Google Android Set to Enter Mobile Smartphone Market


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Google Android Set to Enter Mobile Smartphone Market

  1. 1. B4 The Epoch Times Comcast Details Changes Google Android Set to Enter for Managing Web Traffic Mobile Smartphone Market PHOTOS.COM NEW YORK (Reuters)— Comcast Corp has provided U.S. regulators details of how it plans to change the way it manages Web traffic over its high speed Internet network without blocking any ap- plications or content. The move comes after the Fed- eral Communications Commis- sion voted last month to uphold a complaint that Comcast had vio- lated the regulator's open-Inter- net principles by hindering peer- to-peer traffic from applications such as BitTorrent. Comcast said last Friday that under the plan designed to give all users their "fair share" of band- width it would focus on managing the traffic of customers who are using most bandwidth when the network is congested. It said it will use software on its network to determine if par- ticular subscribers have been the source of high volume of traffic and will temporarily give traffic from those subscribers a lower priority status. It said that when a subscriber's traffic is assigned a lower priority online services including peer-to- status its traffic could be delayed peer applications as well as online if the network is congested but video, music downloading and would not be delayed if there is no photo-sharing, and are seeking congestion. ways to cost-effectively avoid net- Comcast said it expect to have work congestion. the new traffic management system Comcast, which has more than in place across its network by the 14 million high-speed Internet sub- end of December. scribers, had previously said it was U.S. Internet service providers changing its network management such as Comcast have been over- practices to ensure all Web traffic is whelmed by the rapid growth of treated essentially the same. CELL REVOLUTION: Google's new software platform for mobile phones entitled 'Android' in its prototype form on demonstration at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on February 11, 2008. LLUIS GENE/AFP/GETTY IMAGES Glitch Shuts ‘Big Bang’ Collider for Two Months GOOGLE CONTINUED FROM A1 Based on the Linux open-source Google will be hosting an online directory for Android applications called Android Marketplace. platform and melded through the Unlike Apple’s App Store for Google-spo sored Open Handset the iPhone platform, where Ap- Alliance, the new series of phones ple charges 30% of the revenue in are expected to prove a disruptive exchange for hosting the software, force in the mobile handset market. Android Marketplace will be free Analyst firm Gartner estimated for developers to offer their soft- that Android-based phones would ware on. account for 10 percent of the smart- Because Google Android is phone market by 2011. based on Linux as well as the popu- “Android has the potential to be- lar Java mobile programming lan- come the de facto operating system guage, J2ME, applications are also (OS) for Linux,” Roberta Cozza, a supposed to be easier to develop research analyst at Gartner, said. and port to the Android platform. Google's U.S. Share of Web Search Reaches 63 Percent SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters)— ket research firm said. Google Inc extended an already Google's growing share of Web wide lead in the U.S. Web search search and, by extension, its even to 63.0 percent share of the market larger role in the related market for in August, its biggest monthly gain Web search advertising, has lead ri- in five months, a report said last vals and some industry trade groups Thursday. to complain to competition regula- Yahoo Inc, the No. 2 player in tors in the United and Europe. the U.S. Web search market saw its ComScore estimates that the share of the business drop 0.9 per- number of searches performed by cent to 19.6 from July while Micro- U.S. Web surfers on the five top soft, the No. 3 U.S. player, slipped search engines was virtually un- 0.6 percent to 8.3 percent, accord- changed at 11.75 billion searches ing to comScore Inc. compared with July. The figure ex- IAC InterActiveCorp's cludes searches users perform for grew 0.3 percent to retain its fourth- mapping, local directory informa- place ranking while Time Warner tion or user-generated videos, it Inc's AOL edged up 0.1 percent to said. 4.3 percent, according to August BUSTED: A European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) scientist monthly data published by the mar- looks at computer screens showing an experiment at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). The massive collider has had to be shut down due to a malfunction. FABRICE COFFRINI/GETTY IMAGES GENEVA (Reuters)—A tech- ics that the experiment could create nical glitch has forced scientists to shut down the huge particle-smash- tiny black holes of intense gravity that could suck in the whole planet. 4.3% 63% ing machine built to simulate the Since the machine started up conditions of the "Big Bang" for earlier this month, scientists have at least two months, they said on successfully sent particle beams Saturday. The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) said there had been a major helium leak around the accelerator. The next step will be to smash the beams into each other to trigger tiny collisions at nearly the speed of 4.8% on Friday into the tunnel housing light. the biggest and most complex ma- This will be an attempt to rec- chine ever made. reate on a miniature scale the heat Just 10 days ago, scientists had and energy of the Big Bang, the ex- celebrated the successful start of plosion generally believed by cos- the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) mologists to be at the origin of our under the Swiss-French border, expanding universe. hoping it would revamp modern CERN said it thought the leak physics and unlock secrets about was prompted by a faulty electrical the universe and its origins. connection between two magnets, In order to fix the problem, the which probably melted at high cur- machine will have to be warmed up rent, leading to mechanical failure. from its operating temperature of minus 271.3 degrees Celsius (minus 456.3 degrees Fahrenheit), spokes- When the LHC starts up at full speed, it will be able to engineer 600 million collisions every second U.S. Search Engine Market Share 8.3% man James Gillies said. between protons traveling around "Because the LHC is a super- its 27-km (17-mile) underground conducting machine that works at chamber at 99.99 percent of the very low temperatures, in order to speed of light. get in and fix it we've got to warm it CERN officials said minor up, then we go and fix it, and then glitches were to be expected, given we cool it down again, and that's the intricacy of the $9 billion a process that's likely to take two machine. months," he said. "It's a very complicated machine, The organization said strict we've always known that there's the safety regulations had ensured possibility of this sort of incident in there was no risk to people from the the start-up phase and if it happens, malfunction. The project has had to work hard to dismiss suggestions by some crit- then it's a two-month off time," said Gillies. LOGOS COURTESY OF GOOGLE, YAHOO, MICROSOFT, ASK.COM, AND AOL. CHART BY THE EPOCH TIMES 19.6%