How to Secure Your Home Against A Home Invasion


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How to Secure Your Home Against A Home Invasion

  1. 1. How To Choose & Install A HomeSurveillance Camera
  2. 2. Is yourhome safe fromCRIMINALS?
  3. 3. Make sure that you have the best surveillance cameras installedaround your home to record areas you cannot see. Most especiallywhen you are sleeping.
  4. 4. Beware: Most criminals will haveobserving patterns of youand your family members.
  5. 5. They are studying the perfect timeto attack which door to open first in your home. In addition they are plotting which way to go through your home and hide.
  6. 6. IT IS BEST TO:Have a high resolutionsurveillance camera torecord activity around your home.
  7. 7. You can use the recorded film to study and suspicious activity nearyour home and anticipate any possible invading schemes.
  8. 8. How To Select The BestSurveillance Camera For Your Home
  9. 9. The majority of home securitycameras have color with black and white recording functions.
  10. 10. There are infrared LEDs on the lens to support night vision monitoringand motion sensors. These are twoof the most essential things to lookfor in a surveillance camera. Having a high resolution is the most important feature you will need to get good quality pictures.
  11. 11. When Buying aSurveillance Camera
  12. 12. When purchasing yoursurveillance camera make sure to look for the manufacturer’s warranty should in case you come across a defective brand.
  13. 13. Also check reviews to make sure your camera will be easy to assemble and install.
  14. 14. The best security surveillancecamera systems that you can find inthe market are those that have the powerful features and a wide variety of recording and viewing options.
  15. 15. These are often convenient to use anddesigned to demonstrate exceptional playback quality.
  16. 16. How To Install YourSurveillance Camera
  17. 17. Most security surveillance camerasystems should be easily to set up and operated unless it requirescomplex wiring. If this is the case then you may need to hire an electrician to help you install it correctly around your home. Especially for outdoor cameras.
  18. 18. Hidden security cameras need to have either simple wiring or plain batteries to get them working. You can always reference your usermanual and the FAQs section.
  19. 19. Some Best Brands
  20. 20. Among the leadingbrands of surveillancecameras today are theLux, SVAT and Security Labs.
  21. 21. Where to Buy?
  22. 22. The internet is the easiest wayto buy your cameras. Or you can visit our online shopping site to look at our various surveillance camera models. Our prices are competitive and we offer good quality service with every purchase.
  23. 23. Know more:Click here
  24. 24. Happy Shopping!