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  1. 1. CYBER-SCOUT HYPER-LINK MONTHLY: Links of Videos, Events, Data Visualization, Simulation, Collective Intelligence, Mobile, DARPA/Government, Public Services/Public Intelligence, New Tech & Education Potential, Organizing Software. Sept. 2007 – Jan. 2009 archive from the Executive Director for EIN, Jason Liszkiewicz Contact: earthintelnet[at] Phone: 347 225 6188 More links at Facebook's “earthintelnet,” & massive video library at and To receive monthly notices of new links, send SUBSCRIBE to earthintelnet[at] CATAGORY DATE REASON LINK Video talk/power 10/10/07 David Galipeau transitioned into UN from working with "all the /videos/view/single/45 evils" Someone you may be able to “Innovation is not what relate to, a guy now working with technology can do - innovation the UN is what people adopt” who transitioned from working with finance, big pharma, big tobacco, and DARPA talking about civil society and the internets transfer of power (Bruce Sterling also presented at this conference) “Dot GOV” Websites 10/20/07 dot gov sites (loaded) m/govt/dotgov_domains3.htm “Why We Fight” 10/24/07 Cultural investigation 1 Documentary h?v=-xYeuzG24mo 2 h?v=FV6cSUyeNQA 3 h?v=xi6mMFifMQY 4 h?v=afBMu6gGdK8 2008 Event 11/15/07 design and decision support for urban planning event in the Netherlands 9/11 related in idea 09/03/07 this pilot tv show "the lone gunmen" predicted planes being h?v=kQyYuWXp3E8
  2. 2. flown into buildings on tv SIX MONTHS before the real incidents 9/11 09/03/07 911 mysteries demolition video 911 09/11/07 Short amount of video and audio that tells alot h?v=_0eC3uns3pA 911 09/11/07 LOADED 16 part series 01 = v=Odp1FO0Vmuw 02 = v=i7BSt9jhxPQ 03 = v=Pd8B-8Au-Wk 04 = v=1rQ8_Qy0zp8 05 = v=m3JmXQ-z8S4 06 = v=em_XyTeNA1g 07 = v=EZ9BofDUXv0 08 = v=tIx2CVRxRXg 09 = v=NHJHAp49Lh8 10 = v=IZVHsrncd3Y 11 = v=puWqNJI8Mjo 12 = v=b5JVYTxjmdc 13 = v=xs4eHvD-BrE 14 = v=HXk0LFVAgHE 15 = v=4oYjsVdm7dE 16 = v=iFqYf-ID5oY
  3. 3. 911 09/11/07 318 slides from architects & engineers for 9/11 truth /ae911-1.php 911 09/17/07 Movie called 9/12: Chaos to Community 911 web 09/24/07 odd fictitious non-fiction based film has many interesting 911 play? facets called "Who Killed John 'O docid=-385791766352314445 Neill" 7 Amazon 11/15/07 “human intelligence task” welcome China/Chinese made 09/26/07 Made in China resource http://www.made-in- products Chinese Mobile Empire 09/25/07 supposedly these guys were the Development + Rockefeller 1st to penetrate the Chinese matzorkis-snowden/ mobile market in 2001 and on the team you will find Nicholas Rockefeller eam.htm mentioned in the video interview as having a disdain for the non- elite cpages/index.php/Videos_Russ o_Interview_Nick_Rockefeller CIA/parody 10/25/07 CIA MySpace Citizen Presidential 11/21/07 open dialogue with the 2008 U.S. Dialogue presidential candidates! There are m no time limits, no mediators. YOU ask the questions. They give answers about the future of America. And we all can explore this unique format for presidential debate. City Data Centers/New 09/13/07 Greater new orleans data center Orleans Collaboration Potential 09/09/07 U.N. Daily Brief which could be of use related to EIN hilites.htm Company Data 10/30/07 2,000 largest public companies Company Profile 11/01/07 mentioned in Wired about Google's "OpenSocial" DARPA/Information 09/21/07 DARPA-tech2007, exciting and Exploitation strange world of IXO intro.asp Data Layering Photos 10/07/07 layering flickr photos with data, ideas, and links 14406767@N05/1510137399/ Democratic 09/02/07 advance democracy and empower initiative/Collab Potential the People Dubai Development 11/02/07 "Give me knowledge and "Give me knowledge and intelligence, I'll give you glory and m/dubai.htm intelligence, I'll give you pride." glory and pride." With these words, His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al
  4. 4. Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, yesterday announced Dubai Strategic Plan 2015 that will take Dubai to the next stage of growth and development. The Dubai Strategic Plan (DSP) 2015 will help the emirate achieve 11 per cent annual growth in GDP to Dh396.36 billion ($108 billion) by 2015 from the current Dh137.25 billion ($37.4 billion) and raise per capita GDP to $44,000 from $31,140 now by creating 882,000 new jobs, bringing total employment to 1.73 million. The plan - launched under the theme "Dubai ... Where The Future Begins” EarthGame Expansion 10/09/07 EarthGame + eLumenati multi- Potential media theater convergence wsletter/#1 EIN Collab Potential 09/19/07 many similar initiatives to EIN, expert recruitments & Lessig on press the board of directors EIN Collab/Funding 10/24/07 "putting world changing ideas into Potential action" erator EIN Funding Potential? 11/11/07 DHS grant related ews/press/2007/2007_04_17.s htm Enviro/Property Conflict 11/13/07 environmental movement related to the abolition of property .html Futility of Secrecy/Parody 10/27/07 Congress satire presenting a bill that is mostly classified Guantanamo testimonials 09/28/07 Guantanamo testimonials project Historic Video Content 10/11/07 1932 plot to overthrow FDR video. Smedley Butler who fought for veterans, eventually singled out by Wall St. big money figures to gradually work to overthrow the powers of Franklin Roosevelt who then exposed their plot where even video footage survives of his public warnings Impeachment 09/17/07 Philadelphia platform = truth, peace, impeachment that I heard about from Webster Tarpley Information 09/13/07 geo spat data/open Mapping/Animation street/wiki/quick vids
  5. 5. / h?v=wyuzfz4X5Ls h?v=73Y0lQHaALs Information-Mapping 09/11/07 wiki rome mapmaking project via MIT og/index.php/2007/09/11/wiki- city-rome Internet Event for Dec 11/04/07 Internet governance forum for 2008 dec2008 Iraq Video 09/17/07 HBO show “alive day memories: home from iraq”, acquaintance of iveday Hbloom's worked on the show Joint military intel college 10/20/07 titles of masters thesis' from the joint military intel college m/spy/jmic-theses.htm Kroll Inc. Crime 09/24/07 Supposedly Kroll agents led to the http://www.lyte.pwp.blueyond death/murder of a whistleblower/senior risk analyst Richard Chang at Abbey National Bank in the U.K. Law 09/10/07 Judge discards Patriot Act Part as unconstitutional Law 09/10/07 Justice department opposes net http://www.publicknowledge.o neutrality rg/node/1177 Law/Gov relations with 09/10/07 "It would seem that the President Corporations and the Justice Department ress/2007-09-06-DOJ- cannot do enough for AT&T and NNResponse.pdf the other companies that agreed to spy on the American people. Without network neutrality, companies are free to turn over user information without a warrant or block users from desired content — as AT&T recently did 'accidentally' by blocking Pearl Jam's criticism of the President during a concert performance carried on AT&T's broadband service." Lebanon 09/21/07 Lebanon video library tics/ Lebanon/Mobile 10/20/07 explore lebanon pda content/uploads/images/leban on-gps-pda.jpg 7/07/aim-it-to-launch-first-
  6. 6. pda-nav/ Local exhibit/visualizing 09/02/07 DC museum/visualizing data http://www.koshlandsciencem data exhibit Mapping/Historic parallels 09/24/07 6 nation natives of NY state map- animation parallel to Iraq /mapset/shell.swf Was sent this from someone who attends military history presentations each week Marijuana Organization 11/03/07 155 cities co-ordinating for May 3, http://www.globalmarijuanam 2008 Micro-Videos 10/27/07 micro videos that can become much better m Mobile 09/16/07 Mobile digital commons Canada Mobile 11/05/07 Open Handset Alliance http://www.openhandsetallian Mobile/Mapping 09/12/07 mobile mapping device Mobile/SMS 10/17/07 Receive messages from various groups, which are organized around a range of different topics. 1st developed by the Institute for Applied Autonomy for protestors at the Democratic National Convention in Boston and the Republican National Convention in New York. Tad Hirsch, a researcher in MIT's Smart Cities Group continues to offer TXTmob as a free service to the general public, and is currently coordinating a major software upgrade Money Video 10/27/07 Fiat Empire video New Company Emergence 10/30/07 Afghan woman's mobile company rbes/2007/0416/174.html New Movie Euro-Jihad 10/16/07 Swedish release movie euro-jihad Related related 07/10/15/africa/sweden.php New Tech 09/19/07 Pulp-based computing New Tech Potential 10/09/07 (potentially) future mobile interactive intel pods stop/ ale/smart_mobility.pdf New Web Interfaces 09/16/07 Shift-Space web interface encasts/intro/index.html Non-Profit Services DC to 11/21/07 offices in DC, London & Shanghai China related to non-profits North Korea Education 11/03/07 1st north korean higher edu
  7. 7. Developments school operated by outsiders ut_pust/home-message.html "building the future" NYC Opportunities in 11/20/07 "..focus on providing better City Commercial Intelligence services through a more /downloads/pdf/nyc-plan- accessible, transparent and it-08.pdf accountable City government." "single-city information technology enterprise" "integrating disparate data and systems" "NYC transforms the way we act with residents, businesses, and employees, by leveraging technology to improve services, increase accessibility, transparency and accountability across all City agencies." Open Access to Science 10/03/07 public library of science (pushing open access) Prez Daily Brief 11/10/07 Corporate content and the prez daily brief Public + Gov Collab 09/28/07 Public + police + online community to redesign the ntroduction.html legislation to reflect the challenges of modern day policing, and to better position New Zealand Police for the future. SMS/MOBILE 09/03/07 example of using this for EIN instead of merely space updates (sms updates) SMS/Mobile 09/27/07 Stories delivered via sms own Social Networking for 12/23/07 social networking meets practical http://www.travelersfortraveler Travelers needs for travelers Software to Organize 11/12/07 New info-organizing site Knowledge Spooks Using Gaming 10/19/07 gaming + british intelligence advertising Subversive 10/17/07 Developing technologies for http://www.appliedautonomy.c Technologies/Mapping citizens to defend their way of life om http://www.appliedautonomy.c om/video/BridgingTheGap_DS http://www.appliedautonomy.c
  8. 8. om/terminalair/index.html True-Cost Related 10/01/07 potential future component for true cost standard True-Cost/Mapping 10/21/07 product space and wealth of nations /productspace/index.htm rticles/20070901/bob9.asp Uncovered history 09/09/07 video/william pepper, attorney to previously buried james earl ray and mlk family, /William_Pepper supposed 28 yrs of research related to MLK events Veterans Stories 10/03/07 stories from those in combat throughout war history portal.html p/html/search/search.html Video library 09/11/07 Large video library cpages/index.php/Rapid- U_Index Video/Criminal Tactics 11/08/07 “criminal enterprise and its pattern” play? docid=-396288361096255650 4 Virtual Think Tank 09/10/07 Virtual think tank of Pakistan Wiki + Mapping 11/04/07 “Wikimapia” example =-23.005725&lon=-43.326344 &z=15&l=0&m=h&v=2 Wiki-Manipulation/Wiki- 09/16/07 wikipedia defects be-fit for the Watch corrupt Wiki-Manipulation/Wiki- 09/16/07 Wiki-scanner project to see who is Watch editing wiki-pages Wisdom Council Related 09/18/07 elders tapped to help give advice http://www.elderwisdomcircle. to young people online org CATAGORY DATE REASON LINK Data management/insight/ 3/13/08 EIN relevance http://www.technologyrevie knowledge-linkage ch=specialsections&sc=eme rging08&id=20243 Mashups n/a Mashup tracking Online to local n/a How to combine online convergence access to local action We the People (power to n/a Online portal (England) for http://www.theyworkforyou.
  9. 9. the people) local awareness & com participation Collective Action n/a Interesting model related to strength in numbers Data Visualization n/a Alternative method to access YouTube content mcspace/youtube/ Mobile Learning n/a Tracking developments in “mobile ampus/index.php? learning”/collecting the id=2782&utm_source=wc& examples utm_medium=en Online Learning/Tutoring n/a Accessing knowledge http://www.schoolofeverythi through people/Find (alpha stage) people who want to instruct Data 3/18/08 Tracking developments Visualization/Animated that relate to the 2006/04/ Data-Tracking “animation of integration”/ ml animating knowledge relevant to human life LINK-LIBRARY Loaded with amazing links Http:// from independent data visualization & collaboration projects to DARPA related projects U.N. + Informed 3/19/08 So often the term Democracy “international community” m is mentioned more related to diplomats than to literally,the entire international community of Earth Quicktime Virtual 3/20/08 Example for modeling a http://www.petermccready.c Reality/Visualization/Virtua virtual earth to visit om/portfolio/05091901.html l Time Travel anywhere you want. AND Combine that with data- http://geoimages.berkeley.e layering & other aspects to du/worldwidepanorama/ww the web to produce more p906/index.html meshed dimension Internet Gaming 3/21/08 The internet as a massive multiplayer game Collective Intelligence & 3/21/08 O'Reilly links Programming Data Visualization 3/22/08 NYC Museum of Modern Art has a fantastic exhibit bitions/2008/elasticmind until May 22 Simulation 3/25/08 Organization of vital resources and how key aspects of governance are configured
  10. 10. “Electoral Reform” 3/25/08 NYC Citizen Action http://www.citizenactionny. Movement to clean up the org/cmce/cmcefacts.html election process Trust on the 3/30/08 Developing webs of trust Web/Reputation rating Mobile Knowledge/Mobile 3/31/08 Nokia seems to 'get it' and Story-Telling has some interesting ex.html#l=campaigns,n82,u recent developments to rbanistadiaries,intro keep track of Financial Crimes 4/04/08 Narration and slides of http://www.deepcapturethe examples of corruption in the stockmarket Open Architecture 4/04/08 Open Architecture http://openarchitecturenetw Network Somalia (video) 4/05/08 8 minute crash course atch?v=QiQGItUB8r4 Taxes/Wiki 4/07/08 Tax Almanac Wiki run by Self-Publishing 4/07/08 Condensed self-publishing in Flash ePaper Biodiesel from Algae 4/11/08 Underpublicized alternative for the near p/Directory:Biodiesel_from_ future Algae_Oil Biofuels 4/12/08 October biofuels event in http://www.worldbiofuelssy China age.aspx?pageId=Home Mapping/City Vision 4/13/08 Impressed with the vision in Baltimore pertaining to the importance of mapping Crowdsourcing 4/14/08 http://www.crowdsourcingdi WorldwideCollaboration 4/17/08 Pooling resources Open Source Census 4/19/08 Interesting data Social Network Dev 4/19/08 Collective Intelligence 4/23/08 Exchanging product related to Hardware experiences Funding for n/a How far can this format be http://www.donorschoose.o Projects/Pooling Resources expanded? rg Earth Simulation/Data n/a “see” more http://www.earthissquare.c Visualization om/WorldWind/index.php? title=Main_Page Global Issue 4/30/08 Develop this format Campaigns/Conflict Res further port_back_1 Buckminster Fuller Challenge
  11. 11. Enviro-Action 5/08/08 John Perkins, author of Confessions of an Economic Hitman mentioned this group in one of his talks China-America relations 5/09/08 Public survey by the http://www.survey.committe Chinese-American group “Committee100” rveyFullReport.pdf Money-Politics 5/10/08 Connections Campaign Donors 5/10/08 http://fundrace.huffingtonp Gov Transparency 5/10/08 Public commenting permissible transparency-government- act-2008/ Online Democracy 5/10/08 Video & commenting on legislation (beta) Data Visualization 5/10/08 (beta) “Many Eyes” http://services.alphaworks.i Charity Navigator 5/10/08 “guide to intelligent http://www.charitynavigator giving” .org Internet + Gov 5/10/08 “Re-defining the public Convergence (video) domain” ils/malamud_berkeley_2007 _lecture Business Rolodex 5/10/08 “world's largest rolodex”? Assassination 5/11/08 “Evidence Revision” part 1 Investigations Assassination 5/11/08 “Evidence Revision” part 2 Investigations Assassination 5/11/08 “Evidence Revision” part 3 Investigations Assassination 5/11/08 “Evidence Revision” part 4 Investigations Assassination 5/11/08 “Evidence Revision” part 5 Investigations Society History 5/16/08 Clay Shirky video akinglight/archives/010186. html#010186 Data Mapping/Gov 5/27/08 Fusion Centers State by State working with private /gen/fusion_map/ sector? Encyclopedia of Earth 5/28/08 Encyclopedic of 'Life' n/a Mapping Panoramic views 5/28/08 Free “Virtual Computer” 5/30/08 Israeli-Palestinian Project (Beta 10/31/08)
  12. 12. “Range Voting” 5/30/08 Googlezon's Evolving Futuristic movie http://www.albinoblackshee Personal Information Construct (EPIC) Immersive Media 6/03/08 http://www.vorteximmersio Wiki + Politics 6/04/08 Sunlight Foundation based http://www.sourcewatch.or wiki g/index.php? title=Congresspedia Wiki + Politics 6/04/08 Direct the ideal http://www.wikicandidate08 presidential candidate .com Travel Videos 6/04/08 Visit places virtually Co-operative Research 6/11/08 Diversification of this site http://www.cooperativerese has grown tremendously project=water_privatization _wars_scarcity Mapping + Gaming 6/11/08 10784_3-9964112-7.html? Epidemic Intel Service 6/12/08 Video Equip 6/12/08 Will accelerate the variety of use of portable video Politics/YouTube 6/14/08 British Politics & YouTube sid=08/06/14/0248211&fro m=rss Mapping 6/14/08 Mapping memories of NYC http://www.cityofmemory.or (needs work but useful g format) Mapping 6/14/08 Mix & mash, British region-based Social Change 6/16/08 m Online Broadcasting Produce live shows hannels/produce Data Visualization 6/20/08 Video of “code_swarm” 0828 Online Video 7/03/08 Video of William Cooper eoplay? docid=-2829245257205113 781&q=legacy+of+william+ cooper&ei=AcNrSJyuA6j2rA KOsOCWDw Online Video Library 7/04/08 Loaded RSS to SMS 7/04/08 (beta) x.php
  13. 13. Water (bottled) 7/06/08 Lessening corporate http://www.thinkoutsidethe control of water Green Depot Building 7/08/08 Supplies Journal of 911 Studies 7/10/08 http://journalof911studies.c om Google Maps Censored 7/16/08 51 things not found on google maps eatures/51-things-not-on- google-maps-071508/ Alternative Energy 7/24/08 Forums (T. Boone Pickens) /groups “Wiki Answers” 7/25/08 Dubai's “The World” 7/26/08 Video overview eoGallery.html John Taylor Gatto 7/28/08 Videos of Ex-NYC teacher of 30 yrs against search_query=john+taylor+ institutional compulsory gatto&search_type=&aq=f education John Taylor Gatto 7/28/08 Audio interviews wnloads/search/? restype=0&rescategory=0& resauthors=John+Taylor+G atto&restitle=Enter+Keywor d EarthWatch 7/28/08 newsandevents/presskit/ear thwatch_fact_sheet/ Public Education/Movie 7/28/08 http://www.johntaylorgatto. com/fourthpurpose/ m Google's “Knol” 7/29/08 Vote Fraud 7/31/08 http://www.stealingamericat Future of the Web (video) 7/31/08 The web in the next 5,000 days (Kevin Kelly) hp/talks/kevin_kelly_on_the _next_5_000_days_of_the_ web.html Government/Firing 8/02/08 http://www.kickthemallout.c om/article.php/Story- Pink_Slip_Mail-In_Campaign 3D Internet 8/05/08 Video overview corporatevideo/ Forum/Corporatism 8/10/08 bbs/ Rushkoff/Democracy 8/10/08 Video talk from BlipTV Hackers on Planet Earth 8/11/08 mp3's of the conference /talks.html
  14. 14. China Firewall 8/11/08 Jumping the great firewall of China 2008/chinesewall? language=en Citing Sources 8/13/08 “Facts” on controversial topics with sources cited Intentional Communities 8/14/08 Innocentive 8/17/08 “earn money while solving some of the toughest / problems facing the world today”? Digital Media 8/18/08 _york.php Remote controlled killers 8/18/08 Video and article /TECH/07/09/remote.fighter s/index.html#cnnSTCVideo Mobile Phone Use 8/18/08 Kenya's mobile phone revolution video part 1 atch? v=xQTS8Hel1vk&feature=re lated Kenya's mobile phone revolution video part 2 atch? v=BRjpHUnxaq8&feature=r elated Scientology Resources 8/18/08 Includes1983 Penthouse interview w/L. Ron Hubbard Jr. thanks to Collective Force 8/17/08 20-30 people tip over a bus to save a woman, but m/ny_local/bronx/2008/08/ instead, save her unborn 14/2008-08-14_nypd_traffic child _agent_dies_but_heroes_sa ve_-1.html Fax Congress 8/25/08 I'm not a Mars Society member, but this looks like a useful political tool Virtual World 8/26/08 Virtual world as a web http://www.technologyrevie browser ch=specialsections&sc=futu rebiz&id=21079 Democracy 8/27/08 Video atch?v=bTDdOSktQSU Democracy/Video 8/29/08 Documentary: The War on Democracy by John Pilger eoplay? docid=-3739500579629840 148&ei=zjO4SM6SC4ToqgLT x9D1DA&q=the+war+on+d emocracy Journalism/Propaganda 8/29/08 4 part YouTube series atch?v=c-uq7O1RqQQ
  15. 15. Citizen Action 9/01/08 Connect this with Coal 9/03/08 Using google maps, google earth, and a video series to show the local connection with use of coal Environment n/a Video: “greening the desert” atch? v=LJ8pjOG4pXI&feature=re lated TED video/Public Space 9/03/08 Tragedy of suburbia atch?v=Q1ZeXnmDZMQ Movie 9/04/08 Federal Budget 9/06/08 http://www.nationalprioritie Citizen Lab 9/10/08 citizen-lab Info Visualization 9/10/08 Taxes 9/10/08 Map of where our taxes go eathandtaxes/ Data Visualization 9/10/08 Public Opinion 9/11/08 Managed by the Program http://www.worldpublicopini on International Policy Attitudes at the University of Maryland Campaign Ads 9/12/08 Videos of old political http://www.livingroomcandi campaign ads Katrina Stories 9/16/08 Engineers without borders 9/18/08 http://www.ewb- Information Visualization 9/18/08 Slashdot headlines Visualized m Movie 9/22/08 Documentary about the effects of producing “stuff” Katrina/New Orleans 9/22/08 Documentary http://troublethewaterfilm.c om E-Waste (China) 9/23/08 Video from Current TV 355482_toxic_villages Seawater Farm 9/24/08 Carl Hodges and the diverting of seawater inland for growth as well as glacier meltdown relief Seawater Farm II 9/24/08 Carl Hodges and the diverting of seawater nt/2008/sep/14/na- inland for growth as well physicists-idea-to-divert-
  16. 16. as glacier meltdown relief water-inland-is-a-sea/ Seawater Farm III (video) 9/24/08 Country: Eritrea and using http://www.seawaterfounda seawater inland, world's 1st seawater farm Plastic bags 9/29/08 m/facts.php Government Improvement 9/29/08 “ change how http://www.personaldemocr government functions by actually going inside it and r_government making direct change happen.” Documentary: Apology of 10/02/08 From the author of http://www.apologyofaneco an Economic Hitman Confessions of an Economic Hitman Election Protection Wiki 10/06/08 Election 2008 public http://www.sourcewatch.or oversight tool g/index.php? title=Portal:Election_Protecti on_Wiki Animated Maps/Iraq 10/06/08 Collection of location- based casualty data /index.html Holographic TV 10/06/08 TECH/science/10/06/hologr aphic.television/index.html Video/True Cost of War 10/06/08 atch?v=ksmhALajy4c&NR=1 Movie/Water 10/06/08 “Blue Gold: World Water Wars” vers/? s=blue+gold&x=0&y=0 Election n/a http://www.nonprofitvote.or g/volunteer.html Congress 10/13/08 Democracy/Video 10/13/08 Mellow presentation Future of democracy in the information age Mobile/Google/Android 10/14/08 roid/adc_gallery/ Publicly Funded Elections 10/14/08 Statistics/Visualization 10/14/08 “..unveils the beauty of statistical time series by converting boring numbers into enjoyable, animated and interactive graphics.” “Cyber-Security” news/154063-1.html British Gov/Public Info 10/17/08 http://www.showusabetterw Iraq War 10/20/08 http://threetrilliondollarwar. org
  17. 17. Mobile + Micro-Finance 10/25/08 New ingredients to http://www.technologyrevie improve quality of life in India Community Re-Use 10/25/08 Washington D.C. 10/26/08 The other D.C. ojects_cop.html Wireless 10/26/08 “wireless influencer's 2008” conferences/wireless- influencers-2008/ ml “One Planet Mobility” 10/26/08 New initiative, report out Oct. 30, 2008 t_we_do/changing_the_way _we_live/transport/one_pla net_mobility/index.cfm Social Innovation 10/26/08 Collaborative competitions http://www.changemakers. net/en-us/competitions World Summit on Social 10/26/08 Innovation & tlight.asp Entrepreneurship SMS 10/26/08 “We want people to know that if they are trying to m/ rig the election, there could be someone behind them and that person may send a text message saying what happened.”— Emauwa Nelson, Human Emancipation Lead Project, Nigeria “Based in Africa in a country where broadcast technology is controlled by a dictatorial government, this software has enabled me to communicate with the public at large.” -anonymous PGP Desktop Encrytion 10/24/08 Go to bottom of the page (free trial) to activate oads/desktoptrial/desktoptri al2.html Design & Emotion 10/26/08 Conference /de2008/ Mobile World Congress 10/26/08 Supposedly the world's http://www.mobileworldcon largest mobile event Mobile Contest/Nokia 10/26/08 $25,000 http://www.callingallinnovat Water 10/26/08 http://www.globalwaterchall
  18. 18. Eco-Tech Innovation Video 10/14/08 Fungi Restoring Growth to http://collect- Toxic Environments and Providing Breakthroughs 10/fascinating-fungi-to- detox-sprout.html Online Democracy 10/26/08 Growing link collection http://collect- with an online democracy theme 09/online-democracy- related-links.html Interview/New Nepal 10/26/08 2 parts http://collect- Prime Minister 09/new-model-for-poor- and-beautiful.html SMS (upgrade) 10/26/08 Twitter + Army concerns 10/27/08 se/2008/10/terrorist- cell.html GoogleEarth on Iphone 10/27/08 ets/2008/10/google-earth- co.html Twitter + Vote Reporting 10/27/08 biz/startups/magazine/16-1 1/ff_openmanufacturing? currentPage=all DIY Unmanned Aerial 10/27/08 Online community Vehicles DoD dev requests 10/27/08 “small business innovation research” S/quick_scan.asp Vote Fraud/Comic 10/27/08 Greg Palast + Robert Kennedy Jr. investigation sbyv/download/SBYV- Guide-100608.pdf Mobile/OSINT 10/27/08 Preliminary report on mobile tech related to t/mobile.pdf enemy combatants SMS + Email 10/27/08 Science + Policy Making 10/28/08 Federation of American Scientists Forum on critical ref=grp_fas national decisions Videos 10/28/08 Video talks on many issues Micro-Manufacturing 10/28/08 “replicating rapid proto- Prototype typer” Main/WebHome “Contacting Your 10/28/08 Find and send Representative” r/welcome.shtml Intelligence/RAND 10/28/08 Dept of Homeland Security hired RAND for this report monographs/MG767/ “Reorganizing Domestic Intelligence”
  19. 19. Mobile/Gaming/Social 10/28/08 “Mobility Vision Integration Issues Project” (Flash card game / on major issues) IT/Poverty Reduction 10/28/08 infoDev works to promote better understanding and ndex.html effective use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) as tools of poverty reduction and broad-based, sustainable development. China 10/28/08 / Micro-loans 10/28/08 Surveillance Tech 10/28/08 Behavior tracking science/displayStory.cfm? source=hptextfeature&story _id=12465303 Simulation/Gaming 10/30/08 “Simulating reality” & “Gaming warfighters” y_insights/cs_10202008_In dex.html CSIS/cyber security 10/30/08 For the next presidency ber/ China/Surveillance 10/30/08 Researchers in China have estimated that 30,000 or 13 more "Internet police" monitor online traffic, Web sites and blogs for political and other offending content in what is called the Golden Shield Project or the Great Firewall of China. Civic Society/Internet 10/30/08 "hothouse" that brings together social scientists, filmmakers, computer scientists, activists, and artists Google Public Interest 10/30/08 cyfellowship/index.html Internet 10/30/08 “..identify and document Filtering/Surveillance Internet filtering and surveillance, and to promote and inform wider public dialogs about such practices.” Information Warfare 10/30/08 “tracking cyber power” http://www.infowar-
  20. 20. Software/Free Downloads (long forgotten link I should have posted long ago) China/Free China 10/30/08 (In Chinese) Public Interest 10/30/08 “standing up to powerful interests” Congress/YouTube 10/30/08 (Now let's merge CSPAN2 with the Web like 75 Korean Mobile Tech 10/31/08 Examples of South Korean navigation & mobile Eng/products/about_mobile advancements _s.asp (South Korea of course) u/Customer/ p (Korean navigation) (screenshots) Film Project 10/31/08 100 people filmed starting with NYC ideos.php World 11/01/08 massive experiment in Simulation/Education teaching Introduction to m/?t=anon Cultural Anthropology launched in Fall 2004 by from Michael Wesch and 400 students at Kansas State University blogs/2008/10/a-vision-of- students-today-what- teachers-must-do/ Public Interest 11/04/08 http://www.publicagenda.or g Office of Management & 11/05/08 "was formed in 1983 to lift http://www.sourcewatch.or Business Watch the veil of secrecy g/index.php? shrouding the White title=OMB_Watch House Office of Management and Budget (OMB), which oversees regulation, the budget, information collection and dissemination, proposed legislation, testimony by agencies, and much more.” SMS Crime Alerts 11/05/08 Singapore, Boston, and elsewhere using resident _crime alerts &
  21. 21. prevention/crimesms_index. htm Mobile Data Assoc. 11/05/08 The Mobile Data Association (MDA) is the not-for-profit industry association dedicated to represent and promote all mobile data centric businesses Handheld Learning 11/05/08 Was October 13-15 with http://www.handheldlearnin Conference sponsors Disney, Nintendo, Tmobile, and more (very Euro-centric) Africa Mobile 11/05/08 / Freedom of Information 11/05/08 Online network of freedom of information advocates Nigeria/Movies 11/05/08 http://www.thisisnollywood. com Africa/TED 11/06/08 journalist Andrew Mwenda asks us to reframe the hp/talks/andrew_mwenda_t "African question" -- to akes_a_new_look_at_africa. look beyond the media's html stories of poverty, civil war and helplessness and see the opportunities for creating wealth and happiness throughout the continent. Marty Kaiser 11/05/08 Solar Power 11/06/08 The Solar Electric Light Fund Presidential Transition 11/07/08 http://presidentialtransition. gov SMS broadcast service 11/07/08 Video (short) 11/07/08 America's ups & downs atch?v=Qq8Uc5BFogE NYC/Graffiti Video 11/07/08 Actions to counter the http://antiadvertisingagency excess of ads in NYC by .com/wp- AntiAdvertisingAgency & content/video/lightcriticism. Graffiti Research Labs mov Algae Biomass 11/07/08 The 2008 Algae Biomass http://www.renewableenerg Summit Wrap-up id=54033 Barak Obama 11/08/08 Most searched google term “Obama orld/clanak.php?id=201173 assassination” Documentary 11/08/08 “Torturing Democracy”
  22. 22. chiv/torturingdemocracy/pro gram/ Iraq/Money Spent 11/10/08 http://www.whatwecouldha Nokia Symbian Mobile OS 11/10/08 Video mbianos/os_lbs.html Mobile/Traffic 11/10/08 & ctures.html Barak Obama 11/10/08 Fast Food/Corn 11/11/08 Excess of corn and corn syrup in the American fast 2008/1110-corn.html food diet & mentions documentary called “King Corn” Community Funded 11/11/08 Through Spot.Us the Reporting public can commission journalists to do investigations on important and perhaps overlooked stories. All donations are tax deductible and if a news organization buys exclusive rights to the content, your donation will be reimbursed. Crowd Funding 11/12/08 Examples, many links http://crowdfunding.pbwiki. provided com Funding/Contest 11/12/08 Http:// Google Gadgets 11/12/08 Gadgets for websites irectory? synd=open&source=gghp Sensemaking/Climate 11/12/08 Change s/essence Federation of American 11/12/08 FAS virtual worlds Scientists Virtual Worlds catalogue ain_Page Federal Budget (America) 11/12/08 http://www.federalbudget.c om Open Government 11/13/08 Document called “MOVING TOWARD A 21ST 21strtkrecs.pdf CENTURY RIGHT-TO- KNOW AGENDA-- Recommendations to President-elect Obama and Congress” Open Government 11/13/08 http://www.sunshineweek.o rg/sunshineweek/opengroup
  23. 23. s08 NY Times 11/13/08 Yes Men related for July 4, 2009 & “true cost tax plan” is a sub-headline Data Finding 11/13/08 Mapping 11/13/08 Geospatial Web 11/13/08 Federal Reserve 11/14/08 39 cities participating related to HR2755. & However, how can the board of governors be bin/query/z?c110:h2755: abolished when they are not federally accountable? Democracy 2.0 11/14/08 Past event on September 18-21 in DC ex.php? tray=content&cid=11DC92& tid=top364 Junk Mail 11/17/08 Reducing the insane http://www.sourcewatch.or amount of junk mail we g/index.php? get is seen as a 'threat' title=Mail_Moves_America and “bad public policy” by some people & http://mailmovesamerica.or g & http://www.sourcewatch.or g/index.php? title=IP_Moves_the_Mail Mobile/geospatial 11/17/08 Location-based tech http://www.hereconference. conference com Mobile Answers 11/17/08 (and at “free mobile answers” July 2008) Bush/Activism 11/19/08 Seeing the Bush era through stickers nchetti/sets/7215760927838 1161 South Korea/Tech 11/19/08 Future South Korean soldier gear 13639_3-10098953-42.html ? part=rss&subj=news&tag= 2547-1_3-0-5 War Simulation 11/19/08 War simulation experience live Global Strategies 11/20/08 Video of future by Jerome Glenn Modern Slavery/Atrocities 11/20/08 Addressing modern slavery http://www.humanityunited.
  24. 24. & mass atrocities org Open Source Mapping 11/20/08 Public Funding 11/20/08 New website with video overview on public funding of public interests Audio Education 11/21/08 & is a good audio subscription resource Mobile/“Augmented 11/24/08 http://www.technologyrevie Reality” & kitude.php Gaming/3-d 12/02/08 Being recognized in a mainstream zine hive/features/best-and- brightest-2008/0/10/ Mobile/bar code 12/02/08 Using mobile software + a mobile camera phone, the ability to retrieve product information is here “Internet Backbone” 12/05/08 Map of Cogent Communications' /wikipedia/en/2/29/Cogent- worldwide reach Q1-2008-Map.jpg Change/Resolution- 12/05/08 Seeking LCD Tech (boats) 12/09/08 Boats in Shanghai with large LCD billboard- screens lcd-boats Micro-Nutrients 12/08/08 Recent report on micro- http://www.copenhagencon nutrients as global priority Solar Power 12/09/08 Solar power to aid poverty Danish Citizens Summit Dec. 2008 “The citizens’ summit puts the focus firmly on the ge.php3? citizens themselves, article=1232&toppic=kateg granting them the ori12&language=uk opportunity of giving their input to politicians and of hearing their detailed response to the questions in the course of the meeting.” Free/Open Source Dec. 2008 Free and open source http://www.openworldobser roadmap to 2020 admap_20020.pdf Google Public Policy Dec. 2008 Google public policy blog http://googlepublicpolicy.blo Internet Watch Foundation Dec. 2008 Co-founded by the
  25. 25. European Union Geo-Political Dec. 2008 Play a world leader and Simulation make decisions in the qr position of the Obama & administration and other http://www.geo- government administrations. New game comes out Jan.20 Web advancement Dec. 2008 http://www.webfoundation. org Amazon/Public Data Dec. 2008 licdatasets/ Future Forecast/DNI Dec. 2008 2025 forecast by Dept of National Intel _2025/2025_Global_Trends_ Final_Report.pdf Mobile/Anti-Mobile Dec. 2008 http://www.phonejammer.c om/home.php Immersive Media Dec. 2008 *note: Imagine combining this with the geo-political- simulator video game in a massive multi-player environment Mass Collaboration Dec. 2008 film project about the power of mass collaboration, government and the internet Government/Broken Gov Dec. 2008 New report on failures http://www.publicintegrity.o since year 2000 by rg/investigations/broken_go vernment/pages/by_the_nu mbers Simulation/Sim Everything Dec. 2008 Microsoft's pursuit of virtualizing and layering a governor/2008/09/25/living- digital world (also see in-de-material-world-on- & this microsoft-train-sim-and-the- proposal written before virtual-everything/ SecondLife, GoogleEarth, & and without reading William Gibson or m/news/2008/09/25/3d- future-according-microsoft- photosynth-based-spatial- web Gov Polls on Cyber Issues Dec. 2008 Polls by Federal Computer Weekly on cybersecurity s=dailyNL_12_08# and using the web for government collab with the public Open Standards/Malaysia Dec. 2008 Promoting the open http://www.openmalaysiabl standards format Automated Telephone Dec. 2008 Database of numbers to bypass automated
  26. 26. telephone system annoyances Film on overcoming Dec. 2008 Trailer1 & 2 schizophrenia atch?v=dddksUbXuVs atch?v=qnzIlwLDBY4 Forum Dec. 2008 tent/20081211_openforques tions Future of the Internet Dec. 2008 “Imagining the Internet: A History & Forecast” ions/ Gaming Dec. 2008 Javascript related sid=08/12/17/0530221 Gaming Dec.2008 E-republik n Water/documentary Dec. 2008 / Democracy/Bolivia Dec. 2008 via/investigations/ Tech + Collective Dec. 2008 http://programforthefuture. intelligence org Collective IQ Dec. 2008 Douglas Engelbart timeline of “co-evolution of human /_engelbart/Engelbart_Mura systems and tool systems” l.jpg from 1925-present Economy/Energy/Environ Dec. 2008 http://www.chrismartenson. ment com/crashcourse telescopes/internet Dec. 2008 http://www.miller- keeps-sky-watchers-in- eternal-dark Water/Documentary Dec. 2008 Water infrastructure documentary called “Liquid Assets” Global strategies Dec. 2008 “..seeks to build a critical http://www.millenniuminstit mass of people and organizations with systems thinking skills, by promoting systems literacy and dynamic modeling tools in the public policy realm, civil society, private sector, and academic institutions in the developing and industrialized world. “