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Leadership ..............How do you build a stellar organization
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Leadership ..............How do you build a stellar organization



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  • 1. Top Team Effectiveness Your Handprint 1 1 Reliance Retail
  • 2. Top Team Effectiveness Outstanding leadership teams experience and cascade a more positive culture Their teams experience fewer gaps between what they actually experience and what they would like to experience Their teams are especially satisfied in key areas of • • • • Clarity Standards Responsibility Team Commitment 2 Reliance Retail
  • 3. The Five Conditions for Team Success Leaders of outstanding teams manage 5 conditions for team success Culture Support Direction Leadershi p Structure Results People Development 3 Reliance Retail
  • 4. The Five Conditions for Team Success Outstanding teams succeed because they have: • A clear and challenging direction • A well-designed structure (team task and norms) • Processes that support them • People with strong interpersonal skills • Coaching, learning and development opportunities 4 Reliance Retail
  • 5. Effective Teams have Interdependent Team Tasks • Direction – They establish a relatively enduring mission, vision and organisational goals – Direction should be specific, but also have “fuzz”; balancing between completeness and ambiguity – They should be able to lead and manage change • Strategy – They develop and monitor a strategic plan to carry out their mission in a rapidly changing environment • Resources – They facilitate the acquisition, allocation, and development of resources to execute their strategy 5 Reliance Retail
  • 6. Direction Direction The purpose of the team must be: • Clear Do we know where we are going? • Challenging Is the goal challenging, but not impossible? • Consequential Is the goal meaningful and engaging to us? • Direction Are we focused? 6 Reliance Retail
  • 7. Structure Structure • Well designed team task Do we have an interdependent goal? Are we approaching it strategically? • Optimal Composition Are we the right size? Do we have the right skill set? • Norms Do we adhere to effective norms of behaviour in conducting our business? • Information Do we have access to information that helps us plan and execute our work? 7 Reliance Retail
  • 8. People People Leaders of outstanding teams are Role Models • Exhibit a broader set of managerial styles; are self aware, have executive maturity, and personal courage • Rely more on managerial styles that encourage dialogue • Avoid coercive style that shuts down debate 8 Reliance Retail
  • 9. People People Outstanding leadership teams have members who are: •Smart Analytical Thinking, Conceptual Thinking •Driven Achievement Orientation, Initiative, Strategic Orientation, SelfConfidence •More committed to the team : “Team not me” Executive maturity, Impact and Influence, Teamwork, Team leadership Strong interpersonal skills and relationships to foster trust 9 Reliance Retail
  • 10. People People People Interpersonal skills are the key • The team needs to grow by developing the social processes to carry out the work and learn to work interdependently • Members who read each others concerns • Members who “walk the talk” even when it is hard 10 Reliance Retail
  • 11. Support Support Outstanding leadership teams have better support systems than typical teams Their support system allows them to leverage: – – – – – Clear direction Optimal structure The right members Accept and assimilate feedback and team learning Norms that identify the small handful of things that members must do and those they must never do – Everyone is helped to achieve good interpersonal skills 11 Reliance Retail
  • 12. Support Support Support • Reward System Is excellent team performance recognised and reinforced? • Information system Are the data and forecasts that the team needs to plan its work available in a useful format? • Education system Is training, advice or expert consultation available to complement members’ expertise? • Adequate material resources Does the team have what it needs to accomplish its task? 12 Reliance Retail
  • 13. Development Development Outstanding Leadership Teams have more development opportunities – Motivational sessions to build commitment to the team and its work – Consultative sessions to assist the team – Educational sessions to help members learn from their work experiences – One-to-one and team coaching to “Knit” the team together and provide a development focus 13 Reliance Retail
  • 14. Leaders of Outstanding Teams Provide Clarity If you don’t know where you are going you will probably end up somewhere else… 14 Reliance Retail