Kanban at Polopoly


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Presentation from agila sverige 2008 on how we uses Kanban to manage 3:rd line support.

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Kanban at Polopoly

  1. 1. ksse@polopoly
  2. 2. How we re-did the despair section to a task force team
  3. 3. Polopoly – Web Content Management
  4. 4. Polopoly – the enterprise Software product company Enterprise web content management Demanding customers: DN, Expressen, SVT, NRK, SJ... Product development Support Professional services Started Scrum-ing 2008
  5. 5. Problem with Scrum "No Interference, No Intruders, No Peddlers- No person outside the team can change the scope or nature of the work the team is doing during the sprint" (Schwaber & Beedle)‫‏‬
  6. 6. Scrum – the dome
  7. 7.  The team commit builds on trust A closed door politics A Scruming team can only respond to external changes between sprints: the door is only opened every fortnight
  8. 8. All is not calm outside
  9. 9. Things happens all the time Bugs in released software Difficult support questions Projects needing help
  10. 10. A lot of despair
  11. 11. What to do? As a ScrumMaster you should protect the team(s). What to do when you can not handle all the panic yourself? We wanted to create a taskforce team: T3
  12. 12. To Serve and Protect
  13. 13. Requirements Always ready to serve Small stories handled one at a time JIT planning Protect the other teams Staffed from different departments (doing service)‫‏‬ Constantly learning and self-organizing But it could not be Scrum. No batch and deliver at all We had to find another model/process
  14. 14. The Toyota Way: Teams
  15. 15. From Scrum to Lean - looking at Toyota Sort of like a plant at Toyta One vehicle at a time Signaling needs for an item with a kanban system The Scrum board becomes a signaling system for JIT planing and delivery
  16. 16. Kanban
  17. 17. KSSE We found a small bunch of people working with defining a process like this for software engineering Kanban System for Software Engineering Kanban System for Sustaining Engineering Focus: Use the visual signaling system as an engine to drive the process
  18. 18. Kanban properties (infoq)‫‏‬ Physical: It is a physical card. It can be held in the hand, moved, and put into or onto something. Limits WIP: It limits WIP (Work-In-Process), i.e. prevents overproduction. Continuous Flow: It notifies needs of production before the store runs out of stock. Pull: The downstream process pulls items from the upstream process. Self-Directing: It has all information on what to do and makes production autonomous in a non-centralized manner and without micro-management. Visual: It is stacked or posted to show the current status and progress, visually. Signal: Its visual status signals the next withdrawal or production actions. Kaizen: Visual process flow informs and stimulates Kaizen. Attached: It is attached to and moves with physical parts supplied.
  19. 19. T3 kanban boardEmerg- ency 7 Work slot queues In Wait max State 12 tp DOD:ed this week To be planned Work In Done Process
  20. 20. Story card
  21. 21. T3 wiki (DOD)‫‏‬
  22. 22. Takt We still have a daily Scrum to go through last days work and speak about what is coming We have a retrospective every week to get a feeling of closure often
  23. 23. TODO Measure Cykle time better Better work with impediments Probably more ... inspect and adapt
  24. 24. Read more...•http://del.icio.us/peter.antman/kanban