Just Enough C For Open Source Projects
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  • Hello Friends,
    First of let me clear you that it not a fake blog.This blog is created for the students of computer field and sharing the programming concept to the people of IT.From this you will be connected with latest technology and programming questions with answer.Friends this just an beginning of the blog further you will get lots more things.So kindly join and share this blogs to your friends and family.


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  • Enriching content ! Thanks!!
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  • Thanks for the sharing. It is really a good introduction to c. I learn c in my college but almost forgot all the stuff because long time didn't use it. Thanks a lot!
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  • 1. Just Enough C For Open Source Projects Andy Lester OSCON 2008
  • 2. Why this session?
  • 3. It's all for Michael Schwern Schwern is a brilliant programmer. An invaluable asset to the Perl community. He still doesn't know C, even though Perl is written in C.
  • 4. My assumptions • You're like Schwern. • Already a programmer, but raised on Ruby, Python, Java or PHP. • You don't know what it was like in the bad old days. • You want to work on open source projects.
  • 5. Goals • As much territory as possible • As fast as possible • Danger zones • Impedance mismatches