Google Russia Business Opportunities and Ads Update
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Google Russia Business Opportunities and Ads Update






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  • We will focus on three quick pieces from Google Ads and Analytics

Google Russia Business Opportunities and Ads Update Google Russia Business Opportunities and Ads Update Presentation Transcript

  • Google Russia Business Opportunities and Ads Update
  • Developments in Ads and Analytics
    • News from Google Analytics
      • Fresh Features - Snippets
    • Better Ad Management
      • Search Funnel (Conversion Attribution)
      • AdWords Opportunities Tab
    • New Ad Types
      • Ad Sitelinks
      • Product Ads
    1 2 3
  • Google Analytics: Quick Intro
    • Quick, Free, Easy to Install
    • “ How can we improve our site for sales?”
    • “ Are our visitors buying or signing-up?”
    • “ Are our online campaigns performing?”
  • Google Analytics: New Features More Intelligent Data
    • Intelligence & Customizable Alerts (on multiple metrics)
    • Annotations (on the time graph)
    More Flexible Reporting
    • Advanced Segmentation
    • Custom Reporting
    • Multiple Custom Variables
    More Platforms Tracked
    • AdWords & AdSense
    • YouTube Brand Channel
    • Mobile Web Tracking
    • Android & iPhone Apps
    • Flash, AIR & Silverlight
    More Powerful Analysis
    • Segmentable Unique Visitors
    • Engagement & URL Goals
    • Advanced Table Filtering
    • Pivoting & Multiple Dimensions
  • * Adwords Conversion Tracking is Required AdWords: Search Funnel
    • Multiple ads may have assisted in a conversion – they should share the credit
    • But systematically identifying “assisting” ads is often hard
    • AdWords Search Funnel reports describe ad click and impression behavior on that leads to a conversion
    All the Glory All the Work Assist Impression Assist Impression Conversion! Assist Click Assist Click Assist Impression Reality
  • * AdWords Conversion Tracking is required in order to receive Search Funnel Reports.  AdWords: Search Funnel
  • Advertiser Insights: Account Optimization Has (Too) Many Facets Budgets Keywords Benchmarks Bids Creatives
  • Advertiser Insights: Opportunities Tab Keyword bid ideas Click “Increase traffic” or “Decrease cost” in the table’s header to see ideas for Your One Hompage for Customized Account Optimization Opportunities
  • Advertiser Insights: Bid Opportunities
      • Identifies opportunities to change bids for better results
      • Shows bid increase  and decrease  opportunities per keyword
  • Advertiser Insights: Impact Estimation
  • Ad Sitelinks Ad Sitelinks allow advertisers to highlight additional deep content on their site when users enter a navigational query Target Audience: Brand advertisers with rich site content Current Status: Rolling admissions beta
  • Product Ads via GAN Product ads allow advertisers to market their entire product catalog with little additional work or risk Target Audience: Larger e-commerce advertisers Current Status: Small beta limited to GAN advertisers
  • Exciting Time at Google Russia
    • >30% share in search * , higher in search ad impressions
    • Good partnerships – Begun and
    • Commitment to growing online advertising in all its forms in Russia
      • Bringing our core strengths of measurability, effectiveness and ease of use
      • Supporting advertiser interests, such as adding support for Yandex.Money
    • Strong Russian engineering office
    * Comscore, Jan 2010 
  • Thank You
  • Advanced Segmentation
    • Isolate and analyze subsets of your traffic post-data capture
    • Compare segments and key performance metrics side by side 
    • Analyze your traffic with predefined or customized segments