Embroiderer’s and quilter’s sourcebook Thompson, Angela 746.44 THO The practical encyclopedia of quilting and quilt design Stanley, Isabel 746.46 STA The fibrearts book of wearable art Aimone, Katherine Duncan 746.92 AIM Creativity today Byttebier, Igor 153.35 BYT Serious creativity De Bono, Edward 153.35 DEB The environment in your pocket 2007 DEFRA 304.28 NAT Smart materials Ritter, Axel 620.11 RIT Logo design workbook Morioka, Noreen 659.134 ADA Coolbrands 2007/2008 Dugdale, Karen 659.134 COO C/id Visual identity and branding for the arts Hyland, Angus 659.134 HYL Typographical systems Elam, Kimberly 686.22 ELA An a-z of type designers
  • Macmillan, Neil 686.22092 MAC Made with fontfont Middendorp, Jan 686.224 MID The layout look book Weber, Max 686.225 WEB Editorial design Zappaterra, Yolanda 686.225 ZAP Editorial design for print and electronic media Zappaterra, Yolanda 686.225 ZAP Guide to part L of the building regulations Building performance group 690.22 BUL Building with reclaimed components and materials Addis, Bill 690.8 ADD The seventy architectural wonders of the world Parkyn, Neil 720 PAR Soleri Lima, Antoinietta Iolanda 720.92 SOL Anglo files Bullivant, Lucy 720.941 BUL Santiago Calatrava the Athens Olympics Tzonis, Alexander 725.827 TZA Jewish identity in contemporary architecture Van Voolen, Edward 726 SAC Dream apartments Schleifer, Simone 728.314 SCH Create impact with type, image and colour
  • Knight, Carolyn 741.6 KNI Graphics alive Cheung, Victor 741.6 VIC Zoom in out Cheung, Victor 741.6 VIC Graphic design time line Heller, Steven 741.60904 HEL This gun is for hire Klanten, Robert 741.60905 KLA Barnbrook bible Barnbrook, Jonathan 741.6092 BAR Head heart and hips Saint, Gerard 741.60922 SAI Browns, a walk through books Kirby, Peter 741.64 KIR We love magazines Losowsky, Andrew 741.652 LOS Poster collection handmade Lichtenstein, Claude 741.674 MUS The back issue the essential guide to Frame’s first 50 issues Kokhuis, Merel 747 FRA Sound design and science fiction Whittington, William 791.43024 WHI