ENFP Personality Type (Exploration/Authenticity)


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Of all the types, ENFP (Exploration/Authenticity genius) is the most energetic and inspirational. Even though other types may be quite influential, this type excels at creating excitement for a cause. When at their best they are on the leading edge of social consciousness. Their distinctive style is to produce interest through lots of positive energy. However, they can get lost in a sea of causes and have trouble knowing for whom or what to crusade. People of this type think of themselves as intelligent and iconoclastic, and will develop unique habits and champion new ideas. They learn and teach through performance, and generally sway others to their ‘side’ by artistic self-expression (often music, writing or film making).


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  • INTP’s lead with the cognitive function Accuracy (Introverted Thinking). Accuracy is highly skilled at understanding systems and filleting out data points other people conflate. It’s like surgery for data points. It gets good at spotting inconsistencies and incongruities.

    It also tends to get myopic. In order to take in a bigger picture and see how these data points fit into a larger narrative, Exploration – the process that engages with the environment to spot new patterns and understand how disparate things relate to each other – is the key to not missing important details that may otherwise be outside your frame of reference and experience.
  • ENFP Personality Type (Exploration/Authenticity)

    1. 1. ENFP “Exploration” “Authenticity” PersonalityHacker.com Facebook.com/PersonalityHacker Twitter.com/PersonalityHack Copyright © 2015 Personality Hacker LLC www.PersonalityHacker.com
    2. 2. Copyright © 2015 Personality Hacker LLC www.PersonalityHacker.com ENFP Cognitive Functions Dominant (Driver) : Extraverted Intuition “Exploration” Auxiliary (Co-Pilot) : Introverted Feeling “Authenticity” Tertiary (10 Year Old) : Extraverted Thinking “Effectiveness” Inferior (3 Year Old) : Introverted Sensing “Memory”
    3. 3. Copyright © 2015 Personality Hacker LLC www.PersonalityHacker.com ENFP Fast Personal Growth Authenticity (Introverted Feeling) encourages an ENFP to ignore expedience and instead choose meaning and alignment. It’s easy for an ENFP to get things done, but if those are the ‘wrong’ things you will always feel something is missing. Authenticity takes a while to process and develop and so it gives the ENFP an opportunity to slow down and become present. Developing Authenticity takes an ENFP from “fun” to “inspirational.” Your happiness depends upon you slowing down and finding alignment.
    4. 4. Copyright © 2015 Personality Hacker LLC www.PersonalityHacker.com ENFP Defensive Strategy Tertiary (10 Year Old) : Extraverted Thinking “Effectiveness” Effectiveness (Extraverted Thinking) generally shows up when you can’t choose between a million possibilities and get impatient, or when you’ve been hurt and don’t want to open up to others. In an attempt to ‘do everything’ - or to become impossible to pin down - you can lose your inner wisdom and become exploitative. This can show up as acting charming to use other people or even intentionally conning others into what you want. If you let your 10 year old take a directive role you’ll be busy and maybe even productive, but you’ll lose your identity and can offend your own core values. You need to take time to truly evaluate who you are, what means something to you and how you want to contribute.
    5. 5. Copyright © 2015 Personality Hacker LLC www.PersonalityHacker.com How ENFPs Communicate Love ENFP
    6. 6. Copyright © 2015 Personality Hacker LLC www.PersonalityHacker.com ENFP- Where To Go From Here Auxiliary (Co-Pilot) : Introverted Feeling “Authenticity” The enemy of Authenticity is frenetic, thoughtless activity. It requires time, space and introspection. Sometimes this means addressing painful emotions, or it may make you feel indecisive. But Authenticity will increase the quality of your decisions, ensuring you don’t commit to something you don’t truly believe in. Set up your conditions to slow down and give yourself the needed alone time. A good way to practice this technique is to explore where your values and beliefs come from. Are they inherited from parents, influential people in your life, or your culture? Which ones are reactions against those things? If you had to make a list of 10 core values, which ones would make the list?
    7. 7. Learn more about the ENFP personality type PersonalityHacker.com Copyright © 2015 Personality Hacker LLC www.PersonalityHacker.com