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  • Lesson Learning objectives and key Lesson activities and Resources Possible Homework Number terms 1 Introduction to the course Overview of course on the whiteboard Review questions P7 Introduction to concepts and 1 and 2 processes in PE (1) Activity 1 P3 Write up key terms with Key concepts in PE Market Place activity on the four key concepts (19) practical applications Competence Photo stills of top performers (DL) Challenge P3 Performance Creativity Youtube clips of top performers Healthy Active Lifestyle 2 Introduction to concepts and Activity 2 P6 Review questions P7 processes (2) P3 and 4 Design a poster/flyer that provides information for Key processes in PE parents of Year 6 pupils about the PE Dept at LCS, Exam style questions incorporating the key processes. Developing skills Complete poster/flyer Making and applying decisions Yes / no game (23) – consolidate this and previous Developing physical and lesson Write up key terms with mental capacity practical applications Evaluating and improving Making informed choices Challenge P7 about healthy active
  • lifestyles 3 Video clips of the FMS Developing skills and techniques Review questions P23 (1) Photographs from DL 1–4 Fundamental motor skills: Learning poster in groups Notes on each FMS Running Produce table of FMS and key teaching points for Write up key terms… Throwing practical examples Kicking Jumping Hitting Bring kit for next lesson? 4 Developing skills and techniques Set up practical scenarios to demonstrate Review questions P23 (2) 5–9 i) Practice and rehearsal – with positive Learning movement skills: reinforcement Notes on all 3 methods of ii) Trial and error learning movement skills Practice and rehearsal iii) Observational learning Trial and error Write up key terms… Observational learning Hide and seek (42) – include main points about Positive reinforcement different methods Retention
  • Developing skills and techniques Magic Box CD – Skill, personality 5 (3) Review questions P23 Youtube: Shannon Millar Olympics on beam 10 and 11 Use of feedback (proprioception) Write up key terms… Knowledge of performance Blindfold activity: bean bag into hoop, 3 groups Knowledge of results i) No feedback Challenge P18 ii) Yes/no only iii) All relevant feedback Which group is most successful? Why? Activity 1 P17 Where would we be without…. Feedback? (37) Developing skills and Video clip: Premier Passions Review questions P23 6 techniques (4) 12 - 14 Youtube: Mike Bassett half time team talk Motivation Youtube: David Brent motivational seminar Write up key terms… Quiz, quiz, trade on key terms (39) Motivation Challenge P20 Extrinsic motivation Students write out examples of the types of Intrinsic motivation motivation they have experienced in sport in the Ego motivation past Task motivation Tangible reward Activity 2 P20 Intangible reward
  • 7 Developing skills and Activity 3 P23 techniques (7) Review questions P23 Students write their own goals for a particular 15 - 16 Goal setting activity Exam style questions SMARTER Principles Weakest link to cover this and previous 6 lessons (16) Write up key terms… Challenge P23 Possible practical next lesson – bring kit 8 Decision making in different Activity 1 P25 Review questions P33 roles (1) 1–5 Activity 2 P26 Role Write up key terms… Activity 3 P28 Challenge P25 Practical scenarios to demonstrate the different Challenge P26 roles of participants, leader and officials. Challenge P28 Video: Kes – the PE (football) lesson .
  • Decision making in different Review questions p33 9 roles (2) In groups, choose one sport and describe in poster 6 and 7 form, the main rules, regulations, scoring systems Rules, regulations and codes of and etiquette, to present to the class. Exam style questions behaviour in physical activity Activity 4 P32 Write up key terms for your Rules own sport Regulations Scoring systems Write up key terms… Etiquette Possible practical next lesson? Challenge P32 In fitness suite (or other appropriate environment) Physical and mental capacity (1) demonstrate each component of fitness Review questions P45 1 – 4 10 Components of fitness Students select a sport and analyse the make up of it in Exam style questions terms of components of fitness: 11 - When is each component used? Haemoglobin Write up key terms… - Which one is most important? Slow twitch fibres - Does it depend on position? Mitochondria Challenge P38 Activity 1 P38 Myoglobin Hypertrophy Students devise warm up for their own sport to Speed demonstrate to partner Strength Muscular endurance Youtube: PNF stretching techniques Devise specific warm up Cardiovascular endurance Youtube: PNF hamstring stretching
  • Flexibility Story activity for warm up and cool down Physical and mental capacity (2) Activity 2 P48 Review questions P57 1 – 4 12 How physical activity impacts Magic Box CD: The skeleton, joints Write up key terms… on the skeletal system Activity 3 P55 Challenge P48 5 functions Challenge P55 Types of joint Youtube: Learn Human Body – skeleton system Types of movement Youtube: the mystery of the human skeleton Youtube: GCSE Edexcel C4 Joints All of the above are between 2 – 5 minutes long Physical and mental capacity (3) Youtube: understanding osteoporosis Review questions P57 5 – 7 13 Problems associated with joints Discussion circle (43) Exam style questions osteoporosis Write up key terms…
  • Magic Box CD: muscles 14 Physical and mental capacity (4) Review questions P67 1 – 7 Post it activity in pairs to identify muscles on body The ways in which an active Exam style questions P68 healthy lifestyle can effect Students select a sport and identify which muscle muscles groups are particularly important and why. Write up key terms… Fixator Verbal tennis (34) – names of muscles and other Origin key terms Insertion Synergists QQT (39) – this and previous lesson Tendons Tendonitis Tennis elbow Lactic acid 15 Physical and mental capacity (5) Activity 4 P66 Write up key terms… Mental preparation Youtube: Dumb and dumber – Lloyd’s dream scene Challenge P67 (4 mins) Imagery Self talk Youtube: David Beckham free kick against Greece Relaxation PRT
  • Evaluating and improving (1) Review questions P81 1 and 2 Activity 1 P69 16 The characteristics of skilled Write up key terms… movement Video: Sports science – motor skill acquisition Challenge P70 Skill Activity 2 P70 Perception Cognitive skills Students compare top professional with amateur performer 17 Evaluating and improving (2) Activity 3 P71 Write up key terms… Performance and outcome goals Students now identify three new performance and Challenge P71 outcome goals for the next 12 months. How can Performance goals goal-setting help? Outcome goals Practical lesson next? – fitness testing
  • Carry out the following tests: Evaluating and improving (3) Multistage fitness Review questions P81 3 – 7 Sit and reach Assessing the body’s readiness Body composition (science dept have the callipers!) Exam style questions 18 for exercise and training Body mass index Speed – 30 m sprint Write up key terms… 19 VO2 Max Strength – hand grip dynamometer (if available) Multi-stage fitness test Challenge P77 Health screening How valid are the tests? What safety measures should there be? Activity 3 P77 Task only Poster to display what makes a healthy lifestyle 20 Healthy active lifestyle (1) and the benefits. Record a list of everything you eat over a three day Characteristics of a healthy Activity1 P85 period. Bring to next lesson. balanced lifestyle What are the indications of health and well-being? Review questions P102 1 and 2 What are the differences between an active healthy lifestyle for a teenager and an elderly Challenge P86 person? Youtube: Homer Simpson beer song
  • Just a minute (30) Healthy active lifestyle (2) Magic Box CD: nutrition and hygiene Review questions P102 21 3 and 4 The healthy diet Check contents of pupils’ lunchboxes and discuss! 22 Write up key terms… Carbohydrates Video: Peak performance – diet Fats Video: Sportsbank clips – diet and nutrition Protein Challenge P94 Vitamins Domino puzzle: diet Minerals Fibre Weakest Link (16) prepare questions for lesson 22 Obesity Market place (19) components of diet Basal metabolic rate Produce a leaflet (from NICE) to provide advice on a healthy active lifestyle, using information P86 - 93 Complete for homework Healthy active lifestyle (3) Brainstorm – reasons for taking part, reasons for not . 23 Write up key terms… Effects of factors such as age, Compare reasons for participation with reasons for non- gender and disability on participation. (without textbook initially) Do any of these factors affect you? performance Youtube: Inside sports – wheelchair rugby (paralympic Age sport TV) Gender Youtube: Sportsworld – overcoming disability in sport Access Top ten lists (24) – rank order reasons for taking part Disability
  • and not taking part Healthy active lifestyle (4) Magic Box CD: drugs Review questions P102 Lifestyle-related factors 24 6 and 7 affecting health Youtube: steroids and other drugs in sport dhc 2007 Write up key terms… Types of drugs eg. steroids Smoking Students research two sportspeople known to have Complete research taken performance enhancing drugs. Which ones? What effects did they have? What were the consequences for the athlete? Possible practical next lesson? – methods of exercise Verbal boxing (8) – debate for and against use of Devise a circuit training drugs in sport session specific to your sport for next lesson
  • 25 Healthy active lifestyle (5) Students to take part in different forms of Review questions P102 exercise 8 – 10 Methods of exercise for an Eg carry out their own circuit training session active healthy lifestyle Eg hire or invite an aerobics or yoga instructor to Exam style questions do a session Methods of exercise eg Write up key terms… circuit training, aerobics etc… In groups, students create a presentation of why Core strength their method of exercise is the best way Magic Box CD: Types of training Video: Peak Performance: fitness and training Possible practical next lesson? – effects of exercise 26 Healthy active lifestyles in Practical scenarios to demonstrate short-term Construct table for short practice (1) effects of exercise on the body systems and long term effects on body systems Effects of a balanced healthy Magic Box CD: Training programmes, energy lifestyle on the cardiovascular, systems Devise brief training plan respiratory and muscular systems for their sport for next Video: All systems go! Energy systems of the body lesson in fitness suite Tidal volume Minute volume Breathing rate Quiz, quiz, trade (39) short and long term effects Write up key terms… Stroke volume of exercise on body systems Cardiac output Practical next lesson? – training principles
  • 27 Healthy active lifestyles in Students carry out their training programme Challenge P106 practice Feedback: how specific was it? How would you (2) improve your fitness? Write up key terms… Fitness training principles Introduce principles of training Specificity Activity 3 P106 Progression Overload Reversibility Variance FITT principle Practical next lesson? – types of exercise
  • 28 Healthy active lifestyles in Practical session demonstrating the different Review questions P121 practice (3) types of exercise 1–4 Aerobic / anaerobic training Magic Box CD: types of training Write up key terms… and types of exercise Market Place (19) different types of training Interval training Fartlek Weight/resistance training Plyometrics Flexibility training (active and passive stretching) Healthy active lifestyles in Magic Box CD: injury and safe practice Complete tasks 29 practice (4) Under each heading, students write out one Safe and positive environment example of that risk that is specific to their sport for an active, healthy lifestyle Research types of injury Design a poster/leaflet warning of potential that are common to Hypothermia hazards for a particular sport participation in their own sport and how they can be Hide and seek (42) – types of injuries avoided Suggest possible solutions to problems identified in school
  • 2 Levels of participation in sport Activity 1 P131 Review questions P133 and physical activity (2) 3 only List the sports covered by terrestrial TV and Effects of media on following compare with Sky TV Write up key terms… an active healthy lifestyle Students list changes made to sports because of Challenge P131 ASBOs TV Table of positive and negative aspects of TV coverage 3 Levels of participation… (3) List 5 sponsors of an individual, team or sport Review questions P140 4 only Effects of sponsorship and Youtube: any motor racing clip e.g. Grand Prix which funding on the ability to follow clearly shows the high level of sponsorship involved Exam style questions an active healthy lifestyle Why do we need sponsorship? What does the Write up key terms… Sports sponsorship sponsor want? What does the individual, team or sport want? In groups, students create an event for their Complete to present to class chosen sport that will make money for both the next lesson sponsor and the sport.
  • 4 Reasons for participation and Activity 1 P136 Review questions p140 non-participation in physical 1–9 activities (1) Magic Box CD: sports provision Write up key terms… Local authority Explain differences between local authority, Sports development officer private sector and voluntary organisations Challenge P136 Private sector Voluntary organisation Students create table with definitions and examples of each Discussion circle (43) 5 Reasons for participation and Marketplace (19) on the different organisations Review questions P146 non-participation in physical What is it? What is its role? How does it help 10 and 11 activities (2) participation? Exam style questions The role of national Produce a leaflet on one organisation to pass to organisations rest of class Write up key terms… Governing bodies Weakest link (16) Challenge P144 UK Sports Institute (UK Sport) YST Where would we be without… (37) EFDS BOA (IOC) Verbal football (7) – students create their own questions
  • 6 Specific social, cultural and Brainstorm list of barriers to Review question P158 locational factors affecting participation. Can students provide 1–3 participation specific examples. Compare to list on P148 Exam style questions Barriers to participation: Are there ‘social’ barriers to Age participation? Research current government initiatives gender to promote active healthy lifestyles e.g. education Activity 1 P151 Lets Kick Racism out of football. family Activity 2 P153 disability Write up key terms… etc… Students research a ‘target group’ and any initiatives created to promote Challenge P151 physical activity for them Challenge P153 7 School influences on Brief outline of National Curriculum Review questions P166 participation 1–6 Brainstorm ideas of how school has Role of the Physical Education helped promote active healthy lifestyle. Exam style questions Curriculum Make a list Challenge P163 Key stage 3 Activity 1 P163 Challenge P164 Key stage 4 Activity 2 P164 Sports Colleges Video: Kes – the football lesson
  • Identification and description Activity 1 P167 Review questions P169 8 of pathways for involvement in 1–4 physical activity Create a table with each pathway plus a practical example for each Exam style questions Pathways 1 - 6 Activity 2 P169 Challenge P166 Challenge P169
  • GCSE PHYSICAL EDUCATION Year 10 and Year 11 Scheme of Work General information The students should be given an OCR PE for GCSE textbook (please record which number textbook they receive), a light blue PE ring file plus a plastic A4 wallet for handing in homework. They should also be issued with all of the worksheets required for Section 1. On the inside of their ring file the students should write their name and form. It may also be of interest to ask them to note down the grade that they think they are capable of achieving. At a later date they can write, next to this one, the grades from exams and reports.
  • Lessons The number of lessons indicated to cover a topic is a guideline only. If you feel it is more appropriate to take more lessons to cover a particular topic, please do so. HOWEVER, PLEASE AIM TO COMPLETE MOST OF SECTION 1. Chapters 1 – 6 BY THE END OF YEAR 10 (including the analysis of lifestyle task) The ‘possible lesson activities and resources’ column provides you with a choice of task/activities. You may or may not complete them all whilst covering a topic – do not worry. The activities suggested cover all the appropriate learning styles and will hopefully appeal to all the students over a series of lessons. Most rooms in school have an IWB. This will be very useful in showing images from the Dynamic Learning resources, the Magic Box PE CD as well as video clips from existing resources and youtube. Please try to make the theory lessons as ‘interactive’ as possible. Many of the suggested activities make this possible. Where appropriate you could carry out some of the tasks/activities in a practical way e.g. ‘Decision making in different roles.’ The lesson activities in italics with a number in brackets is a suggested idea from the ‘Classroom ideas/activities for gifted and talented pupils’. If you need a spare copy of this document for your file, let me know. Us e activities such as: Last Man Standing (5) Verbal tennis (34) Fantastic nine (6) Etc…. for starters and plenaries to consolidate work, particularly towards the end of a lesson if the class look as if they are finishing early! For Section 2, ‘Opportunities and Pathways…..’ the following activities may prove useful:
  • Where would we be without….? (37) Discussion Circle (43) Alternative activities to copying from text (19) Venn Diagrams (31) You may wish to ask more able students to prepare some resources for use with the whole class, e.g. Memory Board (41) Catchphrase (22) Rolling Shows (20) The Challenge tasks within the ‘Activity Boxes’ are there for the more able but could still be set for the whole class. Homework See possible homework activities column in SOW. The homework could also be to complete a task started within a lesson. Try, where possible to set differentiated work for the more able. The Challenge task is an example of this kind of work. If you feel that the class are capable, you can set them everyone the Challenge task. At the back of their file, students have sheets onto which they should write up any key terms and their practical applications. Written Coursework There are two pieces of written coursework 1. Analysis of Lifestyle – to be completed during Summer term in Year 10 2. Analysis of Performance – to be completed by Xmas in Year 11
  • For guidance on these tasks, please refer to syllabus.