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Assignment 1, Assignment 2
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Assignment 1, Assignment 2


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  • 1. School of Computing and Intelligent Systems COM844: Mobile and Pervasive Computing Coursework: 2009 The coursework for the module comprises three elements: These are: Coursework 1: Group Project (40% of the total marks for the module) Coursework 2: Individual Pervasive Applications Development: (30% of the total marks for the module) Coursework 3: Preparation and delivery of a conference paper submission on an agreed topic: (30% of the total marks for the module) Further detail on each of the requirements is given in this document:- You should also arrange to meet with the lecturer to discuss and agree your selections. Coursework 1 will be assessed cumulatively at the dates on the schedule published on the course website Coursework 2 will be collected at the practical session on Monday 20th April (Week 11) Coursework 3 should be submitted at the practical session on Monday 27 th April: The miniconference presentations for coursework 3 will be held on Tuesday 5th May 2009 Page 1 of 4
  • 2. Coursework 1: Group Project Design an innovative Pervasive application based around Smartphone enabled infrastructure: The specification for this is deliberately broad. The key word is Pervasive: What exactly is Pervasive in the context of software applications? What is it now? What is it likely to become? What must happen in order for the ‘dream’ of pervasive information access to become a reality? You are advised to familiarise yourselves (as a group) with some of the key research activities in the Pervasive arena and to consider projects which are ongoing in the field and also which have been completed. . This will help you to make an informed decision in your selection of your project ‘idea’. The overall objective of building pervasive applications is to provide the information that an individual or group of individuals (or perhaps some other intelligent object), with the information that they need, when they need it and where they need it. Also, must also the context in which the information movement takes place must be considered. A good project will strike a balance between realism and inventiveness or imagination. There must be some rationale for the concept proposed, but should it be the case that current limitations of technology mean that implementation would not be possible or cost effective, this should not limit your proposal unduly. Some evaluation of what would need to happen to enable the idea and also some evaluation or estimate of how likely this is to happen and , indeed when it might happen, would be an important consideration in the overall project. 40% Page 2 of 4
  • 3. Coursework 2: Individual Pervasive Applications Development: You are required to identify, design, build, test and implement a pervasive software application: There are two possible approaches to this: Select any one of these depending on your background, experience and interests: The themes are:- (i) Compare and contrast the Windows Mobile Development with any of: J2ME or Google Android. Do so by building an application in each, targeted at a Smartphone; Or: (ii) Design and build a ‘Killer Application’ for the Mobile and Pervasive arena: The choice of application is left to you: However, current thinking is that the most likely approach to finding that most elusive application is to leverage the capabilities of typical smart devices: These include such characteristics as: • Location awareness and GPS systems • Accelerometers • SMS messaging • Sensor detection capability • Cameras • Media Players • Touch screens • Mapping Technology • Mobile Web Services • …What is emerging? Your application should be targeted towards the concept of Pervasiveness, but should not dismiss or forget about the key characteristics of a quality software application against which the application will be measured: These include: Pervasiveness Innovation and Originality Challenge Quality of Code Page 3 of 4
  • 4. Safety and Validation of Application Friendly user interface (Good HCI practice) Intuitive design Efficient Deployment Ease of Installation Extendability User Guide 30% Coursework 3 Prepare a conference paper submission on one of the following topics: • Enabling Mobile and Pervasive Computing with Smart Devices: • Fifth Generation Mobile Phones and Sensor Technology: • Building the Pervasive Environment: Realising Weiser’s Dream?: • The Mobile Internet: can WiMAX deliver?: • System Support for Pervasive Applications • HCI in Mobile and Pervasive Development Applications: You may suggest a topic for approval by the lecturer: Please email if you wish to discuss this. Note: 1. You will be required to present the report at a Module Mini-conference in week 12 or 13 of the semester. 2. You should discuss your choice with the lecturer and further specific guidance will be given tailored to this choice. 30% Lecturer: Derek Woods: email Page 4 of 4