Mobile Citizen Intelligence Link Table (Sept 2009)


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Mobile Citizen Intelligence Link Table (Sept 2009)

  1. 1. Links on Mobile Developments + Mapping & Their Potential Use for Global Development (In Pursuit of “Mapped Mobile Citizen Intelligence”) Jason Liszkiewicz April 2009-March 2010 EIN earthintelnet [at] Mobile + Mapping Crisis & Election Monitoring (Zimbabwe, Kenya, Congo, S. Africa, Ghana, India, Gaza) Mobile + Mapping Crisis Growing/expanding in use and notoriety 4 min video and ts/ushahidi-v2-global-crisis-tool Mobile + Mapping Crisis Congo Mobile + Mapping Crisis Kenya Mobile + Mapping Crisis South Africa Mobile + Mapping Crisis Gaza a Mobile + Mapping Crisis Zimbabwe ectionviolence Mobile + Election Monitoring India: citizen-driven election monitoring thru SMS, email and Web-based reports on voting irregularities Mobile + Election Monitoring Ghana: sms & vote monitoring critical-election-observation-ghana Mapping Emergency Alerts Global and regional alert maps 2.php & php?lang=eng (regions) Mexico voting report-votes-and-nonvotes-sms Lebanon elections Citizen SMS reporting on Lebanon elections Big Picture Aside from mobile, imagine http:// with with the public display of and dome media
  2. 2. Indian Hardware $20 mobile phone y/spice-mobile-unveils-20-people- s-phone $20 hardware $20 mobile chip platform ml Harware w/$15-$20 pricetag $15-20 Tracfones p?task=phones&subTask=allPhones International development Top 15 project winners of USAID contest op15 Malnutrition surveillance “Child Malnutrition Surveillance and Famine Response” s/child-malnutrition-surveillance- and-famine-response Crisis-response “Ushahidi global crisis reporting” s/ushahidi-v2-global-crisis-tool Video/SMS/Mapping Video on Ushahidi's text messaging and mapping for Kenya s/erik_hersman_on_reporting_crisi s_via_texting.html RSS-to-SMS Free RSS-to-SMS service in development (beta) Microscope/Medical “CellScope: Telemicroscopy for Disease Diagnosis” scope & ch_cellscope.htm Medical/Health “Frontline SMS Medic” archives/2009/03/023151.htm Video/Health Data Datadyne mobile health data v=RoiGzgnMUAo & Video/Data collection Nokia data gathering v=V3rrbhf87yI Poverty/mapping Spatial representations of poverty assessments Crisis-response “Innovative support to emergencies, disease, and _3-10198462-238.html? disasters” part=rss&subj=news&tag=2547-1_ 3-0-20 & Video/crisis-response Larry Brilliant's presentation that led to the start of the “Innovative s/larry_brilliant_wants_to_stop_pa support to emergencies, disease, ndemics.html and disasters” (INSTEDD) Map/Disease Global disease alert map Indonesia/SMS/Disease (2005) Indonesia launching hotline to monitor disease via SMS archives/2005/08/009653.htm Indonesia/Gov/SMS SMS to complain about government officials archives/2005/06/008668.htm Blood tester Hacked/modified mobile device into a portable blood tester your-mobile-analyzing-blood-
  3. 3. capable of detecting HIV, malaria detecting-diseases and other illnesses Zimbabwe/Mapping/Terror & Mapping Terror in Zimbabwe: Violence/Elections Political Violence & Elections 2008 ectionviolence Zimbabwe/SMS/censorship Zimbabwe phone censorship in the name of national security mt_search.php? IncludeBlogs=1&search=zimbabwe Health Rockefeller Foundation, United Nations Foundation and Vodafone 09/03/16/mhealth-for-development Foundation to form the Mobile & Health Alliance (mHealth) l-issues/technology/mhealth- alliance.html 3-D/disasters/mapping Video from Technology Review on mapping disasters in 3-D /player/bcpid263777539? bctid=18022720001 & blog/editors/23257/ Rapid response/mapping/Tennesse Rapid response mapping in Tennessee (tornado) atures.php?id=1002 Rapid response Strong Angel III “Integrated rapid response demonstration” Rapid response/Video Video of Strong Angel III v=1ikEPzLHPdM&NR=1 Pakistan/converging media Extensive writing on old & new media converging in Pakistan n/old-and-new-media-converging- emergencies during-the-pakistan-emergency- march-2007-february-2008 & n/old-and-new-media-converging- during-the-pakistan-emergency- march-2007-february-2008? page=0,2 (SMS section) Africa/crop disease Treating crop disease in east Africa via mobile phone ws/-/2558/561696/-/rigs6uz/-/ Kenya/video Kenya's mobile revolution Part 1 documentary v=xQTS8Hel1vk Part 2 v=BRjpHUnxaq8 Solar powered phone Solar powered phone (2nd link is of solar powered phone that is water /13/samsung-releases-solar- proof) powered-phone/ & Africa/solar powered tower Solar powered cell phone tower africa-cell-phone-providers- ingenuity-turns-to-wind-and-solar/ Kenya/SMS/election violence SMS as Information Channel in Post-Election Kenyan violence information-channel-post-election-
  4. 4. kenya Cambodia/video/violence Mobile video of police open fire at Cambodian farmers 500 video-map map of videos captured around the world Mali/USAID “Promoting stability and prosperity in the developing world through information and communications technology” Africa mobile news Dedicated to mobile news from Africa Africa/documentary trailer “Hello Africa” trailer for documentary on African mobile v=KAqsFqY-kGQ developments Nigeria/Android/rapid response new tool now being tested in Nigeria by UNICEF for the android-turning-android-phone- distribution of bed nets. data-collection-and-supply- management-server & UNICEF/RapidSMS Kenya/mapping Geospatial Week--“Mapping our Future 2009-2014: Collective & Action and Advocacy to Improve Spatial Solutions for Sustainable q=node/83 Development” potential “ phones are starting to be used to collect data in an /090419/full/458959a.html increasing number of disciplines. Roberta Kwok looks into their potential.” Disease detection/Twitter From, “Realtime disease detection for your city from messages on Twitter (and soon Facebook)” AFL-CIO/Pandemic Many Health Care Facilities Not Prepared to Protect Healthcare p=25660 Workers in Event of Pandemic Flu Outbreak SMS/Pollution advisories text messaging service to inform people when a High Pollution & Advisory (HPA) is being issued for the Greater Phoenix Area. 207575.html Map/healthcare/NYC part of the Centers for Disease http://www.healthcarethatworks.or Control's REACH 2010 Program g/maps/nyc/ Video/“Participatory Sensing” “Participatory sensing” and mobile phones v=t-ItfpA3XiY SMS/Answer Service Answers to anything, on the go, for free (pay after certain amount of SMS's) SMS/411/answer service SMS 411 type service as a model since this does not work (I tested & it)
  5. 5. ns SMS/NYC Transit NYC Metro Transit SMS service (S(t22oirujs0j1w4550c41u1ai))/Log inC.aspx SMS/Products/Bar code Bar code SMS service SMS/farmers/India Indian farmers adopt SMS to find out rubber prices lnus/015200904171712.htm SMS/court cases/Dubai SMS service now available for Dubai court cases sms-updates-now-available-for- dubai-court-cases- & -E.asp SMS/fumes/crime tips Documentation from England, Thailand, and Malaysia on the use archives/cat_citizens_as_informant of text messaging for reporting s.htm excessive fume emissions and crime tips Open Learning/RSS Example of course available through RSS feeds. Connect this /category.php?id=6 into a RSS-to-SMS program for mobile learning potential india/Mapping/SMS/Elections Vote reporting on India election discrepancies and incidents & & India/SMS/Mapping/traffic SMS traffic reporting and mapping because of this v=RjrEQaG5jPM India/Idea-sending Corporate mobile democracy in India? v=FGM4ywFEcZg SMS/crime-fighting Using SMS to fight crime Singapore/SMS/crime alerts SMS crime alerts from Singapore police tion/crimesms_index.htm Terrorists Potential uses of mobile phones by terrorists e.pdf UN/Vodafone/Social Change United Nations Foundation & Vodafone “Mobilizing Social ingSocialChange_full.pdf Change” Augmented reality/3-D search Hyper-linking reality. augmented reality, 3-D search blog/editors/22198/ & BizTech/17807/page2/ & Dsearch.html & etdimensions.html Video/problem-solving/3-D/grid Video at of David Brin computing & Sheldon Brown animation &
  6. 6. (scalable city) http://www.worldcommunitygrid.or g Traffic monitoring Mobile Millennium Traffic Pilot London Noise Map London road traffic noise map Telecommunications/Internet/Map Telecommunications and internet map City problem-reporting Report and fix problems in your city SMS/problem-driving Bad driving reports via SMS archives/2006/06/012814.htm SMS/Collective participation Collective navigation via SMS obeideas2006 SMS/video projection SMS & video projection for public display SMS/sex info Sex info for young people Dome media Domes for displaying vivid media Largest mobile event Largest exhibition for the mobile http://www.mobileworldcongress.c industry om/overview.shtml Photography synthesis Piece together photography to form a realistic-like navigatable environment Data Visualization Google Earth + iPhone Google Earth for the iPhone 008/10/google-earth-co/ Zip codes/Mapping Zip code map. Click map, type zip code, and the map zooms in Data visualization 175 data viz examples -data-and-information- visualization-examples-and- resources/ Mapping/roadway fatalities Mapping of roadway fatalities across America Mapping British Data Various mapping based in Britain Map/hate groups Hate group map for America /hate.jsp Crime map/Oakland Crime map for Oakland, California World data maps Many world data maps Map/city growth Map on city growth (Chicago) http://www.mapsinthepublicsquare .org Conflict/map International conflict mapping (International Conflict Research) rviews Map/Surveillance/Privacy 2007 International Privacy http://www.privacyinternational.or Ranking, map of surveillance g/article.shtml? societies around the world cmd[347]=x-347-559597 Data visualization/product-tracking Product-tracking ductspace/index.htm City sensors/mapping Real-time sensors for city mapping Maps/Science “Better maps, better decisions”
  7. 7. 3-D Cities 3-D city models rvicessubcat.php?subcat=3D-city- models World data maps Various world data maps world/ Digital Earth International Symposium on Digital Earth earth.htm Data Visualization/Animation Animated data visualization nformation_recast/ RSS/mapping RSS feeds mapped Mapping/genocide-prevention Genocide Prevention Mapping Initiative Wars/animated mapping Animated mapping of American wars erican-wars.html Mapping Proliferation/non-proliferation http://www.carnegieendowment.or maps g/static/npp/deadlymaps.cfm Geo-data Mobile geo-data sets /DELibeCCtpSctDspRte.jsp? section=10058 Geospatial Revolution Project Video from Penn State Global Task Assigning People remotely getting paid for small translation tasks Ultrasound Imaging Smartphone-compatible USB ultrasound probes for imaging the kidney, liver, bladder and eyes (and more) SMS + Tee Shirts *note: EIN Director conceived of this in 2008 and with plans to implement this with Blind/deaf emergencies archives/2009/05/023538.htm Free GIS SMS/healthy toys SMS to get ratings on toys that are not toxic texting.php SMS info directory Open Mobile Consortium: “we work on open source mobile applications for social change” N. Korea oppression Various links on the oppressive North Korean gov in relation to mobile phone use /archives/2008/02/019113.htm Iranian Election Iran's coming election & the role of sms/mobile text messaging /archives/2009/05/023695.htm Global incidents “Worldwide Incidents Tracking System”
  8. 8. Pandemic/GPS /archives/2009/06/023770.htm Group Communications GeoChat released for "disaster- ready group communications" June 2009 Iran/sms election-data “The university’s campaign team has developed its own software /11/world/middleeast/11iran.html for doing election polls, and has ?_r=1 given 1,000 phones equipped with it to campaign workers who fan out across the country to do face-to-face questionnaires. They type the answers directly into the phones, and then transmit them back to the Tehran headquarters by text message..” Emergency Alert Backup However, Motorola is featured in http://homelandsecuritynewswire. this article, the same company com/single.php?id=8102 who supplied pre and post Sept. 11 radios to the NYPD & Fire Guiliani & Motorola Dept's Video on radios Crime Visualization 20 data visualizations 3/20-visualizations-to- understand-crime/ Mobile pollution sensors Cyclists, buses, cars and even pedestrians will become mobile e/nature/8126498.stm pollution detectors in an & initiative launched in Britain. Citizen Mobile Answer Service Humorously plays on the “KGB” (paid) theme (542-542 is KGB-KGB) Mapping medicine “stockouts” Mapping medicine temporarily not available on shelves Severe weather sms alert Weather alerts (severe weather) via txt message Child abduction SMS alerts for child abduction. http://wirelessamberalerts.adcoun The link to the right shows the general network of how the ork.htm system works Crisis preparation/response August 2009
  9. 9. Librarian-based service p=7805 911 SMS Waterloo, Iowa 911 dispatch accepting txt msging, first in the country Afghanistan Airwaves September 2009 Radio + Mobile connection Rural radio, sms, mp3's, agriculture and health info March 2010 (sorry for the delay) SMS/homelessness Street art: a projector simulates a homeless person sleeping hwaysvid/ (requires Flash) outside...a 5 digit number is also projected, when someone sends a txt message to it, the sleeping person enters a doorway, into a home. SMS/Africa activism Book - SMS Uprising: Mobile Activism in Africa p=23287 Sexual Harassment/Egypt HarassMap: Tracking Sexual Harassment in Egypt with SMS p-plan-track-sexual-harassment- egypt Children/violence/Benin/Africa Beginning stages of project against violence against children 2010/03/01/finding-some-ict- answers-in-benin/ Mapping The MapTogether project provides free map-related training and tools for community and nonprofit groups around the world. Our resources include software, data sets, online mapping services, documentation, and training resources. In addition, our geographers provide free in- person "community mapping clinics" in cities across the United States and Canada. Mapping/Civic Engagement Technology for Transparency http://transparency.globalvoiceso Network Mapping “open supply chains” Mobile payment
  10. 10. Sensors “smell phone” to detect chemical hazards...who else, department 1/cell-phones-sniff-out-toxic- of homeland security fumes.aspx?s=techprod_170310 collaborating with corporations. Toxins/NYC Book On Africa and Latin America mobile communications munication-technologies-in-latin- america-and-africa/