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Social media report in 60 seconds

  1. 1. Social Media - Best Practices Report Operators Referenced Insights Of The Report For Mobile Operators Report CoversIn The Report Measuring The Success Of A Campaign; Creating Successful Social Media Campaigns Benchmarks from 200 + Operators and 1200 mobile operator practices that were - Check List deployed by Telcos in 2009 and 2010 Linking Social Media With CRM/ Sales/ Revenue/ EBITDA 30+ Operator Case Studies Linking Customer Care And Handling Complaints Via Social Media Route These Strategies have been measured on Strategies To Drive Social Media Adoption Amongst Customer Base the basis of their Performance, KPIs & Results Strategies To Drive Followers/ Fans/ Likes For The Operator Brand And For Operator Products Driving Customer Experience Via Social Media Strategies Summary Realising The Actual Goal Of Social Media - Customer Engagement And not We have compiled a list of Social Media Customer Complaints On The Wall Innovations that have been most Driving Brand Perception Amongst Niche Segments profitable in 2010/ 2011 (in terms of ARPU/ Usage/ ROI on the basis of KPIs Value Chain Structure Within Social Media - How Operators Can Benefit and segments targeted). Creating Engagement Metrics To Measure Social Media Performance Evaluating Best Social Media Success Stories From 2007-2011 A total of 250 operators were looked Innovations By Social Media Managers And Their Agencies On Facebook/ Twitter/ into, covering Creating And Measuring Successful Social Media Campaigns, Youtube Linking Customer Care To Social Media Social Media Best Operator Practices - Success And Failure Factors Strategies To Drive Followers/ Fans/ Social Media - Content Is King Likes For The Operator Brand, Realising Future Of Social Media And Myths In The Minds Of The Operator/ Operator Agency The Actual Goal Of Social Media - Customer Engagement And Not How To Judge And Score Yourself/ Your Agency : Social Media Performance Customer Complaints On The Wall. New Technology And Services (Mobile And Network) Trends Driving The Use Of These areas are nothing but a result of Social Media a survey which was carried out Segment Wise Consumption Of Social Media i.e. Creation And Consumption Of amongst 40 operators (in 50+ markets) and their Social Media managers/ Social Media On Mobile Product managers to find out their current challenges. For More Information We customize the report for each market on the basis of a) What can be Click Here implemented in a particular market since what may work in UK may not work in UAE, and b) what your local and regional peers are focusing on at the moment. For every Social Media strategy mentioned in the country specific report, we shall include a) The Go-to- Market that was used by the operator b) The segments that were targeted c) The promotions and campaigns that were done d) The results in terms of Pre and Post ARPU figures e) The technology and handset customization etc. These learnings are now available in the form of a boxed report. Please contact us so that we can update you on the pre launch discounts (roughly between 20- 40% ) that are available on this report.
  2. 2. Page IISome Screen Shots From The Report Our Clients