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Android / Linux Boots in 1 second!

Android / Linux Boots in 1 second!






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    Android / Linux Boots in 1 second! Android / Linux Boots in 1 second! Presentation Transcript

    • Android / Linux Boots in 1 second! March 2010 Kanji Mihara, Managing Director Ubiquitous Corporation © 2010 Ubiquitous Corporation. All rights reserved. This presentation is for informational purposes only. Ubiquitous makes no warranties, express or implied, in this summary.
    • Agenda Company Profile Booting time matters – Trends and issues QuickBoot Overview – Demo – How it works QuickBoot Technical Detail – How to implement – SDK © 2010 Ubiquitous Corporation 2
    • Company Profile  Founded in 2001 by ex-Microsoft engineers  Aiming at pervasive networking with world smallest TCP/IP and derivative products  Technology oriented, embedded software expertise  Public company (JASDAQ NEO, since 2007)  Acquired Encirq’s DeviceSQL embedded DBMS in 2008 http://www.ubiquitous.co.jp Ubiquitous Confidential 3
    • Ubiquitous-enabled Products Portable Games Blu-ray Recorder Car Audio & DSC TCP/IP + SSL  Less than 50KB in code size, by major Japanese CE Fastand small DBMS combining TCP/IP and SSL stack manufacturers “DeviceSQL” Provided as the standard library Multi-channelHDTV USB Host software for the Nintendo-DS Wi-Fi games streaming and upload using DLNA Also used in “Nintendo DSi” © 2010 Ubiquitous Corporation 4
    • Booting time matters User Experience •Android takes 30sec~1min to boot •Can you wait that long for TV or Tablet? Standby Power •Boot-time is the key for eco © 2010 Ubiquitous Corporation 5
    • Standby Power of Home AV Devices  “Fast Boot” mode consumes considerable standby-power in home  Standby power of TV and DVR in total: approx, 50W (47.8W) = 1 Light Bulb = electricity cost : ~US$100 / year Standby power using “Fast Boot” mode Standby Power (W) Avg Max Min TV 24.45 68.0 11.7 HDD/DVD Recorders 23.3 40.4 18 Source: 2008 Standby power research in Japan © 2010 Ubiquitous Corporation 6
    • Why standby-mode is used?  “Cold Boot” or Eco-mode Takes long time (30sec~1min) before use = Horrible user experience 【Cause】 Complexity of Digital Devices  PC-like complex CPU and huge memory size  Big OS like Linux or Android is used “Fast Boot” (=standby) mode is used for user experience Instant boot technology using “Cold Boot” The ultimate break-through © 2010 Ubiquitous Corporation 7
    • Needs for “QuickBoot” TVs Bluray / DVD Automotive Inforainmant Smartphones Smartbooks DSCs Tablets eBooks © 2010 Ubiquitous Corporation 8
    • Overview 9
    • What’s QuickBoot ? Instant boot solution – Launched this week Android (Linux) boots in 1 second! – Run application instantly from cold boot – Instant boot even over 100MB image Optimized for ARM processors – QuickBoot Release 1.0 for ARM – Supports: ARM9, ARM11, Cortex-A series OS independent technology © 2010 Ubiquitous Corporation 10
    • DEMO : Boot Android in 1 second Environment: Android 1.5 Debian based Linux(kernel 2.6.26) Hardware: Armadillo-500FX CPU: Freescale i.MX31 (ARM11) 400MHz RAM Image Size: 128MB (Uncompressed, no XIP) © 2010 Ubiquitous Corporation 11
    • Hibernation vs. QuickBoot Prioritized restoration of RAM image © 2010 Ubiquitous Corporation 12
    • Hibernation vs. QuickBoot (2) Hibernation RAM Image RAM Image © 2010 Ubiquitous Corporation 13
    • Memory size vs. Boot time © 2010 Ubiquitous Corporation 14
    • Comparison w/ other boot tech. Technology Boot Time Cons Normal Boot × Very long boot time 30-90sec Kernel Tuning △ Boot time depends on #of 5-30sec device drivers and application CPU Stand-by + ◎ Not a cold boot, stand-by DRAM self-refresh 1-2sec power required Hibernation △ Boot time depends on #of 5-20sec device drivers and application Virtualization ○ Limited application can only (e.g. SplashTop) 5-10sec be used, not a full Linux Ubiquitous QuickBoot ◎ 1-2 sec Complete Linux © 2010 Ubiquitous Corporation 15
    • Tech.Detail 16
    • Block Diagram Note: IRA: Intelligent Resource Allocator © 2010 Ubiquitous Corporation 17
    • QuickBoot Workflow © 2010 Ubiquitous Corporation 18
    • 2 types of QuickBoot usage QuickBoot fixed mode – QuickBoot from the factory default snapshot image (static snapshot image) at any time. QuickBoot update mode – QuickBoot from the factory default snapshot image at first. – Create a snapshot image if necessary at runtime. – QuickBoot from the new snapshot image at the next boot time. Ubiquitous Confidential 19
    • QuickBoot SDK  Reference Platform Support – Armadillo500FX(i.MX31) from Atmark Techno (Debian based Linux bundled)  CPU Support – Phase 1 • ARM9, ARM11, Cortex-A8, Cortex-A9 Single core – Phase 2 • ARM9, ARM11, Cortex-A8, Cortex-A9 Multi core (Linux SMP)  Materials –QuickBoot Snapshot Script (Source) –QuickBoot Snapshot Driver (Binary) –QuickBoot BIOS/IRA (Binary) –Kernel patch (Source, GPL’d License) –Bootloader (Sample code for Reference Board) –Developers manual –Application note © 2010 Ubiquitous Corporation 20
    • Summary  Booting time matters – For User experience and Eco  Ubiquitous QuickBoot is the ultimate break- through by 1second cold-boot  QuickBoot now available for ARM ONLY © 2010 Ubiquitous Corporation 21
    • Q&A 謝謝 © 2010 Ubiquitous Corporation 22
    • Product Lineup “Small, Light and Fast “ Network Platform w/ World’s smallest TCP/IP stack Network Platform for Tiny Devices “Small, Light and Fast “ USB Host Platform Small and Fast DBMS for embedded systems Link Protection for home network Wireless LAN Solution Instant Boot Solution for Embedded systems Ubiquitous Confidential 23