Make Search Engines Your B**tch


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A step by step guide on controlling what people find when they look you up in search engines like Google.

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Make Search Engines Your B**tch

  1. 1. Just Google meHow to control your first impression on the web
  2. 2. What We’ll Cover…1.  How important are your search results and why?2.  What is SEO and how can it help?3.  Controlling your own results – the most important tactics to get started4.  Emergency tactics: How to handle an unwanted result on your first page5.  Our Story: Why BrandYourself is dedicated to making this easy for anyone J
  3. 3. How important areyour search results?
  4. 4. Very important:1  billion   names  are  Googled  everyday     & 75%   of  HR  departments  are  required   to  research  candidates  online  
  5. 5. The Problem: Most people are not represented by well-branded content about themselvesMost people fall into 1 of 3 categories…
  6. 6. ...the negative category
  7. 7. ...the irrelevant category
  8. 8. ...the hey that s not me category
  9. 9. And It s not just about suppressingnegative content to protect your reputation… Negative Content
  10. 10. It s just as important to promote positive content that helps your reputation Positive Content
  11. 11. What can you do?Create positive content and make sure it shows up over negative, irrelevant or other people s results
  12. 12. Simple, right?
  13. 13. Wrong…Because, search engines make mistakes
  14. 14. Many people create all types of content about themselves but it doesnt t show up •  Search engines don t understand what it s about •  Search engines don t think it s a credible source •  Search Engines simply can t find it
  15. 15. Question:So how CAN you control your search results?
  16. 16. Answer: SEO“Search Engine Optimization” is the process of creating or improving content to make sure it shows up as high as possible for a specific keyword (YOUR NAME)
  17. 17. SEO Basics: Factors You Should Understand On Page Off Page vs. SEO SEO•  Structure/architecture •  Links•  Keyword/content •  Social Sharing•  Relevancy: Keep it active
  18. 18. Techniques to Avoid: Manipulative or black hat tactics •  Cloaking •  Link stuffing •  Keyword stuffing These are tactics that commercial sites use for high traffic keywords that get them bannedRule of thumb: If you ever hear anyone guarantee results, run
  19. 19. Now It s Time to take control
  20. 20. Step 1: Get Your Domain Name •  Cost: $5 a year •  Make sure you use or some variation with your name in it ( •  Register it for as long as possible (2 years or more) –  Even if you don’t plan on using it immediately, it keeps someone else from taking it and hijacking a result on your first page •  Where to get your domain:
  21. 21. Step 1: Build A Personal Site There are so many free & easy ways to build a site These rank highest: •  Wordpress •  Tumblr •  Weebly •  About.Me •  Blogger •  Many Others • Our recommendation: Wordpress (flexible design, very SEO friendly)
  22. 22. Step 1: Structure Your Site Well Make sure your name exists in all of these places and you ll be off to a good start: • Title of website • Headline of each page • Navigation Tip: Use WordPress All-in-one-SEO-Pack plugin
  23. 23. Step 1: Fill it with relevant content about YOU Tip: Use your name wherever you can
  24. 24. Step 1: Start Blogging Google loves updated/active content. Blogging is an easy way to keep your site ranking high Unless you are an objectively terrible writer with no intention to improve, you should be writing blog posts Tip: Subscribe to relevant RSS feeds in your industry and write one reaction a week
  25. 25. Step 2: Get on Social NetworksSearch Engines love ranking social networks high because they are credible and constantly updated Our Favorites: •  Twitter •  Google + •  Facebook •  Meetup •  LinkedIn •  Quora
  26. 26. Step 2: Keep it clean or keep it private Keep in mind: Nothing is really private online
  27. 27. Step 2: Use your REAL name Good:
  28. 28. Step 2: Use your REAL name Bad:
  29. 29. Step 2: Link to all your other content Let search engines know they are all voting for each other to rank high
  30. 30. Step 2: Fill it with well-branded content If you create good content that people care about, people will share it and like it, and search engines will notice
  31. 31. Step 3: Create Online Profiles & Directories Here are some highranking places you can put your name and bio.** Use your full name, add your bio, and add links to everything
  32. 32. Bonus: Emergency Tactics How to handle negative content…
  33. 33. Bonus: Create High Ranking Content Quickly Get as much new content as possible onto the first page to push other stuff down•  Write a press release Might cost you $300 dollars, but it will probably show up in the first page (write about the fact that you just made a website)•  Comment on relevant news articles Not the most branded result, but it shows up fast•  Throw an Event on MeetUp Use your name in the title. Actually invest in a good event•  Create profiles on your local college and government sites Search engines love .gov and .edu profiles the best. Be creative. There is somewhere you can create a profile
  34. 34. Bump it off Google doesn’t play favorites.Generally speaking Google only ranks 1 result per domain for your name
  35. 35. “Bump it Off” Example: Problem• A bad article is written about you in the Huffington Post.
  36. 36. “Bump it Off” Example: Solution• Simply create another result on that ranks higher for you.
  37. 37. How to Bump it Off:1.  Go create a reader profile on HuffingtonPost.com2.  Optimize it 1.  Make sure you use your name 2.  Fill it out with as much info as they let you (use your optimized bio) 3.  Link to it from as many of your profiles and websites as you can 4.  Keep it active: commenting on articles and tweet it out when you canTip: Most news sites let you create a profile, but there are other ways to createa result for your name. Example: commenting on an article using your name.
  38. 38. BrandYourself has a free product that s easy for anybody to doIt s the absolute best - there s nothing like it - and their management team is handsome and single – Patrick Ambron, CEO of BrandYourself
  39. 39. How we came upwith BrandYourself
  40. 40. BrandYourself started as a problem, that turned into an idea, that turned into a mission
  41. 41. The  Problem:  Pete  Kistler,  a  co-­‐founder,  was  a  model  student,  but  couldn‘t  get  an  internship   3.9  GPA   Successful  entrepreneur   Leader  on  campus   Founder  of  mulAple  clubs   Several  relevant  internships  
  42. 42. He  was  being  mistaken  online  for  an  ex-­‐con  with  the  same  name  
  43. 43. He couldn’t change it, because he wasn’t: This Guy This Guy Or A tech genius who could A high net worth individual do it himself who could pay thousands for a reputation firm to do it
  44. 44. The Mission:To help anyone get some control overtheir search results with a simple and free do-it-yourself platform  
  45. 45. AccomplishmentsWhere  we  started   •  Launched  in  2010  from  a  dorm  room  at  SU   •  No  MarkeIng  Budget,  no  resources,  no  idea  what  we  were  doing  Where  we  are  Now:     •  11  full-­‐Ime  employees   •  Over  160,000  customers   •  Named  top  5  collegiate  entrepreneurs  by  Entrepreneur  magazine     •  Named  #1  Emerging  Business  in  NYS  ($200k  prize)     •  $1.5  Million  in  Funding    
  46. 46. How BrandYourself WorksOur tools simplify Search Engine Optimization so anybody can do it
  47. 47. But my Google results are fine!  
  48. 48. BrandYourself can still help you!Our FREE Product will still:• Alert you if something troubling ever does appear in your top results• Keep track of your favorite content s ranking in search engines and alert you if it changes.And if you ever do need a boost in results, you can log in and use it for that, too
  49. 49. Check us out