Business action orientated analytics


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Peter's presentation from emetrics Chicago. The presentation was born from his constant struggle to get companies to achieve the success from Digital Analytics that it can provide. He told stories of his failures to produce the desired results and the new approach that has evolved as a result. Understand why a focus on the end users of analytics data and the business actions they already take every day will lead to continuous improvements in business performance.

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Business action orientated analytics

  1. 1. Business Action Orientated Analytics 18th June 2014
  2. 2. G’day, I’m Peter Page 2 18th June 2014@peter_oneill
  3. 3. G’day, I’m Peter Page 3 18th June 2014@peter_oneill
  4. 4. G’day, I’m Peter Page 4 18th June 2014@peter_oneill
  5. 5. Business Action Orientated Analytics 18th June 2014
  6. 6. Purpose of Digital Analytics  To provide intelligence that informs business actions leading to an improvement in performance for online organisations Page 6  To provide intelligence that informs business actions leading to an improvement in performance for online organisations 18th June 2014@peter_oneill
  7. 7. My initial approach to consultancy work  I wanted to work smarter at L3 Analytics  I wanted to add value & make a difference 18th June 2014@peter_oneillPage 7 What we need to be doingRequired foundation work
  8. 8. Continuous improvement through learning 18th June 2014@peter_oneillPage 8  Continuous/dp/0307887898
  9. 9. So how did it work out? 18th June 2014@peter_oneillPage 9
  10. 10. Definitely still a lot of barriers  To get value out of analytics tools  To get companies using the intelligence from analytics 18th June 2014@peter_oneillPage 10
  11. 11. Does a solution even exist?  Budget to afford significant consultancy time vs  Flexibility to get value from analytics 18th June 2014@peter_oneillPage 11
  12. 12. A story from eMetrics London Page 12 Identify Issue Collect Insights Improve Performance 18th June 2014@peter_oneill
  13. 13. My lightbulb moment…  Actually came from a client comment  “I want reports where users can see this & do that” 18th June 2014@peter_oneillPage 13
  14. 14. Lean Analytics & the one metric that matters  Analytics-Better-Startup- Faster/dp/1449335675 18th June 2014@peter_oneillPage 14
  15. 15. Where does this leave us? Business Action Orientated Analytics 18th June 2014@peter_oneillPage 15
  16. 16. The new project structure 18th June 2014@peter_oneillPage 16 Phase 1 Ongoing work
  17. 17. How is this new approach working? 18th June 2014@peter_oneillPage 17
  18. 18. Example 1 – Merchandise Report A. Most popular product B. The money maker C. Something is wrong D. Another issue here E. Opportunity product, make more visible Page 18 18th June 2014@peter_oneill
  19. 19. Example 2 – Top Content Report  Imagine if you could filter on business action!! Page 19 18th June 2014@peter_oneill
  20. 20. Still a work in progress  Always resource issues  Needs a grand unifying theory 18th June 2014@peter_oneillPage 20
  21. 21. Maturity model must be part of the solution  Still need to deal with the balancing act 18th June 2014@peter_oneillPage 21
  22. 22. Wrapping it all up  Analytics must impact business performance  Analytics must deliver immediate value  Analytics users must be excited about using information from data  Analytics users must be able to “see this, do that”  Minimise the initial set-up phase  Focus on one business action at a time  The “fun” part of analytics will then begin to flow…  Questions? 18th June 2014@peter_oneillPage 22
  23. 23. THANK YOU Page 23 I can be found at • • @peter_oneill • +44 7843 617 347 • 18th June 2014@peter_oneill