Install OverDrive Media Console* On Your Personal Computer


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Install OverDrive Media Console* On Your Personal Computer

  1. 1. Install OverDrive Media Console* On Your Personal Computer *Must be installed on your personal computer; cannot be installed on library computers. *Available for Windows, Apple OSX, and smartphones(Win Mobile, Android, Blackberry, iPhone). *Windows can use WMA audiobooks/music and WMV videos. Others can only use MP3 audiobooks. *OverDrive Media Console must be installed BEFORE downloading your first audiobook, music, or video from the library. 1. Go to and click . 2. Scroll down and under Audiobook, click . 3. On the left side of the screen, click on the link for OverDrive® Media Console™. 4. You will be taken to the OverDrive website 5. On the right, select your computer or smartphone type. 6. Additional download/install instruction will appear below the lists of devices. Please pay special attention to those instructions for all the Mac and smartphone devices. 7. Click . 8. Click . Note: if Run is available and you have a fast connection to the Internet, you can select that option instead of Save. Skip to step #11 if choosing Run. 9. Take note of the location of the file so you will be able to find it for the next step. Click again. 10. Locate the file you have saved. Double-click (“.exe” may not show on some computers and it will be “.pkg” for Apple). Follow the instructions on your screen. Note: The remainder of these instructions are written for Windows. Install OverDrive Media Console Page 1 April 2010 King County Library System
  2. 2. 11. Click . You will see the “Preparing to install” status. The OverDrive Media Console Wizard will start. 12. Click to begin the wizard. 13. Select “I Agree” after reviewing the License Agreement. 14. Click . 15. Select the installation folder. You can change the location, but it is best to keep the default location. 16. Select if this program will be available to everyone using your computer or just you. “Everyone” is recommended. 17. Click . 18. Click to confirm installation. You will then see installation status window. 19. Once the installation is complete, click . 20. Now an OverDrive icon should be available on your desktop and/or your Start > Programs menu. Make sure you are still connected to the Internet and click it to start the OverDrive Media Console. 21. Within OverDrive, click on the Tools menu and select Windows Media Player Security Upgrade… 22. Click OK when prompted to install the security upgrade. 23. Windows Media Player will start and may prompt you with another warning that Media Player needs to be upgraded. Click Upgrade button. 24. Windows Media Player will download a test file. You may be prompted to allow “DRM ActiveX Network Object” (click that bar and “Run ActiveX Control”) and then click Play. If you get an error, close Windows Media Player and go back to Step #19. If it is successful, audio file will play. Install OverDrive Media Console Page 2 April 2010 King County Library System