" Make Over " of a Brand ........learnings


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" Make Over " of a Brand ........learnings

  1. 1. Now Showing: The Makeover From MOBI to Daily Peshwa Acharya
  2. 2. *Starring: MOBI & Daily, and their multiple avatars in between
  3. 3. Once upon a time there was the MOBI Family. Each member of the family was distinct and came in a particular shade. This family was colourful with petite members.
  4. 4. Times started changing. The MOBI family had to pull up their socks to race in the new times of modernity and competition. They had to adopt to a new identity, an identity that would confirm their new ideology of making every day simpler and better. Thus was born Daily. And thus began a journey of the ultimate image makeover phase – From MOBI to Daily. “The Makeover” encapsulates how MOBI slowly but steadily underwent this transition!
  5. 5. ATTEMPT 1
  6. 6. Lessons from ATTEMPT 1 1. A simple logo change was done from MOBI to Daily without much change in the other creative aspects 2. This could be better and hence the next attempt emphasized on adding creative elements
  7. 7. ATTEMPT 2 OPTION 1
  8. 8. ATTEMPT 2 OPTION 2
  9. 9. Lessons from ATTEMPT 2 1. The second attempt saw two options where it was tried to make the layout spacious as well as attractive 2. Lots of circles and curves added an “edge” to this square family 3. But the comfort zone had to be pushed. There was something better and exciting waiting around the corner. How about adding a human touch?
  10. 10. ATTEMPT 3 i. REAL IMAGES
  11. 11. ATTEMPT 3 ii. CLAYMATION
  12. 12. Lessons from ATTEMPT 3 1. Though the envelope was pushed, it was not yet for the best 2. The use of visual elements would not be as visible as desired in the highly cluttered retail stores 3. Also, using claymation or real images increased the cost of presentation and hence the use of any new characters was a no-no in this journey
  13. 13. ATTEMPT 4 OPTION 1
  14. 14. ATTEMPT 4 OPTION 2
  15. 15. Lessons from ATTEMPT 4 1. If images don’t work, then will large fonts work – this was explored 2. The large fonts looked cluttered and did no service for good looks of the package 2. For the first time, the makers had a vision that instead of using large fonts or images, why not position the package itself as the communication tool! 3. We all belong to one family so let’s have one common colour for unity and high visibility wherever we are
  16. 16. ATTEMPT 5 OPTION 1
  17. 17. OPTION 2
  18. 18. Lessons from ATTEMPT 5 1. In the new spirit of unity, the colour duo of black and yellow where chosen which has rarely been seen earlier 2. However, the black did not give a rich or sophisticated feel to the family 3. The rise of the red: Colour red makes its debut and is an instant hit. It was decided to explore this vibrant, rich and passionate colour more!
  19. 19. ATTEMPT 6
  20. 20. Lessons from ATTEMPT 6 1. Though real images were given a second chance this time, even the lively red couldn’t salvage them 2. Earlier and all this while, the family has remained petite in size 3. Outside in the world, AppsDaily’s competitor Quickheal enjoyed good space and command with its size 4. The family thought why remain small when we are competing with bigger things 5. Not just that, an increasing need of making the makeover look classy and premium was being felt
  21. 21. ATTEMPT 7 OPTION 1
  22. 22. ATTEMPT 7 OPTION 2
  23. 23. ATTEMPT 7 OPTION 3
  24. 24. Lessons from ATTEMPT 7 1. The big boys are ready to take on the world! 2. More and more red was explored but somewhere it didn’t give a premium feel to the family 3. The dash of grey which eventually turned white proved that it makes them all look rich and complements the brightness of the red 4. They could see the happy result coming, red and white were here to stay!
  25. 25. ATTEMPT 8
  26. 26. ATTEMPT 9
  27. 27. ATTEMPT 10
  28. 28. Lessons from ATTEMPTS 8-10 1. Finally, the AppsDaily family found a direction and they continued there improving at every step 2. It was decided that the family will remain united by the red and white colour while still retaining their individual identities with a specific colour for each member (product). 3. The quality new look would be characterised by avoiding clutter and highlighting important points 4. The aim of having a premium look and high visibility was met after months of hard work! 5. From here on, there were simply hygiene improvements. The new look of AppsDaily was born
  29. 29. ATTEMPT 11
  30. 30. The mnemonics’ colour on the front side was played with.
  31. 31. ATTEMPT 12
  32. 32. During the 11th attempt it was realised that the back had too much of red and Hence it was removed from the Daily logos of alternative products.
  33. 33. ATTEMPT 13
  34. 34. ATTEMPT 14
  35. 35. ATTEMPT 15 It was ensured that both sides of the pack had the distinct colour of the product (green here) so that anyone can recognise it from either side.
  36. 36. FINAL
  37. 37. This is it! After months of ideation and hard work, the AppsDaily family has finally arrived with its new look ready to take on the world. AppsDaily family aims to grow with the times and is open to any change that can make every day better!
  38. 38. Thank You, Daily.