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  • 1. Computer Science Professional Advisory Board Meeting #17 Hosted by Steve Gilliom PHD, Inc. December 13, 2007
  • 2. Agenda
    • Introductions
    • A Small Review
      • “Bring IT On”
      • RoboCup
      • Website revamp
      • Student Life
      • Experiential learning
    • A Big Change
    • A Big Mystery
  • 3. A Small Review: “Bring IT On!”
    • Held Oct 26-28 at IU Bloomington
    • Hosted by School of Informatics
    • Goals
      • Develop K-12 outreach program
      • Explore research opportunities in computing
    • Faculty member Tammy Toscos, a Ph. D. candidate in Informatics, was a member of the organizing committee.
    IPFW’s participants Prof. S. Jessica Walker Karen Negron Jason Polubinsky
  • 4. “ Bring IT On!” Near-term Goals
    • Create IPFW brand
    • Complete presentations
      • Middle school
      • High school
    • Design website
    • Give at least one presentation
    • Attend refresher workshop in Spring
    • Incorporate into existing ETCS outreach activities (Future Cities, First Lego League)
  • 5. A Small Review: RoboCup
    • Received over $15,000 in gifts
    • Purchased first robot
    • Supervising two student project teams
      • Control software to Identify, maneuver and kick (R. Sedlmeyer)
      • Design and implement kicking mechanism (Y. Liu)
    Soccer-playing robot goal of IPFW group Engineers design athletic android By Kelly Soderlund The Journal Gazette November 7, 2007
  • 6. RoboCup Near-term Goals
    • Demonstrate capstone student projects in May
    • Expand team to include more professional engineers
    • Publish architecture paper derived from Bodenschatz’s Masters Thesis
    • Design robotics-oriented introductory course sequence
    • Recruit corporate sponsors
      • Companion robot
      • Custom robot
      • Additional sensors (“bumpers”)
  • 7. A Small Review: Website revamp
    • Ongoing audit of content
    • Concerted effort to keep content fresh
    • Simple admin site created
    • Need photos and bios!
  • 8. Website: Near-term goals
    • Complete admin site
    • Train additional content managers
    • Supply content for critical areas (course descriptions, alumni locator, student opportunities)
  • 9. A Small Review: Student Life
  • 10. A Small Review: Experiential Learning Opportunities
    • Co-op, internship and part-time positions
      • Aptera
      • Transworks
      • Identity Alliance
      • American Axle
      • Vera Bradley
      • Redwood IT
      • Visionary Web Design
    • Capstone projects
      • IPFW Basketball Recruit Management
      • IPFW Mastodon Card Application
      • Raytheon Task Organization Visualization
      • RoboCup
  • 11. Experiential Learning Opportunities: Near-term Goals
    • Increase number of students participating in co-op
    • Work closely with PAB to create additional opportunities
    • Identify 3-4 external projects for 2008-09 capstone course
  • 12. A Big Change
    • On November 2, Dean Voland announced a major reorganization of the College of ETCS
    I am very pleased to announce that the Information Systems program…will be moving administratively from the Department of Computer Science into a new academic department together with the programs in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology.
  • 13. A Big Change: Structure CS CEIT Three faculty and approximately 75 majors will be moving to CEIT BS CS MS CS Informatics BS IS BS CPET BS IT BS EET MS Tech
  • 14. A Big Change: Good News
    • More distinct branding
    • More homogeneous faculty
    • More capable students
    • More freedom in curriculum design
    • More focus on research
    • More aggressive in seeking external funding
    • More involvement with Centers of Excellence
    • More collaboration with Engineering
  • 15. A Big Change: Curriculum
    • Software engineering (BS, MS)
      • Object-oriented systems analysis and design
      • Web application development
      • Usability
      • Service-oriented architectures
    • Information Visualization (BS)
      • 2D and 3D Modeling
      • Animation
    • Traditional (BS)
      • Preparation for Graduate School
    • Embedded systems (BS, MS)
      • Robotics
      • Wireless & sensor networks
    • Knowledge systems (MS)
      • Data mining
      • Intelligent agents
      • Expert systems
      • Semantic web technologies
    Your participation in curriculum design and review is welcomed!
  • 16. A Big Change: Near-term Goals
    • Ensure smooth transition of faculty and students to new department
    • Write new mission statement and program objectives
    • Articulate possible curriculum alternatives
    • Devise branding strategy
    • Revise assessment process in preparation for next ABET visit
  • 17. A Big Mystery or Two
    • Why are we having so much trouble filling our positions?
    • Why are we having so much trouble filling our classrooms?
    • How can we inspire more students to pursue computing degrees?
  • 18. Projected employment by major occupational group, 2006 - 2016
      • Fastest growth among the eight professional subgroups.
      • Increase in almost all industries as organizations continue to adopt and integrate increasingly sophisticated and complex technologies.
  • 19. Projected growth of computer-related occupations
    • Among the 30 fastest growing occupations and those projected to have the greatest numeric growth.
    • Median annual wages of $46,360 or more
    Projected % Growth 2006-2016 Category 28.2 Computer software engineers, application 29.0 Computer systems analysts 44.6 Computer software engineers, application 53.4 Network systems and data communication analysts
  • 20. Indiana Fastest Growing Occupations with Employment of at Least 100 in 2004
  • 21. BS Total Enrollment
    • 14% decrease from previous year
    • 40% decrease from four years ago
    • IPFW numbers are similar
  • 22. Newly declared CS majors
    • Up slightly, possibly signaling renewed interest
    • One year does not a trend make….
    • IPFW numbers continue to decline
  • 23. Major Choice Goal Model
    • Self-Efficacy – Judgment of capability to perform effectively as a CM
    • Outcome Expectations – Judgment regarding likelihood that valued rewards will occur as a result of pursuing a CM
    • Interest – Emotion that arouses attention to, curiosity about, and concern with a CM
    • Choice Goals – Aspirations to choose a CM
    Self-Efficacy Outcome Expectations Interest Choice Goals
  • 24. The Bottom Line Students are more likely to develop interests in a computing major when they feel confident about their capabilities to succeed, and believe that favorable consequences are likely to occur as a result of pursuing the major. -- Akbulut and Looney 2007 77% of [high school] teachers think that there are a number of qualified students who are not taking CS courses…. The main reason…is that many students see [them] as less important or less interesting than other core courses. -- Judith Gal-Ezer 2007
  • 25. So – What can we do?
    • Suggestions from 4/26/06
      • Scholarships
      • New degree programs
      • Grants to support labs or student experiences (e.g., NSF REU)
      • On-site presentations of IPFW CS programs
      • On-site presentations of employment opportunities
  • 26. So – What can we do?