Social Media Audit Example


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This is a short example of a Social Media Audit

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Social Media Audit Example

  1. 1. Social Media Audit for
  2. 2. SWOT for JesuitCommons Social Media Sites(FB and Twitter)
  3. 3. Facebook/Twitter SWOT Analysis (1)Strengths:Facebook - A brand with good reputation (Jesuits). - Strong community of supporters at web site. - Active Members who can be brand evangelists. - Resources in term of time and manpower to engage campaigns or concrete plans. - Multiple network, projects and Blogs at web site that can generate quality content and conversations at FB.Twitter - Frequently Updated. - Tweets Show Link Attachments
  4. 4. Facebook/Twitter SWOT Analysis (2)Weaknesses/Threats:Facebook - Low number of followers. - Infrequent Updates on Fan Page. - Poor quality of the conversations. - None SM Campaign engaged. - Move people from web site to FB. - FB Tabs Potential not used (Photos, videos, RSS, Blogs)Twitter - Generic (Skin). - Reply to Others’ TweetsWeaknesses/Threats, comparing other Non-profits at FB: - Other Non-Profits getting ahead using Social Media. - Not being seen as forward thinking Organization.
  5. 5. Facebook/Twitter SWOT Analysis (3)Opportunities - Work with Other Non Profits to Build Networking (i.e. Causes, share content). - Make users participate to make buzz. Build relationships with Fans. - Expose Blogs and Campaigns to Community Users. - Engage with Facebook Group Users: each Network or Project can be a subgroup of the JesuitCommons FB Page. - Implement Applications on FB Page and User Profiles for Increased Campaign Branding. - Create several Twitter Feeds. - Use your followers wall to broadcast your messages. - FB for Social recruitment.
  6. 6. What to do with your FB Fan Page (1)The following steps should be taken to convert opportunities into outcomes: - Develop more your Facebook Group. - Add noise on Facebook Fan Page. - Develop Strategies to Increase Users Activity on Profile. - Rebuilt FB Page (Tabs order, Landing Page, etc…) - Re-Skin Twitter Account (Background, layout) And a couple of things to keep in mind regarding SWOT:• Every strength is a potential weakness• Every weakness is a potential strength• Every opportunity is a potential threat• Every threat is a potential opportunity
  7. 7. What to do with your FB Fan Page (2)Current Tabs: Discussions, Wall, Info, Photos.Some Ideas about Tabs: Landing Page: - Option 1: Landing page with content only shown to fans, this will make almost each visit a fan. - Option2: Make people land at Info Tab or a FBML Page named “Jesuit Commons”. Events: Add FB Application. Manage Multiple events from projects, networks Blogs: FBML Page with JC Blogs. Flickr: Add Jesuit Commons account to FB using Flickr Plug-in. Twitter: Add Jesuit Commons account to FB using Twitter Plug-in. Projects: Add an inventory page with the current projects (each project have to be a FB page). Networks: Add an inventory page with the Networks projects ((each network have to be a FB page)). Donate: Page with a link to your donate page at Policies: Social Media Disclaimer.
  8. 8. What to do with your FB Fan Page (2)Profile Picture: You need to change it, in order to show a better logo when generatingconversations .- Recommendation: Use same Logo in twitter and FB is a good option
  9. 9. What to do with your FB Fan Page (3)Landing Page: Think if you want a landing page or not, and if you want show differentcontent to fans or non-fans. This is a good trick to achieve fans.
  10. 10. What to do with your FB Fan Page (3) Use the force of “Suggest to Friends”: Your current 19 fans can suggest the site to their friends, the average number of friends is 100. This is a good way to promote your site. Register your blogs at “NetworkedBlogs”, this will make your blogs availiable to 1,4 M Active users. Add your RSS to “Social RSS” . Create a Vanity URL if you don`t have it. Start to use Monitor Tools like “hootSuite”.
  11. 11. SM Best Practices (1)Consistent Messages trought Networks : All social networks should have consistentmessaging across them. Consistent messaging will make brand recognition easier. AddFacebook Widgets to your web site.Frequency: Along with proper messaging across all social networks, messages need tobe frequently posted and updated. If there is not much user interaction on thewebsite, you need to create a SOCIAL MEDIA CALENDAR and determinate who in yourorganization will provide content. SM takes place in your company too so you need tolisten your people. You need to identify internal experts. You need to identify 10facebook “really active users” and 10-8 twitterholics and use them to generatecontent.Donors Cultivation: People who will donate expect to be considered as a Partner, Youneed to cultivate this relationship.
  12. 12. SM Best Practices (2)Story Telling + Adding Value: Initial activity will be minimal on each social network,therefore your Social Media people will need to make an effort in creating causes,posting blogs, etc. Once each social network has a strong foundation of content youcan expect users to participate.Humanity : It is always important to showcase human-like qualities so users don’t feelthey’re engaging with a “bot”. This is even more so with non-profit or cause-basedorganizations. Users want to identify with and have a relationship with others, whichbots don’t allow.Above following the industry’s best practices, daily protocols and weekly/monthlyObjectives should be listed before promoting campaigns on social networks.
  13. 13. SM Best Practices (2)Weekly/Monthly Objectives : Realistic and targeted goals need to be placed for eachsocial network in order to determinate the impact of campaigns. These objectivescould be:- New/removed # Fans, Total/unsubscribed fans.- Top countries, Demographics.- Page views, media consumption, interactions,- # Posts, Post quality, # of “likes” in a article,video or image.- Community growth, relatioships, social results
  14. 14. SM Best Practices (3)Resources: Social media staff is needed because there are roles that need to becovered. Maybe you can consider on-line volunteers or people in your organization.This profiles are: - Social Media Strategist/ On-line Strategist. - Social Media Marketing Manager. - Comunity Manager for Facebook (Almost 2 people if fans are >50k). - Comunity Manager for twitter (Almost 2 people if fans are >50k). - Pool of employees or community volunteers at Jesuit Commons to create content and buzz on the network. 10 for each SM Tool.