Intro to Plan Do Check Act

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  • Intro UPS, FedEx (twice), Airborne Express Biz Σ nrich = No notches
  • Rules For accuracy OR DISTANCE Write name Single sheet No tape Guinness = 193 feet/ 27.9 seconds
  • Why do you think Wile E. Coyote is my hero? What are the best parts of WEC?
  • You did 3 out of 4 Biz depends on process improvement, need all four. Reactive >> be proactive Do not be satisfied with the status quo Iterative process
  • PDCA Process 6 steps on ladder = 6 tasks of PDCA Crazy Story Mind remembers pictures
  • Stephen Covey says . . . Management is efficiency in climbing the ladder of success; leadership determines whether the ladder is leaning against the right wall.” Solve the right problem. How do you know it’s a problem? There has to be a number You must be able to measure it, to manage it. How will you measure it?
  • Analyze >>>> Anal Anal retentive Hyphen: Noun = no Hyphen; Adjective = Hyphen. The problem is visual >> the number Map process backwards = why 5 times 4 M’s = Manpower, Material, Method, Machinery Pareto 80/20
  • What is the real cause? Get rid of the weed Go to the root Measure the impact of the root cause and corresponding impact on the symtomatic problem. Task list = who, what, when, where, & how
  • Use the plan, dude. How do you eat an elephant?
  • Give your plan a check up Make sure you can measure it You have done all that. CONGRATULATIONS.
  • This is the 4 th step. Success = celebrate, document and wider implementation Or Not = revise plan and try again. Toyota management, small incremental changes = Kaizen.
  • 4 aerodynamic forces? You cannot control gravity. You can control the other three.
  • Rules Teams Names Single sheet No tape


  • 1. Pete DiSantisEfficiency Expert
  • 2. Paper Plane ExerciseWork alone – Write your name on the planeDesign and build your paper planeCompetition is for furthest distance
  • 3. Simple 4 Step Process Plan Do Act Check To improve your operation
  • 4. PlanIdentify The Right Problem  Select the problem to be analyzed  Clearly define the problem and establish a precise problem statement  Set a measurable goal for the problem solving effort  Establish a process for coordinating with and gaining approval of leadership
  • 5. PlanAnalyze The Problem  Identify the processes that impact the problem and select one  List the steps in the process as it currently exists  Map the Process  Validate the map of the process  Identify potential cause of the problem  Collect and analyze data related to the problem  Verify or revise the original problem statement  Identify root causes of the problem  Collect additional data if needed to verify root causes
  • 6. PlanDevelop Solutions  Establish criteria for selecting a solution  Generate potential solutions that will address the root causes of the problem  Select a solution  Gain approval and support of the chosen solution  Plan the solution
  • 7. DoImplement a Solution  Implement the chosen solution according to plan  Implement on a trial or pilot basis
  • 8. CheckEvaluate Results  Gather data on the solution  Analyze the data on the solution
  • 9. ActDetermine Next Steps  Identify systemic changes and training needs for full implementation  Adopt the solution  Plan ongoing monitoring of the solution  Continue to look for incremental improvements to refine the solution  Look for another improvement opportunity OR  Decide to revise your plan and try again.
  • 10. Aerodynamics Refresher G r a g a Dr v i t y L i st f ru t Th
  • 11. How would you implement . . . Plan Do Act Check to improve your paper plane?
  • 12. Paper Plane Exercise – Part IIImplement PDCACollaborate to design and build your paper planeCompetition is for furthest distance
  • 13. 4 Paper Plane SecretsWeight in the nose
  • 14. 4 Paper Plane SecretsVertical stabilizer
  • 15. 4 Paper Plane SecretsFlaps
  • 16. 4 Paper Plane SecretsWinglets
  • 17. Questions
  • 18. Plan DiSantis Peter Do Check Act Consulting