Matching Your Costs to Your DAU: Thin Client Back-End Infrastructure Made Easy


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Back ends for thin client gaming are ripe for public cloud use and given the better flexibility, especially the ability to vertically scale virtual machines without rebooting, makes ProfitBricks a great fit.

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Matching Your Costs to Your DAU: Thin Client Back-End Infrastructure Made Easy

  1. 1. MATCHING YOUR COSTS TO YOUR DAU Thin client back-end infrastructure made easy Pete Johnson, @nerdguru Platform Evangelist, ProfitBricks Tweet while you wait:About to watch “Matching Your Costs to Your DAU” with @nerdguru @ProfitBricksUSA #GDC13 Cloud Computing 2.0
  2. 2. I’VE BEEN CODING A LONG TIME2 Cloud Computing 2.0
  3. 3. WHO AM I? PETE JOHNSON • First program 1981 • On TRS-80 CoCo in BASIC to compute my 6th grade basketball team scoring averages • 19+ years at Hewlett-Packard • First webapp: January 1996 • 2000’s: 6 years HP IT Transformation • Chief Architect for 3 of them Me at Super Bowl XLIV • HP Cloud Services employee #37 • API Docs, Language Bindings, CLIs lead • Video demo guy • Later, Senior Sales Engineer @nerdguru • Joined ProfitBricks, February 2013 • Senior Director, Platform Evangelism3 Cloud Computing 2.0
  4. 4. I’M ALSO A GAMING HACK Rocky, the best dog ever4 Cloud Computing 2.0
  5. 5. THIN-CLIENT PROGRAMMING • Front-end UI • Typically PC, Flash (standalone or Facebook), or sometimes mobile • Takes advantage of hardware supplied by gamer • Back-end Processing • Lots of platform variation • Spikey traffic based on Daily Average Usage (DAU) • Ripe for public cloud based on variable workloads • Business model • Low cost for gamer • Micro-transactions enhance gamer experience, drive revenue5 Cloud Computing 2.0
  6. 6. CAPACITY VS DEMAND Source: http://www.chades.net6 Cloud Computing 2.0
  7. 7. VERTICAL VS HORIZONTAL SCALE • Two methods of adding capacity • One has been largely ignored in cloud computing • Horizontal Scaling • Add more machines to the back end in response to load • Until recently, the only scaling choice available in public cloud • Programmatically intensive to communicate data across machines • Vertical Scaling • Add more CPU cores or RAM to an existing machine • No additional programming required, simply add more virtual hardware • New cloud scaling choice available from exactly one vendor (no reboot required)7 Cloud Computing 2.0
  8. 8. SPENDING YOUR TIME WISELY Do you really want to spend your time building logic to enable horizontal scale in your back end when you could be using that time to grow your business with user facing features?8 Cloud Computing 2.0
  9. 9. PROFITBRICKS IS CLOUD COMPUTING 2.0 Cloud 1.0 Architecture Cloud 2.0 Architecture InfiniBand Born from dedicated servers & VPS 80 Gb/s 80 Gb/s 80 Gb/s Server based, over subscribed Designed around slow Ethernet network technology – 1 or 10 Gb/s and often throttled Dedicated Dedicated Redundant CPU Cores RAM Storage x29 Cloud Computing 2.0
  10. 10. CLOUD 1.0 VS CLOUD COMPUTING 2.0Cloud Computing 1.0 Cloud Computing 2.0 FLEXIBLE • Custom Instance Size • Network Design Freedom FAST NOT FLEXIBLE • 80 Gb/s Networking • Guaranteed CPU Cores and RAM NOT FAST • No over provisioning or throttling NOT EASY TO USE EASY TO USE • Drag & Drop Deployments LIMITED SCALABILITY • Full API COMPLEX BILLING FULLY SCALABLE • Live Vertical Scaling with No Reboot • Horizontal or Vertical Amazon & Traditional SIMPLE BILLING Hosting Providers10 Cloud Computing 2.0
  11. 11. VERTICAL SCALING DEMOData Center Designer (DCD) • Spin up server Drag and Drop Deployments Create and View Complex Networks • Load Apache Manage IPs, Firewalls, Images And More • Launch a test load against Apache • Change CPU cores and RAM • Login session not lost, 0 errors on test • Verifies that the server didn’t require reboot11 Cloud Computing 2.0
  12. 12. HOW CAN PROFITBRICKS HELP YOU? Next Steps As Seen In Demo? Trial? POC? Reports & White Papers – Performance Reports – IaaS 2.0 by Paul Burns Docs – API Documentation – Getting Started Guides Selects ProfitBricks12 Cloud Computing 2.0
  13. 13. BACKUP13 Cloud Computing 2.0
  14. 14. MORE PERFORMANCE InfiniBand Unleashes Incredible Performance 10.9x FASTER NPS may add 1,000 users overnight and require high- performance infrastructure to support usage spikes. Our than Amazon (Iperf) previous hosting provider had some serious service and 2x FASTER performance issues that necessitated a change. We than Rackspace (Unix Bench) migrated everything to ProfitBricks.” Eric Raunig, NPS Systems Administrator14 Cloud Computing 2.0
  15. 15. EASIER TO SET UP AND MAINTAINData Center Designer (DCD) API Drag and Drop Deployments  Leverage Software Defined Data Create and View Complex Networks Centers and Networks Manage IPs, Firewalls, Images  Over 50 calls covering servers, And More storage, networking The DCD provides us with a live graphic overview of our entire Virtual Data Center. The technology is incredibly robust, yet so simple that we’ve actually used it during sales presentations with prospective customers to demonstrate how easy it is to scale our environment,” says Brad Durbin, UberSimple.15 Cloud Computing 2.0
  16. 16. DATA CENTER DESIGNER16 Cloud Computing 2.0
  17. 17. SIMPLE TRANSPARENT BILLINGSample Configuration 1 CPU 1 Core = 4 PCUs1 CPU Cores Rackspace ProfitBricks SAVE1.17 GB RAM $0.14/hr $0.10/hr. 27% 5¢/Hour160 GB Storage RAMSample Configuration 2 1 GB RAM 1.5¢/Hour4 CPU Cores Rackspace ProfitBricks SAVE16 GB RAM Storage1690 GB Storage $1.12/hr $.64/hr. 43% 1 GB Storage 9¢/30 DaysSample Configuration 3 Traffic4 CPU Cores Rackspace ProfitBricks SAVE 1 GB Traffic34.2 GB RAM850 GB Storage NA $0.82/hr. 31% 8¢/GB17 Cloud Computing 2.0