Type & MoneyA Penny for Your Thoughts                                                                      restaurants. Co...
Type & MoneyA Penny for Your ThoughtsContinued from page 22gether, they brought different points of      • Be confident wh...
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A Penny for Your Thoughts


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A Penny for Your Thoughts

  1. 1. Type & MoneyA Penny for Your Thoughts restaurants. Cost is not an impor- tant consideration. can be a realBy Ray Linder if an NF wants to an ISTJ or who an as 16 Distinct Approaches are you not doing your money in of a new car or bed- room set? use of money oer1enrs are plated ones window a to solve. The problem on the uses gins when we respond to utiles ing us to use our money in ways are emotionally You could say that your dominantThe Car of Your Dreams This ;:,a.u" "" LRJll pn:ter·en«:e contains the most utiles, so Imagine youre in a new car inspired by preference. For ex- it is likely to be the first one that comesroom and spot the car of your ample, when NFs decide to go out to to mind when thinking about money.Nbat is the first that comes to dinner, they tend to seek out emotional For example, when Roy (ENTP) andmind? Or youre at satisfaction that comes from the aes- Kathy (ISFJ) went car shopping to-ture store and you see thetics, ambience, and atmosphere of Continued on page 26 A special Compendium of articles The Best providing nearly two decades of expertise on psychological type. of the Volume I -1979-1996 Bulletin of Visit the APT web site for complete-- Psychological Type - - - ordering information! --- www.aptcentral.org~-...._ ~-,. CHAPTER I - HISTORY CHAPTER 2- TYPE THEORY: GENERAL ISSUES CHAPTER 3- SPECIFIC THEORY ISSUES: DEVELOPMENT & CULTURE CHAPTER 4 -INSIGHTS ON TYPE DYNAMICS CHAPTER 5 -INTEREST AREA APPLICATIONS $20/APT Members CHAPTER 6- ETHICAL CONCERNS & RESEARCH INSIGHTS $40/ Nonmembers (plus shipping/handling)22 WINTER 2000 BULLETIN OF PSYCHOLOGICAL TYPE 23:1
  2. 2. Type & MoneyA Penny for Your ThoughtsContinued from page 22gether, they brought different points of • Be confident when making fmanciaJview to bear on the decision: decisions that rely on first-hand ex- • Roy viewed it from a big-picture per- penence. spective focused on their overall fi- Dominant lntuitives nancial condition, how the car would Dominant intuitives see money as a fit in terms of their lifestyle for the resource that provides for future possi- next few years, and various alterna- bilities and to meet tomorrows goals. tives-new or used, lease or buy, com- They are likely to: peting brands and competing • Orient their finances aro und being dealership . able to satisfy whatever possibilities • All these factors overwhelmed Kathy, may inspire them in the future. whose point of view was (to her ) • Excel at being mindful about tangen- much simpler. Her focus was on Ray Linder (ENTP ), MBA, is CEO of Family tial aspects of a financial decision and safety, practicality for family trips, Financial Concepts, Inc. , in Sterling, VA, and accounting for the long-term impli- viability in winter, and the capability author of three books, including What Willi cations of todays financial actions. to carry a load of children. Regard- Do With My Money? How Your Personality less of Roys vision of the future, a • Employ complex strategies to accom- Affects Your Financial Behavior, to be pub- new car for Kathy was an immediate plish their financial goals-they lished by Northfield in June. (703-450-4030; surely invented "creative financing: ray@goodstewardship. com) concern; to her, there were only two possible outcomes-"Buy the car I ers. They are likely to: want or else!" Money buys the most • Be supportive of using money in waysDominant Preference happiness when you spend that promote harmony or improve As a financial counselor who hasstudied financial behaviors, I believe the in a way that satisfies your others lives, especially immediate family.most important type-related determi- preferred decision -makingnant of financial actions is a persons • Excel at evaluating financial problemsdominant preference. In terms of your process. by using their emotions as a barom-own approach to money, more of the eter for the interpersonal conse-differences between you and other Dominant Thinkers quences of any financial situation.people can be explained by your domi- Usually, money matters most to • Make financial decisions on a case-nant preference than any other aspect dominant thinkers, who see money as by-case basis rather than by univer-of type. a pragmatic tool to achieve power, con- sally applicable financial rules or Although the overall financial be- trol and measurable success. They are guidelines.havior of each type is quite different, likely to: Because money pervades almost ev-those who share dominant processes • Be mindful about "what the data ery aspect of life, the expression of yourhave much in common. says" and have objective standards for type preferences through money hasDominant Sensors what makes "the right" financial de- implications for your entire lifestyle. Dominant sensors see money as a cision, e.g., staying within budget or While we have utiles in every function,source of funds to achieve tangible, minimizing taxes. we are most sensitive to those that re-practical, near-term results. They are • Excel at analyzing facts and figures. late to our dominant function.likely to: So does money buy happiness? • Be critical evaluators of their own and • Have a heightened awareness and Even if a financial decision is the best others financial achievements. clear understanding of present physi- one under the circumstances, you will cal needs, especially regarding food, Dominant Feelers probably find that money buys the clothing, shelter, and supplies. Money itself often doesnt matter most happiness when you spend in a much to dominant feelers, who see way that satisfies your preferred deci- • Attend to facts and figures such as money as a source of funds to support sion-making process. price, quantity, and availability. what is valued to themselves and oth- 026 WINTER 2000 BuLLETIN OF PsYCHOLOGICAL TYPE 23:1