Instant-on for Android


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Instant-on for Android

  1. 1. Instant-on for Android User Guide
  2. 2. © 2009 All Rights Reserved Instant-on for Android User Guide Original Issue: 08/2009 Model number: __________________________________ Serial number: ___________________________________ Date of purchase: ________________________________ Place of purchase: ________________________________
  3. 3. Installing Instant-on for Android 1 Contents Using Instant-on for Android 3 Customizing the Home screen 10 Managing your power consumption 11 Going online 12 Connecting to a network 12 Browsing the web 12 Accessing email 12 Using Google Talk 13 Managing your time 13 Messaging 14 Creating and sending SMS messages 15 Receiving SMS messages 15 Multimedia 15 Using the camera 15 Gallery 15 Music 16
  4. 4. 1 Installing Instant-on for Android English Important! To enjoy all the benefits of the Instant-on system, you will need to enter your Gmail account information. If you do not have a Gmail account, you may set one up during the setup process. The first time you turn on your computer, it will complete the Windows XP or Windows 7 setup. Once Windows is set up, you will be asked if you wish to setup the Instant-on system. You will then be led through setting up the system.
  5. 5. 2 If you skip any of the steps during the initial setup, double-click the English icon on your Windows desktop at any time to open Acer Configuration Manager for Android to adjust settings. You can also check for updates to your installation at any time or according to a schedule by selecting the Live Update tab. In the event that your Instant-on system should not work correctly, you can select the Recovery tab to recover the original installation. Warning: This will delete any data you have installed under the Instant-on system. Please back up any data you need to keep before starting the Recovery process.
  6. 6. 3 Click Recover Now to start the process. English Using Instant-on for Android If you select to boot to the Instant-on system, your computer will automatically boot the Android operating system each time you turn it on. If you want to boot directly to Windows, press the <F9> key when you see the Acer logo after pressing the power button. Note: Double-clicking is not necessary when using Android. You can accomplish any action with a single click. The Home screen is your starting point for using the installed applications. You can customize the Home screen to display the application icons, shortcuts and folders you prefer. You can return to the Home screen at any time by pressing the Windows key. The Home screen extends beyond the screen width to provide more space for adding icons. Press the left or right arrows to move to the right or left side of the extended home screen. To switch to the Windows operating system, click in the top left- hand corner of the Home screen.
  7. 7. 4 You can control many functions of your computer using hotkey English combinations as described below. Hotkey Function <Fn> + <F4> Enter sleep mode. <Fn> + <F5> Toggle external display. <Fn> + <F6> Turn display on or off. <Fn> + <F7> Turn touchpad on or off. <Fn> + <F8> Turn audio on or off. <Fn> + <F11> Turn NumLk on or off. <Fn> + Right arrow Increase display brightness. <Fn> + Left arrow Decrease display brightness. <Fn> + Up arrow Increase system volume. <Fn> + Down arrow Decrease system volume. The Applications tab To the right of your screen is the Applications tab; this shows icons for all the applications installed on your computer. Any applications that
  8. 8. 5 you download and install from the web are added to the Applications English tab. To close an application, press <Esc>. No. Item Description 1 Notification area Indicates a new event, such as an SMS received. 2 SD card mounted Indicates that an SD card has been inserted in the card reader. (Does not indicate an MMS card.) 3 Language Indicates the input language and keyboard currently in use. 4 3G Indicates the 3G connection status. 5 WLAN Indicates the WLAN connection status and signal strength. 6 Battery charge Indicates the battery charge status. 7 Time Shows the time and date. 8 Applications tab Shows all the applications installed in your Android system.
  9. 9. 6 At any time, you may return to the Home screen by pressing the English Windows key. You may return to any open program by clicking on its icon. You can view and open up to six applications that you have recently used. Press the Windows + <Tab> keys to display the six applications most recently used. Click an icon to open the application. If you have a new event notification, click on the icon to view the event. Click Clear notifications to clear all event notifications.
  10. 10. 7 Settings English You can control and customize your system settings via the Settings screen. Press the menu key or right-click at any time you are in the Home screen to display the settings menu. Click the Settings icon to open the Settings window. Item Description Wireless controls Configure your computer’s wireless connections. Sound & display Set speaker volume and display brightness. Data Synchronize your contact and calendar information synchronization with your Google contacts and calendar. Applications Manage applications and add/remove programs. SD card Check the space on the inserted storage card. Date & time Set the date, time, time zone, and date or time format. Locale & text Set the operating system language, region and keyboard layout About Device View system information.
  11. 11. 8 Wireless controls: English Item Description Wi-Fi settings Set up and manage your wireless access points. Bluetooth Turn your Bluetooth on or off. Bluetooth settings Manage your Bluetooth connections, set a device name and discoverability. Mobile networks Set your options for connecting to mobile networks. Airplane mode Disable all wireless connections so you can safely use this device onboard an aircraft. Note: You can turn the Bluetooth on or off using the Bluetooth button above the keyboard. Other network options, such as 3G, LAN and PPPoE settings may be available through the Network Manager. This is accessed from the applications tab. Airplane mode: The use of transmitting devices is currently banned onboard aircraft in many parts of the world. If you wish to use your computer whilst
  12. 12. 9 onboard an aircraft, you can disable all wireless connections by English activating Airplane mode. Click Airplane mode in the Wireless controls screen. When you’re in Airplane mode, you will see in the Notification area. Locale & Text You can select your location here and input language from the list of supported languages. Once the multi-language tool is enabled, you can press <Alt> + <Shift> to change languages.
  13. 13. 10 Customizing the Home screen English You can change the wallpaper for your computer by right-clicking anywhere on the Home screen to open the settings toolbar. Click Wallpaper to select a new wallpaper image from the default images or your Gallery. You can move icons from the Applications tab to the Home screen. Click and hold the icon you want to move; the Applications tab will disappear and you can place the icon in any unoccupied area of the
  14. 14. 11 desktop. Icons will automatically be arranged in a grid pattern as English indicated below and you can add up to seven icons. Managing your power consumption You can manage your computer’s power consumption and maximize the battery life via Power Management, accessible from the Applications tab. In this application you can set: Item Description Display timeout Define a time interval, after which the display will be turned off. Sleep timeout Define a time interval, after which the computer will enter the Sleep mode. Autosuspend Define a time interval, after which the computer will timeout enter Suspend mode. Suspend the Put the system into Suspend mode when the lid is system closed.
  15. 15. 12 Going online English The Instant-on feature of your new computer allows you to access email and Internet content within a few seconds of pressing the power button. Connecting to a network Your computer should automatically detect any wired network. However, you will need to manually connect to a wireless network the first time you use it. On the Home screen, press the Menu key or right-click to open the Settings menu. Click Settings > Wireless controls. Then select Wi-Fi settings and your computer will scan for available networks. Click the selected network and click Connect in the dialog box that opens. If your wireless network doesn’t appear in the list of available networks, click Add Wi-Fi network to manually enter the SSID and other required information. Browsing the web Once the computer has booted, you’ll be able to use the Firefox browser to surf the web. Click the Firefox icon on the Home screen to start surfing. Accessing email If you wish to access your web-based email, you can use the Webmail icon to open the webmail service you set up in the Acer Configuration Manager for Android. Alternatively, you can set up your POP3/IMAP (ISP) email using the included mail client. To access this, open the Applications tab and click Email. The first time you click on this icon, you will be asked to enter
  16. 16. 13 your email address and password. Most major services can be set up English automatically from this information. If you are unable to set up your account automatically, click Manual Setup to enter a wizard that will lead you through setting up your account. Using Google Talk Google Talk is a chat program that allows you to chat in real time with friends, family and other contacts. Google Talk uses the Gmail account information you entered during setup or via the Acer Configuration Manager for Android. Click the Google Talk icon on the desktop to log in and chat. Right-click within the program to manage your contact list. Managing your time Important! To use this feature, you need to have a valid Gmail account and be connected to the Internet.
  17. 17. 14 Your new computer features a handy calendar function to arrange English your appointments. Use Calendar to create and manage your events, meetings and appointments. From the menu, accessed by right-clicking anywhere on the calendar, you can choose to view your schedule or display the calendar by day, week or month. Depending on your synchronization settings, the Calendar on your computer will be synched automatically with your web-based calendar. Messaging You can compose text (SMS) messages of up to 160 characters. If you enter more than 160 characters, your message will be split into multiple, concatenated, messages. Most phones will join concatenated messages to create a single message for the recipient to read.
  18. 18. 15 Creating and sending SMS messages English On the Messaging screen, click New message to open the Compose screen. Enter the recipient’s mobile phone number in the To field. As you type the phone number, matching contacts will appear on the screen. Click a contact or continue entering the recipient’s phone number. Enter your text in the text box marked with Type to compose. Click Send to send the text message. The send progress is displayed to the right of the message in the message thread or in the message list. Receiving SMS messages Depending on your notification settings, when you receive a new SMS message, the device will play a ring tone or display the message briefly in the status bar. A new message icon also appears in the notification area of the status bar to notify you of a new text or multimedia message. Multimedia Using the camera Your computer is equipped with a built-in webcam that you can use to take pictures. Open the Applications tab and click Camera to open the camera function. In the upper right corner, click the icon to take a picture. Pictures you’ve taken will be shown as thumbnails on the left of your screen. Click a thumbnail to view the picture. Using the icons at the top of the screen, you will be able to open the Gallery to view all your images; Set as a Contact icon or Wallpaper; or Delete the picture. Gallery You can view the photos or pictures that are downloaded from the Internet through Gallery. The formats supported are .JPG, .PNG and .GIF.
  19. 19. 16 The Settings menu for Gallery allows you to adjust the following: English Item Description Display size Select what size images should be displayed. Sort order Set the picture order. Confirm deletions Show a confirmation before deleting a picture. Slideshow interval Set how long a picture stays on the screen before the next one is displayed. Slideshow Set a transition effect. transition Repeat slideshow Loop the slideshow. Shuffle slides Show pictures in a random order. Music Music plays digital audio files from the computer’s storage. Supported file formats are: • MP3 • M4A (iTunes application AAC, DRM-free) • MP4 (AAC decode) • MIDI • WAV • OGG Vorbis You can view music files by Artist, Albums or list the individual Songs or Playlists.