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Developmental project granville county schools
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Developmental project granville county schools


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Published in: Education
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  • 1. Developmental Project Pre-K thru 2nd GradeS. McMannen, P. Sutton, J. Wilker
  • 2.  Granville County Schools Mission and Vision Mission: In partnership with the community, we will continually improve all educational services to prepare our students today for a successful tomorrow.
  • 3. Programs in Granville County SchoolsEarly Childhood ProgramsAcademically and Intellectually Gifted Students: (PETSProgram)Before and Afterschool Program
  • 4. Early Childhood Program Welcome to GCS Early Childhood Programs! They believe... Learning begins long before a child enters Kindergarten. PARENTS are the first teachers.
  • 5.  Parents as Teachers: a home based program for families with children from birth to age 5 Pre-Kindergarten: Our Title I and more at four classrooms for children age 4 by August 31st Project Family Read: An evening program for families with children ages 2-5
  • 6. Pre-K in Granville County
  • 7. Pre-K Pre-K is offered at the following GCS school sites: West Oxford Elementary School Butner Stem Elementary School Mount Energy Elementary School Stoval-Shaw Elementary School Joe-Toler Elementary School
  • 8. What happens in Pre-Kindergarten? Pre-Kindergarten is a place that turns ordinary experiences into extraordinary moments of learning! Play is very important in establishing a learning environment for young children. GCS pre-K programs provide developmentally appropriate environments for daily activities, while providing children the support and experiences needed to prepare them for Kindergarten
  • 9. Pre-K Pre-K programs use the comprehensive curriculum. Opening the World of Learning (OWL), as a basic structure for the day. The school day includes activities related to the following areas: Literacy, Art, Block/Building, Dramatic Play, Science, Writing, Manipulative, Technology, and Music Center
  • 10. Literacy, Science, Blocks, Building Center, Dramatic Play, Writing Center, Manipulative and Technology
  • 11. Excellent Schools in Granville County Mount Energy Elementary School Tar River Elementary School Wilton Elementary School
  • 12. Kindergarten in Granville County
  • 13. First Grade in Granville County
  • 14. Second Grade in Granville County
  • 15. PET-Program Granville Countys PETS program nurtures all students in Kindergarten through third grade in four thinking skills: divergent, visual, convergent and evaluative, using the Primary Education Thinking Skills books from Pieces of Learning. In every elementary school, the AIG specialist teaches whole class lessons while the classroom teacher records observations about the students responses to the lesson. Based on these observations and the work completed by the students during the lessons, the AIG Specialist with the classroom teacher choose the top students in that thinking skill. These students have an invitation sent home to their parents, asking for permission to pull them out in a small group.
  • 16. PETS-AIG GCS values gifted students as diverse learners, whose individual needs require identification and services that provide rigorous and enriching academic and intellectually nurturing opportunities to attain their highest potential in our globally competitive world.
  • 17. Before/Afterschool Program The goal is to provide safe, affordable child care, extended assistance with learning and help with homework, and enjoyable and enriching activities for after school hours. Special Programs: FUNDAY is offered for students in kindergarten thru 6 grade on optional teacher workdays. The summer camp programs is offered to rising 1st grade students up to 5th grade with summer days packed with rewarding recreational, educational, and fun filled activities.
  • 18. Parental Involvement: Project Family GCS offers a program for parents called Project Family Project Family Read provides learning experiences for children and parents. It is designed for families with children who are not in regulated child care. Operated by GCS, the program runs for 10 weeks each semester at two schools, and 5 weeks each semester at the third.
  • 19.  Parents and children meet two evenings a week in one of the participating schools. They have a family meal together. After the meal, parents go to parenting classes that emphasize child development, parent-child relations, and communication within the family. The children go to age appropriate learning activities. At the end of the evening, parents join the children to observe teaching techniques modeled by teachers and to participate in activities with their children.
  • 20. Project Family Read Project Family Read operates at: Butner-Stem Elementary School Stoval-Shaw Elementary School West Oxford Elementary School
  • 21.  Families with pre-school children between the ages of 2-5 years and who are not in regulated child care may attend Parents will increase their ability to communicate with their children, their understanding of how their children develop, and how to help their children get ready for school Children will increase their vocabulary, their understanding of numbers, and other knowledge that is important to succeed in school
  • 22. Community Connections Kid-A-Kademy
  • 23.  The Granville Education Foundation, Inc. The Granville Education Foundation is a non-profit, community-based organization working to improve the quality of education for all students in Granville County. The Foundation is independent of the Granville County Schools but works in collaboration with the schools and with business and community partners to provide funds to enrich and enhance the educational opportunities provided by the schools. The success of public schools is dependent on the support of the public. The Granville Education Foundation is guided by a volunteer board comprised of business and community leaders who recognize the importance of a quality education for todays students - tomorrows leaders. All people in the community, whether they have children in the public schools or not, can play a part in the success of our students.
  • 24. Curriculum Scope and Sequence Welcome to Granville County Schools K- 5 Elementar y Wiki!