How to list your company on google place


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How to list your company on google place

  1. 1. Presented by
  2. 2. Search Engine Marketing Learning how to take advantage of search engines for your local business is critical to getting found by your customers. In the past, search results were dominated by large companies and or chains that monopolized the search results. Most businesses feel they cannot compete with these super powers. What has changed?
  3. 3. Times Are Changing…Are You? Some businesses continue to use outdated advertising methods: Newspaper Classifieds Local Papers Yellow pages Savvy business owners recognize E-mail these outdated methods should not dominate your spending! Direct Mailing
  4. 4. The Web…your opportunity Connect with local consumers looking for local merchants 9 out of 10 internet users search the internet looking for information about your business 30% of all searches include a city, state or zip reference. More than 3 billion local searches are conducted a month. Is Your Business Getting Found?
  5. 5. Google’s Local Marketplace  Google has been focusing on the local search and business side for over one year. Your competitor’s have a head start!  Local Businesses are displayed when visitors type in a term that Google believes to be a local search. Best Barbecue Ribs in NYC Car Repair •c Fresh fish
  6. 6. Introducing Google Place Pages Google Place pages are available to be claimed by all businesses rightful owners. Article Source: Shockingly, more than two thirds of business owners are not using their own free page for advertising. Page can be edited and enhanced by the business owner to improve their search rankings in the local results. Claiming and completing your business profile is a combination of art and science much like search engine optimization.
  7. 7. Google Ranking Factors Google relies on a number of factors to rank your business “Place Page.” One important factor is its own reputation checking on other directories to confirm your business listing. Article Source: customer reviews play an important part in improving your rankings Do you have a customer review program that is being actively managed? If not, you should!
  8. 8. How To Improve Your Google PlacePage Rankings Coupon Promotions Up to date events Engagement with customer reviews Choosing the right categories for your business Let us help you set up and manage your Google Place Page for your business. For a small setup fee you can start reaching your local customers and grow your business in less than 60 days! 800-501-9440 Port Washington, NY