BrandYourself is Looking for a Lead Visual Designer


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BrandYourself, the only do-it-yourself platform that empowers anyone to improve their own search results, is looking for a Lead Visual Designer. Could it be you? If we hire you or someone you refer, earn $1,000!

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BrandYourself is Looking for a Lead Visual Designer

  1. 1. BrandYourself is Hiring a Lead Visual/Product Designer
  2. 2. I’m Patrick, Co-founder and CEO. To start, you should probably know a little bit more about the position... Follow me: @patrickambron
  3. 3. 1. You will be completely in charge of product design Product Strategy/UX UX / Final Wireframes Visual Design Code & Deployment While you’ll be collaborating with the founders/management team on user experience and development, your core responsibility is taking over the visual identity of the product and making the user experience beautiful.
  4. 4. 2. This is one of the most important positions in the company We are a design driven company. We understand design is the product. You’ll be making decisions and creating designs that hundreds of thousands (and soon millions) of people interact with.
  5. 5. 3. You will have complete artistic freedom While the team will always be offering ideas and critiques, you are the head honcho when it comes to visual design. That means you aren’t afraid to make bold decisions. That’s why we’re hiring you.
  6. 6. 4. You are not just a pixel monkey While your main responsibility is visual design, design is collaborative. You will be working directly with our Head or Product every day, collaborating on wireframes and product direction before you make things pixel perfect.
  7. 7. 5. This is a huge opportunity to be part of something special We’re leading the way in a new and rapidly growing industry, and you’ll be a key member of our team. View Full Article
  8. 8. The fine print Compensation. You’ll be a key member and you’ll be treated like one. That means you’ll earn a competitive salary, benefits and a stake in the company. Location. We’re located in the West Village at 214 Sullivan St, 4th Floor. We’re right next to Washington Square park and tons of amazing food choices.
  9. 9. Here’s what you need to know about us.
  10. 10. BrandYourself is the only DIY platform that makes it easy for anyone to improve their own Google results.
  11. 11. It started when my our-founder couldn't get an internship because employers were Googling him and finding: The wrong Pete Kistler, a drug dealer The right Pete Kistler, not a drug dealer instead of:
  12. 12. The problem was, to improve your Google results, you either needed to: Understand Search Engine Optimization (most people don’t) Pay a reputation firm thousands of dollars (most people can’t) OR
  13. 13. We wanted to put the power in everybody’s hands.
  14. 14. So we built a product that makes the process dead simple for anybody to do themselves. And our company was born…
  15. 15. Quick Company Facts
  16. 16. 1. We have an amazing team. Besides being a great team to work with, we know how to build successful startups – our last startup was acquired by (read more about our team here).
  17. 17. 2. We’re well-funded by top investors. Including angels like the former Head Search Strategist at Microsoft and firms like Zelkova VC (learn more).
  18. 18. 3. We’re growing very quickly. Since launching in March 2012, we already have nearly half a million incredibly happy customers. (How we got 60k users in 60 hours: read our blog post)
  19. 19. 4. We’re making a real difference for our customers. We get several of these a week:
  20. 20. 5. We’ve been humbled by winning a bunch of great awards. And with your help we’re only going to make the product even better check out our press page for more
  21. 21. Now you know about us, what about you?
  22. 22. Qualifications Your work speaks for itself. While it doesn’t necessarily matter how many years of experience you have (although more is better), you do have a large portfolio that includes web apps, user interfaces, etc. People like to work with you. You have a strong list of references that would work with you again.
  23. 23. Specialties You are a product designer, not just a graphic designer. That means your portfolio includes product designs and user interfaces, not just homepages and marketing materials. You are great at: • Product design • UX and UI • Illustration • Icons
  24. 24. You… Believe simplicity is beauty (less is more). We constantly strive to make things as simple as possible – from our user experience to our business model. We’re looking for a designer who shares that philosophy. Understand product. While your specialty is visual/interface design, you are very mindful of things like UX and even marketing. You know a good product is more than just good design. Study your craft. You think this studies like this are very interesting. Understand big ideas but sweat the small stuff. You understand how important big elements are to storytelling, but also how much a few pixels of padding can improve the user experience.
  25. 25. Here’s how to apply :) Email and include: • A link to your portfolio • Why you want to join our team • What you like/don’t like about the product (sign up, it’s free)