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Android Scouts.doc

  1. 1. “ANDROID SCOUTS” A screenplay by Jonathan L. Lipscomb Star Hedgehog Productions FIRST DRAFT P.O. Box 1043 June 1, 2005 Ponchatoula, Louisiana, 70454 985-345-3152
  2. 2. "ANDROID SCOUTS" FADE IN: EXT. WOODS – NIGHT In the Smokey Mountains in Tennessee late at night, we see a group of soldiers wearing full black suits are chasing after a little girl with pink hair named RHYTHM wearing a long medical gown. The soldiers carry rifles in their hands and some K9 dogs are on leashes and bark as they join the chase after the girl. SOLDIER 1 We don’t want to harm the child! Use knock out darts at all time! SOLDIER 2 Yes sir. The girl looks ahead and comes to a sudden stop. She looks down and notices her path ends with a cliff. She walks to the edge and looks down at how far down it is. She hears the dogs barking and looks straight ahead. She jumps and off the cliff and falls down into a lake, making a splash. SOLDIER 3 (VOICE OVER) Where is she? The dogs rush to the spot where the girl jumped and backs down. One dog doesn’t think to stop so he leaps and falls into the water as well. SOLDIER 4 Over there! The soldiers run to the cliff and aim their weapons and spotlights down the cliff where the dogs are barking, they notice the other dog swimming in the water while searching for the girl. SOLDIER 2 You think she made it? SOLDIER 3 She doesn’t know how to swim. SOLDIER 1 The colonel is going to have my head for this. Alright, I want teams to search the lake and find her. If she did survive, she won’t get too far. I want to know everything about this area. Set up road blocks on all
  3. 3. 2 highways closes to this area. Move! The soldiers turn around to find another rout down to the lake. EXT. CAMPGROUND As the sun rises, we see a large campground close to the same lake. Rhythm crawls out of the water and onto the shore of the lake. She crawls as far as she can and stops near some bushes. She feels her head with her hand looks dizzy. RHYTHM My head... She passes out from exhaustion. NARRATOR (VOICE OVER) The path to find who you really are is long. We will find the answers together. I Promise. INT. BUS – MORNING On the highway, several cars are going to their jobs or other activities. Inside a school bus, BILLY, a 12-year-old Cub Scout wears his blue uniform and sits in the front of the bus while looking disappointed and staring into space, behind him are several other kids making noises and throwing papers. SCOUT 1 Gotcha! Gotcha! SCOUT 2 I got you back! Billy’s mother, NANCY drives the bus to their destination. She looks in her rearview mirror at Billy’s expression. NANCY You’ve been awfully quite for hours. Are you sure something isn’t the matter? BILLY No, I’m fine. NANCY You wanted to go to Scout Summer Camp. It’s only for a week. You had fun at your other summer camps. BILLY Day camps, mom. They were day
  4. 4. 3 camps. I didn’t know till after I signed up I would have to spend a week there. Nancy gets on the microphone. NANCY All you kids making that racket will be dropped off at the nearest stop! Most of them lower their voices. NANCY (CONT) Thank you. Nancy puts down her microphone and continues her conversation with Billy. BILLY This was a mistake. NANCY You’ll get to meet some lots of new friends there. You’re graduation from cub scouts is soon. You’ll be an official boy scout. BILLY Will dad be at the graduation? Or is he still in England? Nancy’s hand doesn’t have a wedding ring on her. NANCY He’s supposed to come home this weekend and see you in camp. BILLY Yeah, whatever. Nancy looks ahead at some police cars blocking the road. She slows to a stop and opens the bus door. NANCY Yes, officer? The officer approaches her with a sketch of Rhythm and glances at the kids, making sure Rhythm isn’t with them, but they are all boys. POLICE OFFICER Good morning ma’am. We are looking for a missing child. NANCY Oh. Sorry, I haven’t seen him.
  5. 5. 4 POLICE OFFICER If you do, notify the police department soon as possible. The officer hands Nancy a copy of the picture and walks away. NANCY I will do that. The other officer allows her to drive away. EXT. CAMP GROUND Nancy drives the bus to the Cub Scout camp ground. NANCY Well, here we are. There are several of boy cub scouts walking around in their blue uniforms and meeting other campers. SCOUT 1 Hey nice to meet you! The camp leaders are the boy scouts wearing beige uniforms. LEADER Your cabin if over there. Most of the cub scouts enjoy the idea of camping, some think it’s scary or boring. SCOUT 2 I wanna go home! Nancy opens the bus door and the cub scouts jump out of the bus with their carry bags. NANCY Watch your step! They look around at their surroundings while Billy gets his bag and walks off slowly. BILLY Mom, can’t we go to Disney World this year? Nancy gets off the bus as well and looks at him. NANCY It’s so beautiful. This is one of the best camp areas in the country. It’s better than Disney World. BILLY (SARCASTIC) Yeah, real nice.
  6. 6. 5 NANCY Now you have everything? Your camp T-shirt, shorts, toothbrush... BILLY Mom... NANCY (CONT) Your allergy medicine, extra pair of socks and underwear... BILLY Mom! I have everything. NANCY Okay. You don’t have to yell. I have to go so you have yourself a wonderful time. If you need anything, just call me. BILLY I doubt it. There are no cellular towers around here. NANCY You know what I mean. I love you. Nancy kisses Billy and hugs him. She walks away to the bus while some of the younger scouts are laughing at Billy. SCOUTS Mamma’s boy! Mamma’s boy! Billy turns around. BILLY Hey, come on over here and we’ll see who will be screaming “mama” like a baby. They both run away laughing. SCOUTS You suck! Billy shakes his head. BILLY (CONT) That come-back did sucked. INT. CABIN Billy enters his cabin and sees many bunk beds. There are some scouts unpacking their stuff and changing into their camp uniforms.
  7. 7. 6 SCOUT 2 Hey, hey, look who it is. Billy looks around and walks an open bed and throws his bag on the mattress. BILLY Hey Paul. A boy on the bunk next to Billy is PAUL, he nods his head to Billy since are friends in the same school, scout den and pack. PAUL We finally made it away from our folks for a week. Why didn’t you sit in the back with the rest of us? I mean no offense, you looked like a geek sitting next to you mom who is a bus driver. BILLY I needed to ask her about some things, that’s all. PAUL Heh; took you long enough. You acted like someone died. Billy digs in his bag and takes out is his Playstation Portable, simply known as a PSP. BILLY Battle tonight? Paul takes out his PSP and smiles. PAUL You’re on. Anyone else!? All the kids in the cabin show their PSPs and makes Billy make a small smile. BILLY Heck lets form a team. PAUL Good idea, I nominate Billy the leader. A scout named TIM with a small video camera records himself while speaking his mind. TIM Here we are the Cub Scout Summer Camp. Our den is preparing for an important event. Who will
  8. 8. 7 succeed and who will go home? The other scouts watch him with a wield look. PAUL What the hell are you doing? TIM “The Scouts” It’s my reality pilot I want to film while I’m here. It would be perfect. I have a brother who works for a studio and he told me to go ahead with my idea. BILLY Perhaps to shut you up. I don’t care about reality shows. TIM It’ll be cool. SCOUT 2 Guys, scout leader! Everyone hides their PSPs and gets in attention as the scout leader, TUCKER walks in the room with a list. TIM Introduction scene. Tim records Tucker as he begins his speech. TUCKER Den 5, Pack 100. I’m glad you all could make it today. However Sam Bates couldn’t make it due to personal reasons. SCOUT 3 (COUGHS) Woos! TUCKER Anyway, some of you have already earned all your badges to move up to official Boy Scout, graduation will be held here. Some of you may be lucky and earn your badges during camp. Our camp activities are listed in your Silvis. And on Thursday, we will have a field trip to Look Out Mountain. I want you all be in your best behavior, work as a team, and have fun. That is all, continue what you were doing.
  9. 9. 8 Tucker walks out of the cabin and the campers continue their previous conversions. PAUL What a tight ass. Billy reads his paper and the first thing his den is doing is a nature hike. BILLY Ohh... EXT. FOREST – AFTERNOON Billy and his other camping buddies are walking on a trail. BILLY Snap. A scout leader stops the group and points to different things off the trail. LEADER Hey, look at that! That’s a big looking squirrel. Tim continues to record with his camera. BILLY This guy has stopped us 3 times in the last 10 minutes. He’s wasting our time. PAUL He might have gotten suckered by Tim the camera geek. BILLY He’s got my vote. I’ll be back. PAUL Where are you going? BILLY I need to drain. PAUL Well hurry up, we’re moving again. You want me to tell the leader? Billy leaves the trail. BILLY Nah, I’ll catch up. Billy walks to a bush far from the trail and does his business. He looks up at the clear sky and finishes. He zips his pants when suddenly a hand reaches out from the bush
  10. 10. 9 behind him and grabs his ankle. Billy screams in shock and falls back. He looks in the bushes and sees Rhythm real dirty. Billy calms down a little and looks at her, not knowing who or what she is. BILLY A girl? Who are you? Are you lost? RHYTHM I don’t know. BILLY Do you have a name? RHYTHM I don’t know. Rhythm stands up and looks confused while Billy slowly walks up to her and looks down at her head, he sees small scar. BILLY You hit your head hard, huh? You must be suffering from amnesia. You look like you’re about 10 to 12. Come on; let me get you back to the camp. RHYTHM Camp? Billy begins to walk but he looks around. BILLY Okay, where did I walk from? I remembered right before meeting you. Rhythm continues to stand still. Billy waves at her. RHYTHM Huh? BILLY Follow me. Do you speak any English? Follow me. RHYTHM Okay. Rhythm walks with Billy as he looks for the trail. Billy notices a barcode tattoo on the back of her neck. BILLY A military barcode? In any case you need a shower and be treated for injuries.
  11. 11. 10 RHYTHM What’s a shower? BILLY What? You don’t know. I guess I’ll have to show you. INT. CABIN – 30 MINUTES LATER Billy looks at the girl as she is now clean and wears a scout camp uniform with a bandage around her forehead. Billy still looks red in the face and looks in the bathroom and sees how dirty the shower has gotten trying to clean Rhythm. BILLY You do look like a boy. Just don’t tell anyone what happened otherwise I’ll never hear the end of it. Hey, why were you born with pink hair? You would look better with... I don’t know brown hair maybe. RHYTHM Brown hair? She closes her eyes as Billy turns around for a moment, her body glows and suddenly, her pink hair changes fast to brown, then her skin color turns to a little tan than pail. BILLY Yes and you could use a little sun tan. RHYTHM Like this? Billy turns around as she finishes. He stares at her and takes him a moment to freak out. BILLY (FREAKED) Yeah and -- Holy crap! How... I’m loosing my mind. Are you even human? The camps open the cabin door from their hiking trip. PAUL Thank God that’s over. Billy turns around and quickly puts a cap on the girl’s head. BILLY Remember you are a boy, okay? RHYTHM Boy?
  12. 12. 11 Tucker insides as well and notices the Billy and the unknown camper. TUCKER Billy, we were worried about you. You are not to leave the group without telling the leader. BILLY Sorry, I had to come back. Tucker looks at Rhythm. TUCKER What is your name, camper? RHYTHM Camper? BILLY This... this is Cub Scout Sam Bates, age 12. He finally showed up. TUCKER Are you sure? According to record book, he wasn’t going to show up due to having the flu. BILLY He had the flu last week but wasn’t sure if he was going to make it, now he’s better. TUCKER Okay, Sam Bates, are your parents still here? RHYTHM Sam? Parents? Rhythm turns to Billy who is shaking his head. RHYTHM (CONT) Parents are not here. TUCKER Very well, I’ll update your record now. And Billy, you loose some points for leaving the group. The next time you will not join our field trip. BILLY Yes sir. TUCKER It’s almost dinner time,
  13. 13. 12 everyone. Please meet in the cafeteria in one hour. Tucker leaves the cabin. PAUL Anyone wanna do a little one-on- one? The campers go to their bunk heads to rest and some play their PSPs. SCOUT 3 You know it. Tim walks around Rhythm with his camera and films her. Not knowing who she really is. Rhythm follows the camera. TIM There’s my boy, Sam who finally arrives the last quarter of the day. How does it feel to be in camp, Rhythm? RHYTHM What is Camp? TIM You’re kidding, right? Camp is where kids get away from their nagging parents for the summer and learn to have fun. Billy walks to Rhythm. BILLY He’s still a little woozy from the medicine he’s been taking. INT. MESS HALL All the kids sit in their seats while eating their dinner. SCOUT 1 Did you guys see the footprints we found above during the hike? SCOUT 2 Yeah they were big, like an army. Billy doesn’t seem pleased by his dinner. BILLY Man this sucks. Paul is sitting next to him. PAUL We should have packed our own
  14. 14. 13 raisons for this. BILLY Tell me about it. KID 1 Hey look, one of the scouts is gulping down his milk. That must be his third one. Billy looks and sees Rhythm gulping down her milk from the small carton. She has four finished so far. BILLY What is she doing? The kids gather around her and offer their milk to her. TIM I got to get this footage down. Tim records the moment on video camera. KID 2 Dude I will give you my milk if you get rid of it for me. Rhythm takes the milk from the kid and gulps it as well. KID 3 Man, that’s amazing. This milk expired 2 days ago. I didn’t want it after smelling it. TIM This is good. Sam is taking a milk drinking challenge. KIDS Gulp! Gulp! Gulp! BILLY I think Sam has made new friends easily. PAUL Dude, you sure that’s really Sam? Last time I checked He was a baby dick. Not to mention he’s a mama’s boy. Why do you think he’s still a year behind in being promoted? Billy wanders if he’s doing the right thing such as disguising his new friend as a camper instead of calling the police. She seems special to him.
  15. 15. 14 INT. CABIN – NIGHT Billy lies on the bottom bunk, while Rhythm is on the top bunk. Billy looks up at Rhythm. BILLY Sam? Are you awake? RHYTHM Yes. BILLY That was cool earlier, you drinking 12 milks. You were in the bathroom 5 times after that. Good thing I was guarding the door, there’s no locks on them. RHYTHM Okay. BILLY Sam? I need to know. Where did you come from? And how did you do that trick with your hair? Rhythm stares up at the ceiling very still. RHYTHM I don’t remember. BILLY You don’t remember your real name, your parents or your home? RHYTHM No, I don’t. BILLY I see. The way I found you. It looked liked you were running away from somebody. I could feel it, that’s why I put you in that uniform. Billy looks away. BILLY (CONT) I’m sorry about putting you through this. But if you were in trouble, and I called the police, you would be back where you were. The real Sam is sick at home. And there are no girls in the cub scouts. You’ll have to pretend to be a boy for a week. Till you get your memory
  16. 16. 15 back at least. Rhythm looks down at Billy with a smile. RHYTHM It’s okay, thank you. BILLY Get some sleep; we have a busy day tomorrow. Rhythm looks at the ceiling again, suddenly her eyes glow and lines of 1s and 0s stream across them, like a robot processing information. She then she closes her eyes and goes to sleep quietly. EXT. WOODS A female soldier, MAGGIE stands outside the camping, staring at the cabin which Rhythm sleeps in. She gets on her two-way radio and contacts her HQ. MAGGIE Target is with a large group of children. She does not pose a threat to them. We’ll wait so we don’t endanger anyone. HQ Understood. If the kids discover what she really is... MAGGIE I doubt anyone will discover she is a billion dollar prototype. I have a plan of my own. EXT. CAMP – MORNING The kids from inside the cabin wake up from the sound of a boy playing a wake up song with a trumpet outside. PAUL (VOICE OVER) Shut up! Paul throws a football at towards the trumpet boy who quickly dodges. TRUMPET BOY Woah! All the scouts including Billy and Rhythm gather outside wearing their uniforms and yawning but Rhythm looks energetic. BILLY It’s six in the morning. Maggie is in a scout leader uniform and shows her references
  17. 17. 16 to Tucker. TUCKER How long have you been a scout leader? MAGGIE My husband used to be leader, and I got interested when we married. Sad to say he passed away a few years ago. TUCKER I’m sorry to hear that. Everything in your papers looks good, and we could use a female leader this week. Welcome to camp, and good luck. MAGGIE Don’t worry, they’ll like me. Maggie sees Rhythm and Billy talking to the other kids. EXT. ARCHERY AREA The kids hold their bows and arrows and learn to shoot towards the target and hit the bull’s eye. SCOUT 1 Hey look at the short kid. Rhythm learns fast and hits the bull’s eyes several times while amazes everyone around her. SCOUT 2 How is he doing that? In Rhythm’s POV she locks onto the target like a robot. TEACHER 1 That’s very good! EXT. OPEN TENTS Billy and his pack are sitting under some tents while making some wallets. TEACHER 2 Remember you tie the leather strings in a not as soon as you put them through the holes. Rhythm as already made about 4 of them. The teacher looks at her.
  18. 18. 17 RHYTHM Is there more? TEACHER ... Help yourself. You should rank up at your pace. EXT. NATURE TRAIL Rhythm is walking with Billy and the other kids while reading her scout books on the way. BILLY Here we go with yet another boring trail walk. Maggie is the leader and points to a gray bed. MAGGIE Sam, can you tell us what bird that is? Rhythm looks at the bird and thinks for a few seconds. RHYTHM It is a Cardinal. MAGGIE And what type of cardinal is it? RHYTHM It is a female cardinal. MAGGIE Very good. Billy smiles at Rhythm and she smiles back. BILLY You remember everything well. Maggie wonders about Rhythm. INT. CAVE The scouts are exploring below a cave with lots of crystal walls from water dripping. It makes a good tourist attraction. PAUL (ECHOES) Hello! Hello! Rhythm is amazed by all the colors and smiles. RHYTHM Look at that! BILLY Yeah. Try not to fall.
  19. 19. 18 EXT. CAMPFIRE – NIGHT Rhythm, Billy and the other kids roast marshmallows with sticks over the campfire and making smores. Tim is still recording his films. TIM Hey does anyone know a good camp song? I need one for my pilot. KIDS Sit down! BILLY Sam, do you know a good song to sing? RHYTHM A song? BILLY (NODS) Yeah. I know sing the one that was playing in my PSP. Rhythm thinks for a moment and changes her voice to sing Ben E. King’s “Stand By Me”. The guitarist joins in. RHYTHM (SIGNING) When the night has come. And the land is dark. And the moon is the only light we see. No, I won't be afraid. Oh, I won't be afraid. Just as long as you stand. Stand by me. The kids and Maggie are amazed at this talent and continue to listen to Rhythm’s singing. KID His voice became deeper. EXT. RIVER – NEXT MORNING The kids are swimming in the river with their swimsuits on. SCOUTS Cannonball! Billy and Rhythm walk on the deck wearing swim shorts and jerseys with air holes in them. Billy made Rhythm wear the jersey to hide her female chest. The other kids look at them. BOY 1 Hey nice suit, Sammy. Why don’t you try swimming without the shirt or are you that shy?
  20. 20. 19 BILLY Mind your own business. If he’s shy then respect that. BOY 2 I’m not talking to you; I’m talking to the woos. BILLY Look, he maybe small, but he can keep up with all of you. Besides your friends over there are wearing tank tops. The boys see his fat friends wearing tank tops and shake their heads. BILLY (CONT) I win. Billy walks to his pack and watches Tucker get several canoes ready. BILLY Crap. They didn’t say anything about canoeing. I suck at this. TUCKER Each pack takes a turn learning how to canoe. Den 5, Pack 100 will be the fist. Tim records with his video camera again. TUCKER (CONT) Tim, you’re going to loose that. TIM No problem, I have a strap tied to it, plus water proof for underwater filming. TUCKER Must be expensive, very well but it’s your responsibility. TIM Yes sir. TUCKER Everyone to your assigned leader and listen extra careful as to what he or she has to say. The scouts put on their life jackets and Tucker assigns the scout to their assigned canoes.
  21. 21. 20 TUCKER (CONT) Sam, you are with Paul. Billy are you with Tim and Miss Maggie. Rhythm goes to the canoe with Paul and their leader. PAUL I’ll be doing most of the paddling, you sit up front. Billy goes to the canoe with Tim and Maggie as the leader. TIM Hey Billy, you want to narrate for my film this time? BILLY Sure if you’re paying me. The kids put their paddles in the canoe and they push the canoes into the water, they get in quick and paddle when the leader tell them to. EXT. RIVER – NOON The kids continue to learn how to canoe. LEADER 1 That’s very good. Rhythm seems to be enjoying the moment and nature. RHYTHM This is fun! PAUL Hey stop rocking the boat. How much do you weigh anyway? Billy is swatting bugs off his neck while Tim records Billy. TIM It seems something is bugging little Billy. Care to share your feelings? BILLY Yeah if you don’t stop aiming that camera at me it is... Billy is interrupted by the sound of thunder. He looks up and sees a large black cloud. LEADER 1 Oh no. The weather forecast said a slim chance of rain. Suddenly the rain starts pouring on all of the canoes and the wind blows harder and most of the kids panic.
  22. 22. 21 MAGGIE Everyone stay calm! There’s a bridge up ahead, we’ll use it as shelter! Billy starts to panic as remembers some moments of his past. Suddenly canoe hits a large rock sticking out of the water and tips over the canoe and tips it over. BILLY Oh Shhhh... Maggie, Billy and Tim swims from under the canoe and back up from the water. They try to swim but the water is rushing them and the other canoes are far away except for Paul’s. MAGGIE Grab on to me! Maggie grabs Tim and tries to grab Billy but he sinks underwater. TIM Billy! Rhythm sees what is happening and worries about Billy. She jumps out of the canoe and swims towards the unconscious Billy. PAUL Sam! Are you crazy? Get back over here! She dives underwater and grabs him and submerges while trying to keep his pale face above water. RHYTHM Wake up! Maggie gets Tim to the shore and grabs a rope out from the rushing water. She throws it to Rhythm. MAGGIE Take it! Rhythm grabs the rope and is being pulled in by Maggie. RHYTHM Got it. Tim sets his camera on a log and continues to record. He goes to help Maggie. They pull Rhythm and Billy out from the water. MAGGIE That was stupid! You should have stayed your canoe! Rhythm looks at Billy and feels him.
  23. 23. 22 RHYTHM Why isn’t he moving? MAGGIE Stand back. Maggie goes to Billy and checks him also and performs CPR on Billy. Suddenly the water pops out of his mouth and he coughs for air. TIM Hey Billy, are you alright man? BILLY I think so. God... what happened? MAGGIE Sam saved your life. Billy looks at Rhythm and smiles while Tim looks around the area for something. Billy stands up and realizes he and the others are stranded, so he takes the canoe paddle out from the water and throws it hard in the air and halfway threw the river like a javelin with such emotion. TIM (PANICS) Okay so... where are the sidewalks? Billy is shivering cold and Maggie sits next to Billy and places her body up against his. Billy turns red for a moment as his neck feels her warm breast. MAGGIE Relax, you’ll catch ammonia if you don’t get warm. What happened back there, you fainted in the water, Billy. Billy opens up with his story while Tim continues to record. BILLY When I was 7, my twin sister drowned in a fishing trip. I panicked and tried jumped into save her, before I could reach her, my father jumped and pulled me out first. By the time he went back to get my sister she was in too deep and drowned. Dad was so upset he blamed himself but I really got in his way. He left us and became a surgeon in England. I joined the scouts so I could overcome
  24. 24. 23 fear and be more prepared for drastic situations. Rhythm reminds me a whole lot of my sister. TIM That was sad. Billy looks at the camera and is embarrassed. BILLY Delete it and turn it off! Tim turns his camera off and looks at Maggie and starts to fake his shivering. TIM I’m feeling cold, could I get some warm? Rhythm sits next to Tim and rubs on him. RHYTHM I can warm you. TIM What are you doing? I don’t want a boy all over me! God you’re still freezing cold! RHYTHM I’m not a boy. TIM What? Tim looks in the water and sees Rhythm’s swim trucks on shore. His curiosity gets the best of him when he lies down and looks up Rhythm’s shirt from below. It takes him a second to react to what he is seeing. TIM Oh my God! RHYTHM What’s wrong? MAGGIE So Sam is a girl after all? BILLY It’s nice of you to react so calmly about all this. Miss Maggie. Who are you really? MAGGIE What are you getting at?
  25. 25. 24 BILLY You have been following her ever since you came to camp. You know who she really is. MAGGIE I don’t know what you’re talking about. Billy gets loose and stands up. BILLY What about us still being here? We could have climbed up that hill and find help, unless your own rescue party is on the way. Maggie stands up and looks serious. BILLY Who is this girl really? Her ability to change her color, and voice. The way she learns fast by reading or watching others. And the way I first found her was sad enough; she lost her memory from a fall. MAGGIE It’s classified government business. Sam, no, Rhythm. You’re going back home. Rhythm reacts to her real name as a helicopter approaches the site. BILLY Rhythm? I trusted you, Maggie. MAGGIE I’m sorry, but I must bring her back. The rest of you can go. No one will believe what a child has to say about this. BILLY Rhythm! Run! RUN! Rhythm hesitates and uses one of her abilities to make her invisible and removes her jersey to become completely invisible but the only thing that can be seen is her distortion. TIM Dude! Did you see what she did? Maggie watches as Rhythm jumps away.
  26. 26. 25 MAGGIE What have you done? BILLY I’m saving her life. Tim, run! Billy and Tim run away as the helicopter comes closer. They climb the trail up the hill and threw the poison ivy and Tim records with his camera. Maggie tries to go after them but slips in mud. She looks at the chopper. MAGGIE There’s been a set back. Maggie reaches in her pocket and discovers something important is missing. EXT. WOODS Billy and Tim are running through the woods and onto the road. Billy carries a PDA in his hand and looks over it. TIM What is that? BILLY I got it from that lady. This thing has everything about that girl named Rhythm. I didn’t have to enter a password, she left it unlocked. Billy surfs through the PDA and gets information about Rhythm. TIM Should you be going through that? BILLY No way! She’s... a robot. TIM (SHOCKED) What have we gotten into? Does this mean we’re fugitives? Dude this trip keeps getting better! We discovered a robot giri! BILLY Shut up, there’s a video in here. Billy opens a large video file on the PDA. INT. LAB We look at the screen of the PDA where a video is playing for the kids. On the screen is a scientist named DR. WALLIS. He stands in front of a ruined lab.
  27. 27. 26 DR. WALLIS My name is Dr. Wallis. This video is strictly classified. We have been studying robotics and cloning for years and so far we only come closer to solving the puzzle by a little. “Project Rhythm”, Rhythm is a dance form, and a medical term. The video shows blueprints and how they cloned faked human organs and how they constructed the plastic skeleton. DR. WALLIS We combined these theories to make the perfect artificial human being. We created an artificial brain, heart, liver, eyes and every other human part using science and cloning technology. We even created artificial blood and other fluids compatible with these organs. Creating the vessels for the blood and fluids was extremely difficult. Her skin and hair are made of a special plastic that looks and feels real. Rhythm is walking around in a lad like a new born robot. DR. WALLIS (CONT) To develop her mind faster, we used computers to transmit information and programming into her brain. She could get her fuel from food and water, and she can even waist. She was learning fast and would be a revolution. The video shows explosions in the lab. DR. WALLIS (CONT) Our lab was attacked by terrorists and they have kidnapped our project. We have not finished our research on what Rhythm could do but we learned right before the attack. The video changes to the diagram of Rhythm.
  28. 28. 27 DR. WALLIS Her speed and strength, healing and learning are twice more than a normal human, and she could change her color and make herself invisible like a chameleon. There are no metal parts inside of her, which means she can pass through a metal detector perfectly, and her weight is light like a normal child’s. The video changes back to Dr. Wallis. DR. WALLIS However the one thing we learned is that the materials and fluids used to make her if combined could cause her to explode and take a whole city block with her. We also learned in order to prevent this is to make sure she has no internal injuries. Her artificial appendix is not perfect, if that bursts she could explode. This PDA has instructions on how to remove it if you can not bring her back on time. She is only a child and yet immortal if not used as a bomb. Thank you. EXT. ROAD Billy and Tim are getting close to the camp and Billy is freaked out about what was on the video. BILLY She really is a robot. TIM Talk about freaky. BILLY There’s more on this thing. Looks like that lady’s mission logs. TIM You’re going to read them? BILLY (READING) We discovered kidnappers truck
  29. 29. 28 932 miles away from the lab. Truck disabled and kidnappers taken to custody. However project has fled while trying to be taken into safe custody. She leaped from a cliff and the next day I found her disgusted as a boy cub scout. She is interacting with children, I am going in undercover to ensure her projection and keep her identity a secret. TIM We misjudged Maggie. Billy starts running towards camp. BILLY We better find Rhythm! TIM Wait a minute, she’s a bomb! INT. CABIN Billy and Tim open the door to their cabin and looks around. All of the kids in the pack are still in the river. Billy walks towards his bed and gets a towel to dry off with. BILLY Rhythm? Are you in here? He hears a sound of a girl crying coming from the top bunk. He sees an invisible figure with a white sheet covered around her. Billy climbs up to the top bunk and looks at her. BILLY Rhythm, it’s alright, we are your friends. Rhythm becomes visible and she looks at Billy with dry eyes. BILLY (CONT) No one is going to hurt you. Rhythm shivers and feels her belly with pain. RHYTHM It hurts. BILLY Oh no, it’s bursting now. INT. INFIRMARY Tim opens the door as Billy carries Rhythm inside while
  30. 30. 29 looking for the nurse but no where to be found. BILLY Great, she must be on the bus to pick the kids still in the storm. TIM What do we do? RHYTHM I don’t want to die... I don’t want to die... Billy listens to her and carries her to the operating table and lays her on the table with the blanket still on her. BILLY Call me crazy. I’m doing it myself. The PDA has instructions on how to do it; it’s like operating on a real kid. TIM Okay, you are crazy. Do you even know how to perform surgery? BILLY I studied one of my dad’s books on it last summer and the medical terms. It was for a book report. Besides if Doogie Howser can do this at a young age then anything is possible. TIM What do you want me to do? Be your nurse? BILLY Exactly. TIM Me and my big mouth. Billy reads the PDA on how Rhythm functions and where her sleep mode is. BILLY I think I have this figured out a little. In Rhythm’s point of view, she watches Billy as he puts on some gloves and a suit. BILLY (CONT) Don’t worry. We’ll take good care of you.
  31. 31. 30 Billy presses something under her arm and she gets blurry and falls asleep. BILLY Tim. If you see me running, try to keep up. TIM Not funny. INT. LAB DREAM SEQUNCE: Rhythm sleeps inside of a large glass tube. She wakes up and looks around her. She hears voices around her. DR. WALLIS (VOICE OVER) What do you mean this project is canceled? That can not dismantle my creations! That’s murder! I’ll take my Rhythm with me. MAN (VOICE OVER) There are guards all around this lab with your project monitored. They’ll never let you escape with her. DR. WALLIS (VOICE OVER) I do what it takes to protect her! Rhythm looks to her sides and sees another tube with a boy named WALTZ inside of it, and then sees another boy in the other tube. She places her hand on the glass and suddenly Waltz opens his eyes and looks at Rhythm with an evil expression. SMASH CUT: INT. INFIRMARY Rhythm opens her eyes and looks at Billy holding a jar with liquid and her artificial appendix in it. BILLY Hey your awake... I mean active. Tim is outside making barfing sounds. TIM I thought I was going to die!
  32. 32. 31 Rhythm is wearing her uniform and tries to get up. BILLY Easy, it took about an hour but it was a success. You need to rest for about a day to heal. Rhythm smiles and hugs Billy. RHYTHM Thank you. Tim backs inside while Maggie enters the room. TIM Ugh, Dude. Billy gets in front of Rhythm and protects her. MAGGIE Relax kid; I’m on your side. I watched everything. That was very impressive work on disarming her by the way. BILLY What will you do now? Take her back to that creepy lab again? I saw everything on this. He tosses the PDA back to Maggie. MAGGIE Those are my orders. However since she is no longer a threat to anyone, she can enjoy the rest of her stay at camp. Interaction with other children was one of the things Dr. Wallis wanted Rhythm to experiment with. I’ll call my men and explain she is fine and that you kids didn’t know what our chopper really was. That is if you keep a lid on this. Plus I’ll explain to Tucker that I saved you kids from the river. BILLY Really? You’ll let her stay and go on our field trip? MAGGIE I am breaking a few rules. But okay.
  33. 33. 32 BILLY You have our word, we won’t tell anyone. MAGGIE And you Tim. No footage of what Rhythm really is. Everyone knows her as Sam Bates. TIM Fine. Maggie looks at Billy as he scratches his arms. She examines his face. MAGGIE You got into it big time. INT. CABIN Billy lies in his bed with cream all over his body and two blankets to keep him warm. BILLY Why me? Rhythm sits next to him while Tim records this moment. TIM Wait until everyone sees this. Billy played stupid and got into the poison ivy while climbing out of the river. BILLY Man, shut up! Rhythm laughs at Billy. RHYTHM Funny! Billy looks because it’s the first time he has ever seen her laugh before. INT. LAB Dr. Wallis is looking at reports on his computer. He notices his other experiment, Waltz walking into the room. DR. WALLIS It seems Rhythm is fine and the government will never bring her back now that she is in their crudity. I’m counting on you to complete your mission.
  34. 34. 33 WALTZ Yes of course. I will require a scout uniform. EXT. TRAIN – EARLY MORNING A couple days after the canoe and surgery scene, a train is sending many campers to Chattanooga for their all day field trip. SCOUTS This is awesome! Billy and Rhythm sit together in their official scout uniforms. Rhythm is learning how to play Billy’s PSP and plays with other campers using the wireless network. BILLY You’re getting better at this. RHYTHM I know, its fun. Maggie is their leader and stands up. MAGGIE May I have your attention please? We will be entering Chattanooga soon. The shuttle buses will meet us at our stop. Our first stop will be Alexian Village. It is one of the finest retirement communities in the country. Please be on your best behavior, or in other words, show some respect for these people. Most of the scouts pout about going there. PAUL You know what will happen if we go there? BILLY Don’t remind me. INT. ALEXIAN VILLAGE LOBBY The scouts are inside the lobby of a retirement home. Many retirees greet the scouts, and some are tugging the scout’s cheeks including Billy and Paul’s. RETIREE 1 Ah, look at you cub scouts. I remember when I was a boy scout.
  35. 35. 34 Rhythm is smiling while she acts so cute to the retirees. She receives many hugs from them and they don’t want her to leave. RETIREE 2 Oh, aren’t you the cutest thing. Tim is recording the whole thing while some scouts laugh. TIM Look mom, the rubber boys. PAUL Well Some people are getting a kick out of this. BILLY I can’t feel my cheek bones. INT. AQUARIUM After the beautiful and humiliating tour of Alexian Village the kids now venture threw the Aquarium of Tennessee. They listen to the tour guide while looking at the fish in the tanks. TOUR GUIDE In here are tiger sharks. A shark swims close to Rhythm and scares her to where she grasps onto Billy. Billy looks embarrassed about this. BILLY ... dude. Rhythm realizes her role and stands back in attention. RHYTHM I’m sorry. Another boy in a scout uniform joins the group. His face looks similar to Waltz’s. INT. I-MAX THEATER The kids are sitting in an I-max theater connected to the Aquarium. They wear 3-D glasses and watch an educational movie. SCOUT 1 Where’s the roller coaster? Rhythm eats some popcorn and tries to reach for the movie. RHYTHM Hello there. Billy tries to get her to understand.
  36. 36. 35 BILLY They look 3-D for a reason. EXT. RIVER BOAT The kids are taking a short ride on the River Boat to get some more sights from the top of the boat. TIM This is good scene. Rhythm is enjoying the wind blowing her hair from the front of the boat. Billy helps her on the ledge and he holds her up. BILLY I saw this in a movie. You’re king of the world! He cheers into the wind and Rhythm follows. The other scouts watch them. PAUL That is the weirdest thing I have ever seen. MAGGIE Let them have their fun. They deserve it. Guys we’re having lunch downstairs. Coming? BILLY AND RHYTHM Yeah! The kids walk downstairs while Waltz stays for a moment to look at his sister’s face with a frozen expression. EXT. INCLINE RAILWAY The kids sit in a trolley train as it moves slowly up Lookout Mountain. The tour guide explains the history of Lookout Mountain and what the tracks are made of. GUIDE The early development of Lookout Mountain centered around the small village at its base named Chattanooga. The small trading town was founded in the late 1700's as a trading post, and it grew from a one building affair to a thriving trade center for goods coming east from the
  37. 37. 36 Frontier. Rhythm seems to be resting up against Billy and Maggie watches with a smile. MAGGIE Someone seems to having too much excitement for one field trip. BILLY Yeah, not much to see here. She is so much like my sister. I wish I could take her home with me. I know her life is short. MAGGIE Billy, I can assure you we will not treat her like a test subject. She wanted to live and that makes her human, and not an android. Trust us. BILLY I will get to visit her. INT. RUBY FALLS All of the kids are looking around the giant water fall inside of Lookout Mountain and Billy seems to be bored with this stop already. BILLY Oh wow, a little waterfall with a red light around it. RHYTHM So pretty! BILLY Big deal. EXT. ROCK CITY Rock City is one of the best tourist attractions in Tennessee. The scouts head towards the entrance when they see lots of Secret Service people securing the area and letting assigned guests inside. PAUL What’s going on here? TUCKER I wanted to keep this a surprise. Our camp was chosen to have you kids come over here to meet the President of the
  38. 38. 37 United States. He is here to give a speech about the progress of the Boy Scouts of America. Most of them cheers about seeing the president. PAUL Well my dad is a democrat. Billy sees the line for the metal detector and starts to freak out while glancing at Rhythm. He knows she’s half robot. BILLY Not good. Rhythm steps up next and the man scans her with his metal detection rod. It beeps. MAN Empty your pockets. No cell phones. Rhythm removes some key chains inside of her pocket and the man scans her with a portable metal detector. She is clear to go and Billy nearly faints and realizes something important. BILLY I forgot she’s made of plastic. INT. GIFT SHOP Rhythm looks at some clothes while Billy and Maggie help. MAGGIE Try on some of these girl clothes. It’ll make you feel like a real woman. Rhythm walks into the dressing room with lots of clothes. She closes the door and a moment later opens it while wearing a pink shirt and dress. RHYTHM Do I look good? Billy and Maggie smile and clap. MAGGIE Very pretty! Rhythm smiles and walks back in the dressing room. She walks back out wearing a girl overalls and country clothes. BILLY That’s cool! She walks back into the dressing room. She walks out wearing
  39. 39. 38 tight black clothes, black leather jacket and sunglasses which freaks both Billy and Maggie out. MAGGIE Don’t kid like that? Rhythm looks confused and walks back into the dressing room. RHYTHM I’ll be back. Billy laughs because she reminds him of a movie character. EXT. ROCK CITY Rhythm is in her uniform again and stands next to a Native- American man dressed like a Cherokee. She shakes his hand while both Billy and Tim takes there picture. BILLY Say cheese. RHYTHM AND INDIAN Cheese. Billy takes the picture. INT. SMALL TAFFY SHOP Rhythm looks at the taffy machine working on stretching the taffy. RHYTHM What is that? Billy buys Rhythm a box of taffy that has many flavors inside of it. He hands it to her. BILLY These are freshly made here. You’ll never find the best salt water taffy anywhere outside Tennessee. Rhythm eats one and gets excited. RHYTHM Very good! Rhythm gives Billy a gift. A penny flattened with a Rock City logo on it which costs 2 quarters to make. Billy accepts it. BILLY Thank you. It’s... nice.
  40. 40. 39 ROCK CITY GARDENS - EVENING The scouts are walking around Rock City, looking at the sights. PAUL Hey Billy, it’s almost time! BILLY I’m coming. Rhythm looks at a map and wants to go to places on it. RHYTHM Can we go here next? BILLY Sure after the speech... Billy looks at the entrance and nearly drops his map when he sees the real Sam Bates and his mother at the main entrance. BILLY (CONT) What... the hell is he doing here? Sam Bates looks like a mama’s boy and a nerd combined, he breathes on his inhaler. SAM I need my retainer back. Billy tries to walk Rhythm away from the entrance. BILLY Go! Tucker walks over to the real Sam and then turns to Billy and Rhythm. TUCKER You two, over here! Billy stops and looks down in disbelief. He and Rhythm walks to Tucker. TUCKER This looks like Sam Bates. Why is there someone else taking his place? BILLY I can explain. I heard Sam was sick, and I asked my friend here to help out. SAM’S MOTHER That looks like a girl to me. I can tell. It’s a mother’s intuition.
  41. 41. 40 Tucker removes Rhythm’s cap that shows her pink hair which she forgot to change after being in the dressing room for so long and Tucker gets a good look at her face. TUCKER You brought a girl who is not even in the scouts and had her use Sam’s name? BILLY Yes sir. TUCKER You lied to your Scout Master. You should be expelled from the scouts for good. Maggie! Maggie walks to Tucker. TUCKER (CONT) Keep an eye on these trouble makers. They are not venture around the park or see the president. SAM You got in trouble, Billy. BILLY Come out from hiding behind mommy and say it in my face. MAGGIE That’s enough, let’s go. Maggie leads them away from Tucker and towards a quieter area. They sit down at a bench. MAGGIE I’m real sorry this had to ruin your career as a scout. BILLY Forget it, I was thinking about quitting anyway. I wouldn’t make it as a Boy Scout rank. Heck I had a hard time getting threw the Cub Scouts. I’m going for a walk before I’m yelled at by my mother when I get home. Billy gets up and walks away. He looks depressed. MAGGIE It’s best if I and Rhythm left, so things don’t get any worst. Rhythm feels something close. Something she knows.
  42. 42. 41 RHYTHM It’s here. MAGGIE What is it? RHYTHM There’s danger. Don’t do it. MAGGIE The president could be in danger? I’m going in as an agent again. Stay here where it’s safe. Maggie leaves Rhythm and walks to the main lobby. She shows her ID card and enters. SECRET SERVICE Thank you. Rhythm receives images in her head and notices Waltz entering the lobby. She recognizes his face. She gets off the bench and runs towards the lobby. INT. LOBBY Rhythm sneaks inside the lobby while the guards were not looking down. She sees Maggie and stands next to her. MAGGIE I told you to stay outside. RHYTHM My brother, Waltz is here. MAGGIE A brother, I never read anything about another android. RHYTHM He’s mean. MAGGIE If he’s here... that means... The president stands on a small stage and gives his speech. Maggie motions Rhythm to look for Waltz while she searches the other direction. MAGGIE (WHISPERS) Look that way. Waltz sits in a chair close to the president. In his point of view, a program activates and sets him self to blow up in 5 minutes.
  43. 43. 42 WALTZ Heh heh. Rhythm feels something strange and sees Waltz in his chair. She motions to Maggie and points. RHYTHM There. Maggie walks to the secret service men. MAGGIE That boy over there is not a scout. He is a spy. The secret service men walk over to Waltz and place their hands on his arms. The president watches as he continues to talk. SECRET SERVICE Young man. You need to step outside. TUCKER What’s going on? The men try to force Waltz up. Waltz stands up and uses his super human strength to push the secret service into the walls. The kids get freaked out by this. KIDS What’s going on?! The president backs away as the secret service gets in front of him and aims their guns at Waltz. Waltz jumps at the men and beats them up fast. He stands over their unconscious bodies and looks at the president with an evil look. He makes a fist and suddenly 2 sharp claws pop out of his hand. They look clear and made of a special plastic like his skeleton. He walks closer to him as Maggie shoots her gun at Waltz but he blocks her bullets with his claws. WALTZ Nice try. All of a sudden, Rhythm runs at Waltz and forces him through the wall and out through the window and behind the building. MAGGIE Rhythm! The other secret service men protect the president and rush him out of the building and out of Rock City. EXT. BACK OF LOBBY Waltz stands in front of Rhythm who is in his way and is ready to fight. He points his claws at Rhythm.
  44. 44. 43 WALTZ Idiot! You’re screwing everything up! RHYTHM What are you saying? WALTZ Our father wants the president to pay after what he did. The funding to continue his research was terminated and we were to be disposed of. There were no kidnappers. You were being shipped to assassinate him. The kidnapping was an excuse so the government wouldn’t know his real plans and shift the blame on a fake terrorist group. You lost your memory in that fall and injured your appendix. You became a scout and had the appendix removed by the brats so you wouldn’t detonate on the set time. Rhythm 01 and Waltz 01 are the same. We both have a mission to do and prove to the world we are the next W.O.Ds. Rhythm backs away frightened as the secret service men aim their guns at Waltz. SECRET SERVICE Freeze! Maggie aims a rifle at Waltz. WALTZ First I’ll kill the agents and show you what you’re meant for. Maggie then aims at a propane tank next to Waltz. MAGGIE Rhythm! Get out of the way! Rhythm jumps out of the way the same time Maggie shoots and hits the big tank. WALTZ What? Waltz turns around and looks at the tank. He uses his hands to shield his face as the tank explodes, taking Waltz with it. WALTZ (SCREAMS) Ahhhhh!!
  45. 45. 44 Maggie shields Rhythm on the ground and some secret service officers offer their help in shielding the girl. They stand up as the blast dies down. MAGGIE That takes care of that. Rhythm looks in shock as she sees Waltz still standing in the blaze of fire. His shirt is burned off, and some of his skin around his body and face. The hand with his claws is badly damaged. All is seen is his boney hand, fingers and claws. Waltz tries to smile. WALTZ Look at me. This is what you look like. Rhythm screams and runs away. RHYTHM No! Waltz turns invisible and jumps away from the scene. WALTZ The fool. Maggie watches in horror and tries to aim her gun at Waltz but can’t get a clear shot. She turns to the secret service men. MAGGIE That android needs to be destroyed at all costs! INT. FAIRYLAND CAVERNS Rhythm runs into a cavern where there are lots of images, and manikins of fairytale characters. Rhythm tries to run around them while trying to void Waltz. She suddenly hears his voice in her mind. WALTZ (VOICE OVER) Take a good look, Rhythm. You’re nothing more than a doll to humans. RHYTHM No! WALTZ (VOICE OVER) You really think a doll has a soul? Do you think you live a perfect life? You’re the one living a fairytale.
  46. 46. 45 RHYTHM Stop it! Rhythm runs out of the caverns and into the Needle’s Eye where she squeezes through the narrow path and running at the same time. RHYTHM Leave me alone! A distortion of Waltz is jumping from rock-to-rock. He laughs while watching Rhythm run. WALTZ (VOICE OVER) Where will you run? Who will be able to fix you? Our father is the only one who can if your plastic organs get damaged. You’re a cold blooded robot designed to look and act human. EXT. SWING BRIDGE Billy and Tim walk across the bridge while filming. BILLY Why didn’t you stay at the center to see the president? TIM They won’t allow my camera. Besides I get bored listening to politics. I called my dad to record CNN. That’s good enough. Billy hears something and turns around. He sees Rhythm running on the bridge and running into him. Billy and Tim try to keep their balance. BILLY Hey! Careful! We almost fell. What’s wrong? RHYTHM Run! TIM From what? The distortion of Waltz starts cutting the swing bridge. WALTZ This is fun. TIM Oh crud. Run! The 3 runs towards the other side of the bridge as Waltz cuts
  47. 47. 46 the bridge on his side. BILLY Jump! The group jumps off on time as the bridge falls and Billy looks behind him and sees nothing. BILLY What the hell was that? EXT. TOP OF ROCK CITY The group runs on the top of Rock City they pass the 7 state flags and stop at Lover’s Leap. They look down at the clouds and waterfall. TIM Oh man it’s a dead end! What are you we running from? RHYTHM Him. Billy and Tim look where Rhythm is facing. They see Waltz becoming visible and show his damaged body. Billy and Tim backs away with terrified looks. TIM Holly mother! BILLY Another android! Tim tries to reach for his camera of gets too close to the rail, fall over and screams. TIM Billy!! Billy turns and reacts fast by grabbing his arm. Billy tries to pull him up. BILLY Hang on! WALTZ You’re that boy who’s been brainwashing my sister! Billy looks behind him and sees Waltz running at him with his claws ready to strike. BILLY Ahh! Suddenly Rhythm jumps in front of Billy and punches Waltz in the face. Forcing him back and he regains his balance.
  48. 48. 47 RHYTHM I know a lot more on how to live than throwing it away to a meaningless cause! I chose to be a scout and learn about helping others! Rhythm gives Billy and hand in pulling Tim up and back on the pavement. BILLY Can you move? TIM I think my bowels are. WALTZ It doesn’t matter. There’s less than a minute left till I explode. BILLY Rhythm, you can still make it out of here. I will protect you. Rhythm takes a piece of taffy out of her pocket and eats it. She turns to Billy and smiles at him. RHYTHM Thank you. But I will protect you. At the same time Waltz charges at them with his claws. WALTZ You all die! Rhythm looks back at Waltz and makes 2 plastic claws come out of her hand and make them glow with energy. She slices Waltz’s claws off with one fast slash. Waltz’s claws fall off and he panics. Rhythm grabs Waltz tight and turns him to the edge of the cliff, jumping off fast and falling down while holding onto Waltz real tight. Billy and Tim watches in shock. WALTZ What are you doing? In slow motion, Billy watches Rhythm fall in front of his wide opened eyes. Tears leak out of Rhythm’s eyes. RHYTHM Billy... Goodbye. She and Waltz fall down towards the ground and out of sight. All of a sudden there is an explosion that brightens the sky and makes the mountain tremble. Billy shields himself and watches in shock with wide teary eye as the explosion ends.
  49. 49. 48 BILLY ... RHYTHM!!! As the explosion glows and dims down, Billy breaks down and cries on the pavement. MAGGIE (VOICE OVER) Boys! Maggie and Tucker runs to the scene. EXT. CAMP – AFTERNOON The next day the kids have their bags ready and steps on the bus while Tucker sees them off. TUCKER See you back at the meeting. Billy sees his mother standing next to her bus as well as his father. He walks up over to them, his mother hugs Billy with worry in her eyes. NANCY I was so worried about you. I heard everything that happened. FATHER I’m moving back home, son. I can’t let something like the past haunt me. I want to make it up to the both of you. Billy’s parents give him a hug. Billy doesn’t speak. INT. BILLY’S ROOM – MORNING – 2 WEEKS LATER Billy sits on his bed wearing his new Boy Scout uniform while watching his graduation speech on the DVD Tim made for him. He also flips through all the scenes with him and Rhythm on it. They look like they are having a good time. Billy has the souvenir coins Rhythm had made for him sitting on his desk. RHYTHM (VOICE OVER) What do I like about the scouts? I am happy that... I got to meet many friends and have fun. Rhythm smiles and blushes on the TV screen and the video stops. Billy stares at the TV in gloom. He looks away. BILLY Rhythm... Billy’s mother knocks on the door.
  50. 50. 49 NANCY Billy, you have someone at the door. Billy, you can’t stay in your room all summer. Cheer up. Billy walks out of his room and down the stairs. BILLY I’m coming. He walks to the door and opens it. He looks at a Girl Scout selling cookies. RHYTHM Want to buy some cookies? BILLY I’m not in the mood for them, thank any... huh? He looks closer at her face and notices it resembles Rhythm’s. He smiles with unbelief that she survived a fall like that. RHYTHM Surprise! BILLY Rhythm! How? RHYTHM I jumped off Waltz on time and climbed the mountain down. I guess I got lucky. Billy hugs Rhythm tight while his parents watch this moment. BILLY Are you here to stay? RHYTHM I want to be happy and live. BILLY Mom, can Rhythm stay the night? BILLY’S FATHER I don’t see why not. BILLY’S MOTHER As long as her mother says it’s okay. RHYTHM My name is Rhythm Wallis. I am Billy’s friend. It’s nice to meet you all. Maggie sits in her car close to Billy’s house. She has
  51. 51. 50 reports about Dr. Wallis’ lab being abandoned after the attack on Rock City. She smiles as Rhythm reunites with her friend. She puts a cell phone on her ear. MAGGIE Yes, Mr. President. Rhythm 01 is safe and sound. She needed to see her best friend again for a little while. We will continue to study her, but she wants to experience a normal child life as a Girl Scout here in the smoky mountains. She already got some experiences. Billy and Rhythm walk inside. MAGGIE (CONT) As for the Dr. Wallis, we do not know his whereabouts, or if he made anymore androids. The world would panic if the first androids ever made were used as weapons. Rhythm proved she wasn’t a weapon; she’s more human than she thinks. Maggie drives away. INT. WALLIS’ LAB Inside a dark room, there is still one more tub with the other android that looks exactly like Waltz. A sign on the tube reads “WALTZ 02”. He opens is eyes fast. FADE TO CREDITS: