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"Give and Take for Android mobile"



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  • 1. StuffBee ReadMe 1.0 14/04/08 "Give and Take for Android mobile” What is StuffBee? StuffBee main goal is to promote “give and take” for Android Mobiles. StuffBee gives the opportunity to anybody having redundant objects to avoid trashing them by meeting other persons in need of those objects within the same geographic area, thanks to their Android mobile phone. Benefits are multiple: increasing interaction between unknown persons, save money, avoid recycling and promote Android Operating System … Why “Give and take” on Mobiles is a perfect match? - Mobiles are very handy to publish rich multimedia content thanks to their embedded camera functionalities. - Mobiles does not require cables, all the publishing is made instantly thanks to “network always on” feature avoiding manual human synchronisation phase. - Mobiles are portative, they can move with you to the most unusual place where your computer cannot go and deliver “instant live data”. - Mobiles are fun! StuffBee is fun! - 3 Billion Mobile users can participate in building the biggest active “give and take” community. For a more general description, please visit http://www.stuffbee.com Copyright © 2008 Page 1
  • 2. StuffBee ReadMe 1.0 14/04/08 Installation process Installation is straight forward and does not require specific guidance. Push “StuffBee.apk” on the emulator and get running. Note: When using StuffBee for the first time, it may take a few seconds to create the database creation and perform auto registration. This version of StuffBee has been developed, tested and optimized for version M5-rc15 of the SDK for the skin H-VGA. Test process Test process is more complicated! You will need at least 2 mobiles to test/complete a stuff publication, reservation, validation, contact information exchange lifecycle. You can either choose to run “at least” 2 emulators on the same computer (request a powerful machine) or launch StuffBee on different machines. Note: If you choose to run two emulators on the same PC, please make sure that emulator image disks are separated or it will spoils the fun of using StuffBee soap server! Murphy’s law Nobody is perfect and we are no exception. If for obscure reasons you are not be able to launch StuffBee, do not understand the documentation or just simply have a question or a user feedback, feel free to contact us! - Finally, we wish you the best fun for your test! - Copyright © 2008 Page 2
  • 3. StuffBee ReadMe 1.0 14/04/08 StuffBee Graphic User Interface reference Registration process No formal registration is required. You will need to agree to the terms. After automatic registration of your mobile number & SIM, you will be navigated to the main page of the application. “Hit the screen” to begin giving or seeking stuff! The Home Page “Hit a key or the screen” to access to the menu of the application. StuffBee home page - Main menu StuffBee menu contains the following options: Give Stuff Wizard, My Stuff explorer, Free Stuff explorer, StuffBee Parameters, Partners and Help. Copyright © 2008 Page 3
  • 4. StuffBee ReadMe 1.0 14/04/08 The Give Stuff Wizard An activity wizard tailored to provide stuff givers with the best giving tool ever made. Once you launch this wizard, you will first take a picture of the stuff you are giving away and in a second step fill properties of the stuff like “name”, “category”, “status”, ”pickup deadline”, “pickup type” and “full description”. Add Stuff Wizard Add Stuff Wizard Camera mode Stuff definition mode The “Stuff me” button will take care of publishing your stuff to seekers in your geographic area. The “Add more” button will publish your stuff and launch the publish wizard again; all properties will be defaulted to the previous object to allow faster and easier stuff publishing except for stuff name and full description. The “Exit” button will cancel the publishing and bring you back to StuffBee Home page. Copyright © 2008 Page 4
  • 5. StuffBee ReadMe 1.0 14/04/08 The Stuff explorer: “My Stuff” and “Free Stuff” Using one of those options will launch the stuff explorer that will give you access to “Your stuff” or “Free stuff available in your geographical area”. The stuff explorer allows givers to browse/give/delete/edit object properties, answer pending questions and (un)validate reservation. The stuff explorer allows seekers to browse/(un)reserve/view objects properties and ask questions. Once the reservation is validated by the giver, the stuff explorer provides direct access to contact entries related to the object. Stuff Explorer Stuff Explorer My Stuff mode Free Stuff mode Copyright © 2008 Page 5
  • 6. StuffBee ReadMe 1.0 14/04/08 The title of the window summarizes the number of elements that are currently available. If too many stuff are loaded, you can tailored the display by using the smart category filter to focus on a specific set of items. StuffBee Explorer – Smart Filter To access properties of a stuff, “Click on it!”. A popup menu will appear with possible actions on the stuff you have selected depending on multiple criteria ranking from stuff ownership to its system status. Copyright © 2008 Page 6
  • 7. StuffBee ReadMe 1.0 14/04/08 Stuff Explorer Stuff Explorer Available actions for givers Available actions for seekers Possible actions are “View”, “Edit”, “Delete”, “Reserve”, “Cancel reservation”, “Validate reservation”, “See contact”, “Ask a question”, “Answer a question” as detailed in the Stuff Action legend. StuffBee Explorer – Legend of stuff actions Copyright © 2008 Page 7
  • 8. StuffBee ReadMe 1.0 14/04/08 StuffBee: The contact information exchange process The contact exchange process is breakable into 4 steps: 1- Publication of an object by the giver using the stuff publication wizard, 2- Download and reservation of an object by a seeker, 3- Validation of the seeker reservation, 4- Automatic notification of validation with contact information exchange. After the reservation is validated by the giver, both the seeker and the giver are notified with the contact information of other parties and a new entry is created within their contact list that can be accessed with the “See contact” option of their “Stuff Explorer”. Contact list Contact list Seeker contact information Giver contact information Copyright © 2008 Page 8
  • 9. StuffBee ReadMe 1.0 14/04/08 The data navigator component at the bottom of the screen helps you navigate more efficiently through available stuff: - The “View” button gives you access to 5 display types to inspect loaded stuff list with different detail levels: picture grid, text grid (or tag cloud), picture and text, picture only, text only. - Browsing arrows allow you to move from one page to another. More than 16 stuff needs to be entered in the system to activate arrows. Stuff Explorer Stuff Explorer Data navigator - Collapsed View Data navigator - Expanded View The menu options of the window will give you access to “Add Stuff” wizard, the “Stuff action legend” and the help system. Copyright © 2008 Page 9
  • 10. StuffBee ReadMe 1.0 14/04/08 The Stuff Editor: “Edit Stuff” and “View Stuff” Using one of those options will launch the stuff editor with either read or read/write access. This window gives a precise snapshot of the stuff viewed/edited. Separator line colours reflect the status of the stuff that can change from “Available”, “Reserved”, “Validated” or “Question pending” (i.e. Yellow, Green, Red, and Blue). The menu of this window gives access to the same set of actions defined in the “Stuff Explorer”. Stuff Editor Stuff Editor Read only mode Read and Write mode Copyright © 2008 Page 10
  • 11. StuffBee ReadMe 1.0 14/04/08 Parameters Parameters will give you flexibility in using StuffBee, the following options are already available: Seeking range, Professional mode, Free object notification, Yes/No question notification, Animation mode, Graphic themes and Default search category. StuffBee Parameters Limitations This version of StuffBee running on the Android emulator has the following limitations: - Real geographical stuff browsing is not available. - Phone and SIM number are virtually generated. - Pictures are limited to the picture emulator. - Emulators need permanent online access. Copyright © 2008 Page 11
  • 12. StuffBee ReadMe 1.0 14/04/08 What’s next? For Android Developer Challenge phase II, we planned the following: - Thanks Open Handset Alliance! - Include an integrated help system based on our presentation component, - Add real time seamless service notification, - Implement multiple screen resolution more efficiently, - Include Stuff “search agents” like in “Monster.com”, - Add censure and Y/N questions, - Add a summary action panel to regroup actions to perform (validate, questions, calls …), - Insert a “Pro mode” to provide “give and take” association users with advanced filtering, custom stuff list display, custom search geographical sectors …). - Translate StuffBee into 70 languages, - Open StuffBee database to other “Give and take” websites/applications to enrich their content with stuff captured on Android mobiles. The reverse operation may also be possible, - As a minimum, insert 4 graphic skins to better target the user audience : Classic, Fancy Man, Fancy Woman and Childish, - Introduce 3D GUI, - Integrate additional Android features or third party plug-ins that will ease life of our users. Links Website: http://www.stuffbee.com Screencast: http://www.stuffbee.com/en/screencast.htm Authors Android Developer : Sebastien Yriarte Soap server Developer : Guilhem Bonnafous Graphic Designer : Michel Salillas - Thank you for reading and testing StuffBee! - Copyright © 2008 Page 12