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  • BB adoption - ~250 3G Commercial Networks - Represent 66% Potential User Reach >112M Commercial VoIP users – only 33% of BB HH, therefore the potential is huge Usability & Visualization - Improved UI (e.g. Graphical UI, Touch screens, ODP services) Mobile Web 2.0 - The Internet introduces richer and alternative communication options - Sync. contacts with mobile; communication & messaging between mobile & internet; Upload content from the mobile to social sites. This trend affects the legacy mobile business model (subs.-based) Changes in Business Models – IP-based communication, Ad funding Changing of Competitive Landscape - Toward Convergence in user experience, services and infrastructure
  • Blurring boundaries between fixed/mobile/Internet Telco business are more and more multi-play in order to retain customers (FMC, IPTV, Quad Play) Implications - convergence in user experience, convergence in services, convergence in infrastructure
  • The Internet introduces richer and alternative communication options - Sync. contacts with mobile; communication & messaging between mobile & internet; Upload content from the mobile to social sites Openness End Users’ Changing Lifestyle - Demand for richer user experiences – ‘Always On’ lifestyle, Communities in which the need to exchange and collaborate data has become the basis for creating relationships
  • These trends will require network architects to build and upgrade broadband wireless networks today so they are able to support this growing number of subscribers and data traffic
  • Increasing Traffic and Application proliferation require better enforcement ability We want to enable operators to control applications on the user level Services samples Infotainment Mobile tv Navigation VOD games
  • Transcript

    • 1. Beyond Voice – New forms of Communication DigiWorld Summit Dickel SOORIAH, Strategic Marketing Director Comverse Netcentrex
    • 2. Major Market Trends Moving us Beyond Voice Changes in Business Models Usability & Visualization Broadband Adoption (mobile & fixed) Changing of Competitive Landscape Mobile Web 2.0
    • 3. Voice has already had its first Revolution Fixed Operators Mobile Operators ISPs & Alternative Operators Internet Players Cable Co’s Handset Vendors Toward Convergence - User experience, Services & Infrastructure
    • 4. The New Web is now shaping the 2 nd Revolution
        • Users are spending hours a day connected to richer websites and less on IM tools (AOL IM down 4% in 2008)
        • IM is changing to Embedded IM (Browser-based IM+Email
        • The Facebook Chat toolbar used by 60% of users : 75M users
      Services & Apps UGC, LBS, Search, Advertising Devices iPhone, Google’s Android initiative Business Models Towards ad-based model
    • 5. Mobile Flat Data Fees also a driver
      • The Internet introduces richer and alternative communication options
        • Sync web contacts with mobile address book
        • Communication and messaging between mobile and Internet
        • Upload content from the mobile to social sites
    • 6. Operator’s First Response to Web 2.0 SMS MMS Instant SMS SMS Having Lunch at Harry’s bar. To: 40404 MMS Look at the kids !! To: Flickr
    • 7. And Web2.0 Players might cannibalize Telcos
      • More than 5,000 Facebook applications available today
      • Telco Cannibalization ?
    • 8. Communications 2.0 3 rd Party UI/“Mashup” Providers (iGooge,, Twittervision, MySpace, Facebook,, YouTube,, Etc.) Exposed Network Capabilities 3 rd Party Content/Service Providers (Googe Maps, MySpace,, Facebook, YouTube, NetFlix,,,, Twitter, Etc.) World Wide “Web 2.0” Tightly Coupled Access Network and Device/UA Capabilities (SMS/MMS, Circuit Switched Voice/Video, etc.) Network Capabilities (SMS, MMS, QoS, Location, Storage, Service and UI Preferences, Conferencing, PoC, Presence, Etc.) User Environment (Widgets, Gadgets, AJAX Web UI, Soft Clients, Soft-key Devices, other UI) SDP Operator-developed UI/“Mashups” IP Phone or TA Mobile Web 2.0 Browser Soft Client
    • 9. The Impact of Web 2.0 on Telco Platforms A Control Layer allowing for 3rd Party (Web Player) Management A Web Services Layer on Top of Telephony & Messaging Application Servers EXPOSING TELCO APIS ADDS VALUE TO WEB2.0 OFFERINGS DRIVES NEW REVENUES FOR TELCOS Open Web APIs for Application Integration Policy Engine Access & Control Partner Management Telephony & Messaging Application Servers Core IMS Media Resource Function Virtualization
    • 11. Moving Beyond Click-to-Call with Business Mashups Targeted Business Mashups Conferencing functions Prompt and Collect Network Announcement Automatic Speech Recognition Text-To-Speech Voice Message Recording Telco 2.0 Players Social Software (Online Collaboration) Real Estate Shopping/ Auctions Presence & Messaging Intuitive Business CallFlows Business Mashups need intricate web-based customer relationship & Callflows Other APIs : Mapping, Search, etc Most Mashups require Third-Party Call Establishment rather than Click2Call Audio & Video Conferencing
    • 12. WooMe Live Introductions Platform Flash Media Server sufficient for PC2PC services
    • 13. Free Online Video Conferencing Service
    • 14. Exposing Telco APIs For Consumer Mashups TELCO WEB APIs Web2.0 Players User Authentication & Management Inbound & Outbound SMS Voice Call Conference Call Interactive Voice & Multimedia Services OTHER WEB APIs Mapping Online Media (Photo & Video) Service Advertizing Community Enterprise (CRM, Document, etc…)
    • 15. Flat Mobile Data Rates is helping… Source: CIBC 12.2007 Off-Portal traffic is estimated at 60-70% of total mobile Internet traffic by 2010 ~80% CAGR
    • 16. Avoiding a Mobile Dumb Pipe Position Control Enhancement Enablement Service Control Tiered Services Traffic Shaping Charging Personalization Content Adaptation Optimization Mobile Advertising Ecosystem Enabling the Operator to Become a ‘Smart-Pipe’
    • 17. [email_address]