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  1. 1. AppsDaily Summit 2012 In Pictures
  2. 2. The grand venue for the West Zone was Karjat, Mumbai <Name>
  3. 3. Yep, that’s us. The creators, caretakers and cool dudes of AppsDaily!
  4. 4. Arun Menon introduces Mumbai to the brand new AppsDaily just as his friends are busy applauding each others’ efforts.
  5. 5. Our ISDs painted the event red with their super presence and participation.
  6. 6. It was ensured that every ISD knows how special he is to us. Our Bosses' looks say it all!
  7. 7. Yeah, we know it! We are the rockers of AppsDaily. Three cheers for all of us!
  8. 8. The champions who made it all happen. Or should we say the culprits!
  9. 9. Relief. Happiness. Peace. Excitement. How many more emotions can you find in this one pic?
  10. 10. Hurrah! We are one big happy red family. Three cheers for AppsDaily!
  11. 11. The stage is set for Delhi at <Name of venue>.
  12. 12. The big boys create an ambience for the big launch! Keep the applause going.
  13. 13. …And now there’s AppsDaily in Delhi’s belly too!
  14. 14. Flamboyant lights for the true Dilliwala. Can’t wait to start dancing?
  15. 15. It was a sight to remember as Arun & Ajay rewarded, motivated and interacted with every ISD!
  16. 16. We are proud to have you, you and you too! Every member was given a medal and Certificate of appreciation.
  17. 17. The Exhibition Centre can’t wait to show off the new brand colours, collaterals, packaging, etc.
  18. 18. Here they come! Everyone in this room is an AppsDaily expert and they all carefully grasp the welcome change.
  19. 19. How many speakers have the privilege of a highly enthusiastic audience? Ajay surely has a fan following here!
  20. 20. “Hum Dilliwalon ko jahan jagah milti hai, wahan shuru ho jaate hain!”
  21. 21. The Happy Reds know they are on their way towards victory!
  22. 22. This aptly represents what we are for each other – comrades-in-arms!
  23. 23. A splash of red under the scorching Delhi sun . Nothing’s gonna stop us now!
  24. 24. The Delhi boys sure know how to burn the dance floor! Where have all the girls gone?
  25. 25. Hello, Kolkata! We are all geared up for you. The venue: <Name>
  26. 26. The Daily sun rises in the city of rosogulla!
  27. 27. Now has begun a wave of achievements and more wonders!
  28. 28. The packed house could feel the shiver of excitement and the promise of change!
  29. 29. To multiply what they felt, an AV was especially created for this event.
  30. 30. Doesn’t this make you feel that being an ISD is the happiest job in the world?
  31. 31. All are ears for Ajay. But guess which two are having a silent laugh about not having to give a speech? ;)
  32. 32. Zubin zaps about our latest offerings like a true product guru!
  33. 33. We are the AppsDaily Boys. Bring it on!
  34. 34. That’s what we are going to have, daily – Victory!
  35. 35. Finally, the South Zone! Chennai hosted hundreds of AppsDaily members at <Venue>
  36. 36. The bright and spacious set-up reflected the enthusiastic audience’s response as AppsDaily was unveiled.
  37. 37. Every ISD is truly the centre of our world.
  38. 38. May the united smiles continue forever .
  39. 39. Every ISD in each city was also given a watch and an AppsDaily product. Now that’s something!
  40. 40. Chennai Super Kings cheer for their friends!
  41. 41. The calm before the storm of the ISDs! The fresh, newly branded exhibition centre.
  42. 42. Four Zones, Four Cities, Hundreds of Smiles. This is the beginning of a new era for all of us!
  43. 43. Let’s do it, Daily!