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  1. 1. Special FEB 2K10 Issue Pune Institute of Computer Technology P .I ICT EEE .N .G ewsletter roup Volume 4 Issue: 01 Feb 2010 From the Editor’s Desk… P.I.C.T IEEE branch has a lot to boast about. Yet as always, we are humble in our endeavors and don’t proclaim our achievements to better drive home the point that there is yet a lot to be achieved. As high as we may soar, there are heights yet to be achieved. We can think of ourselves as akin to the phoenix. The phoenix starts its flight aiming to reach the sun as for it the sun is the epitome of what its goal in life is to reach. It is said that as it approaches the sun, so high has the phoenix reached that its sinews are set on fire and it is burnt to ashes. As its ashes fall on the ground, the phoenix is reborn and again the cycle of birth, flight death and rebirth is repeated. The phoenix symbolizes in more ways than one the power to be resilient in order to reach ones ultimate goal. That’s what we at PICT should inculcate in our mindset, the power to be resilient in our endeavors and to have the courage to aim high. As is rightly said “To hit an eagles eye, one must aim at the stars”. We all need to find our stars. We at this student branch believe in innovation. In an ever changing world of technology and communication it is essential to have an open mind and be able compile a method to solve virtually any problem we face. Congratulations are in order for our student team. In this issue… About IEEE Ipad or Isuck? Overview of azure The Prosthetic Arm Paper Battery Computer Quiz G@dget-onomics I would love to change the world, but they won’t give me the source code Page 1
  2. 2. CREDENZ ’09 COMMITTEE EVENT HEADS MEMBERS Paper presentation: Aasha Kabra Event Co-ordinator: Rahul Muthoo B-plan: Pawaki Singh Kopal Agarwal Rohan Malpani Mansi Jain Finance: Nitin Karda Saurabh Jain Robotics: Marketing Heads: Alex James Rahul Muthoo Nilay Panchal Rujuta Deshpande Quiz: Publicity Heads: Yash Sinha Akshay Baheti Gaurav Jain Coding: Alex James Gaurav Jain VNL Head: Akshay Dixit Nitin Karda Online Publicity: Aamir Mushtaq Page 2 If computers get too powerful, we can organize them into committees. That'll do them in.
  3. 3. IEEE Membership month- Why we joined? Why we stayed? - Aamir Mushtaq TE Editor IEEE stands for the institute of electrical and electronic engineers. It is an international organization committed to provide an international platform for all professionals in the field of Engineering to network amongst themselves and to gain an advantage over other professionals to whom the enormous resources of IEEE are not available. Come to think of it, one may ask what IEEE has achieved through its so called “International platform”, and network spanning more than 160 countries (almost all the countries in the world). IEEE, an association dedicated to the fostering of technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity, is the world’s largest technical professional society. It is designed to serve professionals involved in all aspects of the electrical, electronic and computing fields and related areas of science and technology that underlie modern civilization. IEEE’s roots, however, go back to 1884 when electricity was just beginning to become a major force in society. There was one major established electrical industry, the telegraph, which—beginning in the 1840s—had come to connect the world with a communications system faster than the speed of transportation. A second major area had only barely gotten underway—electric power and light, originating in Thomas Edison’s inventions and his pioneering Pearl Street Station in New York. In the spring of 1884, a small group of individuals in the electrical professions met in New York. They formed a new organization to support professionals in their nascent field and to aid them in their efforts to apply innovation for the betterment of humanity—the American Institute of Electrical Engineers, or AIEE for short. That October the AIEE held its first technical meeting in Philadelphia. Many early leaders, such as founding President Norvin Green of Western Union, came from telegraphy. Others, such as Thomas Edison, came from power, while Alexander Graham Bell represented the newer telephone industry. As electric power spread rapidly across the land—enhanced by innovations such as Nikola Tesla’s AC Induction Motor, long distance AC transmission and large-scale power plants, and commercialized by industries such as Westinghouse and General Electric—the AIEE became increasingly focused on electrical power and its ability to change people’s lives through the unprecedented products and services it could deliver. There was a secondary focus on wired communication, both the telegraph and the telephone. Through technical meetings, publications, and promotion of standards, the AIEE led the growth of the electrical engineering profession, while through local sections and student branches; it brought its benefits to engineers in widespread places. The AIEE and the IRE merged to form the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, or IEEE. At its formation, the IEEE had 150,000 members, 140,000 of whom were in the United States. Over the decades that followed, with IEEE’s continued leadership, the societal roles of the technologies under its aegis continued to spread across the world, and reach into more and more areas of people’s lives. The Page 3 The problem with troubleshooting is that trouble shoots back.
  4. 4. professional groups and technical boards of the predecessor institutions evolved into IEEE Societies. By the early 21st Century, IEEE served its members and their interests with 38 societies; 130 journals, transactions and magazines; more 300 conferences annually; and 900 active standards. Since that time, computers evolved from massive mainframes to desktop appliances to portable devices, all part of a global network connected by satellites and then by fiber optics. IEEE’s fields of interest expanded well beyond electrical/electronic engineering and computing into areas such as micro- and nanotechnology, ultrasonic, bioengineering, robotics, electronic materials, and many others. Electronics became ubiquitous—from jet cockpits to industrial robots to medical imaging. As technologies and the industries that developed them increasingly transcended national boundaries, IEEE kept pace, becoming a truly global institution which used the innovations of the practitioners it represented in order to enhance its own excellence in delivering products and services to members, industries, and the public at large. Publications and educational programs were delivered online, as were member services such as renewal and elections. By 2008, IEEE had 375,000 members in 160 countries, with 43 percent outside of the country where it was founded a century and a quarter before. Through its worldwide network of geographical units, publications, web services, and conferences, IEEE remains the world's leading professional association for the advancement of technology. Coming back to a more local scenario, though I love to take things Glocal (global with a local perspective), IEEE in the college i.e. PICT IEEE branch is the largest branch of IEEE in the world and has been for 3 consecutive times. Another fun aspect is that our IEEE branch is the most active branch in India. We are organizing many events such as CREDENZ. In addition to organizing a national level event, we also have the special interest groups that fellow IEEE members can form and the members will get full support from IEEE. This newsletter group is a ripe example of the Special interest group being implemented in action. Some other SIG’s that are formed are SUG (Symantec user group), the LUG (Linux user group) just to name a few. IEEE is not just an opportunity to network among your peers and get info on technologies. It also is an opportunity to learn hands on the dynamics of mass work. Dynamics of having to work in a group. It provided me with an opportunity to organize an event to learn from various experiences as to what it takes to work in a team, what it takes to lead. It was a really fulfilling and exciting experience on a whole. Some of the benefits of joining IEEE also include getting a year’s subscription to the magazine “spectrum” which is a technology updater which informs us about the latest developments in technology. Also IEEE members can organize events such as CREDENZ and also they can hold seminars and attend others. Also there are special rates for participation in tech events which are heavily subsidized. What more can one ask for… wait there is more, as a member, you can search for various papers published by the researchers all over the world. So come and be a part of our family. And Page 4 The problem with troubleshooting is that trouble shoots back.
  5. 5. remember to take an active part in all the undertakings to maximize your visibility and hone your professional skills ************************************************** ************ PAPER - By Shubhi Asthana BATTERY Have you ever wondered lithium-ion battery and a that paper could be used as supercapacitor, can provide a source to supply power in a long, steady power output one day? According to comparable to a researchers, they have now conventional battery, as successfully managed to well as a supercapacitor’s transform a normal paper quick burst of high energy. (which is coated with The use of carbon unique ink with carbon nanotubes and silver nanowires) into paper battery that can be used to power up electronic devices as a potential replacement of existing nanotubes gives the paper Lithium-ion batteries.The battery extreme flexibility; nano tubes act as electrodes the sheets can be rolled, allowing the storage twisted, folded, or cut into devices to conduct numerous shapes with no electricity. The battery, loss of integrity or which functions as both a Page 5 The problem with troubleshooting is that trouble shoots back.
  6. 6. efficiency to boost total battery systems in hybrid output. Because of their cars. Also the researchers light weight and low cost, say that the use of batteries paper battery can be used of this paper can be for portable electronics, extended to a larger scale as aircraft, automobiles, and electrical energy storage for toys while their ability to home or residential. We can use electrolytes in blood combine the use of solar make them potentially energy, wind energy and all useful for medical devices energy alternatives to such as pacemakers. The generate electricity and paper supercapacitor has store it in a paper battery the distinction of high that is more efficient and surface-to-volume ratio, so cheaper. So we can use the it can be applied to the electricity stored at night, hybrid car. The Hybrid cars when electrical energy is require quick electricity less. transfers, so it perfect for WIRELESS + ************************** UP TO 10 HOURS ********* BATTERY LIFE + A BUT, iSUCK BIG Whenever a new Apple product is launched, it is followed by a frantic advertisement campaign. With Apple iPad, it isn’t any different so now all sorts of media gimmicks are used to try and convince you into buying it. But before you give in, why not have a look at why you should NOT buy Apple iPad. 1. Does NOT Support Flash: Unfortunately, that is true; it does not support flash at all. The device is meant to give the LED-Backlit customers a better browsing IPS Display + experience with an ultimate graphic quality. How does it MULTI-TOUCH + expect to do that without Page 6 The problem with troubleshooting is that trouble shoots back.
  7. 7. supporting video streaming? But 7. E-books Without E-Ink: E- then again, it is a PAD! Ink is kind to eyes and is not brutal to the battery, but of 2. What About Multitasking? course iPad does not have that! This is where PAD shows signs If you have to have an e-book of identity confusion because reader, then Amazon Kindle is a iPad has a tendency to act all better option than Apple iPad. iPod when it comes to multitasking. Just like iPod, iPad 8. Expensive, Too Expensive: does not support multitasking. Who would pay $500 for an iPad without webcam, or 3. A Little Something Called external memory, or e-ink or for Webcam: iPad does not seem a device that does not support to be a huge fan of webcams SMS, or calls, or multitasking? I either. How can AN OVERVIEW OF THE AZURE SERVICES I tell? Err, because it PLATFORM know I won’t. has no webcam, duh! Yes, that means no video calls, no video ************************** chats. It is a PAD, remember? ******* 4. Puny Memory: Since the -by Aditya Gadre iPad does not have any ports, it means… well, it means a lot of Using things like you cannot plug in an computers in the cloud can external webcam, or digital camera for that matter, or a card reader or even a USB! It goes not allow you to expand its Apple iPod memory at all! 5. What About HD Video Out? A big no to that one as well. Surprise, surprise! 6. Handwriting Recognition: Well, what do you think? Bull’s eye! Apple iPad, despite being a product primarily meant for students and artists, does not have handwriting recognition. Page 7 The problem with troubleshooting is that trouble shoots back.
  8. 8. make lots of sense. Rather applications to use cloud than buying and maintaining services, different kinds of your own machines, why not cloud platforms are useful in exploit the acres of Internet- different situations. accessible servers on offer today? For some applications, their code and data might both live in the cloud, where somebody else manages and maintains the systems they use. Alternatively, applications that run inside an organization—on-premises applications—might store data in the cloud or rely on other cloud infrastructure services. Applications that run on Microsoft’s Azure Services desktops and mobile devices Platform is a group of cloud can use services in the cloud technologies, to each providing a specific set synchronize information acro of services to application ss many systems or in other developers. As ways. However it’s done, The components of the Azure exploiting the cloud’s Services Platform can be used capabilities can improve our by local applications running world. on a variety of But whether an application systems, including various runs in the cloud, uses flavors of Windows, mobile services provided by the devices, and others. Those cloud, or both, some kind of components include: application platform is  Windows Azure: required. Viewed broadly, an Provides a Windows- application platform can be based environment for thought of as anything that running applications provides developer-accessible and storing data on services for creating servers in Microsoft applications. In the local, on- data centers. premises Windows world, for  Microsoft .NET example, this includes Services: Offers technologies such as the distributed .NET Framework, SQL infrastructure services Server, and more. To let to cloud-based and applications exploit the cloud, local applications. cloud application platforms  Microsoft SQL must also exist. And because Services: Provides there are a variety of ways for Page 8 The problem with troubleshooting is that trouble shoots back.
  9. 9. data services in the cloud based on SQL THE Server.  Live Services: PROSTHETIC Through the Live Framework, provides access to data from ARM Microsoft’s Live applications and Moheet others. The Live Bhute, TE-1 Framework also allows synchronizing this data across desktops and devices, finding and download ing applicatio ns, and more. Each component of the Azure Services Platform has its own role to play. This overview describes all four, first at a high level, then in a bit more detail. While none of A new type of robotic them are yet final—details arm signals that a human and more might change arm would, giving its wearer before their initial release— better dexterity. it’s not too early to start understanding this new set of platform technologies. Credit: Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago Scientists at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago have surgically transplanted the nerves from the shoulder to the upper- chest muscle. These re- routed nerves then grew into the muscle, which amplified the messages once sent to Page 9 The problem with troubleshooting is that trouble shoots back.
  10. 10. muscles in the arm and such as grasping or hand; those signals are read moving the elbow. by sensors on the prosthetic Liberating limb and translated into Technologies, a movement. prosthetic-device company, then made How is it different from the a specialized other artificial arms?? prosthetic limb, which Most artificial arms was programmed to are controlled by muscles sense muscle activity near the amputated limb generated by the which makes the device very transplanted nerves slow and frustrating. and use it to control movement of a The scientists motorized elbow, transplanted to the wrist, and hand. upper chest both Must: motor and sensory nerves that, prior to com/watch? the amputation, v=T6R5bm6qx2E would have traveled from the shoulder to muscles in the arm and hand. In the months after the surgery, the transplanted nerves grew into the chest muscle, eventually triggering twitches in the shoulder muscle when the patient thought about moving her hand or elbow. Scientists then mapped the precise pattern of muscle activity that occurred when the patient mentally executed specific movements, Page 10 The problem with troubleshooting is that trouble shoots back.
  11. 11. that allows you to play without G@dget- a controller. Dubbed "Project Natal," the new Xbox 360 onomics controller looks similar to the Nintendo Wii's sensor bar: a small bar that sits above or -Aamir below your television and Mushtaq tracks your movements. But Microsoft has one-upped the The year 2009 is still a not-so- Wii by adding 3D motion distant memory, but we're tracking, voice recognition, already looking for the next and facial recognition to big thing in 2010. Last year Project Natal. We don't know people bought iPhones and how accurate and effective Flip camcorders by the Project Natal will be--that's millions, but what will it be for the thousands of gamers this year? The Apple Tablet— who buy it next Thanksgiving freshly released at this to find out. What seems sure is writing--would become a hit that even though the product or not?, and a new, more will hit the shelves far into powerful iPhone would be 2010, it already has enough greeted with open arms and hype among gamers to ensure open wallets. But we've found big sales numbers. But Project other strong contenders, such Natal won't be the only must- as the Xbox "Project Natal" have gaming controller next gaming controller, the Sezmi Christmas. This fall in the TV broadcast and streaming PlayStation 3 world, Sony will system, and the sharp-looking release its wand-based "Arc" new IdeaPad U1 laptop from motion controller, which has a Lenovo. Read on forward to solid chance of cranking up check out the glamour shots just as much buzz. And it will and the details for each soon- certainly stoke up the forum to-be-hot gadget. firefights between the PS3 and Xbox fanboys. Project Natal: Sezmi: Nintendo had better watch its back, because Microsoft has Ditching cable TV and moving announced a new controller to online TV is a great idea, for the Xbox 360--a controller Page 11 The problem with troubleshooting is that trouble shoots back.
  12. 12. but no matter how you do it, you miss out on lots of broadcast TV (live news, sports, local programming). Sezmi may be the first service to fix that. Sezmi is a service based on a set- top box that not only streams video from the Web and from your and the touchscreen face the PC, but also catches over-the- user. The phone also has a air local broadcast TV via a "backtrack," or mousepadlike supplied in-home antenna. On touchpad on the back of the the remote control, each touchscreen to control the family member has their own cursor on the screen. The button, which will take them phone packs only a midsize to their personal Sezmi processor, but the messaging channel--complete with on- crowd doesn't really need lots demand shows tailored to of power. We expect the their personal tastes. There's Backflip to reach a $100 no need to worry about (subsidized) price point by the overloading the Sezmi, either, end of 2010. How will Moms as each box is packed with a and Dads say no to a phone whopping 1TB for recorded shows. The service is in trials in the Los Angeles market now, but is expected to go worldwide later this year. Motorola Backflip: AT&T says that 30 percent of its handset sales last year were messaging phones. Motorola's latest Android-powered phone, the Backflip, may be AT&T's "it" messaging phone this year. Not that there's a big market it for it or anything--just the legions of costing just under 5k INR? kids who text-message and Facebook pretty much all day Google Nexus One: long. As such, the Backflip features a full QWERTY While the new Nexus One is keyboard that can be flipped no more a "Google phone" out so that both the keyboard than the HTC G1, it is Page 12 The problem with troubleshooting is that trouble shoots back.
  13. 13. probably the best Android screen, you get a Linux- phone on the market today. running multitouch tablet PC And Google has done such a with 16GB of flash memory. good job of associating itself That's right--not only is it a with the Nexus One in the laptop and a tablet, but it runs minds of most consumers and much of the media that this "Google phone" is bound to sell like hotcakes in 2010. And make no mistake: It is a very nice phone. Is it an iPhone killer? Well, It's slimmer than both Windows and Linux. The the iPhone, has a slightly 1.6-pound tablet powers up bigger and more hi-res OLED within 3 seconds of being screen, as well as a noticeably removed from the base, which faster, 1GHz Snapdragon can then act as a 3G wireless processor, among other things hub for the tablet. Many (like Google Voice support). consumers will be trying to At the very least, the Nexus decide between a laptop or a One represents a truly viable tablet this year, but the hybrid alternative for iPhone users, Lenovo IdeaPad U1 might especially after the Verizon well settle the argument by Wireless network begins providing both. The U1 is supporting the "Google priced at just under $1000. phone" later this year. iPhone 4G: Lenovo IdeaPad U1: It hasn't even been a year Forget tablets; Lenovo has since the iPhone 3GS, and introduced a new hybrid notebook: the Lenovo IdeaPad U1. The IdeaPad U1 is a 3.8- pound laptop that runs Windows 7 and has a 128GB solid-state drive--but wait: If you pull off the 11.6-inch Page 13 The problem with troubleshooting is that trouble shoots back.
  14. 14. people are already looking Google shot an artillery strike toward the next iPhone, which at Facebook on Tuesday by some speculate may be called adding Google Buzz, a new the iPhone 4G. The iPhone social networking capability to 3GS offered only incremental its popular Gmail Web e-mail changes to the iPhone 3G's service. Though Google Buzz hardware--and it looked is somewhat integrated with exactly the same. Rumors Twitter, along with a few suggest that the iPhone 4G other services – Flickr and will be available as early as Picasa, most notably – there's May or June 2010, and may no integration with the social have a new design, a faster network of record, Facebook. processor, a 5-megapixel And that's a void that Google camera, and an OLED will have to fill. screen--features that would rival those on Google's Nexus For now, Google is rolling the One. Other rumors hint at a Buzz service out to all its users removable battery, video chat over the next few days, so sit support, and a redone app tight if you don't have it yet. store. The rumors aren't Check to see totally out of left field--an if your account is activated. army of Androids are Once Google activates Buzz on marching into the smartphone your account, your Gmail will market. We believe this will have a new Buzz icon right force Apple to upgrade its below the Inbox on the left iPhone more drastically, and panel. The icon is labeled as sooner, in order to stay you might expect – "Buzz" – competitive in a quickly- and sports the new social changing market. network's colorful Chrome- like logo. Alternatively, you So, that’s about it from the may get a full welcome page Gadgetzone in this edition of when you log in, touting the PING. Hope you liked it and I new feature. You can either am sure , y’all have updated try it out or ignore it and go to your wish lists after having a your regular Gmail inbox. peek at the latest in technology today. Until the next Edition, its ciao from me. Social networking with Google Keep on “Buzz”ing. Buzz The first time you enter your Google Buzz-enhanced Gmail inbox, you'll see the contacts Google BUZZ…ZZZZ has found for you. Most users will likely see more proposed contacts. -NET Page 14 The problem with troubleshooting is that trouble shoots back.
  15. 15. mutually approved Friends will see their updates. Twitter Next, we get a chance to follow is what people associate with other users. Who better to public announcements anyone follow than Google's Sergey on the Internet can see. In Brin, and the product's fact, it gets annoying when manager, Todd Jackson. Like tweeters you've followed to Twitter, and unlike Facebook, learn from their expertise Google Buzz lets you follow engage in personal back-and- anyone you want and view forths; in Facebook it's their public posts. This is one expected. Buzz is trying to aspect I really like about Buzz, offer a two-in-one service – and one that takes something private and public. good from both Facebook and Twitter: its ability to create a public, Twitter-like feed, and a private one like Facebook The only post options aside for folks you really know. from text at this point are "Link," and "Photo". I was Once I have my account and disappointed to find that my contacts, it's time for inserting a YouTube link posting. The options aren't as didn't add the video to the fleshed out as those in post, but rather just an image Facebook, but they are richer of the video. On another try, I than a Twitter post, which did get a video entry with a isn't surprising. I pasted a play button, but a notice said couple thousand characters embedding was disabled. But into the posting area (a text the third try was the charm; I box), so there didn't seem to saw the embedded video. be any limit on the length of a text post. My absurdly long status update showed as a After you post, you have a few single line with an "expand" choices from a right-hand link. There's also a collapse menu: you can edit your post, link. delete it, or email it. You can Posting with Google Buzz also create a link to it, which actually creates a standalone Choosing whether to post to Web page for the post—neat! your private social network Another choice is Mute, which instead of the public at large is shows up whether you or a simple matter of clicking the someone else is the creator of big, obvious "Private/Public" the post. Hitting this makes dropdown right next to the the post slowly disappear from "Post" button. Facebook has view. Other choices for posts just added an option to post to not from yourself are "view all "Everyone on the Internet"; buzz from [User name]", most people expect that only "follow," and "report abuse" Page 15 The problem with troubleshooting is that trouble shoots back.
  16. 16. Others can comment on your Buzz will take more time for a post and, just as in Facebook, full appraisal: its ability to "Like" it. The comment filter out the noise. I'll only be interface is pleasing, and able to guage that after somewhat reminiscent of months of use and quite a few Google Wave (as is the more follows. At this point, "mute" option) without all the I'm afraid I don't see that the confusion. The service hides Buzz page is any less cluttered some comments, showing a than Facebook, which also lets link such as "2 more you hide posts that don't comments" so that the post interest you. doesn't take up too much space. Anyone who views a post can It's certainly a good also e-mail it using a full Web implementation, with a few e-mail editor rather than the advantages over Facebook. simple no-editing option we're But that may not matter. used to seeing on web sites' "e- Facebook has the audience, to mail this" options. This editor the tune of a half billion users; includes fonts, attachments, no matter how nice a and all the rest. It's like Gmail Facebook clone you make, within Buzz, within Gmail. people will likely stay on Facebook. Sure, lots of people use Gmail, but not for social networking. Microsoft and Connecting your Buzz stream Yahoo have both incorporated to other Internet services is social status updates to their limited to just a choice of five very popular webmail at this point: Picasa Web services, but that hasn't pulled Albums, Google Reader for people off Facebook and onto RSS feeds, Google Chat status, their social systems. Buzz has Flickr, and Twitter. And the a long way to go to catch up Twitter integration is one- with Facebook, not only in way: You can only funnel your user numbers, but in hot tweets into buzz, not the other applications (Google says way around. Rivals, such as there will be an open API), Yahoo, have already pointed and things like groups and fan out the weaknesses of Google sites. Buzz. Still, this time Google has Can Buzz beat Facebook or unveiled a much stronger Twitter? social offering than its previous attempts. After that, One of the key advantages the masses may follow. At Google claims with Google Page 16 The problem with troubleshooting is that trouble shoots back.
  17. 17. least now they'll have a choice between Web powerhouses. PICE IEEE OFFICE BEARERS 2009 Counselor: Prof. R.B.Ingle Chairperson: Shraiya Srivastava Vice Chairperson: Pawaki Singh Treasurer: Anuja Khemka Secretary Of Finance: Vaibhav Jain Secretary: Ritesh R Ganatra Yash Sinha Vice-Treasurer: Saurabh Jain Public Relation Officer: Nitin Karda Joint Secretary: Rahul Muthoo Rohan Malpani Page 17 The problem with troubleshooting is that trouble shoots back.
  18. 18. Rujuta Deshpande Members of Senior Council: Anjali Aggarwal Sarang Chaudhari Kapil Neurgaonkar Members of Junior Council: Aamir Mushtaq Aasha Kabra Akshay Baheti Alex James Akshay Dixit Gaurav Jain Kopal Agrawal Mansi Jain From : Room No 106, Pune Institute Of Computer Technology Dhankawadi Pune. Email: Send In Your Articles to : Page 18 The problem with troubleshooting is that trouble shoots back.
  19. 19. Editorial Board Editors Aamir Mushtaq Page 19 The problem with troubleshooting is that trouble shoots back. "If you want to go somewhere, goto is the best way to get there."