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Double 7 Film provides a wide range of production services including commercials, music videos, TV programming, PSAs, streaming + new media, EPKs, and trailers. We also produce narrative + documentary films and provide customized production consulting.

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Double7 Film New Media+Marketing

  1. 1. A New Wave in American Cinema! * Picture Perfect Since 2001 >> Film Production + Marketing Boutique (NYC / LOS ANGELES) “The future is here. It’s just not widely distributed yet...”- William Gibson, coined the term cyberspace way back in 1984
  2. 2. WE ARE STORYTELLERS. FILMMAKERS. COMMUNICATORS. People have been sharing the events of their day for as long as humanity has had language -- but that doesn't mean everyone was listening. WE WILL CONNECT YOU Bringing new people to your story demands targeted messaging delivered through creative excellence across all media platforms. WE KNOW NO BOUNDARIES Our Mission @ is to close the gap between you and your audience. Let’s Get To Work... A New Wave in American Cinema! >>
  3. 3. MEDIA REALITIES IN TODAY’S WORLD: The current consumer base is now GLOBAL. If you’re not COMMUNICATING on an international’re not COMPETING. Consumers TRUST other consumers. They are skeptical of corporate advertising...making VIRAL CONTENT essential. NEW TECHNOLOGY has rendered traditional advertising incomplete. A customized web marketing campaign CAN CONNECT YOU WITH MILLIONS of individuals per day. GAPS IN BRAND MESSAGING echo across the globe, leaving huge markets untapped. Production COSTS HAVE BEEN REDUCED to a fraction of the expense while elevating quality + increasing creative options. Protecting the bottom line goes in hand-in-hand with protecting your brand. NEW MEDIA IS MARKETING. Classic Storytelling with a Modern Sensibility is the future of branding. It is also our guarantee. recognizes all of the above. DO YOU? 3
  4. 4. FILM PRODUCTION + MARKETING SOLUTIONS. A COMPLETE MENU >> Production solutions include: OF SERVICES. Nar rative + Documentar y Features, Commercials, Music Videos, Streaming + New Media, PSAs, EPKs + Trailers, and TV *** Programming. >> is our dedicated headquarters for the future of YOUR MESSAGE. Our Marketing + Branding strategies are focused for delivery on the web. Whether media, print, or interactive, we rely on our 7 Proven Principles for the ultimate success of each and every client. Media campaigns are produced through D7F. >> is our global online community. We showcase the evolution of our client work through this portal and as an added service, offer D7W as a direct marketing platform for partners and advertisers. 4
  5. 5. B E C A U CLASSIC STORYTELLING. S MODERN SENSIBILITY. E *PREMIUM, Romantic Comedy, Showtime Networks THAT’S WHY YOU’RE HERE. E *** V E (D7F) is our dedicated headquarters for >> R all of YOUR VISUAL SOLUTIONS. We Y offer a complete menu of traditional + new media film production services, $ executed by the most talented creative $ craftspeople working behind the lens $ *COMFORT ZONE music video today. We have received a myriad of awards and ac knowledgments and C welcome the opportunity to add you to O our list of satisfied clients! U We are here to tell your story. N T Customized creativity is our mandate. S On TIME + On BUDGET = Our PROMISE. *BERLITZ commercial 5
  6. 6. FILM PRODUCTION Features. Documentaries. TV. Our Spotlight Filmmakers have coupled extensive >> writing with their film experience, having won prestigious awards for their storytelling abilities. We will guard your concept with our pens + our cameras! *ON THE SET -- PREMIUM COMMERCIALS Products don’t sell themselves, Commercials do, but it’s never really that simple, is it? D7F >> stimulates fluent dialogue between you + today’s educated consumer via a cohesive message, a story worth telling, and our New Wave in American Cinema guarantee. *OLYMPUS CAMERA MUSIC VIDEOS Performance. Narrative. Special FX. There is nothing that we cannot accomplish in the >> visual presentation of your music and successful branding of your artist. Consumers invest in the total package, making a cutting edge music video a vital viral component. 6 *TEETH CHATTER
  7. 7. EPKs, TRAILERS, WEBINARS An EPK, TRAILER, or WEBINAR can sell your company to prospective clients, explain >> new initiatives to staff, or help raise money for a new project. It can also provide behind-the- scenes access to the creation of your project or product. We’ve raised over $2M for internal projects t hrough t hese visual * MILITARY VEHICLE TECHNOLOGY FOUNDATION supplements. What are YOU waiting for? ask about retaining us for your media solution needs. the best brand messengers are a phone call away. NEW MEDIA INITIATIVES BIOCAST and VIRAL CAMPAIGNS combine to form the perfect vehicle for your Corporate Culture. If your business is looking to >> maximize communication with Employees, Customers, and in today’s world -- the Millions of People waiting to interact with a multi- layered New Media Initiative -- this is the service for you. * CLASSIC KICKS BIOCAST 7
  8. 8. + BRAVO STUDIOS: Double 7 Film enjoys an exclusive partnership with Bravo Studios for all projects requiring a World Class Sound Stage. Our clients share the benefit of a convenient NYC location and Preferred Production Partner Rates. *38 x 34 Foot Sound Stage EQUIPMENT SAMPLING: GRIP: KINO FLO: 1 4X4 KinoFlo (Complete System) 6 C-stands 2 End Jaws 1 2x4 KinoFlo (Complete System) 6 Hollywood Arms 6 Mafers 1 8x8 Frame 6 Snap-in-pins 1 8x8 Silk 2 Duck Bills(Quaker 1 4x4 Solid Clamps) 1 4x4 Silk 4 18quot; Furniture Clamps 1 Apple Box Set 1 Flag 18x24 ARRI LIGHTS: 6 15lbs. Sand Bags 1 Single Scrim 18x24 *Talent Dressing Room (head, barndoors, scrim set, stand + bulb) 10 20lbs. Sand Bags 1 Double Scrim 18x24 2 300W Fresnel 4 25' Stingers 1 Silk 18x24 2 650W Fresnel 6 50' Stingers 1 Cucoloris Wood 18x24 2 1000W Fresnel 4 Quad Boxes 1 Cucoloris Cello 18x24 1 2000W Junior Fresnel 2 Medium Roller Stands 1 Flag 24x36 2 Grip Heads 1 Single Scrim 24x36 4 Large A-Clamps 1 Double Scrim 24x36 4 Medium A-Clamps 1 Silk 24x36 4 Small A-Clamps 1 Cucoloris Wood 24x36 LTM LIGHTS: 2 8quot; C-Clamps 1 Cucoloris Cello 24x36 1 100W Pepper 2 6quot; C-Clamps 1 420W Pepper 2 Center Jaws *Lobby (Green Room w/Client Monitor Also Available) 8
  9. 9. SOPHISTICATED MARKETING. HONEST BRANDING. CLASSIC EXECUTION. *** (D7B) is our dedicated headquarters for the future of YOUR message. With web focused strategies, our >> objective as storytellers is to communicate your brand via the most compelling and organic multimedia channels. *Multi-national companies looking to modernize communication between brand + consumer... *Entertainment juggernauts launching new artists + products... *Non-profits determined to reach more donors... Traditional + New Media * Events * Web + Interactive 9
  10. 10. A HISTORY OF SOLUTIONS. DORITOS “Crash the Superbowl” Competition called for 30 second commercials to highlight one of four :30 flavors. Focusing on “Collisions Zesty Taco/Chipotle >> Ranch”, we created a campaign to highlight the 2 most familiar elements of eating DORITOS: the patented crunch + the cheese left on your fingertips. LICK ME? shows how even a bad interview can go right with a little help from the triangle chip. *LICK ME? Doritos Crash the Superbowl Spot Our conversation begins with a detailed project evaluation. With a full understanding of what you need, our work begins. Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins was released February 2008. To promote the film, Universal Pictures contacted MUSIC D7B to create a music video for the soundtrack’s lead >> single. We conceptualized a video packed with a musical performance and narrative arc to echo the VIDEOS film’s plot, intercutting Grammy Award winning R&B Artist Joe with enticing clips from the film. The “We’re Family” music video debuted on BET, VH1 + MTV. *WE’RE FAMILY Universal Pictures (Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins Soundtrack) 10
  11. 11. A HISTORY OF SOLUTIONS. When Pete Chatmon needed to raise $1M to produce PREMIUM, D7B put together a grassroots organization + marketing plan to take the project from script to FILMS >> screen. After more than 10 multimedia events on the East Coast and a dedicated viral campaign, PREMIUM was picked up by CodeBlack Entertainment for limited theatrical/DVD release and Showtime for a cable television premiere in the United States. *PREMIUM, Showtime Networks Ubuntu Education Fund is based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Ubuntu is raising $5M for a new headquarters to provide 40,000 vulnerable children DOCS and families with HIV + Educational Resources. D7B >> created a 5 minute EPK to assist their efforts and we are currently developing a viral campaign to increase contributions. Ubuntu is 80% towards their fundraising goal since launching the EPK. *UBUNTU EDUCATION FUND Documentary Elsevier is the world’s largest publisher of science and technology books. To accompany the release of Brain EPKS Navigators, a brain-mapping software designed for >> neurologists, we sculpted a New Product EPK highlighting the benefits + functionality of the product. Brain Navigators EPK was presented at trade shows and given away to exclusive partners on flash drives. * BRAIN NAVIGATORS EPK 11
  12. 12. Visual Media. Music. A New Wave in Global Culture! Lifestyle. Technology. Gossip. *** Twice a month we spotlight a Featured Artist or Trendsetter -- introducing our audience to talent they’ve yet to hear about and new work from mainstream artists. We also showcase the evolution of our client work *Work and Images from D7W Featured Artists + Trendsetters through this portal and as an added service, offer D7W as a direct marketing platform for (D7W) is our global online community. 7 days a week we >> partners and advertisers. deliver cutting edge original programming + the best aggregated content on the web from around the globe to a network of 10,000 artists, tastemakers, and fans. THE WORLD’S EMERGING Our Contributing Bloggers hail from New York, Los ARTISTS ON ONE SITE. Angeles, Barcelona, Berlin, Milan and all points in between. 12
  13. 13. CLIENTS + PRESS: >> NYU 13
  14. 14. AWARDS + HONORS: >> *President + CEO Pete Chatmon (3rd from l.) receives 2008 Creative Promise Award. *”3D”, Official Selection 2001 Festival *For Documentary Production *New Visions Award, Pete Chatmon *Audience Award, “A Riot in the Dark” *Independent Spirit Award, SHELTER *International Television *TELLY AWARD Association Award 14
  15. 15. PEOPLE ARE TALKING ABOUT : >> “Double 7 Film is the next force in film. A professional, intelligent, and driven company that brings a much needed point of view to the industry.” - Troy Bigs, Co-CEO, BlackBigs Entertainment *** “President + CEO Pete Chatmon is one of the next generation filmmakers in the c o u n t r y. H i s u n i q u e a b i l i t y t o understand cutting edge urban culture and creative talent make him a valuable person to know. I highly recommend Double 7 Film for any project involving film + marketing.” - Elisa Keys, Media Strategist/Consultant, Film in the City 15
  16. 16. A New Wave in American Cinema! Studio Address Mailing Address Double 7 Film c/o Bravo Studios Double 7 Film *** 40 West 27th Street, 2nd Floor PO Box 1003 New York, NY 10001 South Orange, NJ 07079 >> The best way to reach us ... the old fashioned way << (p) 973.420.7294 >> Your direct route to a real, live Double 7 Film representative, ready to fulfill your needs << (e) >> Need more information? Don’t have time to talk? Well, just shoot us an email << (w) >> The Double 7 Film headquarters + your gateway to our global web presence << (w2) >> The Future of Your Message starts here << (w3) >> Visit daily and stay tuned to what’s next + what’s new in Global Culture <<