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Leadership Session  for  Managers
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Leadership Session for Managers


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Peshwa Acharya

Peshwa Acharya

Published in: Business, Education

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  • 1. Culture Builder Feedback Report Program Management Trainee’s Culture Builder Program Date of program Apr 23, 2012 Venue Juinagar Facilitator Jalaja Mehta Expected no of participants 22 Attended 22 Key Parameters Rating Scale Program Objective Strongly agree Program Facilitation Agree Program Content Neither Agree Nor Disagree Program Need Assessment Disagree Strongly disagree Program Objectives To engage new MT’s and hires in a valuable dialogue to know the “real” culture of an organization versus the “embraced” culture To respond and interact with each other as they uncover the “shared assumptions” or the “actual” culture that guide behaviour within the organization To provide clarity of the assumptions they have built during induction and help them understand what they mean Facilitator Peshwa Acharya – Director Global Telecom Operator : Industry Speaker Jalaja Mehta – AVP T&D and Corporate Culture -FINO
  • 2. Compiled Feedback Industry SpeakerPoints well appreciated of the speaker  The sharing of his own experiences and the discussion of the job evaluation criteria are useful  The practical issues discussed were quite useful  Answered queries with clarity  Very interactive  Gave important suggestionsKey learning’s from the speaker  Honesty is the key learning- one of the key skills required for leadership qualities especially when he/she is new to the corporate culture  OGSM -Objective, goals, strategy and measure. How to build up culture  The clear path up the ladder with the 3C’s - competence , character, contribution  Balancing professional and personal life Compiled Feedback Corporate Culture (Positive)  Well-designed program  Very interactive session.  Gave insights about the culture of the company.  Discussion focused on the companys expectation and work culture.  Useful and informative session.  Good thinking and initiative to include an Industry Speaker  Ice breaking activity was useful. Compiled Feedback (Areas of Improvement)  The session should have been in the middle of the induction.  More interaction with senior management, CEO of the company and industry speakers is required.  Videos can be incorporated.  Should include discussions regarding the fear and ambiguity factor.  More interactive activities should be there.  Too much to grasp.  Became theoretical in the end.Technical glitches:  The chill in the training room hampered the concentration of the MT’s
  • 3. Feedback Analysis: INDUSTRY SPEAKER Speaker contribution to the program 45.45% 54.55% Poor Satisfactor Speaker confidence in interacting 4.55% Good 95.45% Excellent Effectiveness of the speaker 36.36% 63.64% CORPORATE CULTURE Strongly disagree Disagree Neither Agree Nor Disagree Agree Strongly agree 0.0% 0.0% PROGRAM NEED ASSESSMENT 2% 36% 59% 0.0% 0.8% PROGRAM CONTENT 10% 47% 41% 0.0% 0.8% PROGRAM FACILITATION 5% 40% 52%
  • 4. PROGRAM FACILITATION Program Objectives communicated 0.00% 4.55% clearly and was easy to understand 63.64% 31.82% Encouraged participation and 0.00% 4.55% involvement 36.36% 59.09% Used relevant and understandable 0.00% Strongly disagree 9.09% examples of illustrations 45.45% Disagree 45.45% Neither Agree Nor DisagreeExplained terminology/jargon used in 0.00% Agree 0.00% the workshop 31.82% Strongly agree 63.64% Answered questions to my 0.00% 9.09% satisfaction 36.36% 54.55% Provided support and feedback 4.55% 4.55% during the session 27.27% 59.09%
  • 5. CULTURAL PERSPECTIVE Organisations culture follows the 18.18% companys mission 59.09% 22.73%Organisations culture is devoloped 22.73% by top management 27.27% 50.00%My organisations culture is shaped Strongly disagree 4.55% by internal and external factors 40.91% Disagree 54.55% Neither Agree Nor Disagree Organisation recognises and Agree celebrates successes of team 9.09% members 54.55% Strongly agree 27.27% Organisation shows respect for adiverse range of opinions,ideas and 4.55% people 45.45% 45.45%I feel driven to make a difference in 0.00% my workplace 54.55% 45.45% PROGRAM NEED ASSESSMENTThe learning from the session will be 0.00% Strongly disagree useful to me on the job. 40.91% 59.09% Disagree Neither Agree Nor Disagree Agree The program content will help me Strongly agree 4.55% develop in my career 31.82% 59.09%