Building Your First Android Experience
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Building Your First Android Experience






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Building Your First Android Experience Building Your First Android Experience Presentation Transcript

  • 1 Building Your First Android Experience Web 2.0 • Tony Hillerson
  • Tony Hillerson Software Architect - EffectiveUI Rails, Flex, Java ‣ Mobile ✦ iPhone and Android 2
  • Agenda Introduction Tour Our First Project Cooking with Android 3
  • an•droid android noun Your plastic pal that’s a robot with a human fun to be with! appearance. - Sirius Cybernetics Corporation - Encyclopedia Galactica What’s an Android? Operating System for Mobile Devices HTC G1 SDK Compiler, tools and IDE Market Free or paid A Platform for your Applications 4
  • Open Handset Alliance Over 40 members Device Manufacturers, Networks, Chipmakers, Software Companies, etc 5
  • Open Source Framework Open it! - SDK - IDE Runs in Eclipse 6
  • 7 Platform
  • Linux 8
  • • Surface Manager Native Libraries • 2D+3D Graphics (OpenGL) + Media • SQLite • Browser (webkit) Linux 9
  • Runtime + Dalvik VM • Lightweight Java VM • Efficient Bytecode Native Libraries Linux 10
  • • Activity Manager Android Framework • Content Provider • Location Manager • Notification Manager Runtime + Dalvik VM Native Libraries Linux 11
  • • Contacts System Apps • Phone Dialer • E-mail • Web Browser Android Framework Runtime + Dalvik VM Native Libraries Linux 12
  • System Apps + Ur Appz Android Framework Runtime Native Libraries Linux 13
  • 14 Vocabulary
  • Activity: A single screen. Your app is made up of one or more Activities 15
  • Service: A task that can be running while not visible. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, iPhone. 16
  • Intent: Code to accomplish a verb, like “call number” or “open comic”. Facilitates app to app communication. 17
  • Content Provider: Data and an API that any app can access. Android provides contact information through a Content Provider. 18
  • Resource: Text, pictures, sound, etc. Everything is broken out of the code into a resource, which is compiled into a class called R 19
  • Drawable: A bitmap or xml definition of something that can be drawn. 20
  • Getting Android 21
  • Where to find Help Google’s Forums Dev’s Blog Docs Sample Apps by Googlers 22
  • 23 A Tour
  • 24 Our First App
  • 25 Cooking with Android
  • Pictures Camera Image Library 26
  • Persistence Settings SQLite 27
  • Location Location Location LocationProvider Geocoding 28
  • Hiding Your Threads in UserTasks Google’s UserTask 29
  • Prettying Things Up Styling common widgets Themes Digging into existing styles 30
  • Reading the Source SDK Android source and Apps 31
  • Your Bob Father You Thanks! Tony Hillerson Twitter: thillerson Brightkite: thillerson 32