PRIVATE LABELLING ........Branding ....


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PRIVATE LABELLING ........Branding ....

  1. 1. Brand Positioning & Identity : Retail PL Peshwa Acharya
  2. 2. P eshwa Acharya: T E he dge  Consistently, building successful brands from Ground Zero – Market Entry Strategy – Brand Positioning & Brand World Creation – Brand Architecture (including future mapping basis need) – Brand Identity & Expressions – Product Concept, Packaging & Product Formulation Brief Development – Communication Development (including Brand Idea & Creative Idea) – Creative Execution & Consumer Surround Strategy  Brand gatekeeper become category champions; bringing an expertise & enabling knowledge sharing  Design innovativeness that creates distinction
  3. 3. Intention  The company is likely to launch its line of brand/s in the Nuts / Foods Portfolio.  Brand to be launched in a cluttered marketplace & across retail formats; ease of comprehension and acceptability through distinctiveness & perceived brand value required.
  4. 4. E xpectation Brand Positioning Artwork Implementation Identity Dossier Brand World Template Packaging Designs Brand Naming Brand Identity
  5. 5. P eshwa Approach 5 Ste p Pro ce ss
  6. 6. # 1: Market Mapping Unde rstand e q uity & brand po sitio ning platfo rms o f brands in e armarke d cate g o rie s, culle d o ut fro m available se co ndary data & re tail visits. I ntify a de co mpe titive & co mpe lling pro po sitio n that cre ate s a ‘ larg e brand value ’ .  Basic competitive brand Equity – Determine Need Gaps (only for key brands selected from each category)  Category Barriers/Motivators  Positioning Mapping  Trends that could impact the category/consumer perceptions   Inference: Brand Positioning Opportunity & Category Differentiators
  7. 7. # 2: Brand World Template De fine the brand bo undarie s, fle xible & mandato rie s, that cre ate the brand DN A  Collaborative process that engages the agency & client partner through a proprietary tool call ‘ Brand Funneling’ . Decodes company Intention and translates it into a viable & attractive E xpression for the consumer  Creation of a Brand World (explains the space in which the brand will reside w.r.t sights, sounds, people, emotions, moments..) Inference: Brand World, Brand Architecture, Name Generation
  8. 8. # 3: Brand Identity Se ts the brand to ne , visually and in all g raphics that will co mmunicate the brand to its multiple stake ho lde rs  Involves designing the brand logo, mood & tone of voice  Craft the template that will evaluate the need for brand colors; that will provide consistency & be the brand emblem  Enumerate the identity in extensions that form stakeholder touch points Inference: Brand Identity & Applications
  9. 9. # 4: Design Conceptualization Evaluate co mpe titive brands in e ach cate g o ry acro ss e armarke d price po ints and study cate g o ry co de s to arrive at ne w brand de sig n co nce pts  Competitive packaging space – retail visibility & structural standout  Design codes on variant/sub-brand differentiation, font, imagery, mnemonics  Study brand case studies (if any) with ‘ category bundle’ , for design approach  Implement ‘ Shelf Space Cut Thru’ test for designs created   Inference: Pack design concepts that are implementable & achieve retail differentiation
  10. 10. # 5: Dossier & Artworks  Create a user friendly guideline that is used across by all brand stakeholders.  Articulate the specifications applicable across key media of communication, with respect to visual identity  Artworks for short listed design concepts   Inference: Brand Identity Dossier & Pack Design Artworks
  11. 11. Strategic L ead T eam: Responsibility  Market Mapping & Positioning Development  Brand World Definition  Drive synergies for the brand w.r.t design basis brand positioning  Craft the brand tone of voice & creative direction for the identity  Oversee the imagery created for the brand (with the design team)
  12. 12. Creative L ead T eam: Responsibility  Brand Identity creation  Identity Expression across touch points  Identity Dossier (Style Guide)  Brand Name Creation (with strategic planning team)  Pack Design Conceptualization & Implementation  Supervision/Accuracy of artworks submitted
  13. 13. L ooking forward to H earing F rom you P eshwa Acharya