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  • “Community”
  • Lifestyle oriented (Top Shop / Izzue)
  • Blog integration
  • Online media CTR down
  • Transcript

    • 1. Social media for Baby-G
      Digithais Network linked by isobar
    • 2. Objectives
      To create brand awareness thru social media.
      To recruit the targets and create Baby-G community in our social network in order to build long term relationshipwhile support the sales of Baby-G.
    • 3. Our challenges in social media
      WHERE we create our community?
      WHY the targets should attend in our community?
      HOW we approach them?
      WHAT the brand will get from social media?
      WHEN we know what we need to do in our social media campaign?
    • 4. WHERE we create our community?
    • 5. WHERE we create our community? Total social media for the brand
      Set up local landing page with blog feature (control branded contents) as a main gateway to our social network.
      Using Existing Facebook Fan page as the main social media platform with the upgraded contents and features.
      While synergize the social media into our Fan Page.
      Thailand page + blog
      Existing Facebook users in Thailand 3.21 million users
    • 6. WHERE we create our community? Single platform for our brand in the social media presence.
      • Wall conversation initiation
      • 7. YouTube channels for video contents
      • 8. Twitter for support the hard core Twitter users
      • 9. Events feature for RSVP and events archives
      • 10. Discussions the sponsored area for interaction with others
      • 11. Campaign page to support existing marketing campaign – or blog page by pulling the page from our landing page
      * While the landing page is all about our products and it will be a reliable gateway to our social network
    • 12. WHERE we create our community? Leverage worldwide video contents to create the purchase intention.
      Optimize our videos in order to get benefits from SEARCH
      • Review (from global or local initiatives)
      • 13. Technology
      • 14. Exclusive video
      • 15. Etc.
    • WHY the targets should attend in our community?
    • 16. WHY the targets should attend in our community?Giving them the value that they can’t reject!!
      Get something Special & Exclusive (e.g. content, exclusive products and etc.)
      Join exclusive promotion campaign that simple and easy to win
      Sharing and interact with the fans who have the same interest
      Brand sponsored events
    • 17. HOW we approach them?
    • 18. HOW we approach them? Total communication integration
      Online affiliate
      Advertising / PR
      Integrate PR & call to action with corporate advertising / or even using our branches (POP) in communication
      Using online affiliate such as Street Wears / Fashion / Lifestyle websites by sponsoring our products / contents
      Online media
      Using online media (PR release) instead of banner in order to maximize our investment
      Online CRM
      Communicate directly to all customers’ database or we can set the campaign such as Friends Get Friends
      Social media
      Using Earned media to get targets intentions (e.g. Web board, and etc.) and also the KOL in social media Facebook / bloggers.
      While we can have some activation in our social network
    • 19. HOW we approach them? Using innovative call to action in all communication
      Using Facebook screenshot in communicating to our targets and drive them to our Facebook Fan page
    • HOW we approach them? Using sponsored contents or products to approach for online PR
    • 25. HOW we approach them? Online advertorial – (Men section)
      1 month
      1 week
      Content highlight at Men index page
      2 position within 2 weeks
      * While we can utilize the online celeb from their network
    • 26. While we can utilize the online celeb in Mthai network for our fashion shooting
      Example of Fashion
    • 27. HOW we approach them? Online advertorial – (Women Section)
    • 28. AdvertorialWebsite : (Women Section)
    • 29. HOW we approach them?
      Leverage the Facebook of our celebrities.
    • 30. HOW we approach them?
      Key opinion leader about street ware & fashion in Facebook
      URL :
      Interesting : DJ, VJ, Read, Movie, BBQ...
      E-mail :
      Cell Phone: 081 700 2137
      Friend : 592 persons
      The Reason
      He has his style that difference form other and he also be DJ
    • 31.
      URL :
      Name: Cutto (Lipta)
      Occupation : Singer
      Website :
      Friend : 2,324 persons
      The Reason
      Because of he is singer. He has many fan club in Thailand that follow his Facebook page. And he also update his status
    • 32. HOW we approach them? Engage them with our social network activities
      Become a fan and get chance to win special gift from Baby-G
      Suggest friends
      Photo competitions with voting
      Show collection / Street wears lifestyle
      Your Baby-G
      Mobile coupon
      Find your style (test with Baby-G result and discount coupon)
      Fans’ inputs about their fashion tips and etc.
    • 33. WHAT the brand will get from social media?
    • 34. WHAT the brand will get from social media?
      Customer Database – 100% active with real engaging
      Effective communication channels & WOM
      Customer feedback & product reviews
      Drive customer from online to retail
    • 35. Summary
      Purchase intention
      Awareness & interest
      Media / PR / CRM
      Event RSVP
      Join activities
      Fan page
      Mobile coupon
      Official & Celeb blogs
      Limited edition sales
      • Official branded contents
      • 36. Celeb blogs
      • 37. Trade area
      Brand interaction
    • 38. WHEN we know what we need to do in our social media campaign?
    • 39. WHEN we know what we need to do in our social media campaign? – Campaign schedule
    • 40. Cost estimate
      Production - Set up Platform 80,000 baht
      Facebook Account
      Twitter Account
      Youtube Account
      Graphic layout and design
      Landing page
      Baby-G Lifestyle (Feeding from Blog Content)
      News & Event
      Facebookbanner ad
      Landing page
      Landing page
      About Us (Quest Editors)
      2 Banner
      Maintenance campaign (Jun 09- Jan 10) - 15,000 baht/month 90,000 baht
      Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Landing page / Wordpress
      Monitoring Posting & Comments
      News and events
      Article updates
    • 41. Thank you