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App Store Report March 2010
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App Store Report March 2010


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  • 1. App Store Report March 2010 This monthly App Store Report is provided courtesy of WIP, and is based on the entries from the WIP App Store Wiki (, the leading online resource listing app stores for mo- bile developers. The WIP APP STORE WIKI keeps on growing! It now counts nearly 60 App Stores, up from 46 last month. The big announcement from MWC was the Wholesale Applications Community, an effort from about 25 opera- tors around the world (representing more than 3 billion mobile subscribers), three handset vendors and the GSMA. Also trending this month were recommendation-based stores. These often are built on top of an existing app store, and seek to make the store -- and the reviews of it apps in it -- more accessible to custom- ers. Check out the WIP Connector blog at for more insight and analysis of the latest app stores and trends! As of March 2010, the App Store Wiki lists 57 App Stores: Airtel App Central Handster Orange App Shop AndAppStore Android Market HouseOfPalm Palm App Catalog Androlib Idea Application Store Play Now Arena AppBrain iPhone App Store Pocket Gear AppCentral iWikiPhone webOS App Gallery Kero Mobile Premier App Shop Appsfire LG Application Store Samsung Applications Store Mikandi SHOP4APPS AppUp Center Mobango SlideMe AT&T AppCenter MobiHand Storeoid Blackberry App World Mobile Market Symbian Horizon Camangi Market MobileIron Enterprise App Store VCAST Apps Storefront Cellmania Mplayit Vodafone 360 Cydia Store mstore web2go FastApp Store My Hub whiteapp Flypp Netfront Widgets Wholesale Applications Community GetJar neXva Windows Marketplace for Mobile Handango Nokia Ovi Store zanox Application Store Optus Application Store March 2010
  • 2. Appstore name Airtel App Central AndAppStore Android Market Androlib Parent company Bharti Airtel Funky Android Ltd. Google Androlib Launched 2/10/2010 10/10/2008 10/22/2009 1/11/2010 Regional Europe, US, Hong Kong, India Worldwide All availability Japan and Taiwan Potential device 119 M subscribers (end ~ 6 Million (Nov '09) ~ 6 Million (Nov '09) ~ 6 Million (Nov '09) base 2009) Actual device Undisclosed ~ 6 Million (Nov '09) ~ 6 Million (Nov '09) ~ 6 Million (Nov '09) base Downloads 0 (Feb 2010) Undisclosed Unknown Undisclosed Apps in store 1250 (Feb 2010) 360 20,000 (Dec '09) 18000 (Jan 10) Communication, Comics, Communications, Communication Entertainment, Finance, Development, Education, Entertainment Finance Lifestyle, Multimedia, News & Games & Entertainment, Lifestyle, Multimedia, News & 25 categories, including Weather, Reference, Graphic apps, Internet, Weather, Productivity, Apps categories business, games, books, Shiopping, Social, Tools, Multimedia ,Personal, Reference, Shopping, Social, social networking, religious Travel, Games - Arcade & Productivity, Professional tools, travels, demo, software Action, Games - Brains & tools, Security, Tools, Travel, libraries, comics, health Puzzle, Games Cards & Utilities sport, themes Casino, Games - Casual Apps pricing Free and paid for from 5 Rs price per app, in-app pricing free, $0.99 - $200 free or paid for device tailored website, on On device portal Yes only on device portal Yes, and web portal Web only device application Google Checkout using a End user Deducted from Bill or from Paypal credit, debit, or gift card, As per Android Market payment method airtime some operator bills Runtimes Java (tbc) Dalvik, native Dalvik, native Dalvik, native supported OS supported All Android Android Android Devices 550 devices all android devices All Android devices All Android devices supported Revenue share Undisclosed 100% 70% As per Android Market Joining fee Undisclosed 0% $25 As per Android Market App signing fee Undisclosed 0 No As per Android Market Submission fee Undisclosed 0 No As per Android Market Promised time Undisclosed Immediate Immediate As per Android Market to market Regional submission Undisclosed One time One time As per Android Market process Copyright ©2010 WIP Connector.
  • 3. Appstore name AppBrain AppCentral Appsfire Parent company AppTornado GmbH Ondeego AppComments Appsfire Launched 3/2/2010 9/11/2009 3/2/2010 3/2/2010 Regional N. America/Europe, All All All availability expanding soon Potential device ~58,000,000 iPhone + iPod ~ 6 Million (Nov '09) 80 Million as per Apple App Store base Touch (Jan 2010) Actual device ~58,000,000 iPhone + iPod ~ 6 Million (Nov '09) Enterprise by Enterprise as per Apple App Store base Touch (Jan 2010) Downloads Undisclosed Undisclosed as per Apple App Store Undisclosed Depends on Enterprise's Apps in store as per Android Market as per Apple App Store as per Apple App Store Settings Business, Productivity, Apps categories as per Android Market as per Apple App Store as per Apple App Store Enterprise Apps All pricing options are Apps pricing as per Android Market as per Apple App Store as per Apple App Store available Browse/discover via Web, PC-based, also through On device portal install through handset Undisclosed Web site only iPhone App app/Android Market End user as per Android Market Depends on enterprise as per Apple App Store as per iPhone App Store payment method Runtimes Dalvik, native All Objective- C Objective- C supported BlackBerry & J2ME, iPhone, OS supported Android 1.6 or newer Android, and WinMo coming Mac OS X iPhone & iPad Mac OS X iPhone & iPad soon Devices All manufactuers except All Android devices iPhone iPhone supported iPhone Revenue share as per Android Market 70% as per Apple App Store as per iPhone App Store Joining fee as per Android Market None! as per Apple App Store as per iPhone App Store App signing fee as per Android Market None! as per Apple App Store as per iPhone App Store Submission fee as per Android Market None! as per Apple App Store as per iPhone App Store Promised time as per Android Market ~3 days Ondeego Approval as per Apple App Store as per Apple App Store to market Regional submission as per Android Market one time as per Apple App Store as per iPhone App Store process Copyright ©2010 WIP Connector.
  • 4. Appstore name AppUp Center AT&T AppCenter Blackberry App World Parent company Mobilmeme Intel AT&T BlackBerry Launched 12/18/2009 1/7/2010 1/7/2010 4/1/2009 Regional North America US, Canada USA about 20 countries worldwide availability Potential device All iPhone / iPod Touch 90 percent of its Quick Undisclosed ~ 25 Million (Nov 09) base (~60MM) Messaging Devices by 2011 Actual device All iPhone / iPod Touch Undisclosed Undisclosed ~ 25 Million (Nov 09) base (~60MM) Downloads undisclosed Just launched Not launched yet Unknown Web mirror of iTunes App Apps in store ~100 Not launched yet 2300 Store Business, Entertainment, Finance, Games, Health & Wellness, IM & Social Entertainment, Finance, Networking, Maps & Games, Health, Home & Navigation, Music & Audio, Apps categories same as iTunes App Store TBD Family, Productivity, News, Photo & Video, Reference, Social Utilities Productivity, Reference & eBook, Shopping, Sports & Recreation, Travel, Utilities, Weath Apps pricing same as iTunes App Store Free to undisclosed TBD Free and paid Yes, users can also browse Yes through cdownloadable On device portal No Yes catalogue on desktop web client browser End user Same as iPhone appstore Credit card TBD PayPal payment method Runtimes BlackBerry MDS Runtime. Objective- C Atom SDK C / C++ BREW supported Blackberry Widgets BlackBerry Device Software Windows with Moblin soon to v4.2 or higher, with a OS supported Mac OS X All supported by BREW come trackball or SurePress touch screen Devices All manufacturers supporting all BlackBerry devices: Bold, All iPhone / iPod Touch All Atom based netbooks supported BREW Curve, Storm etc. Revenue share Same as iPhone appstore Up to 70% 70 80% Free for limited time then $99 Joining fee 0 Free or $795 a year No a year App signing fee 0 Free TBD No Submission fee 0 Free TBD $200 for 10 applications Promised time Dashboard to see status of Same as iPhone appstore TBD Undisclosed to market application Regional Automatic for apps published submission TBD TBD One time in iTunes process Copyright ©2010 WIP Connector.
  • 5. Appstore name Camangi Market Cellmania Cydia Store FastApp Store Parent company Camangi Corporation Cellmania Cydia FastApp Launched 12/4/2009 7/22/1999 3/6/2009 3/12/2009 Regional US Worldwide Worlwide Worldwide availability Potential device 2000 devices, 250m 50 Millions iPhone and Undisclosed Unlimited base subscribers iTouch Actual device 2000 devices, 250m >2 Millions jailbroken iPhone Undisclosed Unlimited base subscribers and iTouch 500m mostly paid Downloads Undisclosed Unknown Undisclosed downloads. Apps in store 50 (Dec-09) 20000 30+ 172,000 All Apps, Arcade, Books, Business, Education, Entertainment, Finance, Communication, Games, Health & Fitness, Entertainment, Finance, Life, Healthcare & Fitness, games, apps, music, Apps categories Game, Multimedia, None Lifestyle, Medical, Music, graphics Reference, Shopping, Social, Navigation, News, Tools Photography, Productivity, Puzzle, Reference, Social Networking, Sports, Travel, etc Not explicit in the facts from Apps pricing free only varies by operator Free to $1,000 $1 to $12 on-device web portal, on- On Device Access coming On device portal No, web only device application, USSD, Web only soon Desktop Web End user Depending on Application or Free applications only Operator billing, credit card Paypal / Amazon Payment payment method Device Runtimes Java, Android, Symbian, Dalvik, native Objective C All supported RIM, Windows Mobile Android, RIM, Symbian, OS supported Android JavaME, Windows Mobile, OS X iPhone All iphone Devices Java, Symbian, WinMobile, 5 to 9-inches Android device iPhone, iPod Touch All supported iDEN, iPhone Generally 70% of what Revenue share Free applications only Not communicated 100% Cellmania gets Joining fee 0 Zero Free FREE! zero, except where operator App signing fee 0 None FREE! charges Submission fee 0 Zero None FREE! Promised time Not communicated, best Immediate 2 week target Undisclosed to market effort Regional submission One time Depends on region One time FREE! process Copyright ©2010 WIP Connector.
  • 6. Appstore name Flypp GetJar Handango Parent company Infosys GetJar Handango Handmark Launched 12/14/2009 12/31/2004 12/13/2000 11/3/1999 Regional Worldwide Global Global Global availability Potential device Over 1700 devices; over 2 Undisclosed Undisclosed Undisclosed base billion mobile consumers Actual device 1700 devices with over 15 Undisclosed Undisclosed Undisclosed base million users a month Over 600 million downloads Over 100 million downloads Downloads Undisclosed Undisclosed to date to date 40,000 applications from Apps in store Undisclosed Over 50,000 Undisclosed over 23,000 content partners Education, Email & Messaging, Entertainment, Finance, Food, Health, Games, Travel & Information, Lifestyle, Maps, Entertainment, Tools, Games, Entertainment, Depends on appstore Apps categories Music, News & Weather, Organization & Wellness, Productivity, Themes, provider Photos, Productivity, Work & School, New & Reference Religion, Shopping, Social & Updated Community, Sports, Travel, Games Apps pricing Free or paid for No pricing currently Free or paid Paid Yes. Shortcut to Yes, or download from web On device portal Undisclosed on device, wap & web store End user Undisclosed None currently PayPal Undisclosed payment method Runtimes Undisclosed All Native, Java, Web Native and Java supported iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Android, BlackBerry, Palm, Symbian Android, Java (J2ME), Symbian, OS supported Undisclosed Windows Mobile, Symbian BlackBerry, Palm, Palm Web Windows Mobile, Palm, OS, Apple iPhone OS, Windows Mobile Flash Lite Devices Undisclosed 1730 phones All manufacturers All manufacturers supported None. Only free content Revenue share Depends on operator 80% Undisclosed supported at this time Joining fee Undisclosed None No Undisclosed App signing fee Undisclosed None Depends on platform Undisclosed Submission fee Undisclosed None No Undisclosed Promised time Undisclosed 48 hours (2 business days) Undisclosed Undisclosed to market Regional submission Undisclosed One time / global access One time Undisclosed process Copyright ©2010 WIP Connector.
  • 7. Appstore name Handster HouseOfPalm Idea Application Store iPhone App Store Parent company Handster HouseOfPalm Idea Cellular Apple Launched 6/1/2009 3/1/2010 1/25/2010 6/27/2008 Regional Global, with country specific Worldwide All India availability stores for local variants Potential device Estimated 1 Million ~58,000,000 iPhone + iPod Undisclosed 57 Million customers base (November 2009) Touch (Jan 2010) Actual device Estimated 1 Million ~58,000,000 iPhone + iPod Undisclosed base (November 2009) touch (January 2010) Downloads 10M Undisclosed 0 (not launched yet) 3 billion (as of 06 Jan 2010) 140,000 currently available Apps in store 6000 Approx. 1900 (March 2010) 0 (not launched yet) (January 2010) Games, Entertainment, Books, Travel, Utilities , Business & Finance, Education, Lifestyle, Communication, eBooks, Books, Education, Reference, Music, Entertainment, Games , Entertainment, Food, Health Navigation, Productivity, Apps categories Health, Languages & Undisclosed & Fitness, Navigation, Sports, Business, Healthcare Translators, Multimedia, Productivity & Utilities & Fitness, News, Social Organizers, Themes & Skins, Networking, Photography, Travels and Maps Finance, Medical, Weather and Strategy Apps pricing $1 to undisclosed free/paid free to undisclosed Free and paid for on device client, mobile web, On device portal Web only Yes Yes, also through website pc website End user Credit Card, Paypal, premum Credit Card on iTunes as per Palm App Catalog Undisclosed payment method sms as per Dec 09 account Runtimes Native and Java Web Java, Windows native Objective- C supported Windows Mobile, Symbian, OS supported Palm webOS All Mac OS X iPhone & iPad Android, Blackberry Devices All manufacturers GPRS All Manufacturers Palm Pre, Pixi iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad supported phones 90-50% depending on Revenue share as per Palm App Catalog Undisclosed 70% distribution channels Joining fee 0 as per Palm App Catalog Undisclosed $99, $299 for Enterprise App signing fee 0 as per Palm App Catalog Undisclosed No Submission fee 0 as per Palm App Catalog Undisclosed No Promised time instant publications, after as per Palm App Catalog Undisclosed undisclosed to market developer activated. Regional submission 0 as per Palm App Catalog Undisclosed Multi submission process Copyright ©2010 WIP Connector.
  • 8. Appstore name iWikiPhone Kero Mobile LG Application Store Mikandi Parent company Biskero LG MiKandi Launched 1/14/2010 5/1/2009 7/13/2009 12/9/2009 Regional Worldwide world about 10 countries worldwide worldwide availability Potential device ~58,000,000 iPhone + iPod All Flash Lite 2/3 based Undisclosed ~ 6 Million (Nov '09) base Touch (Jan 2010) mobile phones Actual device Undisclosed Undisclosed ~ 6 Million (Nov '09) base Downloads Undisclosed Undisclosed Undisclosed Undisclosed Apps in store ? 260 1400 Undisclosed Book, business, education, entertainment, finance, entertainment, games. games, healthcare, lifestyle, productivity, education, Entertainment, Fun & medical, music, navigation , Apps categories 11 business, finance, reference, Games, Erotic Library, Porn news, photography, travel, navigation, healthcare, Stars, Adult News, Social, productivity, reference, social lifestyle and utilities. network, sports, travel, utilities, weather Apps pricing Free or paid for Free to undisclosed Free, $0.99-Up Web and on device portal on On device portal No, web only Yes, on device discovery some devices End user As per iphone Appstore Credit Card Undisclosed payment method Runtimes Objective C Flash Lite .NET & native Dalvik, native supported OS supported Mac OS X Symbian Windows Mobile Android Devices iPhone, iPod Touch LG Windows Mobile Devices All Android devices supported ?page_id=45 Revenue share As per iphone Appstore 100 Undisclosed TBA Joining fee None free Undisclosed Free for a limited time, App signing fee As per iphone Appstore free Undisclosed no Submission fee As per iphone Appstore free Undisclosed no Promised time As per iphone Appstore 1 week Undisclosed Immediate to market Regional submission One time all Undisclosed one time process Copyright ©2010 WIP Connector.
  • 9. MobileIron Enterprise App Appstore name Mobango MobiHand Mobile Market Store Parent company Mobango MobiHand China Mobile MobileIron Launched 0000-00-00 3/2/2010 8/17/2009 12/9/2009 30 countries including the Regional US, UK, Germany, Spain, All China North America, Europe availability India and Italy Potential device Smartphones in the Undisclosed Undisclosed 493 Million Subscribers base enterprise - roughly 100M Actual device 4 Millions registered users Undisclosed undisclosed Just launched (Dec 2009) base Each enterprise manages Downloads 552 Millions (01/10/2009) Undisclosed undisclosed their own app store Dependent on specific Apps in store Undisclosed Undisclosed 4000 at launch enterprise Business & Finance, Communication & Internet, E-Books, Education & Themes, Videos, Images, Games, wallpapers, music, Dependent on specific Apps categories Reference, Entertainment, Tunes, Apps, Games video, and e-books enterprise Games, Medical, Personal Productivity, Professional, Ringtones, Themes, Travel Dependent on specific Apps pricing Free free, or $3.95 or greater Free to RMB 15 enterprise PC discovery, access to apps On device application, and On device portal For certain devices No via mobile web desktop web portal End user Dependent on specific Free applications Credit card, PayPal ? payment method enterprise Runtimes Native, Java/J2ME, Flash Java or native depending on Depends on platform JIL, Java, native supported Lite platform Android, Symbian, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Windows Mobile, Symbian, BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows OS supported BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Android, Symbian, Palm OS, oPhone and Android Mobile, Symbian, Android and Palm iPhone BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, devices from Nokia, Devices All for smartphone OS listed All manufacturers Android, Symbian, Palm OS, Samsung, LG, Dopod, supported above iPhone Lenovo, and Dell. 60%-80%, depending on Dependent on specific Revenue share Free applications 70% point of sale enterprise Dependent on specific Joining fee 0 Undisclosed Free enterprise Dependent on specific App signing fee 0 Undisclosed ? enterprise Dependent on specific Submission fee 0 Undisclosed ? enterprise Promised time Dependent on specific Immediate Undisclosed undisclosed to market enterprise Regional Dependent on specific submission One time Undisclosed One time enterprise process Copyright ©2010 WIP Connector.
  • 10. Appstore name Mplayit mstore My Hub Netfront Widgets Parent company Mplayit Telefonica / Movistar Carphone Warehouse Access Launched 11/19/2009 9/11/2009 2/3/2010 10/5/2009 Regional Spain, later all country where Global UK Global availability Telefonica operates Potential device ~75 Million UK mobile ~ 75 Millions devices Undisclosed 1 Million devices base phones (2009) Actual device Unknown Carphone Undisclosed Undisclosed 1 Million devices base warehous base Downloads 15MM+ Undisclosed Just launched Undisclosed 100K+ , 15,000 Android Unknown (subset of Getjar Apps in store 1000 (11/09/2009) 450 applications catalogue) games, dictionaries, entertainment, finance, News, Search, Games, Games, entertainment, health, GPS-maps, Utilities, Weather, multimedia, productivity, information, photos and Transportation, SNS (Social), Apps categories Apps, Games, Utilities travel, utilities, reference, videos, social networking, Watch, Calendar, Photos, themes, religino, education, travel and books, sports, Mail and Messaging, search maps shopping shopping, tools, and Miscellaneous education/children free or paid for (contrary to Apps pricing Free and Premium Free to €20 Free Getjar) No, web only, on device to On device portal Limited device web portal. PC or mobile web access On certain devices come in the future. End user Varies Credit Card and phone bill Unknown Free applications payment method Runtimes Java or native depending on Java, Objective C, Dalvik Undisclosed NetFront Widgets supported platform Mac OS X, Blackberry OS, Windows Mobile 5.0 / 6.0 OS supported All All Android and S60 Devices iPhone, iPod Touch, Samsung, Japanese All manufacturers All manufacturers supported Blackberry, Android devices handsets Revenue share 100% Undisclosed Unknown Free applications Joining fee Free Undisclosed Unknown Free App signing fee n/a Undisclosed Unknown Free Submission fee Free Undisclosed Unknown Free Promised time Days Undisclosed Unknown Immediate to market Regional submission One time Undisclosed Unknown One time process Copyright ©2010 WIP Connector.
  • 11. Appstore name neXva Nokia Ovi Store Optus Application Store Orange App Shop Parent company neXva inc Nokia Optus Orange Launched 3/1/2010 5/26/2009 11/17/2009 4/24/2009 Regional all Global Australia several countries in Europe availability Potential device 200 Million as of Sept 18, 3500 devices in database Undisclosed Undisclosed base 2009, 100+ devices Actual device Undisclosed Undisclosed Undisclosed 1.3 Million customers base Downloads Undisclosed Undisclosed Launch (17/11/2009) Undisclosed Apps in store 5000 5500 (Dec 2009) 1000 (17/11/2009) 5000 (Dec 2009) Games, Utilities, Entertainment, Music, Social Just for Fun, Phone Magic, Networking, Finance, Sports, Astrology Zone, Orange Business, Lifestyle, services, Men’s Zone, Books Applications, Games, Audio Productivity, Education, Apps categories 13 & recipes, Themes & & Video, Personalisation Books, Weather, Navigation, Personalisation, Messaging Health & Fitness, Medical, services, Health & Fitness, Themes, Reference, Quizzes/Trivia, Travel guides Photography, News, and Reference Apps pricing free or premium Free to undisclosed free to undisclosed < £10 OTA from mobile site or via On device portal only or via On device portal Yes On certain devices web site SMS End user SIM Card, Credit Card, customers pay through Credit Card or Orange PayPal payment method Operator billing mobile bills Monthly Bill (SIM Card) Runtimes Native, Java, Flash, Widget, Depends on platform Java, Native, .NET Native, Java supported Mobile Web Android, BlackBerry, Java, Symbian, Android, Android / RIM BlackBerry / OS supported S60 , S40, Maemo Windows Mobile, Palm, Linux Blackberry, Windows Windows Mobile / Symbian All (only Sony Ericsson and Devices All manufacturers Most Nokia devices Any device but iPhone Nokia with app shop on supported device portal) Revenue share 70 70% undisclosed 50% €50 fee to register as a Joining fee N/A Undisclosed No publisher Vary based on Symbian App signing fee N/A Undisclosed Free Signed or Java Verified Submission fee N/A No Undisclosed No Promised time 3 days Undisclosed Undisclosed Undisclosed to market Regional submission Unknown Multi-submission Undisclosed Undisclosed process Copyright ©2010 WIP Connector.
  • 12. webOS App Appstore name Palm App Catalog Play Now Arena Pocket Gear Gallery Parent company Palm Sony Ericsson Pocket Gear Launched 9/24/2009 8/3/2009 6/27/2008 3/1/2010 Regional US to start with announced in 69 markets (Dec 2009) Global all availability Europe for 2010 Potential device Estimated 1 Million Estimated 1 Million 78 devices, 25 Million units Undisclosed base (November 2009) (November 2009) 620,000+ newsletter Actual device Estimated 1 Million Estimated 1 Million Undisclosed subscribers, Customers from base (November 2009) (November 2009) 200+ countries 100,000,000+ downloads to Downloads > 8 Million (November 2009) Undisclosed 5.7 million date 70,000+ smartphone Apps in store 1000 (January 2009) Undisclosed 445 (homebrew apps) applications Books, Clocks and Timers, Entertainment, Music, Social Applications, Communication Entertainment, Finance, Networking, News, Weather, Education Entertainment Games, Healthcare and Sports, Finance, Productivity, Games Health and Lifestyle Games, Themes, Software Fitness, Location and Travel, Apps categories Games, Food, Business, Language Messaging Music and Entertainment Multimedia, News and Books, Reference, Lifestyle, Other Productivity Security Internet, Productivity, Trave,Navigation Sport Travel Web Application Reference, System Utilities, Weather Apps pricing free to undisclosed free or paid for From $0 to undisclosed free, paid Installation from PC or direct On device portal Yes, also web discovery On device and web portal Yes via downloaded client on device End user premium SMS and credit Credit Card Credit Card as per Palm App Catalog payment method card Runtimes Java, Flash, native, XPERIA Web Java and native Web supported panels, Dalvik Symbian, Windows Mobile, Windows Mobile, Blackberry OS supported Palm Web OS Palm webOS proprietary, Android and Palm OS Devices Pre and Pixi Most Sony Ericsson devices All manufacturers Pre, Pixi supported Revenue share 70% developer 30% Palm 70% developer 60% less transaction fees as per Palm App Catalog $99 free for open source Joining fee Free No as per Palm App Catalog developers Depends on the certification App signing fee Free for now Varies dependant on OS as per Palm App Catalog program Free, $50 fee for being on Submission fee Depends on platform No as per Palm App Catalog the device portal Promised time Undisclosed Undisclosed Undisclosed as per Palm App Catalog to market Regional submission Undisclosed Undisclosed Undisclosed as per Palm App Catalog process Copyright ©2010 WIP Connector.
  • 13. Appstore name Premier App Shop Samsung Applications Store SHOP4APPS SlideMe Parent company Premier App Shop™ LLC Samsung Motorola SlideMe Launched 1/7/2010 9/14/2009 1/21/2010 4/11/2008 UK, Germany, Singapore, Regional Worldwide Brazil, China, France and China Worldwide availability Italy; 30 more to follow. Potential device 50 Millions iPhone and Undisclosed Undisclosed Ophone base ~ 6 Million (Nov '09) base iTouch Actual device Undisclosed on device client Undisclosed Undisclosed Undisclosed Ophone base base base Downloads Undisclosed Undisclosed 0 (not launched yet) Undisclosed 300 native applications on Apps in store 6 launch, 2000 expected by the 0 (not launched yet) 700 end of 2009. Fun & Games, Utilities, Productivity, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Communications, Games, Entertainment, Music, Educational / Health/Life, E-Book, Apps categories None not launched yet Reference, Travel, Other, Productivity, Reference, Health & Fitness, Location & Social Networking, Utilities Maps, Social Responsibilit, Developer / Programmer, Home & Hobby Apps pricing Paid From $0 to undisclosed free or paid for Price per app On device application device tailored website, on On device portal Yes, on certain devices Yes downloaded through the web device application End user Dependent on payment Credit Card PayPal, Credit Card Undisclosed payment method method used Runtimes Objective C Java and native Ophone SDK Dalvik, native supported Symbian, Windows Mobile, OS supported Mac OS X Open Mobile Android Bada Devices Motorola Ophones and iPhone, iPod Touch Most Samsung devices All Android devices supported potentially all Ophones Revenue share Undisclosed 70% Undisclosed 95% Joining fee Undisclosed $1 registration fee Free Free Varies based on Symbian App signing fee Undisclosed Free Free Signed or Java Verified Submission fee Undisclosed No Free Free Promised time Undisclosed Undisclosed Undisclosed Immediate to market Regional submission Undisclosed Free China only for now Undisclosed process Copyright ©2010 WIP Connector.
  • 14. Appstore name Storeoid Symbian Horizon VCAST Apps Storefront Vodafone 360 Parent company General Mobile Symbian Foundation Verizon Wireless Vodafone Launched 3/2/2010 9/15/2009 9/15/2009 9/24/2009 Regional unknown Global US Worldwide availability Symbian accounted for Potential device unknown >50% of the smartphone 60 million registered users undisclosed base market in 2008. Actual device unknown N/A Undisclosed undisclosed base Downloads Undisclosed Undisclosed Undisclosed undisclosed Apps in store 0 (March 2010) 61 250 2000 Entertainment, Apps categories None None Personalization and undisclosed Productivity. Apps pricing Undisclosed Free, paid Free to undisclosed undisclosed Yes with downloaded store Yes , also web portal On device portal Undisclosed No, web only application discovery End user Undisclosed Varies for each App Store Operator billing, credit card undisclosed payment method Runtimes Undisclosed Native Java and native JIL supported Windows Mobile, Blackberry OS supported Android Symbian OS Limo and BREW Devices Gneral Mobile Android Nokia, Sony Ericsson, preloaded on Samsung H1, All manufacturers supported devices Samsung M1 Revenue share Undisclosed Varies for each App Store 70% undisclosed Joining fee Undisclosed No Free No App signing fee Undisclosed Symbian Signed Charges Becoming free No Submission fee Undisclosed No Becoming free No Promised time Undisclosed Undisclosed 2 weeks after passing testing undisclosed to market Regional submission Undisclosed One time One time undisclosed process Copyright ©2010 WIP Connector.
  • 15. Wholesale Applications Windows Marketplace for Appstore name web2go whiteapp Community Mobile Parent company T-Mobile USA putITout joint venture Microsoft Launched 11/2/2009 10/5/2009 3/2/2010 10/6/2009 Regional USA All Global Global availability 50 device manufacturers and Potential device 30+ million customers All devices 3 billion+ 160 mobile operators in 55 base countries Actual device Undisclosed number of Undisclosed 3 billion+ Undisclosed base agencies / clients Downloads Undisclosed Undisclosed not yet launched Undisclosed Apps in store Undisclosed 22 not yet launched 20,000 (16/10/09) Full list of categories will be made available during the Apps categories Unknown None TBD application submission process. From $0 to $29.99, in app Apps pricing Most likely to be free TBD $0.99 to $499 advertising Yes, Windows Mobile 6.5, On device portal On Device web portal No, web only TBD 6.1, 6.0 End user Credit card and mobile OTC, MRC, ad revenue Depends on platform TBD payment method phone bill Runtimes Native, .NET, J2ME, Dalvik, All TBD .NET & native supported Sidekick Windows Mobile, Windows Mobile 6.5, 6.1 and OS supported All TBD BlackBerry, Android 6.0 Devices All manufacturers All mainly iPhone TBD All Windows Mobile devices supported 70% of app charge, 100% of Revenue share Undisclosed TBD 70% ad revenue Joining fee Free Free TBD $99 registration fee Depends on platform as App signing fee None TBD $99 certification fee resigning needed Submission fee None Depends on platform TBD No Promised time Once fully registered - 5-10 Depends on skinning + TBD Undisclosed to market days validation process Regional submission One time Depends on platform TBD Undisclosed process Copyright ©2010 WIP Connector.
  • 16. Appstore name zanox Application Store Parent company zanox Launched 6/3/2009 Regional Europe, North America, Asia availability zanox client base includes Potential device approx. 1 million publishers base and 2000 advertisers Actual device Undisclosed base Downloads Undisclosed Apps in store =~ 30 Applications for Advertisers, Applications for Publishers, Apps categories Widgets, Tools and Software, Software as a Service Currently all applications are Apps pricing free Any device capable of calling On device portal zanox Web Services End user Currently only free payment method applications are supported Runtimes Web, Java, native supported OS supported Web and Android Devices All devices supported Revenue share Defined by developer Joining fee none App signing fee none Submission fee none Promised time approval usually within 1-2 to market days of submission Regional submission process Copyright ©2010 WIP Connector.