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  1. 1. Visual Merchandising for Reliance Digital Store Shipra Mall - Ghaziabad
  2. 2. Show Windows Display Concerns Theme Theme – Need a theme for the show windows based on the promotions / merchandise offers. Flooring – Need to rectify the flooring pattern in the show windows. Logo backlit fixtures – Visual Merchandising for Reliance Digital The fabricated structure is not up to mark whereas it peeling off from various ends. Moreover the red vinyl graphics has scratched surface and it has cracked on various locations.
  3. 3. Displays – Loose wires / Plug points, Inappropriate lighting, Absence of information on the products displays, fixtures are not designed not as per the merchandise. Lighting –Fixtures – (Type - Focus Lights) – Concern - Lack of Uniformity in the projection of lights on the visuals or on logo unit. The current fixtures projects the lights on certain areas thus leaving the other areas quite flat and dark. Sideways Brims – Stains in certain areas on the end brims of the glasses . Pedestals – Not customized as per the merchandise requirements & displays. Signage’s – Product Information signages to be installed along with the products.
  4. 4. Atrium Show windows Visual Installations Vinyl suspended from the ceiling level thus leaving room for lot of curves developing on the visual. * Required metal framing and welding as it would be permanent fixture. Fixture Installations – Merchandise fixtures ( plasma ) are placed without merchandise. Decision to be taken on the nature of the fixture in the atrium windows whether it will be a temporary or fixed structure. If it’s a fixed structure then we do not have any scope for atrium window change for quite sometime which we will lead to very monotonous look and feel for the brand. Lighting – Would recommend use of wall washers lighting as the current lighting is not evenly spread and focus is only on certain part of the visual & logo unit. Visual Merchandising Digital Logo Unit) for Reliance Digital Branding–(Reliance should be implemented on the both the visuals as the current mood visual is somehow not relating to the digital imagery of the store. Atrium Show windows
  5. 5. Store directory informing about the range of products available within the store. Store Entrance Visual Merchandising for Reliance Digital Reliance Digital Branding
  6. 6. Vignette The vinyl strip at the bottom is loosely fixed.
  7. 7. The blue sun board placed between the flat panel television gives the area very shabby look although it is temporary stop-gap arrangement, as no permanent structure can be placed and also CSA needs an access to the back wall area for wiring and other installations. A modular stand to be designed to fit the blank space which will also serve as a branding panel. FLAT PANEL TELEVISION AREA
  8. 8. Brochure Stands Status - Inadequate Identifying the position for the brochure stands within the stores as they may not eat up into the spaces allocated for SOH Area. Also guidelines to be provided as what should go into brochure stands and their positioning with respect to merchandise and ensure all brand brochures are available at any given point of time.
  9. 9. The Mood Visual – Photographs / Visual lacks the WOW factor and also does not go with the brand imagery – which targets slightly up market and high end consumers. More scope for slightly high end visuals.
  10. 10. Signage’s fixtures- Clustering of A4 standee signage’s within the IT Accessories areas. Also lot of display material to be customized as per the categories. Standardization of signage is missing within most of the areas.
  11. 11. Concern – The floor surface & uneven light projection. The ceiling lights yellow film have been peeled off and lot of scratch marks visible…
  12. 12. Concern Lack of standardization in positioning of signage holder across the stores.
  13. 13. Concern – Promo communication not visible due to merchandise displays.
  14. 14. Concern – FAB creative & signage Media used is not as per the guidelines.
  15. 15. Cartons placed in audio video room.
  16. 16. Gaps between the fixtures.
  17. 17. No Information on the products displayed.
  18. 18. Resq - Blank walls – No information about Resq services / No visuals.
  19. 19. Bare Columns – Can used for Space on Hire / Brand Visuals.
  20. 20. Communication not as per the Brand Guidelines Templates
  21. 21. Bare Walls near the staff entry can be used for SOH / Reliance Digital Brand communications.
  22. 22. The light fixtures – blue acrylic shades being transparent makes in the inner light fixtures visible. The side walls of the experience column can be used for branding / mood visual or any other communication form.
  23. 23. Summary – Visual Merchandising Resolution Task Undertaken & resolved •Loose wires in the show windows have been bundled up with the help of Resq team. – 16 th May •Endcaps Shelves have been lowered, so that the endcaps communication is visible.- 17 th May •Vignette vinyl panel have been pasted – 15 th May Task in progress •Atrium Windows – Installing a modular frame and stretching the flex on to the frame – Process Initiated- 25th May •Develop show windows theme and displays as per marketing & promotions calendar for the month of June •Flooring / Lighting / Ceiling/Logo Back Lit fixtures – Will discuss with the design team and provide a solution •Feature cards / signage's will be implemented across the stores – 1 st June 07 •Develop store VM guidelines / Marketing Fixtures Guidelines / VM Manuals implementation. 15 th June 07 •In store communication templates will be implemented. – 25 th May 07 •Developing Space on Rent for available blank spaces within the store. – 1 st June 07 •Implement special themes/ displays for offers by using appropriate props & fixtures within the store.- June •Taking audit of marketing fixtures.- 25 th May •Creating an image bank of all the brand products.- June 07 •Vendor creation & management process. – June - 07 •Implementing vendor brochure reordering process to ensure adequate stock of brochures in the stores – 25 th May •Store Directory – creative work in progress – 1 st June •VM Checklist implemented will get the weekly reports from store vm