ENTJ Personality Type (Effectiveness/Perspectives)


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Over all the types the ENTJ (Effectiveness/Perspectives in the Personality Hacker system) is the most driven to leadership and strategic management. Even though other types make effective managers or strategists, it’s in this type that we see the impulse make itself most manifest. When at their best, the management of people and resources comes second nature to them. They naturally organize and plan large projects. Their distinct style is that of the strong CEO or army general. This type tends to see themselves as utilitarian, pragmatic, and prudent. They hold themselves and others to high standards, and will not tolerate repeated mistakes.

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  • INTP’s lead with the cognitive function Accuracy (Introverted Thinking). Accuracy is highly skilled at understanding systems and filleting out data points other people conflate. It’s like surgery for data points. It gets good at spotting inconsistencies and incongruities.

    It also tends to get myopic. In order to take in a bigger picture and see how these data points fit into a larger narrative, Exploration – the process that engages with the environment to spot new patterns and understand how disparate things relate to each other – is the key to not missing important details that may otherwise be outside your frame of reference and experience.
  • ENTJ Personality Type (Effectiveness/Perspectives)

    1. 1. ENTJ “Effectiveness” “Perspectives” PersonalityHacker.com Facebook.com/PersonalityHacker Twitter.com/PersonalityHack Copyright © 2015 Personality Hacker LLC www.PersonalityHacker.com
    2. 2. Copyright © 2015 Personality Hacker LLC www.PersonalityHacker.com ENTJ Cognitive Functions Dominant (Driver) : Extraverted Thinking “Effectiveness” Auxiliary (Co-Pilot) : Introverted Intuition “Perspectives” Tertiary (10 Year Old) : Extraverted Sensing “Sensation” Inferior (3 Year Old) : Introverted Feeling “Authenticity”
    3. 3. Copyright © 2015 Personality Hacker LLC www.PersonalityHacker.com ENTJ Fast Personal Growth Perspectives (Introverted Intuition) – encourages an ENTJ to take a meta- perspective and to future-pace. It assists with Big Game thinking and keeps the ENTJ from becoming too task focused or getting stuck on the details. It also encourages seeing things from other people’s perspectives, which Slow down when making decisions to ensure they’re sustainable. Your success depends upon taking meta-perspectives means taking other people’s needs into consideration (making up for the ‘blind spot’ of seeing their emotions).
    4. 4. Copyright © 2015 Personality Hacker LLC www.PersonalityHacker.com ENTJ Defensive Strategy Tertiary (10 Year Old) : Extraverted Sensing “Sensation” Sensation (Extraverted Sensing) is a seductive process for an ENTJ. It keeps you in the here-and- now, and prevents you from having to enter the inner world where emotional ‘dragons’ may live. Instead, it allows you to distract yourself in sensual delights. But it can also keep you from fully experiencing your potential. You develop far more sustainable strategies and relationships when you’re willing to bring your intuitive side forward. If your 10 year old overshadows your Co-Pilot, you’ll end up in a lot of surface, one-sided relationships as well as distract yourself from setting and attaining Big Game goals. Make concerted effort to set aside time to explore your own mind, future-pace and open yourself up to ‘green light’ imagination sessions.
    5. 5. Copyright © 2015 Personality Hacker LLC www.PersonalityHacker.com How ENTJs Communicate Love
    6. 6. Copyright © 2015 Personality Hacker LLC www.PersonalityHacker.com ENTJ - Where To Go From Here Auxiliary (Co-Pilot) : Introverted Intuition “Perspectives” The enemy of Perspectives is restlessness and sensory over-indulgence. Perspectives requires patience, thoughtfulness and the ability to dive deep inside. It encourages you to focus on sustainability and long-term thinking. Taking a meta-perspective gives you some distance to respond to the world around you instead of merely reacting or judging it. Set up your conditions to access this mental process as much as possible. Make basic predictions about how a situation is going to work out one month, two months or six months down the road. Be as specific as possible without compromising your integrity. (Meaning, don’t make up arbitrary details just to follow this exercise.) Write your predictions down, and keep them in a safe place until the date. How accurate were your predictions? What, if anything, didn’t come true? How could you be more accurate next time?
    7. 7. Learn more about the ENTJ personality type PersonalityHacker.com Copyright © 2015 Personality Hacker LLC www.PersonalityHacker.com