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    Mobile Computer N° 12 - 12/12/2007 - 301 Mobile Computer N° 12 - 12/12/2007 - 301 Document Transcript

    • >0 contents regulars inbox 8 Have your say . news 1 Google 0 s Android set to shake up the mobile market , Packard Bell enters ultra-portable market , Panasonic unveils new Toughbooks and more . picks 6webbest 5The of the web . buys best 72 Our top mobile products retro 4If you wanted / 7 a portable IBM PC the early 1980s there in , was no point asking IBM . advice 24 . 60handhelds Carry PDAsmartphone standalo es D a or with you and never be stuck for something read again to . 16 Asus Eee PC 4G 18 Getac V100 Tablet ]the answers 20 Samsung R60 Plus CGot portable problem? 22 Apple iPhone 6 a Our resident expert can help . 23 Sony Ericsson K850i 24 E-TEN Glofiish X800 6 stepby-step 26 -Mobile Sidekick Slide T Let your wireless 27 Navman S70 mobile device 28 Datawind PocketSurfer 2 logon Wi-Fi to a 29 Sennheiser PXC350 hotspot for you , Advance Noisegard simple guide a to 29 LG GSA-E50N connecting your printer to a 30 CoPilot Live 7 wireless network use SharpKeys , 31 Creative Zen 4GB create keyboard layout that 31 CMS ABS-Secure to a suits your needs . Dennis Publishing of the contents the exclusive publisher this magazine and fully of is is E799 aptops ( fiable for all and any editorial contents The . 36 Dell 1520 Inspiron contents were developed independently from Intel and do not necessarily reflect the views 38 HP Compaq 6820s of Intel Intel may not be held responsible for . 40 Zepto Znote 6324W any contents published by Dennis Publishing in this magazine The Intel Centrino logo . is 42 Toshiba Satellite Pro A200 used by Dennis Publishing under licence from 43 Zoostorm 4-5714 Intel Corporation 44 Samsung Q45 Red . The Intel and Intel Centrino trademarks the , 45 Sony VGN-CR21S / W Intel Centrino logo are registered trademarks of Intel Corporation its subsidiaries the or in 45 Acer Aspire 5920 United States and other countries .
    • 000 reviews Getac V100 Tablet A tough little customer that will take anything you throw at it If there' one thing you shouldn' do s t with brand new laptop take a , it' s it down the beach roll around the to , it in sand and drop into rocky pool While it a . such day trip would spell the end for a most laptops some like the Getac , , V100 Tablet are made sturdier stuff , of Indeed pull the V100 from its , surprisingly small box and the first thing you' notice its beefy frame II there is . If was ever laptop destined for use on a a battlefield then we' sure look , re it' d something like the Getac The lid catch . The Getac might not be completely submersible , particular looks like in be more it' d et but as long as you dont dunk the bath will it in , it home securing an ammunition case than work the worst conditions We poured mugs in . of water ail over with no effect il . a laptop Every corner and edge . is p addition carry handle Getac provides In to a , cushioned by shock-absorbing plastic , an elasticated hand strap far when you' using re it and all its ports are hidden by rubber Tablet mode Thanks toits relatively light weight in . , sealed flaps which promise keep , to easily portable too it' s . water dust and any other particles The Getac' array J ports are all hidden behind s of , rubber-sealed plastic ports Thankfully they' ail . re from intruding upon the delicate , labelled so you won' have open them atl one by , t to components inside . one find the port you need to . s While you' expect all this d sturdiness come the expense to at of the Getac makes no such compromise . Our model also came with an optional portability the V100 surprisingly , is Granted items such as the half-height , transflective display-a technology light tipping the scales atjust 2.2kg , . Enter key and shrunken Shift Tab and , that keeps the image viewable under The use magnesium alloy throughout of Ctrl keys take little getting used a to , the brightest conditions Even with of . the case largely responsible for the is but the full-sized Qwerty keys make up the backlight turned off was possible , it combination extreme strength and of for this The keys are comfy . type to to faintly make out the Windows sensible weight While this isn' the . t upon thanks crisp positive action to a , Desktop allowing you dim the , to lightest laptop we've seen the Getac , is and only mild sponginess counts a backlight right down conserve to happy be transported without to against them Similar praise can be . battery power without compromising needing well-padded laptop bag a to heaped upon the trackpad which , is readability The V100' display also . s is keep safe Clip the supplied handle it . to responsive and blessed with buttons a touchscreen so you can navigate , the metal clips either Bide the at of that respond with crisp click a . windows with the tethered telescopic laptop' front edge and the only thing s , With no vents keep the processor to stylus finger or a . you' have worry about accidentally II to is cool little surprise that the Getac it' s As with all ruggedised laptops the , kneecapping yourself with one the of gets little toasty use But while a in . , a Getac expensive The basic is . V100' incredibly solid corners s . high-powered processor would turn the specification starts ,791 exc VAT et 1 65 , After spending time with the likes of V100 into an unwieldy hot potato , but once you start adding GPS (a HP gorgeous 2710p Tablet PC issue s ( Intel low-voltage Core Duo U2500 ' s option HSDPA another 70 and ) , ( f' ) 11 there' no question that the Getac ) , s keeps temperatures manageable to a push the RAM up more sensible to looks bit bruiser a of a . level while still offering enough power , amounts such as 1Gb 2Gb you' or , re use though that In , for most tasks might only operate . It at looking price tag that' easily buy you a d couldn' be further t a modest 1.2GHz but with two , three much better specified albeit not , from the truth . It' s processor cores beavering away the , as rugged laptops But as ever the , . , Ril common for petite V100 always felt snappy use in . question one need you work is of . If in Good Res Pence , w ght laptops provide to Cast an eye over the 10.4 display " dusty damp environments then the or , inter key o screen unpleasantly cramped and the first thing you' notice that ll is it' s average laptop' life expectancy will s Bad Veryexpensive; keyboards but , in eye-poppingly bright-so much so that hang precariously the balance The in . Centrino looks keeping with its we had reduce the screen brightness to Getac on the other hand will take , , a Duo utilitarian credentials , even under the glare office lighting of . battering and come back for more . 0